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White Nationalism Explained with Charts, Part I:
Non-Whites in America

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Part 1 of 4

White Nationalism, the idea that people of European-descent should live freely in their own homelands, has been receiving growing attention in recent years. While pro-White advocacy has been systematically stigmatized for decades in the mainstream media and wider society, relatively free speech on the Internet has led a growing number of Whites, especially young men, to embrace White identity. This article will explain why through charts.

1. Homicide by Race

Durocher1 [2]

Homicide rates among persons aged 10–24 years, by race/ethnicity — United States, 1990–2010 Source: Center for Disease Prevention and Control

A first reason for White Nationalism is the fact of non-White crime, particularly as committed by Non-Asian Minorities (NAMs). Progressives – despite half a century of integrationist social policies, welfare payments, and affirmative action – have failed to make any progress in closing the crime gap between Blacks and all other groups. The Obama Administration’s Justice Department has reported that:

Based on available data from 1980 to 2008—Blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. . .  . The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000).[1]

Hispanics in turn commit homicide and other violent crimes at about three times the White rate. Many opponents of Hispanic immigration fear that the replacement of White Americans with Mestizos will then lead to a permanent increase in violent crime, making America more like Mexico or Brazil.

2. Homicide by Race in New York City

Durocher2 [3]

In the 1960s, Malcolm X, the famous Black Nationalist, argued that the failure of racial integration in New York City, the most cosmopolitan city in the country, showed that such mixing could also never work in America as a whole. Nothing has happened in the Big Apple in the past half-century to discredit his pessimistic assessment. While the New York Times lectures White Americans in the Midwest about their supposed racism, New York’s jails are filled with Blacks and Hispanics, and the city’s schools are the most segregated in the entire country.[2] White Nationalists argue that: “If White people had a country of their own, this wouldn’t be happening.”

3. Post-Integration Homicide

Durocher3 [4]

White Nationalism is in part motivated by the manifest failures of the Sixties cultural and racial revolution. Critics point out that homicide, massively disproportionately committed by Blacks, exploded during this period. The Black community – far from being pacified or progressing under the new atmosphere of “equality,” the Great Society’s welfare state, the postwar economic boom, “liberation” from traditional values, and racial integration – degenerated into social and family dislocation, race riots, and a huge increase in murder and violence. Homicide only began fall again in the 1990s, after a backlash against Black violence led federal and local government to toughen sentencing to jail a huge proportion of crime-prone young Black males. Black violence has further increased under President Barack Hussein Obama, as his administration has delegitimized the police and encouraged Blacks in their rioting against real and imagined grievances.[3]

4. Black-on-White Crime

Durocher4 [5]

Durocher5 [6]

Source: Department of Justice/American Renaissance.

Most violent crime is committed by members of a given race against their own race. However, Black-on-White crime does exist and is notoriously more common than the reverse. While the mass media give enormous coverage to occasional White-on-Black police brutality, the fact is that White-on-Black violence is relatively rare. White-on-Black rape is extremely rare. In contrast, hundreds of innocent Whites are murdered and tens of thousands of White women are raped by Blacks and other minorities every year.

5. The Black-White Academic Gap

Durocher6 [7]

There has been no progress over the last half-century in closing “the gap” in educational performance between racial groups in the United States. This is a source of great embarrassment to the liberal establishment as this shows the failure of integration of Blacks into White schools and of discrimination against Whites in favor of Blacks (“affirmative action”).

6. Racial Differences in Wealth

Durocher7 [8]

Given the importance of education to getting good jobs in the American business world, the racial gap in educational performance is also reflected in economic income. There has been no closing of the income gap whatsoever, with Jews and Asians faring better than Whites, and Hispanics and Blacks doing worse than Whites. This is also a deep source of embarrassment and angst to the liberal establishment.

7. Welfare Use by Race

Durocher8 [9]

Blacks and Hispanics have long been known to depend to a disproportionate degree on the U.S. welfare state, typically three to six times more than Whites. This represents a constant transfer of resources from White taxpayers to needy Blacks and Hispanics.

8. The IQ Bell Curve

Source: National Longitudinal Survey of Youth [10]

Source: National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

This if the famous “bell curve” of intelligence quotient (IQ) scores for the Black and White populations. IQ is strongly correlated with a variety of positive outcomes, such as educational performance, professional success, planned pregnancies, lower substance abuse, and so on. In America, Whites are on average generally found to have an IQ of 100, Blacks of 85, Asians 106, and Ashkenazi Jews 112.

Race-realists argue many of the differences between Blacks and Whites, or indeed with all Eurasians, is not primarily founded in differences in social environment, but in genetics. This would reflect tens of thousands of independent evolutionary history in radically different environments. In Eurasia and North Africa, long histories of sedentary agricultural societies, of planning for seasonal change (winter being more and more punitive the further north one goes), and of literate civilizations would have selected for impulse control, marital fidelity, delayed gratification, intelligence, and so forth. In contrast, south of the Sahara, these were not virtues that would allow individuals to reproduce.

While one can disagree with this point of view, White Nationalists ultimately do not want to debate the causes of Black poverty and social dysfunction, but rather to live in their own country. There have also been attempts at building alliances with Black Nationalists to allow Blacks to live freely in their societies independently from Whites.

Paleoconservatives argue that the Black community collapsed in the 1960s precisely because of the destruction of traditional family values, economic disciplines, and authority. Segregationists furthermore argue that separation of the races both protected Whites and ultimately allowed the Black community as a whole to reach a higher potential than today because this allowed local Black businesses to thrive (functioning as a kind of protectionism) and integration robbed Black neighborhoods of members of the “Talented Tenth” who were desperately needed to provide leadership and order (integration serving as a kind of a brain drain on the Black community, allowing the Black middle class to flee to White areas).


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