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The Migratory Invasion, Part 2:
The Suicidal Surrender of Europe

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Translated by Greg Johnson; Spanish translation here [2]

Migration onslaught: the “refugee” is added, like a tidal wave, to the ongoing flood of the past several decades. While the majority of indigenous peoples of Europe don’t want it, the Left and Right, in France and elsewhere in Europe, like most media and religious institutions, as well as the unelected European Commission, accustomed to the excesses of permanent power, are dictatorially forcing populations to “welcome” hundreds of thousands of new immigrants. Without any referendum. It is a “moral duty” which is both a perversion of morality and suicide. It is also an example of contempt for democracy and the irreparable divorce between the people and the pseudo-elites. Prelude to an explosion.

Poor Germany’s Dangerous Game

This is a stupid, mindless, destructive game. The first “refugees” of the new invasive wave (13,000) arrived in Germany on September 6, greeted by banners reading “Welcome to Germany” and thousands of cheering, laughing people. Thousands more are expected in September. 150,000 emergency accommodation places are open. Pitiful scenes of naive humanitarianism in which part of a people rejoice at their own invasion and demise, ultimately destroyed by this mass migration. This kind of high profile image is a strong incentive to new influxes of “refugees.” Germany, with its ultra-low birth rate and considerable migration flows, may experience a change in population, populated at the end of the century by a majority of Muslims who don’t even speak German. This “new country,” now Middle Eastern rather than Germanic, blissfully invaded like its neighbors, will not know peace or prosperity but, ultimately, disorder and decline. This German political stupidity is unfathomable. A self-forgetfulness.

To get the world to forgive and forget Nazism (which continues to obsess the guilt-ridden German collective psyche) and to give the world the image of an exemplary Germany, its heart on its sleeve, the German government wants to be open to all immigration. Thilo Sarrazin caused a scandal by writing Germany Abolishes Itself, the bestseller against immigration and Islamization published in 2010. Forty percent of Germans are opposed to welcoming new immigrants, but they are a minority.

One has the impression that the German soul, which is deep yet incapable of balance, goes from one extreme to another without caring about the golden mean (the Aristotelian mesotes), a romanticism devoid of reason: from ruthless racist brutality to an even more delirious anti-racism. Two parallel stupidities: this is German extremism. This romanticism, interesting in art (once, but not today . . .) is stupid in politics. Germany and politics: absolute incompatibility, as Nietzsche had seen.

As a catharsis (“purification”), to be forgiven past catastrophic excesses (from 1870–1945), the German leaders and some of their people now argue for Europe to impose a total opening of borders to the migratory flood, under the pretext of “morality.”

Pascal Bruckner noted this hypocrisy: “we find in the Germans the usual arguments of immigration advocates: a humanitarian tone, a bit bleating, reinforced with economic calculation which is less so. German bosses explicitly say we need manpower. For them, such an influx is a bargain. Collusion between no borders Leftists and ultra-big business” (Le Figaro, September 4, 2015). German elites are selfish in the short term but suicidal in the long term.

Questions about German Politics

Germany and the Brussels Commission–through Jean-Claude Junker, a creature of Mrs. Merkel–authoritatively set a quota of “refugees” for European countries to host, which is a violation of sovereignty—a violation that, moreover, is not provided for in the treaties: Hungary, Poland, Spain, Britain, the Czech Republic are trying to resist—until when? France under Hollande surrendered.

On September 8, Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor and Economics Minister, did not hesitate to release this enormity, speaking of the “refugees”: “we can certainly handle a figure of the order of half a million each year,” a purely economic calculation in low unemployment countries where population decline leads to a growing shortage of workers. The German economy, therefore, needs a workforce imported cheaply. This combination of pious Christian sentiment and financial calculation, together with a proactive policy of assimilation to German culture, leads to a stupid outcome, profitable in the short term but impractical and suicidal in the medium term. For three reasons: 1) with the endless military chaos of the Middle East and Africa (all related to Islam), the masses of “refugees” will not stop growing, exploding all the “quotas.” 2) The German policy of assimilation of increasingly alien populations, 80% Muslim and prolific, will inevitably fail and lead to the importation of chaos; and the de-Germanization of the country. 3) Rather than revive its birthrate (as Putin’s Russia is attempting) or refusing all immigration and gambling on robotics (like Japan, which has an ethnic and national consciousness), a delirious Germany chose the worst solution; which, paradoxically, will ruin economic prosperity by creating ethnic chaos. Once again, and for different reasons, from the late nineteenth century, German politics is harmful to Europe. Equally, if not more, than American politics. And France?

French Naiveté and Dereliction

And France, which renounces its sovereignty, forgetting all “Gaullist” principles which are evoked with a ridiculous hypocrisy, follows, especially the Socialist government, the orders from Brussels, Berlin, and Washington. François Hollande, the weathercock, who in May 2015 advocated admitting only genuine refugees, refusing mandatory quotas for each European country, has just caved in to the injunctions of Chancellor Merkel and accepted these quotas. As a result, 24,000 “refugees” attributed to France (of 160,000 to be distributed) will come in September, in addition to the 6,800 allowed to come in July, in a country with five million unemployed in real numbers and a national debt equal to 100% of GDP. According to Yves Thréard (Le Figaro, September 8, 2015), there is a “ratchet”: “Refugees, how many will they be tomorrow? No doubt millions fleeing Islamist terror. The future will show, this demonstration of generosity will prove an irreversible mistake. How many so-called economic migrants will continue to step into the breach? How to repatriate those who are not eligible for asylum?” Indeed, 350,000 “refugees” have already entered Europe in January, a figure that will triple in December! And 4,000,000 are waiting in camps in the Middle East.

And these new migrants are Muslims, while 62% of French people believe that there are already too many Muslims in France and that Islam is dangerous. According to the Court of Auditors, only 1% of rejected asylum seekers leave the territory. To successfully enter is to stay.

The Socialist Party, whose ideology manufactures both mass unemployment and mass immigration, proposed in the “Inclusive Cities Network” that each municipality receives a quota of “migrant refugees” (and therefore illegal) at taxpayer expense. The Center-Right Republicans (the former Union for a Popular Movement) has the exact same ideological position: the “I welcome” initiative launched by the Republican mayor of Saint-Étienne seeks to force even small municipalities to receive their quota of illegal migrant “refugees.” The Interior Minister, Mr. Cazeneuve, agrees and will coordinate this Right-Left immigrationist initiative. Accept and organize the invasion in the name of charity.

The words of Alain Denis, the president of rural mayors of Maine-et-Loire, full of popular common sense, horrified the Parisian political and media oligarchy: “We must be consistent: if today 10,000 refugees are hosted, tomorrow 100,000 will arrive, and one million the day after tomorrow! The emergency measure is to fight against the crazy war and global warming, so that people can stay at home! Our policies only shift the problems. When we have paved over France for subdivisions, and there is no more farmland, how will we eat? And when chaos destroys our country, who will host the French?”

Only the National Front represents the views of the majority of the French. At the National Front Summer University in Marseille, on September 6, Marine Le Pen dared to state the obvious: “Immigration is not an opportunity, it is a burden,” without going as far as to say it is a disaster. “Our country has neither the means nor the inclination nor the energy to be more generous with the poor of the world.” She rightly denounced the “heavy responsibility of Germany,” which is committed to welcoming 800,000 immigrants, which will be a huge pull factor for future invasive waves. (It would seem also that Marine Le Pen, under pressure from the urgency of the migration crisis and to ease her serious conflict with her father, has returned to the fundamentals of the National Front.)

MaMaison [3]

Nicolas Sarkozy, the fake tough guy, the calculating politician, commented in demagogic and superficial terms about Marine Le Pen’s “inhumanity” and “lack of compassion”: “I was ashamed of Ms. Le Pen, of her brutality! What and absence of all feeling! We really did not feel like part of the Le Pen family! We are human beings, we have Christian roots. Who has not been shocked by these images?”

Ending Humanitarianism and Emotional Blackmail

What pictures? One more reason why we are no longer capable of politics is iconophilia or the cult of emotional media images. These gimmicks of global media manipulation, marketing and commercial in nature, showing a Syrian Kurdish child drowned on a Turkish beach. The perverse subliminal message: we are the culprits! A cast, two year campaign of disgusting emotional guilt-mongering—photos, reports ad nauseam—about people drowned in the Mediterranean or “refugees” found dead in trucks or elsewhere. All multiplied by Internet social networks. This moral blackmail deters the Europeans from defending against the invasion; it is true mental manipulation, soft brainwashing.

In the name of misunderstood Christian charity, the Catholic Church preaches and calls us to welcome all migrants, just like the pseudo-environmentalist but actually Trotskyist Green Party (EELV, Europe Écologie—Les Verts). Pope Francis, in line with his guilt-mongering about Lampedusa, demands that we open all borders. And he demanded every parish in Europe accommodate “refugees” (without giving Eastern Christians priority) everyone, without distinction. Pure madness, in the tradition of Franciscan and Jesuit “Christian charity” that loses reason and forgets the Aristotelian and Thomist foundations of common sense. They ignored or never heard the solemn warning to Europeans of the bishops of Syria and Iraq whose followers are persecuted: what happens to us, they say, will happen to you if you continue through misguided charity to let settle hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Muslims, in your homes. This sense is not heard by the insane.

Of course, the immigrationist “elites” refuse to receive the “refugees” in their homes: it is the “people” in the villages and small towns who must perform this duty. The Republicans try to combine the reception of “genuine refugees” with the rejection of economic illegals. Not credible: when they were in power, they allowed profligate immigration, like the Left. Words, words.

Victor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, has shocked the European political and media oligarchy by erecting a barbed wire wall between his country and Serbia and declaring: “Today we are talking about hundreds of thousands, next year we will discuss millions and, in a stroke, we will find ourselves in the minority on our own continent. “

The antidemocratic Fabius denounced the “scandalous” attitude of Hungary, which is trying to defend itself. Australia and Israel are the same, much stronger, but the great moralist Fabius does not condemn them. Diplomacy? The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland are aligned with Hungary to oppose the migratory invasion. The Slovak Prime Minister (on the Left), Robert Fico, has scandalized the frightened virgins of the European Union stating, in total agreement with public opinion: “I do not want to see my country wake up one morning with 100,000 people from the Arab world.” 

Liars and Frauds

For now, it is more than 30,000 “refugees” that France must immediately allow in (feed, maintain, pay, house) by October if the quotas imposed by Brussels and Germany are endorsed. In addition to all the others. France? And why not the wealthy Gulf countries, that would welcome them—except Christians, obviously?

Intellectuals and the inevitable “artists” or pseudo-artists, a well-protected population, are not Leftists out of false generosity. As always, whether in France or the USA, the immigrationist and bourgeois Leftist world of show business has commercial reasons to play the tearful humanitarian card.

Fifty court “artists,” including Line Renaud, Daft Punk, Dany Boon, Nicolas Canteloup, etc. signed a bogus appeal entitled “A Helping Hand” to require Europe to “assume the duty of asylum today.” They obey the dominant ideology that maintains them. None of these hypocrites and overpaid entertainers would agree to host home any “refugees.” Their generosity is a simulacrum that has its limits.

Mr. Raffarin, the representative of “the humanist wing” of the Republicans favors a policy of quotas for refugees and believes that “fear” of the people (a derogatory term used by a protected and fattened grand bourgeois) facing the massive influx of immigrants “is that immigration policy is not controlled.” Who was he mocking? It was the Prime Minister at the helm of the state. Like he controlled it? The same message from the schoolmarm politicians Sarkozy and Juppé. Sarkozy, however, launched a delirious and totally unworkable proposition: he proposed creating “holding centers in North Africa” ​​for illegal migrants from Africa. One is amazed at this level of idiocy and unrealism. It is Sarkozy who is partly the cause of the chaos due to his intervention in Libya . . .

For now, they are tranquil in their beautiful neighborhoods–the politicians, journalists, and “artists” in favor of mass immigration at the expense of the people. While the flood does not come to their homes. But be patient. It will come. And then, with their usual cowardice, they will turn their coats But it will be too late.

Dump the Guilty Conscience

Neither France nor Europe have no “asylum duty,” with all due respect to the political and media oligarchy and the cold sermons of Catholic prelates. Enough simpering and fake tears. Why are millions of true and false refugees worldwide pouring into Europe? A universal duty to welcome them, based on what right? Because we have to pay for the “crimes” of colonialism? One has the impression that Europe is obliged to become the dumping ground of the world. The oligarchy blames the people; the tearful media propaganda and obligation of unlimited hospitality really mean: forced invasion and colonization.

We do not have to feel guilty for those who drown in the Mediterranean who we bring over rather than push back. No, we do not have to let ourselves be impressed by the crocodile tears of TV presenters and politicians. And the other countries of the world, what do they do?

We must not be paralyzed by pity for the others, but, like any other nation in the world, be concerned about our own survival. Each in his home, each responsible. We do not need to conform to the orders of a self-contradictory Germany manipulating European institutions while forgetting what it is to be truly “European” in one’s soul, and which is engaged in a suicidal selfishness to buy a good conscience and moral virginity.

Are the Indians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Arab monarchies welcoming “refugees”? The United States, in four years, has received only 1,500 Syrian refugees! Yet it is largely because of their destabilizing military interventions in the Middle East, with their British auxiliaries, that we are in this mess. It is for Europeans to pay their piper.

The next and final article in this series, to be published shortly, will be called: “For a Strong Medicine.”