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Being “Nice” Will Not Save Us

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I try not to follow news of black crime in America, because there is too damn much of it, it is depressingly stupid and savage, and I made my mind up about blacks long ago. But on August 26, I could not tune out the live on-air murder of two white journalists in Roanoke, Virgina — reporter Alison Parker (24) and cameraman Adam Ward (27) — by a paranoid, hateful black man named Vester Lee Flanagan II (41), professionally known as Bryce Williams, a failed news reporter who showed clear signs of personality disorders and had a history of filing bogus complaints for racism and sexual harassment (he was homosexual).

Alison_Parker_and_Adam_Ward [3]

Alison Parker and Adam Ward

Flanagan’s crime was meticulously premeditated. He filmed the murders and uploaded the video to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. No, I did not watch it. The screen capture above was horrifying enough, prompting me to make another fledgling foray into the meme wars, by adapting Harold Covington’s mantra [4]: “If white people had a country of our own, this would not be happening.”

Two hours after the crime, Flanagan faxed ABC News a 23-page suicide note and manifesto explaining his actions. ABC has quoted from the document, but at this writing it has not been released to the public. Flanagan also called ABC and confessed.

Police used Flanagan’s cell phone signal to locate him. After a brief chase, Flanagan’s car went off the road, and he committed suicide. Police found several license plates and disguises in the car, further evidence of planning.

By all accounts, Alison Parker and Adam Ward were nice, liberal, anti-racist white people. And Vester Flanagan, far from being a victim of racism and homophobia, was actually a privileged beneficiary of affirmative action and the willingness of whites to repeatedly give him jobs and the benefit of the doubt. So why did he decide that his former colleagues were racist crackers deserving of death?

Vester Lee Flanagan [5]

Vester Lee Flanagan

To say that Flanagan was “crazy” is an evasion. He clearly had some sort of personality disorder. But what stoked his paranoia and resentment into a murderous rage is the false ideology of political correctness about race. Political correctness is just a form of lying and injustice. The basic lie is that blacks are equal to whites in every way, such that one would expect that both races would be equally represented among society’s winners and losers.

When this lie conflicts with reality, the politically correct lie again to exculpate blacks from responsibility and blame all their failures on whites. Black underrepresentation in the professions and overrepresentation in prisons are attributed to white malevolence, i.e., “racism.” And since overt white racism is in short supply, blacks are encouraged to use magnifying glasses and tweezers to find “microagressions” to complain about.

For instance, Vester Flanagan believed that his coworkers were racist for eating watermelon at work. Other racist provocations were phrases like “swing by” a location, which perhaps connoted apes swinging from trees, and getting “out in the field,” which apparently triggered ancestral memories of picking cotton. Alison Parker was even accused of racism for having a friend who lived on Cotton Hill Road in Roanoke.

The lesson here is that, try as we might, white people are never going to be able to placate blacks by being “nice.” On average, blacks are inferior to whites in intelligence, impulse control, planning for the future, and a host of other traits relevant to success in white civilization. Thus they are always going to be underrepresented among winners and overrepresented among losers. I won’t say “even if they were treated fairly,” because in truth blacks are given a whole host of unfair privileges, and for all that, they are still the sorriest race in America.

The only real solution is what White Nationalism stands for: truth about racial differences, justice in assigning rewards and responsibility, and a nice white country, for if white people had a country of our own, this would not have happened. The North American New Right advocates nationalism for all nations, i.e., the creation of racially and ethnically homogeneous homelands for all peoples. If you support that idea, then support the people who are advancing it with a donation today.

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