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The North Wales Speech

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Editor’s Note:

This is the transcript by V. S. of Jonathan Bowden’s British National Party stump speech in North Wales near the end of October, 2008. The speech can be viewed on YouTube here [2]. A few unintelligible words are marked ???. If you can understand what he is saying, if you have corrections, or if you know the exact date and location of the speech, please post them as comments below. 

Thanks very much! I’d like to thank first of all the party here in North Wales for inviting me up from the south of England to speak tonight. Like a character in Beowulf, I’ve always wanted to speak with a dragon in close proximity, so here we are in North Wales. This is my second visit to North Wales.

What’s been happening in the last couple of weeks globally and nationally is truly extraordinary. I never thought that I would see the basis of our entire economy, not like the depressions in the 1980s and ’90s, but similar to the Great Depression in ’29/’30. I never thought I would really see it in my own life that international bankers and their political backers and appointees would be scrambling around the Earth looking for money, given the fact that the money of the debts underneath Western economies are now so toxic that whole parts of our economy are in collapse. This is truly extraordinary.

When Bush put $750 billion to save the American banking system, he was doing so in the knowledge that they don’t really know where the toxic assets are. It’s almost an apocalyptic scenario which people who wrote books along these lines were regarded as fiction in the 1970s.

What’s basically happened is that the unregulated markets of the 1980s and ’90s have completely gone out of control all around the world. It’s interesting to notice that many of our police authorities here in Wales and throughout the rest of the country have money invested in Icelandic banks, money invested in South Korean banks, money invested in American banks, money invested in Israeli banks, they have money dispersed all over the world because they think they can make a margin on it or a margin on the margin of the margin on it.

What’s happened is that money has ceased to have any physical relationship with anything that’s real like this table in front of me with this Welsh flag on it. 100 years ago a bar of gold related to a conceptual unit of exchange in money. There was something physical it could be tied to, a term of value and a reference point so that something that was theoretical had a physical counterpart. In the post-war world, that’s increasingly been done away with and we now have a situation where money sort of breeds on itself exponentially.

Many of these instruments which are causing these banks to collapse because tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of mortgages were sold to people who many of the people knew when they sold them to them in the United States and here that they would default with the first sign of the depression, but they would be long out of those firms and they would have made a good dividend for them and existing shareholders at that time. So, you had extreme short-termism and international capitalism and the interesting thing is that they didn’t really mind that the thing would be ruined later.

So, you have new ideas about debt. If you were in the city in the 1990s — I used to be in the city in the 1990s — their average salary some of them at Goldman-Sachs and Merrill Lynch was £410,000 a year and yet when Merrill Lynch collapsed the first time people went from that to £4,000 a year and no pension, because that’s how rapid it is. It swings about these chaotic, great spasms as money moves around the world.

It was touched on by an earlier speaker from Liverpool, the reason as to why mass immigration is happening in our own society is because capital and labor, if you’re in an international economy, move around the world. Labor is immigration and mass movements of peoples in and out of territories are because money moves around the world. A trader in the city of London can send money to Japan, can send ‎£10 million, 9 million Euros to Japan just by putting his thumb on a screen, and the money moves to the Japanese exchange.

We’ve got a situation where the continuous decline of the stock market will impact ordinary people in the street. This is not something that’s going on in the media. It’s not a Hollywood movie that’s put on for their own minor entertainment. It’s quite real. Most people’s pensions are down about a fifth now, because of what has occurred.

When Lehman Brothers collapsed, men on their exchange dealing floor were reduced from ‎£310,000 a year to ‎£3,000 a year. That’s what they left with. They collected their belongings in a shoebox, and they lost their pension in one go. In one go! That’s how radical this type of capitalism is when it fails and when it goes down.

It’s gone down because in a sense they didn’t listen to reason about what they were doing in the 1990s. If you said that debt was something you couldn’t sell and wasn’t a commodity that you could re-package, you were regarded as a reactionary, as a no mark who used the economic laws of the past, somebody who was pre-Keynes, somebody who didn’t know what a happening market was about. They packaged up debt, related it to certain assets, traded it with each other, based it upon the valuation of properties, the nature of which they didn’t know that the people who’d bought them could repay those mortgages in order to clear those assets and build up total equity in them. It’s the equivalent of a nut under three cups and you move the cups about and eventually there is the nut under one of the cups.

There’s a very famous European painting by somebody called Hieronymus Bosch of a medieval sort of mountebank basically. The crowd’s looking there, they’re looking at the cups, they’re looking for which one’s got the nut underneath it. They’re bemused, they’re gawping, they’re slightly silly and inane. He’s got a charmed yet supercilious, sly look upon his face. It’s one of those eternal images. And that, in a sense, is what’s been going on recently.

Any fool could have told you that if you think debt before it’s repaid is an asset, that you can lever out more debt on in order to run away with a little stipend in relation to it that eventually it will collapse.

The interesting thing is that so many of these institutions bought into the Gordon Brown notion that there would never be a downturn again. For 10 years Brown was telling us in the House of Commons and elsewhere that he’d abolish boom and bust when business is a cycle. It goes up and it goes down like a human life. And the truth is that there will always be, if not a bust, then a downturn. This is a downturn so radical it has shocked the international elite.

The thing that surprised me in the last couple of weeks is this extraordinary reversal of position that’s been going on. To save the American banks Bush is advocating things which are to the Left-wing of the Left of the Democratic Party, and yet he has fought against these things all his life. They are nationalizing these banks. They have a reluctance to use the word, but they are nationalizing them on the model of the Swedish and some of the Nordic economies who had trouble on a smaller scale in the early ’90s. That’s their precedent.

Brown’s never had an original idea in his life. His idea for this bailout which Cameron is copying . . . He has no answer to any of these things incidentally, which is why his poll ratings are slipping now. Not just because of Osborne’s antics on yachts in Corfu, but also because in a sense he’s been made redundant. Brown, who 2 months ago looked defeated, looked worried, looked lugubrious, looked sad, looked broken, he’s now energized! Like a leech that feeds on a wound, he’s feeding on this crisis because he thinks he can make himself look important by attempting to solve it. But what they’re doing by attempting to solve it is nationalizing the toxic assets. These are the acute debts in these banks. If they hadn’t done this the international system would have collapsed about 2 weeks ago. It’s not conspiratorial ravings on the margins of the margins of the internet. Strauss-Kahn, who is the leading economist at the IMF, said the world economy came within 5 to 6 days of total fiscal banking collapse. This is collapse in country after country after country. Central banks having to intervene to prop banks up. If those banks had gone down, you could have had an unemployment rate in the societies where there had been such chaos created of 25%! 30% in one go, in one big bang!

When the American insurance group AIG failed they had debts of $1 trillion. It went down straight away, just like that. They’d insured most of these assets with the American banks. When Lehman’s went down they had $650 billion worth of debt. They pumped in $750 billion on top of that. That’s essentially $2 trillion. America gets this money because it’s the world reserve economy. Everyone else invests in the dollar because it’s the unofficial currency of the world like the pound sterling used to be when we were the imperial power.

The history of the 20th century is America essentially took our empire from us because we exhausted ourselves in two world wars, and they essentially replaced us as the hegemonic power. They now look worryingly at India and China who are coming up.

Now, this may all seem a long way from North Wales, but the truth is our elite ceased to be British a long time ago and thinks of itself as part of an international group and an international solarium partly based in London, lower tiers in Cardiff, lower tiers in Edinburgh, higher tiers in Brussels, higher tiers in New York. They see themselves and they see these jobs as interchangeable. When Brown is in trouble Mandelson, who loathes him personally as much as any two mainstream politicians have ever done, far more so than say Wilson and the other Brown did in the ’60s, but he’s brought him back from the European Union as a Svengali and as a sort of witch-doctor manqué to work a bit of spin and to work a bit of magic in relation to this collapse which is occurring.

It’s an extraordinary and systematic collapse, because we’re having two collapses rolled into one. One is the banks going down because they’ve made incredibly dodgy and very stupid and semi-criminal investments with other people’s money that they never thought they would get to the day when they would be asked for it back. It’s a bit of a schoolboy error writ large. These securities are very complicated, but they are made deliberately complicated. When a businessman sells you something that’s so complicated even he can’t explain it, well you know it’s a scam. And that’s what’s been going on! Dressed-up with endless language and jurisprudence and philosophy of law and reams of professors prating on about it. That’s what’s really been going on. It’s a large scam, all of these things! Leverage buy-out deals, taking a company over and sacking half the staff, ripping out the assets of it, moving to another one. You know, these sorts of antics where you never create anything but more and more money that feeds on itself, that you then stick in one bank, that you then move to a Russian bank, that you then move to a Saudi bank, that you then move to a Japanese bank, that you then put into the American mortgage system. It feeds on itself, and in the end it will eat itself.

There’s a very bad pop band called Pop Will Eat Itself, and what’s happening is that this type of advanced fiscal sort of capitalism is eating itself. It’s eating itself alive, and the basic reason put in very simplistic terms is because it doesn’t make anything. It doesn’t produce anything that is real. It just makes more and more money based upon debt, and we’re all sucked into debt.

Every man, every woman, and every child in the womb owns aggregated out, indigenous or immigrant, in Britain, in Wales at the present time £10,000 each and that excludes mortgages. That’s all the cards. All the store cars and all the debit cards and all the other debts that people have amassed for the last 20 years to live the lifestyle that says for a significant proportion of our people that what’s going on in this country isn’t happening, because people have privatized in certain classes, they’ve privatized themselves out of what’s going on.

They don’t have to live in the areas where it’s occurring, they don’t really wish to see it, and they can be comforted by it as part of the country becomes Third World. People begin to live in the way that elites do in Third World countries. In Venezuela, a rich man’s daughter goes to the shops, and she’ll have several heavies with her with machine guns, and they’ll go in four by four with bazookas coming out the sides of them and this sort of thing. They live in gated areas where you go through and you swipe a card through a gate and grills open and you go into private compounds that are virtually outside the remit of the state. This is the sort of way that the elite lives in South Africa, it’s the way the elite lives in Brazil, it’s the way the elite lives in the Caribbean, it’s how our elite partly lives in London now. They certainly wouldn’t live in Birmingham. London has changed to such a degree that it’s unrecognizable from the city that it was 40-50 years ago.

It’s nice for me to speak to a meeting in North Wales, because the last time I spoke to a meeting in London it was attacked by a small Left-wing group who attacked the police, basically, and were gassed. It’s a dangerous word. Gassed with CS gas and dragged off. Six were arrested. Antifa this group were called. Six were arrested. Five were male, the one was female. And I watched this from a distance. Didn’t look too female to me! Maybe some sort of androgyne in boots, but let’s leave it at that.

There’s a great irony here, because as the international capitalist order of the present time fractures and becomes deeply unsteady no one’s looking to the Left at all. Even they know it. Even on their blogs and websites here in Wales, in Britain, all over the world they know that people won’t look to them, because the sort of ultra-liberal capitalism that is failing at the moment in a way is the providence of New Labour and the conservatives and to a lesser extent the Liberal Democrats, but the far Left have beliefs that are totally discredited by the failure of state socialism and communism in the 20th century.

All the Left can do is oppose us. That’s their only raison d’être now. There are two sources of opposition to what is failing at the present time. One are forms of religiosity which the elite perceives as being the province of groups that have come into the society such as Muslims who have an Islamist interpretation of their own faith, and the radical Right within indigenous societies and population groups. They’re the only two sources of real political opinion which are opposed to the present nexus.

If Cameron gets in in 2009 or 2010 he will not do one jot difference than Brown, and Clegg will never get in but may support some minority government or maybe go into a coalition of the sort you have here in Wales where they all say they loathe each other, but then after the election they pick up the pieces, and they all collaborate. You’ve had Labour on its own, because Labour has regarded Wales as its fiefdom; its regarded as a private province of its own, like parts of middle Scotland or parts of the northern cities or the northeast of England or Liverpool. Liverpool is regarded as a sort of fiefdom of their own.

Now, Labour declines a bit, gets the liberals in. The liberals say they detest Labour, fight with them tooth and nail in the northern cities and in some London boroughs. But they go in with them in Cardiff Bay just like that. Now the nationalists, Plaid, the Party of Wales, Plaid Cymru, who seem to have dropped the Cymru, which is always very odd because they’re supposed to be nationalists of a Welsh and Celtic character admittedly, and yet Plaid Cymru is too Welsh in name. They just call themselves The Party. A bit totalitarian, isn’t it? The Party . . . It’s like Albania rather than Wales, isn’t it? And now they’ve gone in with Labour after being daggers drawn for basically the whole of the 20th century.

So, this is very interesting, and it means that the pot is stirring even in Wales. Even in Scotland where you have a minority Scottish nationalist government. But, of course, what type of nationalism do these Celtic nationalist parties offer? What they offer is a sort of non-British version of the liberalism that’s on offer elsewhere. Anyone can come to Scotland according to Alex Salmond, who’s an effective political speaker and activist within the mainstream currents of present Edinburgh politics, and yet at the same time anyone can be Scottish, anyone can move to Scotland from anywhere in the world. The leader of Plaid, as it’s now called here in Wales, says exactly the same thing. They want to get out of the British union, but they don’t want to be on their own. Oh no, they don’t want to be on their own. They don’t want to be on their own at all. They want to get into the European Union firmer and in a more federal way. They want a Scottish province of a federal Europe, because they’re terrified to stand alone. No one seems to want to stand alone in this life and one of the reasons is they’re all clinging onto each other in the life raft as the international capital system rocks around and great waves come up and blow a few off. So, this is the sort of situation that we see at the present time. People are literally clinging together.

I have never quite seen in my own lifetime the international solaria of politicians or the international clerisy, our rulers, if you like, in the system that . . .

. . . rule, because it’s so difficult to discern who’s really in charge of it and yet at the same time I haven’t seen them as frightened as this. Not in my lifetime. This is a major moment. This trumps anything like the oil crisis when the Arabs punished the West for supporting Israel and this sort of thing in the mid-’70s. This is extraordinarily deep and very, very severe because we import much of what we sell here, we make nothing, and the fiscal services are about a third of our effective economy.

I was taken the last time I was in Liverpool for a ride around the industrial districts of Liverpool, and we found one factory making bouncy castles. This was once a city that provided industrial goods for the entire world! The entire industries in the center of Birmingham, for example, have been stripped out. Have you seen what’s happened to Birmingham recently? Lots of English people who used to live in Birmingham now apparently live in Wales. So, the Welsh nationalist leader has said, apparently, that lots of English people are moving to Wales to get away from what’s happened in Birmingham. What has happened in Birmingham? Well, it’s no longer Chamberlain’s city. Let’s put it that way. What you’ve seen is that in the center of Birmingham areas have become Third Worldized to the degree that they’re unrecognizable as English areas.

I was driven once through Handsworth. Handsworth is at 80% non-White and is a pretty big area right in the middle of the city. People in the English Midlands refer to it as “the occupied territories” like as if it’s in the Middle East, but it’s actually in the middle of England in England’s second city. Now, we’re in Wales, but these things are universal in a sense that they’re happening all over Britain and they’re happening all over the West and they’re happening all over Western Europe.

We are within a week or two — less than that — of possibly the election of the first non-White president in the history of the United States of America and people rub their heads and say, “Why is this going on?” It’s going on because the United States has changed out of all recognition in the last 40-50 years! America’s a third non-White. Many people seem to have just been oblivious to this extraordinary demographic transformation of the United States in the last 50 years.

When people talk about the Kennedys forget about the false glamor and the bullet and who fired the bullet and Marilyn Monroe and the secret bonking and all that. That’s not the point. The real point about the Kennedys was the opening up to mass immigration from all over the world and the ending of the tacit but actual “only White” immigration policy which had been institutionalized in the early ’20s and which survived into the late ’60s similar to the Australian one. That’s gone down! Now a third of America when you add in Red Indians, as they used to be called, First Nations Indians now, and Afro-Americans a third of the country is non-White. The Whites are split between themselves and they’re uncertain as the fiscal basis of their economy collapses. They’re divided pretty equally between the two candidates actually and the persons of color make the difference. So, unless all the polls are wrong and lots of people are lying to the pollsters, as they often do, Obama will win.

This will have interesting consequences, because he’s a lot less keen on a lot of foreign wars and he’s much more keen — as Clinton was to a certain degree — in staying at home. In many ways we are beginning to see very radically the beginning of the end of American power, the beginning of the end of their century, which the 20th century was their century because Fascism went down, Communism went down and it was left standing, its model was left standing, everything else went down. The West has been dominated by them for the last 50 years. If they’re now going . . . What are they going to be like in 20 years? They produce very little, they’re incredibly in debt, the Chinese control and manipulate most of their debt and will maybe prevent them fighting wars in the future. We here are dragged into war after war because we can’t say no to the United States, because our politicians have no independent volition at all!

I once met Portillo years and years ago, and he said, “We can never oppose the United States on anything in terms of foreign policy, because we’re far weaker than we ever were, and we have to follow their line on virtually everything. They will protect us. They will defend us.” If the Falklands happened again, or something similar, we couldn’t even muster the naval force to go down to the end of the south Atlantic and sort of defeat a rag-tag and bobtail Latino regime.

We have become subordinate to the United States and those in our clerisy, our elite, who think that the United States isn’t the answer want to get closer to Europe as an alternative model. In other words, whatever model they choose, Britain isn’t in the middle or the first port of call, because they believe that Britain is over. They believe they can rule over the ruins, but it’s the culture of the ruins that ruins the culture. I’ve never met Cameron, but I know quite a few of the others around him at this time and they believe that all they can do is rule over the ruins of what’s left.

Labour have been very cynical since ’97. When Blair came in he was such a pathological liar and such an actor and so convincing he fooled many of our people for at least 7 or 8 years. You’d meet people, old dears and so on, and they’d say, “Oh, Tony Blair is a lovely man! A lovely man!” and so on because he’s such an extraordinary political charlatan. I mean, Brown looks so poor in comparison to sort of Blair’s reptilian character, essentially, because Blair could argue for a Gulf War and against a Gulf War as convincingly — he’s like a barrister who doesn’t believe in a word of it either way. He can look you straight in the eye, he can be quivering with emotion, his throat can be catching, but he’s just a character who’s arguing whatever spiel is put in front of him or he feels he can get away with at the moment. He fooled people for basically a parliamentary term and a half. Four to 6 years easily.

It was only the Iraq War that called him out in egregious whoppers and lies that were so big and so wide and so stinking about how we were going to be attacked by Saddam, that he had weapons of mass destruction that he could use in 45 minutes, that we needed to go to war to deal with this unfortunate and apocalyptic eventuality when in actual fact he had none of these weapons, the sanctions had degraded and destroyed them to such a degree that they could weaponized a few shells with a few chemical tips that could only be used inside their own deserts within 45 minutes. In other words, we were lied to and lied to and lied to, to get us in on a war that America didn’t really need us for.

And when we got to Basra in the south of Iraq we camped down there and all the Islamist militias shelled us 24 hours a day, night and day and in order to pull back from the central palace to where we are now — 2,000 around the airports, “training” the new Iraqi army — we did a deal with the most militant militia, the ???, that we would let out all of their prisoners, including ones that had committed many, many capital crimes — they have the death penalty in Iraq — we let them out so they wouldn’t attack us. They wouldn’t attack us. The Iranians use to give $1,000 — US dollars, interestingly — for each British soldier killed, because the Shia militias in the south were loyal to Iran. For those who don’t know, Saddam is not an Iraqi nationalist he’s a Sunni nationalist. He’s loyal to his group in the middle of the country.

We created Iraq! We pushed these groups together. They don’t like each other. Kurd — Sunni — Shia. We did this. We’re back there now 100 years on in Iraq, in Afghanistan doing America’s bidding, doing the bidding of lobbies that are very powerful in the United States and have an enormous influence over their government and in particular in relation to Middle East policy.

But we cannot pursue an independent course, because none of our elites think in nation-state terms anymore! They don’t even think to the degree that de Gaulle and Churchill did that we could have in some ways some independent path for ourselves. We have no independence, because our politicians lack the will to have such an independent current of mind.

Now, many people observe what’s happened to this society in the last 50 years, and they think that forces are so cosmic and so irreversible, that they’ve swept over these things, that they’ve changed things out of all recognition, that they can really do nothing and the sort of Thatcherite economics in the wake of sort of Labour’s failures in the ’70s that were preached and came into power in the 1980s have just convinced people further of that. You privatize your own life, you look after your own family, the country becomes your own sort of family in its private concerns, “if they’re all right, I’m all right, you’re all right, we’re all right,” and for the rest you just watch the television but turn off what it means in your own mind. Lots of adults live like that. They sort of privatize their own life and death. They live in their own little bubbles.

People move about. Two million Whites have left London in the last 50 years. The Evening Standard hinted once that it was racial. The reason why they left was racial, that there were demographic changes. I knew a very liberal chap who moved to get out of London, and I asked him ten times why he’d left and he broke down and cried. He broke down and cried because he said, “I’ll have to admit I’m a bit of a racist.” “I have to admit I’m a bit of a racist, because I left due to the fact that parts of South London are no longer recognizable and I hate myself for that.” I said, “Well, why didn’t you hang yourself?” He said, “I wouldn’t go that far.” He’s living in a quite nice placed in Sussex right now.

It’s interesting that you do hear more and more amongst many, many quite liberal-minded people that they are deeply worried underneath the carapace of political correctness and conformity. They’re deeply worried. But people who were Trotskyist students 30 years ago, they see now that many of the forces that they marched for with their innocent/non-innocent fists in the air, they see the result of what they’ve brought about. The collapse of the family, marriage as an institution sort of discredited — marriages lasting 12 years, ordinary people are behaving like superstars and having four or five marriages in a lifetime. You’ve got a generation that’s brought up and taught to revere drug addicts rather than soldiers and artists and scientists and architects. You’ve got a sort of criminal subculture that’s breeding now that has no respect for anything and is out of control. We had a third of our army in Iraq 3-5 years ago, but Brown and Blair don’t control the streets of inner Birmingham. They don’t control the streets of South London on a Saturday night! Lots of people, particularly people over 50 or 55, don’t go into many of our cities on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, because they are increasingly uncontrollable. Uncontrollable! And the interesting thing is that people who have got money to get smashed in many towns in the south in particular where there’s a lot of that trashy money about, in Leeds as well and other provincial centers, but you see them. It’s hard work for 4 days and then they’re on drugs for the smash out on the Friday and Saturday and the only discipline in their lives, the only methodological thing that gets them out of bed at a certain time is work on a Monday. And then you work through and then the blowout and so on and so on and so on.

All of it on the whole based upon debt-based financing of one sort or another as we no longer make anything, but we’re always selling. We’re always selling, but the selling is faltering and shuddering and stopping. The one chance is that at this moment, in this time, and in these years, people will wonder not just about this economic crisis about which I have spoken possibly too much but also all of the other things that are going on and have gone on for the last 50 years.

The sad truth is that many people have to have a reverse and have to have a bit of pain basically to get them to see any sense. All of our people have moaned for 50 years. Moaned in their cups, moaned in the pub, moaned amongst the people they know because, you know, there’s a certain circle beyond which people are frightened to be “politically incorrect,” a term that 20 years ago didn’t even exist except among extreme Left theorists in France and the United States and elsewhere.

It’s an amazing example of something Trotsky developed at one level and the Berkeley and the French revolutionaries in the late 1960s developed that was this big, that 1% of people would have known what political correctness was in 1978. Now schoolchildren know when they’ve made an “incorrect” remark. It’s an extraordinary example where you can take an idea from the absolute fringes, from the fringes of the fringes, and it can become the mindset of an entire society. Because once you have a mixed-raced society, you just have to keep control. That’s all it’s about! And you have to stop people having certain thoughts that could lead to conflict, because you’re in a sort of toned down anger management situation all the time.

In Birmingham, all the political class does is negotiate between the groups so they won’t fight. There’s a common denominator and we just keep it together. It’s the logic of Basra, but it’s not Basra it’s Birmingham, and it’s inner Birmingham. It’s inner Slough, and it’s inner London, and it’s inner Cardiff (yes, it is!), and it’s inner Glasgow, and it’s Leeds, and it’s everywhere! Chapeltown in Leeds is no different. Moss Side and Rochdale in Manchester, absolutely no different! No different at all!

We have been sleepwalking into this for 50-60 years. A few politicians, a few eccentric Tories like Alan Clark, a few devastating minds like Enoch Powell mentioned earlier spoke 40 years ago. No one else! No one else said it! They all thought it. They all thought it, but no one else said it. We’ve got this extraordinary example where we have sleepwalked into what might be coming and almost nobody in our political class, except for Thatcher who made two synthetic speeches that she didn’t really entirely believe in in order to undercut the National Front vote in 1979 and then reneged upon later, apart from her nobody in the mainstream at all. Didn’t even mention these areas. The fact that the whole country’s been demographically transformed is a bit of an issue, isn’t it?! It’s not just some sort of minor thing. Which London borough gets the Olympics or something, you know? Whether you think council tax is fair. It’s a bit of an issue, isn’t it?! It’s an elephant in the room!

And yet no one can mention it and indeed you are removed! You’re removed from Cameron’s front bench for mentioning it in certain ways. We’ve got a Labour minister now called Willis who’s opening his mouth a little bit about immigration. He was taken away for a week, because they didn’t want him on Question Time because they hadn’t formulated their policy on that. “We need to get a grip,” Mr. Willis said, “on immigration.” We need to get a grip! Need to get a grip on Willis, nevermind immigration, don’t you! The doors have been not just opened but swung open. Nationality’s been thrown away in the last 30-50 years, and Willis is saying that what we need, like Cameron is, is a few quotas. A few quotas for elite workers. There’s a million illegal workers just in the south of England alone, so having a few quotas is not going to do any good at all! The only way in which you can deal with these sorts of problems is to have a new political class. People who make some decisive action! That’s what’s required.

There’s a time for talk, and there’s a time for action, and the time for action is coming, because if it doesn’t we will either go down in a corporate or popular or civic national sense with a bang or a whimper. It will be one or the other. It will be radical. It won’t, for once, be in the middle. It will be radical! We’ll either stand up and some major things will follow or there will be a gradual decline. People will go to Spain, go to Australia, and then they’ll find they don’t like it there, and they’ll come back. They’ll run around the country looking for spaces where they can live. People will increasingly look after their own and so on. You’ve seen this very much in the attitude of many middle and upper class people. They’ve drawn up the drawbridge; they’ve left the rest of the population. Patriotism is a sort of socialism they can do without as they conceive it, but the problem is that even for them these things are coming for them.

Everything is going to come for all of us. And this is the problem particularly with educated people in our society. They’ve left their own population group; they have no concern for them or very little; they have very little sense of group solidarity perhaps because it’s been partly mentally bred out of them – it’s a disease, it’s something that’s been extirpated – and these ideas are in the minds of most of the people who rule us.

Blair is asked, “What is Britishness?” and Blair answers, “Tolerance! Tolerance and fairness and inclusion and a welcoming cup for the incomer!” That’s not what they said at Ypres! That’s not what they said on the Somme when the bayonet went through some European enemy, who ultimately wasn’t really our enemy in the fullness of day as things have worked out. People didn’t say, “I’m giving you this for tolerance and the values of inclusion!” They didn’t say that because it’s a lie, and because it’s not true, and it wasn’t true for German troopers or Belgian or Austrian or French or ourselves. It’s not true!

When America napalms — they don’t use the term napalm anymore, it’s white phosphorus — when they white phosphorus a village in Iraq, they’re doing it for tolerance and ideas of equality and to give these people liberty and the chance to vote for their own warlord. That’s what they’re giving them ideally, but in actual fact it’s a lie! They say it’s a hypocritical lie when we run an empire, but we were more honest about. We didn’t get into all that fluff and nonsense.

But the time to talk about colonization is when we talk about the reverse colonization that’s gone on for 40-50 years. And there’s no escape! Not here in parts of rural North Wales or the far-flung west of England or parts of East Anglia which are underpopulated and so on. There will be 70 million in this country soon. 70 million. Maybe 100 million.

Remember those old science fiction films in the 1950s and ’60s where you can hardly turn around because there are so many people, and they’re all in your face and this sort of thing? This is what’s coming. Go to Oxford Street now. You can’t move! All these people are seething of every race, of every culture, of every faith, and every kind. All in one great stew with police running around. They wear these fluorescent yellow jackets, don’t they? But when you want one you can never get one! And the security officers that come along and can’t even make an arrest. They can watch you behaving criminally and warn you that you might be arrested! And in actual fact this is how sort of low we’ve got. The police and firemen . . . The police come after it’s over and sweep up the glass. They don’t really want to get involved particularly. It’s dog-eat-dog, and unlike American cities we’re disarmed. The criminals have weapons, and the state has weapons, and we’re stood there in the middle as it’s all going off.

So, the situation is quite dire in many ways, but our people still have political opportunities to express their disinclination to go along with what’s being done. They still have that option. It’s still there, and there is a degree to which if they will not respond to the forms of chaos that are enveloping this society now . . . Even Cameron says this society is broken. You know, it’s a society that aborts 200,000 a year, where national service doesn’t exist, it’s a dim and distant memory, where youths terrorize city and town centers, and people in the older generations are terrified even to confront them, where the children end up speaking like Jamaican gangsters if they go to an inner city comprehensive, where men can marry each other and adopt children and this sort of thing. We’re living in this society where almost every value that was considered normative before the 1960s has been reversed. Been reversed! It’s turned on its head! And people have swallowed it a bit, and they’ve gone along. There’s been a little bit of passive resistance, and they’ve slid a bit further.

We’ve ended up with something that everyone said couldn’t happen. And that’s a Left-wing capitalist society. It’s very peculiar, but that’s what happened. At the beginning of the 20th century if you’d have said that they would have said, “That man’s an idiot. Get him a glass of water and calm down a bit.” Left-wing capitalist society, but that’s what we’ve got. The values of the old Left – equality for all, everyone can come in, men can marry each other, patriotism is a dirty word, there are no elites, nature doesn’t exist, da dee da — tied to a radical market mechanism. All the Left-wing realizes that capitalism does have a tendency to clear the market of the lowest level of consumption at the lowest price.

The idea that capitalism is Right-wing per se, which the moderate Right and the Left have basically agreed with each other on for most of the last century, isn’t entirely true. We have a situation now where the capitalism is failing, and the Left-wing ideology is poisoning us to death, and we have a choice to do something about it or nothing about it. My choice is to stand up here. Most people who went to the university I did will do nothing at all. They’re hiding. They’re terrified! Not of just a few anarchists or a punch-up in the East End, but they are morally terrified to oppose what exists. It is an extraordinary moral fear in the people that once seemed to fear nothing in battle and this sort of thing.

But now a new sort of courage is required, and we’ll see if the Welsh or the English or the Scottish or the Irish have it. That is a moral courage, basically, to stand up against an elite and its false values like people did in Eastern Europe during the period of Soviet occupation. They didn’t like Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov then, you know. When you saw one of those dissidents coming towards you, you said, “Oh no, it’s one of them . . .” Because the secret police would be watching, everyone would be watching, and you’d do everything to make sure they didn’t acknowledge you in the street. Of course, after the transformation they would say, “Ah, Andrei, Aleksandr, my brother!” and this sort of thing. Not in the days when it mattered. This is partly what it is now in the West.

We fought for freedom of speech, and we don’t have any even in our own country. We fought against foreign European dictators, and we’re dictated to by liberals who own the media and appear every night. We say the slightest thing about what’s going on that aren’t in terms that can entrap us in terms of all the laws that have been passed, and we’re a villain. A villain and a demon, you know, that needs to be dragged off somewhere! Whereas the real villains are those sitting in the House of Commons and sitting in the House of Lords and sitting in the European Parliament and sitting in the judiciary.

The Archbishop of Canterbury recently said that sharia law should be introduced into this country. After a good church supper in Canterbury, he pushes the plate away like he’s at Oxford College and, picking his teeth, he says, “Sharia law. What do you think about that then? Not the hands off, the testicles off, the head off. No, no, no. None of that. Just a bit of jurisprudence, just for property laws between people. What do you think? What do you think about that Canon Carruthers-Smythe? What do you think about that? A bit of sharia law.”

I’m not a Christian, but the Archbishop of Canterbury is supposed to guard the faith which he says he’s the leader of in the national society he says he’s the major spiritual minister for, and he’s prepared to give it all away. Just as an idea, just as a sort of academic idea. He’s just floated this idea over dinner. “Get this bit of chicken out of my teeth,” you know. And this is because he’s another Blair appointee. He’s one of these endless wet and liberal weaklings of a sort of mildly self-detesting, would regard all of us as monsters linked to the past and the politics of identity. “These are appalling reactionaries. I don’t want to be anywhere near them.” This sort of thing. This is their attitude. But the truth is they don’t believe in the identities they even profess. They believe in deconstruction and theories like this in academic life. They’ve gotten rid of all these things.

These people think England and Wales and Ireland and Scotland and Britain: it’s a puddle. They want to step out into the world. “I want to go global.”

Well, I’ve got a message for the Archbishop. One of his predecessors actually criticized him on the issue of sharia law. Carey. He went to the Sudan, and when he wanted to fly over the Islamist part of Sudan — it’s an Islamic government — they said they’d shoot his plane down. He said, “What?! I’m a man of the cloth! I’m a man of the book! You’re going to shoot my plane down?” They said, “You’re giving succor to our enemies in the south.” He said, “Alright” and he went around another way. They went a circuitous route, and he arrived and there were 100,000 Black southern Sudanese. All Christian, all had their machetes and their pangas out. These enormous meat axes that they use to cleave an opponent through. And they’re all chanting and chanting. They’re members of a group called the Sudan Liberation Army, the SLA, and they all came up to him, and they chanted through their languages, which was related to him via interpreters of course: “Oh Great White Father, Oh Great White Father, tell us how to kill the Muslims and rape their women! Yes!” This was a form of interfaith dialogue that Carey wasn’t too experienced on. This was a form of humanism he hadn’t experienced before and he was shocked, deeply shocked, because what these ninnies don’t believe is that the world is not constructed as they imagine it to be, that it’s not a “nice” place, that it’s a place of fury and that as our people drag their sort of Asda bags through puddles in the rain they’ve got to realize that although the Sudan is a long way away, that there are realities there that are closer to what may be coming for all of us than they would like to imagine.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. There’s no such thing, to quote a novel in the ’60s, as a naked lunch. You’ve often got to seize the plate to get a bit of lunch in this life. No other group will stand with us and give us room if we fall. The groups in this world that people have less respect for are those who have once ruled — and we have once ruled a quarter of this Earth, and it then fell away. The others are going to kick you on the way down, because they remember when you were up there. And that’s going to happen to America very soon. We must be certain it doesn’t happen to us!

We need to revive as a people. We need to show some vigor and some strength again! We need to show some will again! We need to show some patriotism again! As our people huddle before the conformity of the television, some of them secretly think these thoughts. It’s time no longer to be secret about them. It’s time no longer to be sort of locked in rooms with mildly “incorrect” thoughts. People have to ventilate those thoughts!

They begin at their own life. This idea that individuals have no power is false. If you say no to political correctness, the liberal ideology that surrounds us, in any way from the smallest thing it has an effect. It creates a space around you. People go, “Oh God, he’s one of them,” and they sort of slightly move away. When you start in one area it feeds upon itself. All people begin, in a sense, in a radical direction less radical at the beginning of the commencement of it and that’s where our people are. Faffy, confused, broken down, alone, wondering what’s going on, wondering if they can move to escape it, wondering if the buy-out deal on their mortgage is safe or not, worried, not trusting the political class.

One of the interesting things that has happened is that the breakdown to the class loyalty to the big blocs is ongoing and radical. There’s part of the White working class now that loathes and detests Labour to a degree many Labour councilors and politicians would be frightened to know. That’s why they don’t go on those estates anymore. They’re frightened to go on them. Yet everyone sort of knows that in a way all three parties have merged into each other, that they will support each other as they do in the GLA.

The British National Party got one member elected to the Greater London Assembly, and all the others were Green, Tory, Labour, Liberal. When Barnbrook, who is our councilor there, goes in the building there’s horror! “It’s a leper that’s appeared before us!” Johnson puts his fingers over his eyes. He doesn’t even want to acknowledge that he’s in the room.

When certain far Right people are elected to the European Assembly, whenever a member of the Austrian Freedom Party came into the room, Robin Cook, when he was alive prior to an unfortunate visit to a Scottish mountain, used to turn his back and not even acknowledge their presence in the room. But that’s also fear! They’re frightened of what might be coming for them because of what they’ve given away! Because ultimately, although they are strong now, they’re paralyzed with fear. They wonder whether the liberal world that they’ve brought about has been a mistake and that certain great simplicities, as Enoch Powell called them, may resurface around them.

Canute went to the beach many centuries ago and put his throne down and commanded the sea to stop, and it went up the beach behind him. King Lear’s based on that “mad monarch.”

We must make sure that those who are ruling this country now don’t rule it in 20 years’ time, otherwise we won’t have one. We must make sure that we revive across the United Kingdom in England, in Wales, in Scotland, and in Ireland, we must make sure that patriotism is no longer a dirty word in the mouths and in the thoughts of our own people. We must make sure that essentially the only form of social concern that is left is patriotism, because it ties people together in their difference within a coherent group and in their inequality. It ties them together. It is the only social glue that is left. It is the only trump that allows individual freedom but allows group identity, allows both.

The great mistake of the whole of the Left is to think that they could build social views of what society should be or humanity should be whilst dispensing with identity. Faith-based, racial, cultural, national, civic. Things are based upon identity. You are an individual because you can join a group. Occasionally you subtract yourself from it in terms of judgment, but you can join. When anyone asks you who you are you give a name, family details, age (22 in my case), and so on. You give this sort of thing, but deep down you give a collective and group-based identity even for the most individualistic of people like me. In a way, you had to have a group to belong to. We’re hard-wired genetically for it anyway, because without that we don’t feel solidarity with anyone else and without that you can’t have a society and if you can’t have a society at all it’s just ghettoized ants. Go to inner parts of American cities, and you’ll see what that relates to.

Our music is not gangster rap. Our cities are not built as shanty towns like in Brazil. Our glory could yet still be before us. We have to cease thinking we’re a people with a great past, and it’s going to go like the Greeks; it’s just a few statues and a few monuments and it’s all downhill. It doesn’t have to be downhill. What we have to do is revive! And to think that we can revive! But to do this we have to sweep out the politicians that now exist. We have to get rid of the Tories in the south of England; we have to get rid of Labour in the north of England; we have to get rid of Labour in Wales; we have to get rid of Plaid in Wales; we have to get rid of the pseudo-Celtic nationalists in Scotland, the SNP.

We’ve already got rid of Ron Davies here in Wales. Good ol’ Ron. I’ve been informed by the North Wales organizer that he has a new movement, if you pardon the phrase, in Wales called Forward Wales. Good slogan, isn’t it? Fair enough. I’m sure there’s a radical absence of female members in that group.

But all joking aside, people need something different and it’s not going to be UKIP. They’re channelers as I call them. They’re all these people who say, “I’m a little bit patriotic. Just a little bit. A little bit.” In Wales. In England. “I’ll vote EU.” My father said to me a couple of years ago, “I’ve done something really extreme.” I said, “Cut me out of the will? What have you done?” He said, “I voted for UKIP! UKIP!” I was “Eh.” But then I thought that for somebody who’s only ever voted Tory that’s a radical gesture, because you might vote somebody else after that. It’s only one step beyond. One step beyond to terror. One step beyond that demonic line, but once you you’ve crossed it there’s a sense that you’ve sort of got to the edge of the zebra crossing, and there’s a truck coming, and you feel as though you can’t cross yet.

But it’s interesting. If all of those millions who piled up all of those useless UKIP votes . . . And what have they done for anyone since they’ve got in the European Parliament, eh? You can speak for two minutes. That’s all you can do as a Euro MP. You get a big wedge, and then you can speak for two minutes only if you form a bloc. They won’t go with the far Right; they sit on their own. It’s meaningless, but it’s a break in the old structure. Even the BBC regards UKIP as “dangerous.” But they’re channeling all of that patriotism in that EU vote, and if that breaks out beyond them it’s very, very interesting what could happen.

The BBC ran a deep poll about 6 months ago in which they said that 60-70% of people were frightened of inter-ethnic violence in the society, that people thought the British National Party was slightly nasty and extreme, but they were telling the truth unlike the other parties, and they said that Powell might well have been right. The BBC was shocked rigid by this. It was a deep poll of what people really thought when they were quite relaxed. They feared for their future and this was before the economic crisis had begun to grip.

This is the reality under all the lies and the smokescreen and the Punch and Judy ballyhoo at Westminster. This is the reality! But if people want to change it they know what they have to do. They have to raise money for this organization; they have to leaflet and canvas for this organization; they have to stand for this organization; they have to come up here and speak. The next time someone from the audience come up, you know. Confront the terror, you know. Come up into the light and speak. It’s not as bad as all that. People have to do these sorts of things, because if they won’t do these sorts of things in 50 years there will be no coherent society left.

This is the time! In this 20 year to 30 year period, if there is a large bloc of British national and Right-wing MPs in the parliaments and structures that have been created in this society in the coming generation, it can be turned around. It can be changed. The whole system fears that this could occur. We must make sure that it does occur here in Wales and in Britain. This country is not over. We are still alive. There is still plenty to do.

I ask you to support this party, to support our people, to support their culture, to support our future.

Thank you very much!