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Some Recent Genetic Studies . . . & Hitler

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HitlerFawns [1]Consider the following recent discoveries made by various scientific studies:

It is apparent that the last 50 years of scientific studies show that there was a significant degree of truth to many of the racial ideas of the early twentieth century. Like any science, these ideas were of course not always correct – science only progresses through trial and error – but they were if anything more correct than the current blank-slatist theories dominant in Western social sciences and mass media.

There may have been inevitable imprecision and errors in Madison Grant’s ideas on “Nordics” or Houston Stewart Chamberlain’s on “Aryans.” They however did raise real issues, that were and continue to be worth exploring, and that are grounded in real genetic and historical phenomena. This is evident from the recent studies showing Ice Age and Indo-European genes in northwestern and/or central Europe, and in the enduring interest in the so-called Hajnal Line (indicating an area corresponding to northwestern Europe within which, mysteriously and no doubt due to a complex mix of genetic and historical factors, populations are uniquely individualistic and altruistic . . .). These issues then were not simply a figment of the early theorists’ imagination. Nor can the early theories be entirely reduced, as mainstream historiography now suggests, to northwest European or German narcissism, or to opportunistic theories justifying their political domination of other groups.

Indeed, we must recall that the early racial scientists had to work without our advanced genetic testing (the Nobel Prize winner James Watson, recently denounced and ostracized for innocuously remarking upon racial differences, had yet to discover the double helix) or a century of twin studies. In retrospect, one is struck not so much by what the early theorists got wrong, but by how much they got right.

What does all this have to do with Adolf Hitler, you ask? Everything. The reason is that National Socialism was – as both Hitler and the mainstream scholarship emphasize – an essentially racial ideology and political faith, inspired by Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theory on the origins of humanity and indeed of all life by natural selection. The mainstream historians however, in their overwhelmingly majority, will simply dismiss both Hitler’s and the early twentieth century’s racial ideas, that is evolutionary thinking applied to humans, as mere “pseudoscience.” Indeed, if this were so, this would make Hitler perhaps the greatest, most futile criminal of human history.

with-horse [2]

But the mainstream historians, overwhelmingly, do not critically engage with the evolutionary science of the day and are apparently ignorant of the recent genetic discoveries and confirmations concerning heritability, race, Europeans, Jews, etc. This is a critical and indeed fatal omission. For the mainstream scholarship on Hitler, National Socialism, and the Third Reich is often of great value. Countless historians have combed through archives in Germany and elsewhere to produce often exhaustive studies of this or that aspect of this historical period. The work is often honest enough, insightful, and nuanced in the detail. But the big picture is almost invariably skewed and one-sided: With rare exceptions, the German Führer must be caricatured, demonized, and treated in a much more biased way than other world leaders of comparable brutality and historical significance.[11] One can certainly take an anti-Hitler position for any number of reasons (one could never fault a Polish or Russian comrade for doing so), but one cannot make an honest assessment of the German leader without serious engagement with the evolutionary science which inspired the core doctrines of National Socialism.

HitlerDog [3]For if the early twentieth century’s racial science, however flawed, was more accurate than the blank-slatist ideas that have become culturally hegemonic in the West since 1945, then there would need to be a radical and far more nuanced reassessment of Hitler. Indeed, it is now documented that many of the founding fathers of the blank-slatist consensus, namely Franz Boas, Theodor Adorno, and Stephen J. Gould, were ethnically-motivated and politically-motivated pseudoscientific fraudsters.[12]

The continued ethnically-motivated character of much of the reigning orthodoxy is not in doubt. Jewish publications freely discuss the genetic characteristics of Jews. Meanwhile the German writer Thilo Sarrazin was widely defamed a few years ago by Jewish organizations (making it onto innumerable “Top Anti-Semites” lists, with enormous associated costs to his reputation) for discussing this same issue in a morally neutral way. This can only be explained in terms of ethnically-motivated hypocrisy and sophistry. And this is only one example among innumerable others which could, with truly nauseating frequency, be cited.

hitlerterrier [4]If the evolutionary science of the early twentieth century, however imperfect, was more accurate than the social science of today, a moral reassessment of Hitler would be inevitable notwithstanding his real brutality. Politics is, at best, the world of amoral raison d’état and Realpolitik, not of individual morality. The mainstream historians concede as much: Most do not condone the burning alive of hundreds of thousands of German men, women and children through firebombing, the ethnic cleansing of 9 million German civilians in East Prussia, Silesia, and the Sudetenland, or the rape of 2 million German women by the Red hordes, among many other atrocities and questionable doctrines (supposed defense of “Polish sovereignty,” “unconditional surrender,” the Yalta Agreement . . .).

No, the historians plead these were unfortunately necessary measures, understandable reprisals, or regrettable collateral damage in the war against Hitler. They consider that these crimes, unlike Hitler’s, are ultimately excusable in the context of the overarching moral imperative of destroying the absolute evil of “Nazism.” They adhere, openly or not, to an ends-justifies-the-means morality. Certainly, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs and you couldn’t destroy “Nazism” without raping a couple million German women and girls.

hitler6 [5]But by the same token, if Hitler’s racial ideas, at the center of his doctrine, were not quite as “pseudoscientific” as the mainstream claims, what does that mean for the moral significance of his undeniably often brutal means?[13] As Raymond Aron wrote on deceit, but one could say the same of violence and political amorality in general: “Deceit in the service a great endeavor is easily excused, and sometimes even inspires admiration.”[14]

National Socialism was a sincere attempt to systematically apply the evolutionary science of the day to public policy. This was remarkably successful in certain respects (above all in the astonishing rise in the German birthrate) and catastrophic in others. This was inevitable, National Socialism was by its own account a kind of fanatical civil religion. This had the advantages and disadvantages of all religious revolutions: The society’s culture, values, and behavior were indeed radically transformed in line with the new faith (a successful religion can be considered a kind of cultural programming), but this also necessarily meant inflexibility and dogmatism.

HitlerandSquirrel [6]The result? Where German National Socialism was right, it was brilliantly successful. Where it was wrong, it was disastrous, in the end fatally so. Above all, Hitler fixed what was still an infant and imperfect racial science into a semi-fixed (because sometimes vague in its implications) political doctrine. The spirits of science (skepticism) and of religion (faith) are in truly radical opposition, combining them being thus supremely difficult, like the would-be philosoper-king’s almost impossible ambition of uniting thought and action. The achievement of any degree of success in this task may perhaps be considered the supreme work of art.

We have to consider that Hitler in general was “too racist”: He tended to overestimate both the degree to which an individual or people’s qualities were due to genetic factors and the amount of genetic difference between European peoples. This had tragic results, arguably resulting in millions of deaths and ultimately in the Third Reich’s defeat through failure to build sufficient constructive relationships and alliances with fellow Europeans.[15]

Hitler, that armed prophet of the German nation, believed himself ordained by Providence to redeem his people and found a new faith for all time. Whatever his sincerity, history decided otherwise. Of course, had the West not made war against Hitler or had he achieved a swift victory in the East, the course of things would have been immeasurably different. We can only speculate whether a victorious Third Reich’s pan-German chauvinism might  have eventually ceded to a degree of European common-feeling: Germany’s lavishly-funded evolutionary scientists, the pan-European blood-comradeship and brotherhood of that fledgling elite which was the Waffen-SS, and the objective continental interests of German and European big business would have certainly militated in that direction. But these are but idle musings, the stuff of speculative novels rather than history . . .


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