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2016: Looking Forward

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January is named for Janus, the Roman god with two faces, one looking back on the past, the other looking forward to the future. I like to spend New Year’s Eve and Day alone, imitating Janus by reflecting on the old year and planning for the new one. Whereas 2013 and 2014 were turbulent and chaotic years for me, 2015 was relatively peaceful and highly productive. I hope that 2016 will be similar. I’ll be doing the same sorts of things, just more and better. 

Accomplishments in 2015:

  1. Counter-Currents published a total 929 posts (up from 720 in 2014).
  2. Our year end web stats indicate that we had 1,244,485 unique visitors to Counter-Currents; there were 3,062,686 visits; and 12,078,054 pages were viewed.
  3. I published 59 articles and reviews under my own name (not including newsletters, announcements, commemorations, reprints, short fundraiser updates, and other insubstantial pieces), up from 58 in 2014.
  4. I published 9 Trevor Lynch reviews (up from 8 in 2014), plus four translations of Lynch pieces.
  5. I translated 6 pieces from French (down from 8 in 2014).
  6. I also published 192 translations of my own pieces into French, German, Czech, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Slovak, etc. which were done by CC readers around the globe. (Thank you!) This is up dramatically from 42 in 2014. Furthermore, the total number of translations is actually higher, since I am only counting the ones I have put online. Others remain unpublished, or I have not yet reprinted them from other websites.
  7. I conducted 15 audio interviews (up from 6 in 2014) and published transcripts of 2 of them, plus a transcript of an interview from a previous year.
  8. I also gave 4 interviews (up from 3 in 2014), published transcripts of 8 interviews, participated in 4 Daily Shoah Death Panels, and participated in 4 Millennial Woes Milleniyule Hangouts (2 of them extensively).
  9. I gave private talks in New York, Seattle, London, Stockholm, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.
  10. I also organized 11 luncheon and dinner gatherings in New York City, single lunch and dinner gatherings in Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, and a weekend retreat/conference.
  11. The CC Summer Fundraiser met and exceeded its goal of $40,000. (Click here [2] if you want to get a head start on the 2016 fundraiser.)
  12. I finally launched the Counter-Currents Foundation, a 501c3 US Federal income tax deductible educational corporation whose mission is to promote scholarship and translations dealing with the European New Right and allied movements.

Counter-Currents also brought out 8 print and E-books in 2015 (up from 3 in 2014):

  1. Son of Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies
  2. Collin Cleary’s What is a Rune?
  3. Savitri Devi’s The Lighting and the Sun
  4. F. Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power
  5. James J. O’Meara’s End of an Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility
  6. Jef Costello’s Heidegger in Chicago
  7. Greg Johnson’s Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country
  8. James J. O’Meara’s Green Nazis in Space!

Last year I resolved to do five things:

  1. Publish more books
  2. Train and manage others
  3. Resume regular podcasting
  4. Travel and speak more
  5. Separate the Counter-Currents Publishing site from the North American New Right webzine

I more than doubled book publication, trained and managed people to help me, significantly increased my podcast output (although it was occasional, not regular), and significantly increased my travel, speaking, and networking. I did not undertake the site redesign, and I probably will not do it in 2016 either, but I did take care of a great deal of deferred maintenance.

In 2016, I plan to:

  1. Increase book production yet again
  2. Further increase podcast production
  3. Continue to travel, speak, and organize gatherings. I have already planned events in Atlanta, Augusta (Georgia), Seattle, New York, and the Bay Area, and I will be returning to Europe as well.
  4. Train and work with others to increase my productivity
  5. Broaden our donor base

One bad thing happened in March of 2015, when — under pressure from the SPLC, which was amplified in the pages of the Washington Post — Amazon.com dropped Counter-Currents from its Affiliate Marketing program, which earned us about $6,000/year — a substantial financial hit to a business as small as ours. The SPLC’s aim, of course, is to put us out of business. Fortunately, our readers have rallied to our aid [2].

SwedishEdition [3]One good thing that happened in April of 2015 makes me particularly proud: my book New Right vs. Old Right was published in Swedish translation by Logik Förlag. In 2016, French, Spanish, and Polish translations will appear, and translations into several other languages are underway.

I want to thank our writers, donors, proofreaders, transcribers, and all of our readers for their continued loyalty and support. None of this would have been possible without you!

Happy New Year!

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.
North American New Right