White Nationalists Need Planned Parenthood, Not the Pope

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This past week has provided a number of interesting events that highlight what was once the most contested social issue in the United States.

In New York City, which despite its diversity has a stronger sense of collective consciousness than any city I have lived in, a young woman just tossed a newborn baby [2] from an apartment window in the Bronx. She had hidden the pregnancy and claimed that the baby was stillborn, but the coroner has confirmed that the baby died of blunt force trauma upon landing. This horror happened just weeks after Rashida Chowdhury [3] of Queens threw her 1 month old out of a window.

Chat with any guy at the cash register of a bodega or selling food out of a cart and this story will be at the top of his mind. In this very liberal city, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think this action calls for justice. She must at the very least, spend a long time in jail. But many of the same people who condemn her find it difficult to address the fact that had she not been in her apartment but in a clinic, and had a doctor injected poison into her child a moment before natural birth, that this would be a legal medical procedure. This paradox makes people uncomfortable and for good reason.

I believe that the majority of Americans, most of whom rarely consider big moral and social questions, truly struggle with this issue and revisit their position regularly. However, one would never realize this by listening to debates in the media or pronouncements by politicians. The issue is presented in Manichean terms. We must choose between the shrill Man-Hating Jewess (probably a survivor of childhood sexual abuse) and a patriarchal celibate in clerical clothing (probably an accomplice of sexual abusers). After a 5 minute shouting match on cable television, the media expects us to label ourselves with titles that could have come from the pages of Nineteen Eighty-Four, “Pro-Choice” or “Pro-Life.” For most cable news addicts, their choice comes down to who they would rather sit next to at a bar.

The majority of Americans do not fall in this Manichaean construct. Since 1975, the Gallup organization has been asking Americans about their views on this question, and for only one month in 1991 has the view “Legal only under certain circumstances” [4] fallen below 50%. There is of course the question of individual morality involved. When is such an act morally acceptable? This is a question many of us must deal with in our private lives. However, when it comes to public policy, the debate must be shaped by factors other than those considered in private decisions. This should certainly not be limited to whether we value “individual liberty at all costs” or believe that an individual soul (with all the obligations that entails) enters a human body when the sperm penetrates the egg. Neither of these foundational philosophical/theological positions takes into account the societal impact of the public policy.

Because the white race is locked in a genocidal tailspin, put in place by an oligarchy that wishes to definitively destroy trade unionism and the welfare state and by the Organized Jewish Community which wishes to realize a multi-generational vendetta against our people, we must especially consider the impact on racial demographics.

Pope Francis, The Left Hand of Dysgenics

New York and Philadelphia both came to a standstill as Pope Francis came to visit. While the media was focused on the Pontiff as a new Princess Diana, and of course took the opportunity to exploit whatever crossover there might be between the Pope’s off-the-cuff political pronouncements and the policies of the Democratic Party.

There are however, two things about this visit that the vast majority of journalists are incapable of understanding but that White Nationalists must understand. The first is that the former Bergoglio is the incarnation of the lie of “Latino” identity. This is a social construct developed by Europeans who were pursuing “family strategies” in the pursuit of power rather than values-based strategies. (See Kevin MacDonald’s explanation of these distinct European approaches here [5].) The former Jorge Bergoglio is 100% Italian. The screaming throngs of migrant workers from south of the border do not share one percent of common heritage with him. They do however have two things in common, the language and the religion of the Conquistadores, though the latter would be unrecognizable to those who brought it to the New World. For the vast majority of their history, that has been enough to keep peace and order between the exploiters at the top of their societies and the exploited at the bottom.

The Pope and the Anchor Baby in a photo op that was planned one year ago. [6]

The Pope and the Anchor Baby in a photo op that was planned one year ago.

The “Latino” Oligarchy, as is often the case with Mercantile elites, is short-sighted and profit oriented. Their alliance with the Church has put in place a system that pays no heed to genetic inheritance. When the Catholic Church is in power in Latin America, whether the stronger ecclesiastical current of time is on the Right or Left, the arc of history will always lead to a country (even one as white as Argentina) that looks like Brazil or the Dominican Republic, with all of the politico-economic problems that entails.

The second important point ignored by the media is the institutional shift within the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Of Catholics under 33 years old 54% are “Hispanic.” Of the 172 Active Bishops, 28 are “Hispanic.”[1] They cannot claim any US Cardinals, but you can expect this to change during this Pontificate. When future historians look back on this visit, they will likely identify it as the moment when the “White Ethnic” majority and Irish plurality began to lose their institutional hold and the “Latinos” began their rise. The days when the Catholic Hierarchy provided the pillars of support to the Catholic political leaders of the kind explored in “Fascism: American Style [7]” are already long gone. The days of building anti-White coalitions and contributing to the Racial Replacement politics of the US are already here.

Of course this is not simply the result of Latino leaders taking over the US church hierarchy, it is in fact the systematic result of the policies of the Church and the Vatican’s institutional imperative.

How does the religio-racio-demographic Latinization work? Let’s compare the US to Brazil to find out. Racial demographics in Brazil were not published starting in 1970 out of fear of unrest. But from 1950 to present, the White share of the country has fallen from 62% to the mid-1940s, with quite a few “Whites” who in American terms are “passing.” In Brazil, poorer women in the more African populated northeastern areas and many poor, mixed race women did not have access to birth control until the 1980s, and birth control was not made affordable to them until 2007.[2]

This was due entirely to the influence of the Catholic hierarchy on politics. The now Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI denounced the policy to make birth control affordable during his visit at that time. So the churches right wing makes sure the poor non-White Catholics have more children than they can care for, and the church’s Left wing keeps them in the pews through its social gospel discourse and demands that wealthy responsible White People submit to invasion by their parishioners. Just to reemphasize, the Left and Right wings of the Church are not opposing social forces, they are merely the right hand and left hand of the same dysgenic system.

What would America look like with a Catholic social policy? According to the CDC, there have been 13 million abortions conducted for African American women since Roe v. Wade. There are more black fetuses aborted than are born, and every year about 5% of reproductive age black women have abortions.[3] There are no reliable statistics on how many White women who procure abortions are pregnant with Black babies. Currently about 2% of births issue from Black-White mixed parentage.[4] If we were to conservatively assume that 2% of abortions by White mothers in 1990 were of Black babies that would raise the Black abortions by over 20,000 and increase their total by 4%.

A back of the envelope estimate shows 6 million black children would be of reproductive age had they not been aborted, not including mixed race births. They would almost certainly be raised in poverty. Whether analyzing impoverished communities in developed or undeveloped countries there is a direct trade-off between family size and exiting poverty. So these 6 million adults, with no abortion access and living in poverty, therefore reproducing at the rate of poor Blacks, would have contributed at least 18 million new children to the Creedal Nation by now. That is the equivalent of 40 more Detroits!

When Catholic teachings on sex and reproduction take the lead in policy making, these are the results. It is not a question of Left or Right but the systematic results of the Vatican’s institutional imperative. In 2010, America had 42 million African-Americans, of whom 12 million were in poverty. The 200 million White Americans, who were and are hurtling toward minority status were unable to produce the political will that was necessary to reverse that trend with the demographic composition it had at the time. Avoiding minority status is, after all, the primary political project of White Nationalism.

Ask yourself, White Nationalist, how far this project would have proceeded if there were 66 million African-Americans instead of 42 million. What would life be like if every ghetto was more than quadruple the size it is now?

The Brazilification of America would already be complete.

Republicans Threaten Government Shut Down to Defund Planned Parenthood

In an attempt to energize the Christian Conservative base that was patronized by George W. Bush and routed by Barack Obama, Congressional Republicans are threatening another government shutdown in order to prevent any government funds from flowing to Planned Parenthood.

This is coming on the heels of horrific videos that were recently released of mutilated corpses of unborn babies and another featuring a Planned Parenthood executive trying to profit from their body parts. The latter was created by Catholic Anti-Abortion activist David Daleiden, who posed as a biotechnology company executive seeking fetal tissue. The release of these videos coincided with the lead up to Pope Francis’ visit for the World Meeting of Families. The filming took place on July 14th, and the first [8] and second [9] videos were released in a way to lengthen media attention and increase public awareness.

The doctor performing abortions displays a chilling disregard for the gravity of the act. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, who hosted the World Meeting of Families, stated “No one should be shocked by this video . . . this is who Planned Parenthood is and what it does. It’s been part of the organization’s gene code from the start. The logic of its disdain for new life is just working itself out. And it won’t stop until the money and the media adulation are cut off.”[5] The disdain for the White Race shown by Church leadership is just as obvious, as the Pope tells Romans that they “suffer from the sin of pride” if they “refuse to share” their city with African invaders, not to mention advocating policies that would have contributed 40 new Detroits to the US.

It ought to be pointed out that while the Catholic Church is at the forefront of this movement, there is no shortage of Protestant collaborators. Every clear thinking White Nationalist must find themselves in agreement with the New York Times editors in calling it a tragedy that the last abortion clinic [10] in Mississippi (the Blackest state in the union), in its capital Jackson (which is 80% Black) has been facing attempts to shut it down for years. In yet another variation of pathological altruism, well-meaning White Christians and their White governor are hectoring this last clinic in Mississippi. It is ironic that the White citizens of this state which struggled to maintain a White majority for decades after the Civil War is sowing the seeds of its own displacement because of our own racial tendency to universalize values, take a God’s eye view, and with charitable hearts help whose who have a well-established record of harming us.


As the Eugenicist author Marian Van Court [11], a Counter-Currents contributor, has pointed out on Red Ice Radio [12], Pro-Lifers like to get on their high horse and pretend they have the moral high ground. A deeper examination proves them wrong. Numerous studies have already established the causal link between their policies with overpopulation, poverty, and environmental degradation. This article only scratches the surface on why White Nationalists should oppose “pro-life” policies.

Just as cigarette packs in some countries include an obligatory picture of organs ravaged by cancer, every time presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood or Jeb Bush says that “I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues [13]” there ought to be an obligatory video of a welfare office filled with crying nonwhite babies. Even the dullest Cuckservative would be rattled out of his self-congratulatory moral signaling by that image and sound.

I can assure you, that I would not want to “share a beer” with any of the journalists covering this issue for the NY Times who were cited in this article (let alone those from Slate and Gawker or any of the NGOs covering these issues), and I certainly wouldn’t want to eat while chatting with the abortionist from the undercover video, but that “want to share a beer” feeling is only an influence on the good goys who are not doing politics but to whom politics are done. Perhaps a pundit can get by on this superficial level, but a real political actor involved in practical politics must make alliances with scumbags and people he or she despises to move an agenda forward. There is no exception. You cannot just make political progress with people who say things that make you feel good. If you think that, no matter how old you are, you are not yet politically mature.

Among White Nationalists this issue may be a litmus test, to see who has truly prioritized our goal of re-establishing A Nice White Country [14]. I would never proclaim to another person that they ought to follow one religion or another (though I highly recommend adopting some regular religious practice). I count many Catholics among my comrades in France as well as both Catholics and socially conservative Protestants in the United States. I respect their prerogative to adopt their own ethical standards. These activists are true Revolutionary Nationalists, though, and for them, the divide between their personal code of honor and the public policies they advocate is crystal clear.

I’ll turn again to Marian Van Court, who summed this up [15] better than I can:

Eugenicists must vigorously oppose all so-called “pro-life” candidates, and the utterly outrageous “personhood” amendments. “Pro-life” is a superficially attractive term that conceals a sinister interior, because what it really means is unequal access to contraception and abortion, which invariably causes genetic deterioration. Just as the idea of Communism sounded appealing in the beginning, the reality was untold misery. It is the same with pro-life.


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