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White Nationalism Explained with Charts, Part II:
Towards White Minorityhood

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Part 2 of 4

1. American Whites: A Minority by 2043

The Founding Fathers created the United States of America as a country for people of European descent, White people. This was explicitly affirmed by figures as prominent and diverse as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. This vision of building and being a genuine Western nation however is being destroyed as a part of a conscious program to change America’s ethnic composition, in particular with the immigration reform of 1965.[1]

US Ethnic Composition [2]

Whites are now set to become a minority in the United States, the country their ancestors built and which the Founding Fathers specifically created for them. The Pew Research Center estimates this will happen by 2043 even if one includes Middle Easterners as White. This ethnic diversity will mean a country with greater violence, less social cohesion, and more inequality and welfare use than would otherwise be the case. America will no longer be a nation but, in the words of President Barack Hussein Obama, a “hodgepodge of folks” without cohesion, solidarity, or common-feeling. Against all the historical evidence, Obama claims racial tensions will be greatly reduced by the disappearance of the White majority. In fact, the non-White majority will be greatly empowered to victimize Whites for real and imagined grievances.

2. Whites Already a Minority of U.S. Births

Durocher10 [3]

Whites already make up a minority of births in the United States, largely due to the high fertility of Hispanic immigrants. As such, even if one completely halted immigration today, Whites would still eventually become a minority.

3. Non-White Births in England & Wales

Durocher11 [4]

American Whites are not the only ones who will lose their country in the coming decades if trends are not changed. Their European cousins are also facing massive displacement-level immigration, mostly from Africa and the Islamic World. As early as 2005, White Britons only made up between 64.4 and 75.3 per cent of births in England and Wales. Indigenous Britons are expected to become a minority in the country as a whole by 2066[2] and most of Western Europe (France, Benelux, Germany . . .) would follow shortly after.

4. Non-White Births in France

Source: Fdesouche [5]

Source: Fdesouche

Official racial and ethnic statistics are rare in Continental Europe. Nonetheless, the same trends are evident there, as native Europeans have few children and fertile African and Muslim immigrants settle the Old Continent. The above map is an unofficial tally of non-White births in France based on the percentage of babies who are tested for sickle-cell disease. Only populations prone to the disease – essentially Blacks, North Africans, and Middle Easterners – are tested.

5. Towards an African World

AfricanPopulation [6]

The conservative writer Steve Sailer has called this “The World’s Most Important Graph.” According to United Nations population projections, the population of Europe, including non-Whites, will fall from 738 million today to 646 million by the year 2100. In contrast, the population of Africa will quadruple to 4.4 billion. This demographic change may well be the single most important challenge of the twenty-first century and could prove to be the death of Europe.

White Nationalists want to a prevent a world in which Whites would be vulnerable minorities in their own former homelands, beholden to non-White majorities with historic grudges and ongoing grievances against them, and indeed a small, marginal global minority.


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