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Become Who We Are:
The National Policy Institute’s Fall Conference

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become [1]I wish I could be at “Become Who We Are,” the National Policy Institute’s upcoming conference on Halloween, which features such speakers as Kevin MacDonald, Guillaume Faye, Keith Preston, and Jack Donovan, and the music of Robert Taylor/Changes. 

Really, the only thing that could keep me away is Wagner, and as luck would have it, I have been given a free ticket to see Tannhäuser in New York that very day. But if you don’t have that excuse, then you need to be there.

For more information on the conference, visit the NPI website here [2].

To encourage attendance, Richard Spencer has offered Counter-Currents a free ticket to give away. I will give it to whoever is willing to write a report on the conference for Counter-Currents. Write to me at [email protected] [3]. Of course, I can’t just give it away to the first person who writes in. You’ll have to give me some reason to think that you are willing and able to complete the assignment, such as evidence of past publications.

BecomeWhoWeAre [4]

Yes, I am in favor of rethinking the whole White Nationalist conference model [5]. But NPI’s lineup is excellent, and especially if, while attending, you can put more money into the movement than into the system, then the intangible intellectual and social benefits of such gatherings should be the decisive factor.

Greg Johnson