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On Mortality

DeathBarcelona [1]2,012 words

German translation here [2]

There will come a day when you will die.

The truck driving in the opposite lane will skid and crush the hood of your car, smashing you to a pulp.

The doctor will tell you that the funny feeling in the side of your belly was a developing malignant tumor which they can only try to remove. And you better sort out all important issues right now.

A blood vessel in your brain will burst and the hemorrhage will burst the bubble of your illusory corporeal immortality.

The pain between your shoulder blades will announce cardiac arrest, and you will aimlessly flap your arms while you suffocate.

Or you will simply get old, weaker with every day, and once all the vital force has left you, you will be helplessly lying in your bed. Hopefully, someone you love will be holding your hand as you pass the gates of eternity into the great unknown.

If you are lucky, you will die a meaningful death, defending someone you love or something you cherish. A bullet will pierce your skull, and you will become one of the glorious dead. Or you will moan and tremble in the dirt, as you try to put your own entrails back into your ripped stomach: a painful and dirty death, but a hero’s death nevertheless.

Or at least you will die a beautiful death. Falling off a cliff of the eternally snow-covered mountain you were climbing; with your last gaze you will grasp the stunning view of the alpine majesty and then you will be squashed among the glaciers.

What are you going to regret in your last moments? Will you wish that you checked Facebook more often? Spent more time watching funny cat videos on YouTube? Slept longer? Immersed yourself in a Netflix binge? Pulled an all-nighter watching porn? Played more World of Warcraft? Unless you have a meaningful job (and the vast majority us don’t) you are not going to regret that you spent more time working.

You are probably going to regret you did not spend your time better. That you did not use your time to watch the sunrise or the full moon. That you did not spend more meaningful moments with your significant other. That you quarreled about all those petty issues. That you did not go out or have sex more often. That you did not visit one of those famous places, learn another language, read one of the timeless classics, climb this mountain, practice that sport, learn to play an instrument.

But after all is said and done, in that last moment of consciousness, you will wonder what will remain after you have passed. After all, every man must die, but not every man dies wholly.

There are only two real ways to save something and withstand death: through blood and spirit.

Death3 [3]There is only one way to survive through blood: to have children. This is the actual purpose of having a family. If you are picking the right woman think about her as your future wife and the mother of your children. This really changes the perspective. If you remember that your family, thanks to your children, is your key to dealing with your mortality, solving everyday problems becomes much easier. Also, this helps you keep your priorities straight. Going out with friends to the pub will not help you withstand death. The same applies to watching football or eating fancy snacks.

And while having no kids and having fun seems very satisfactory at first, once you reach your end, you experience disappointment and despair. With family it is the other way around. At first you lose all your free time, life becomes hard to bear, and you curse yourself for making this decision. But once you see your children grow up and accomplish more every day, you experience real happiness and true pride. If you know that your children will survive your death, and they will have children who will survive their deaths, and this relay of generations of our folk will go on, even once you are long gone – it is much easier to look in the face of death.

It is not enough to bring someone to life. You have to also help them find the meaning of life. You have to teach those you have sired. But you also need to love those you teach. So teach your children well the ways of our folk. And if you do it well, with love and care, they will reward you with twice as much love and care. They are your blood after all.

From the individual point of view all our life seems to have no greater sense. Everyone will die, and everything will die. It is easy to surrender to pessimism and proclaim that it is better never to be born. But you must not focus too much on the individual. From the perspective of one leaf, existence seems senseless. But from the perspective of the tree, existence has great and indisputable sense. The generations of men are like leaves, who wither and fall in winter. But in spring a new generation rises and the tree lives on.

This is withstanding death through blood. What about withstanding death through spirit?

Let us not discuss the matter of the individual soul, as this has already been done by greater men such as Plato or Aristotle. Instead, let us focus on the spirit of our folk. Where can you see this spirit? Probably you cannot see the spirit itself, but you can see its corporeal incarnation. You are the embodiment of that spirit: especially in your greatest moments. And people similar to you are also the incarnations of this spirit: especially those who are brave, creative, good, wise, intelligent, or beautiful. Thus, by preserving the blood you are also preserving the spirit.

But there is one more visible aspect of the spirit of our folk: great works. All great works of art, science, and technology created by people of our race are visible effects of our spirit. Every creative work of a member of our folk is an effect and a proof of the existence of this spirit. And you can become one of the creators. Start small with experiencing other people’s accomplishments. Try to find out what fascinates you. Then just give it a try – start creating. First steps are always difficult. Get in touch with others, who will help you judge and better your work. There is so much out there: music, literature, film, painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, home engineering, decoration, chemistry, craft food, brewing, sports, traveling, mountaineering, sailing. Just try something and stick with what you like and what you are good at.

And make sure that what you do matters to our race. If you are a musician, a poet, a visual artist – explore the variety of European traditions. If you are a photographer or a traveler – explore our land and our nature. Venerate our tradition by living it and sharing your experience with others, especially younger generations.

Withstanding death requires toil and sacrifice. Having a family (a real family: wife and children, not a girlfriend and a dog) requires losing most of your time and making your loved ones the number one priority. Most people make the mistake of using all the free time to relax after work and family obligations. Thus, they stop doing anything else which was meaningful in their life. Wrong. Do it the other way: sacrifice nights in a pub, net surfing, or other petty and pointless pleasures. Stick to stuff that matters: practice a sport, play an instrument, record an album, learn another language, write an essay or a story. If you cut out useless habits, procrastination, short-term pleasures, you will have enough time to secure your survival both by blood and by spirit.

If you don’t have the talent to do something creative yourself, support those that do. With your attention, praise, and your money. But don’t waste your money on major “best-selling” artistic products. These are big businesses who really don’t give a damn about you and your time. Once you die, they will find another consumer to pay their bills. Ignore Hollywood – let them starve. If you really need to watch a major picture or listen to a commercial album – just download it on torrent. If you really need to read a popular novel – get it from your library. They don’t care about you anyway, and they support a system aimed at destroying you and your family. So fuck them. There are hundreds of independent musicians, writers, film-makers, and artists. Many of them support the survival of our folk. Your praise makes a difference for them. Write them an e-mail or comment on their website; show your appreciation. Or better yet – approach them in person if you have the chance and thank them for what they’re doing. And support them with your wallet. If you pay them 10% of what you would pay for the official “entertainment” this will make a thousand times greater difference for our culture.

There are people working 24/7 to destroy our folk. To put it straightforwardly – there are people and institutions who are working every day and night to destroy everything you have ever created, in blood and spirit. Their aim is to annihilate all that may withstand your death. They want to take away all the sense and meaning of your life and your death. And they are making a profit on it. However, there are people and institutions — a few, but much more valuable, intelligent, and courageous than our enemies — who are working 24/7 to save our folk. They have sacrificed their free time and pleasure to advance our cause. They have also often sacrificed their personal, family and professional life to be on the front-line of the true culture war: the occult war. You have heard about some of them – otherwise you would not be browsing this website. Support them the same way – by praise and by money. The good guys are working to ensure that your achievements will remain and that you will withstand death. If you want them to keep on doing the right thing – help them pay their bills. If you want others to join their fight – donate more [4], so there can be more professional activists.

And if you are creative: get in touch and get involved. Some are more fit for street politics. Some for community organizing. Some for more solitary work: computer designing, writing essays, proofreading, translation. There is much work to be done. Our race is in an extreme situation: all hands are needed on board.

As Dominique Venner wrote in his final statement [5]: “We should also remember, as brilliantly formulated by Heidegger in Being and Time, that the essence of man is in his existence and not in ‘another world.’ It is here and now that our destiny is played out until the last second. And this final second is as important as the rest of a lifetime. That is why you must be yourself until the last moment. It is by deciding, truly willing one’s destiny, that one conquers nothingness. And there is no escape from this requirement, because we only have this life, in which it is our duty to be fully ourselves — or to be nothing.”

Everyone dies and everything dies. But the fame of your deeds will not die. Your bloodline (which is the same as our common bloodline!) will not die. So get to work and start doing these deeds and start securing this bloodline.

You will die. This is inevitable. Men born on earth tread their own paths, but all of them lead them whither our ancestors have departed. There is no turning back and no other way.

You are mortal. Live and act accordingly. Spend your life and save your folk. Withstand death.



Credit for inspiration is due to Greg Johnson, Dominique Venner, Martin Heidegger, William Pierce, the Rig-Veda, the Iliad, the Delphic Maxims, the Poetic Edda, Tomislav Sunić, Friedrich Nietzsche, and German Black Metal.