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Disenfranchised Autism

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Sincerity [1]Rick Wilson, a GOP strategist, has made some clickbait headlines [2] by saying that alt-rightists are “screamers and crazy people who have Hitler iconography in their Twitter timelines” and “childless single men who masturbate to anime.” He followed up this painfully rehearsed line by staring dead into the camera, shaking with anxiety, and insisting that “these are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”

Dead wrong. He’s just scared, and he should be. He’s standing athwart the tracks of history, yelling “Stop!” while the Trump Train comes pelting towards him.

Why are so many young white men today over-educated, under-employed, single, childless, and reduced to masturbating to anime for want of more meaningful pursuits? Why are so many middle-aged white men dying of drug and alcohol abuse and straight out suicide? Largely because of the economic globalization that Republicans fought for and the rampant cultural Marxism they surrendered to. Such whites are either totally alienated from politics — or we are passionate supporters of Donald Trump. We’d be happy if the Republican Party serves as Trump’s vehicle — and we’d burn it to the ground if it fails him.

The occasion for Wilson’s slurs was an article at The Week that called Trump a populist Buchanan and suggested that Trump was following Samuel Francis’s advice to Buchanan to “go essentially whole hog ethnonationalism.” Wilson’s statement that “what’s really driving the Republican Party is still a limited government conservatism” effectively puts both the GOP and himself in the historical trash. The article states correctly that “What so frightens the conservative movement about Trump’s success is that he reveals just how thin the support for their ideas really is.” In a rare moment of televisual truth, the GOP’s PR flunky stammered his way through his lines and demonstrated that their fear is visceral and real.

Wilson and the GOP know that Trump’s landslide popularity is a synergy between his honey badger approach and the wild wild west of uncontrolled, open debate on the internet. When a group of 4channers started chanting “You can’t stump the Trump!” at a rally and were told by Der Trumpenfuhrer that he wanted them on his side, it was all over. Internet beats TV. These are different times, and Real Americans need a different President to match.

Trump’s “Fuck You” policy of halting all Muslim immigration and the shock-horror it created made clear the Presidential race was not between Republican and Democrat, but between Trump and the Establishment. Small party, limited government “conservatives” who want to have “outreach” to women and minorities, who want to be conservative-flavored democrats and liberals, who put faltering institutions and social airs above genuine popularity, are completely finished because they disenfranchised a generation.

America really was great, and it could have stayed great, but Conservatism, Inc. wrecked it out of shortsighted greed, a fetish for individual freedom, and a misplaced concern with “respectability” as defined by the Left. Now my generation of whites has to deal with zero prospects, indentured wage slavery, and “refugees welcome” smashing our windows in. The controlled media are desperate to maintain a veneer of utopian hope in multiculturalism over establishment failure, even as major European countries and large swathes of America completely disintegrate into balkanization and ethnic warfare. Trump, a tycoon with a shrewd eye for emerging trends, offers disenfranchised whites the chance to hit back against Washington.

I was born in 1990. I grew up alongside the internet. I was there when 4chan first started making big waves with the whole “anonymous” campaign against Scientology. I didn’t really grasp the implications at the time: namely, that if Tom Cruise’s alien faith could be globally targeted by an anime imageboard, then the Presidency was the next logical step. Whatever rumors may exist about 4chan being founded or co-opted as an FBI child porn sting, the fact remains that for those age 30 downwards, the internet has largely displaced establishment news media as the go-to source for information, entertainment, and social alignment and organization.

4chan’s “random” (/b/) board has always been a primary source for memes and internet culture, and back in the day if you knew about advice dog you were really cool and part of a super secret club. Our super secret club funhouse is now all grown up and has taken an interest in current affairs. We blessed the world with the term “cuckservative,” which was conceived by Gregory Hood at Counter-Currents [3] but incubated and birthed on 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board, alongside constant historical revisionism as /pol/ has evolved from a libertarian inception to a harder, pro-white stance. /pol/ is now more alive than ever as the White Crisis accelerates and frequently has reports from Europeans and Americans about the experiences of living cheek to jowl with racial invaders. “With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of Europeans,” a /pol/ production, indicates where 4chan lies on the political spectrum.

Autism and anime are this scene’s Achilles heel. So Wilson’s words were carefully chosen. A /pol/ster (or /pol/lack?) replied to this accusation dryly by paraphrasing Goebbels:

The /pol/ is immunized against all dangers: one may call him an antisemite, racist, politically incorrect, Trump supporter, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him an anime masturbation fan and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: I’ve been found out.

Wilson’s words were a very clear message to channers, polsters, and such that the establishment recognizes who we are, and they’re not amused. They think we’re outside the bounds of respectability. But we don’t care. Wilson’s mockery has no sting, for we have already laughed at our own foibles, which means we are beyond them. Superior people do not lack weaknesses, we simply overcome them.

We don’t care what Republicans say on TV. We internet now, and the Trump Train is unstoppable. On 4chan’s My Little Pony board, a clop-centric confederation of autistic horse fetishists, support for Trump is unanimous (when the topic surfaces at all).

It is the collective anonymity of angry white men, made manifest in /pol/, that has molded the image of the God-King Trump, the resurgent patriarch, into the absurd grin-worthy meme of a toupee’d Pepe frog. Trump has retweeted this image of himself with an accompanying link to a YouTube meme compilation “Can’t Stump the Trump: Volume 4 [4].”

We talk online where we don’t have to keep up appearances. We like My Little Pony and Animes because they’re expressive and fun and lighthearted, yet they can also be put to work (like Ebola-Chan) as antidotes to the stifling sanctimony of the establishment. Trump doesn’t care about respectability. He says, “I’ve made billions of dollars.” He’s ZFG. He says what he thinks and doesn’t care about the consequences. In the new world of cynicism, nihilism, and profound disillusionment with the establishment and its dogmas, Der Trumpenpepe is a powerful image, a combination of self-aware humor, lightheartedness, and — most important of all — sincerity.