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An Open Letter to MoveOn.org about Syrian Refugees

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I keep getting emails from MoveOn.org because I stupidly started a petition to oppose the housing of refugees in the US. Needless to say, all of their emails are an attempt to tug at my heart strings in hopes that I will see the light and accept multiculturalism as my personal lord and savior. I got fed-up with these emails so I decided to reply.

Dear A.,

This is a lengthy email, but I have taken the time to read your message to the end, I hope you will extend the same courtesy to me. This isn’t about whether or not these Syrian refugees are terrorists. This is about the reality of a culture clash. The entirety of Western culture and civilization are at stake. Western culture and its value system are completely incompatible with a religion that borders on the fascistic.

I am not speaking in absolutes. Not every Westerner is an altruistic liberal, and not every Muslim is a terrorist. But Western liberalism is an ideology of tolerance and acceptance, and terrorists are the complete opposite. Islam gives Muslim culture and unity and cohesion that the West lacks. I see this now because we refuse to take our own side in these tumultuous times, while Muslims support one another.

The latest terrorist attack is just another example of multiculturalism’s failures. I find it disheartening that in times of conflict and strife, the Western World frowns upon its members who wish to protect themselves from further harm, or who simply take their own side during this culture clash. Like America, the European nations are already struggling with their current levels of diversity and racial conflict.

When 1,400 underage English girls are sexually groomed and basically held as sex slaves by Muslim men in Rotherham, England, while the English authorities looked the other way for years because they were strangled by political correctness, this tells me Europe is struggling unnecessarily! When riots break out in Sweden, a nation that has become the rape capital of Europe, directly caused by the influx of Muslim men, that tells me Europe is struggling unnecessarily! When German school girls are told to dress more conservatively, in order to avoid negative attention because they may offend the refugees that Germany is housing nearby, that tells me Europe is struggling with this unnecessary clash of cultures.

You mentioned freedom in your email to me. Well, the people who are actually losing their freedoms are the very people who are opening their borders to help. If you haven’t seen the pattern in all of this, I will gladly point it out. The European people, especially women and young girls, are being victimized by the presence of Muslims, terrorist or not. The Political elite of the West are refusing to do anything about it, other than offer more assistance to the Muslim population that is continuing to grow. The same could be said about the American Political elite.

I wish that the victimization of countless young European girls by Muslim men would evoke the same empathy in the hearts of the pathologically altruistic Westerners that one dead Syrian baby has. The American people and the people of Europe do not owe anything to the Muslim world or to the people of Syria, but we owe everything to our future generations, starting with their protection. If there is the potential for terrorism, sexual grooming, rape, rioting, and social chaos, should we not avoid them? We have to start focusing on making our world a better place for our children first.

If this somehow makes me a monster or an “Islamophobe,” so be it. I love the people with whom I share a culture, a language, traditions, and values more than people who do not share them. I am sure that the majority of Muslims feel the same way. I do not necessarily dislike Muslims or their culture. I dislike the results when peoples with polar opposite value systems are forced to share the same space.

If you do not agree with me, you have the freedom to do so. I just ask that you stop sending me emails asking me to help the West commit cultural suicide for the betterment of another culture.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Tobin