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We Must No Longer Wait For Heroes

Luděk Marold (1865-1898) - Allegory with a Woman [1]

Luděk Marold (1865-1898), Allegory with a Woman

340 words

We Must No Longer Wait For Heroes

There’s a certain school of thought that says that
Now that we’ve embraced diversity, we
Cannot be rid of it, no, no matter what
A hellish mistake it’s turned out to be
We must put up with it, endure it, take
It as a given for the rest of all
Eternity, or at least — for the sake
Of accuracy — until we shall fall,
Like all civilizations fall. 

We do
Not subscribe to that school of thought. It’s wrong.
We will rectify the mistakes. We who
Inherit a state to which all belong
Know that we who truly belong to this land
Must protect it. Our children will not share
Their native home with anyone. Beware.

Ab Asino Lanam

“There is only one way to avoid criticism:
do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” ― Aristotle

Make no mistake, you, we don’t care about
What you think of us, our friends, of our way
Of doing things, or of our plans. No doubt
You are so sharp, politically,
And your ways work so well that your thoughts guide
The movements of the world, heading towards goals
Of immense and glorious design. (We’d
Like to think you understood that that whole
Last statement was sarcastic, but we’re not
Convinced you would without us telling you
That it was. It was.) Either way, we’ve got
Better and more important things to do
Than consider what people like you think
Of people like us, so why don’t you close
Down your Facebook, decide to swim or sink
In the real world, not just sit and suppose
That the internet means what you think it means,
That your words matter as much as our deeds,
That world change happens through computer screens
And revolutionaries issue ‘screeds’.
They don’t. You don’t. And so we don’t care what
You think or say or write about us. We
Are what we are, and that is something that
Isn’t changing. You bark up the wrong tree.