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The Ultimate Objective of Islamists

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In recent months, terrorist and criminal attacks have been launched by Islamists within many European states. As a consequence, many people — mainly white, non-Muslim Europeans — have been killed or injured in the heart of Europe. Nevertheless, the primary purpose of such attacks is not simply to kill Europeans, but to change the thoughts and behaviors of those who survive. Furthermore, if the number of attacks becomes markedly higher, European nations will be awakened and react against the Islamic threat in order to survive.

Most mainstream analysts claim Islamic violence is an effort to terrorize Europeans in order to influence their policies in the Muslim world. But this analysis is not sufficient and does not reveal the ultimate aim of the Islamists. The explanation of their behavior lies in the Islamic theology and is revealed by their modus operandi during the attacks.

In fact, all Muslims, and not just the Islamists, have the “divine” duty to bring all of us to their brotherhood, the so-called Islamic Ummah. In order to achieve that, they are ordered by their God to use any means including raw force. When raw force is not an alternative, Muslims try to peacefully convince the “infidels” to convert to Islam or use covert pressure and camouflaged force.

Generally, in order to convert more easily to another religion, one should first lose a spiritual connection to one’s own nation, religion, customs, civilization — in other words, one’s identity. This is the exact aim of the recent attacks in Europe, either by the so-called “lone wolves” or by organized Islamic terrorist groups. The real target of the Islamists is the European identity. They try to prevent or hamper Europeans from expressing their identity by participating in national and religious (non-Islamic) celebrations and generally by living according to traditional or modern European norms and ways of life, which are totally incompatible with the way of life imposed by the Quran. Losing the European identity would facilitate the future conversion of Europeans to Islam.

  1. In December of 2014, a Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” attacked Christmas shoppers in Dijon, France.
  2. The 7 January 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre in France was a physical attack against journalists and cartoonist who insulted Muslims. Furthermore, it was an attack against the freedom of speech and an effort to introduce religious censorship in Europe, contrary to our common ethical and legal principles.
  3. The 21 August 2015 shooting and stabbing incident on board a Thalys train in France was a physical attack against innocent passengers of the train. At the same time, it was a symbolic attack against Europe on board a train which constitutes a technological attainment which facilitates the transportation, communication, and interaction between European people.
  4. The 13 November 2015 terrorist attacks in Stade de France and the Bataclan Theatre in Paris were launched against people who attended athletic and cultural events that are not Islamic oriented.
  5. On 25 December 2015, due to intelligence services’ information about imminent terrorist attacks in Belgium, Germany, and other European countries during Christmas, the free movement of citizens was restricted for security reasons (e.g. metro and train stations were closed). Consequently, Europeans were prevented from participating in traditional religious celebrations, such as the Christmas parade in Brussels.
  6. The sexual attacks of Muslims against European women during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne, Zurich, and other European cities, as well as similar attacks which took place in August 2014 and August 2015 in Stockholm during “We are Sthlm” festival, were not just about sex, although it is well-known that Muslims are overrepresented among perpetrators of rape and sexual attacks all over Europe. By making it unsafe for European women to appear in public, Muslims are imposing de facto purdah in European societies.
  7. On 12 January 2016 a suicide attack in Constantinople, in Turkish-occupied Europe, killed 11 people. The suicide bomber was identified as an ISIS member and the victims were Europeans. Although the attack may harm the Turkish economy, the choice of European victims means that it is also an attack on the European spirit of exploration.

In conclusion, it is not a coincidence that the aforementioned attacks had a common — though covert — target, which is the European identity. Islamists will continue launching small or wide scale attacks against every symbol of European identity, material or spiritual. In addition to killing and raping infidels, Islamists will target cultural monuments, works of art, religious ceremonies, public celebrations, and any other activity which promotes the European identity and constitutes an obstacle to their domination over Europe.

Taking this analysis into consideration, the European countries’ intelligence and security services should start reassessing their security plans for cultural monuments and gatherings, especially during public celebrations such as Mardi Gras and Halloween.

In any case, whether European governments decide to take effective action against Muslim terrorists or not, we the Europeans must safeguard our identity and reject both Islamic obscurantism and the fake idea of multiculturalism.