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The American Flag Is Not A Phallic Symbol

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Wake up Americucks, Your Country Hates You

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Who waves the flag in America?

Everyone waves them at political rallies, but transblack lesbian Democrats don’t put flags in their front yards. They don’t wear “these colors don’t run” t-shirts and they don’t fly mini-flags on the antennae of their trucks.

The guys, and they are mostly guys, who adopt the flag as part of their identities are white men who are often also veterans, gun enthusiasts and first responders. Veterans and first responders who fly the flag may not always be white and you can try to convince yourself that it’s not a race thing, but everyone else sees it as a race thing, because the vast majority of people engaged in some sort of flag worship are white.

White guys make up most of my readership, and many are vets, gun enthusiasts and first responders. I see their Facebook feeds and I follow the same stuff they follow on Instagram.

Occasionally, the flag is used in reverence for fallen comrades. Fair enough. That’s far too gooey a subject to take apart here.

But more than that, the flag is used as a symbol of defiant collective identity. My question is whether it is the right symbol for that identity.

If you’re sporting a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag or a Betsy Ross flag, I’m picking up what you’re laying down. You’re making a political statement, showing sympathy for revolutionaries and the ideals of the Founding Fathers. You’re making it clear that you understand that their America is not this America, and you’d prefer some updated version of their America.

However, the flag with fifty stars and thirteen stripes is the symbol of the current government of the United States of America.


It’s not a phallic symbol. It doesn’t mean “I’m a badass,” or “I like blonde women in bikinis with big tits.” It doesn’t mean, “I’m gonna kill this CrossFit WOD.” It doesn’t mean “traditional values,” or “I like country music” or “guns are awesome.”

It definitely does not mean, “white guys rule.”

The flag of the United States of America is the symbol of Barack Obama’s government, and soon it will probably be the symbol of Hillary Clinton’s government. Or maybe there will be just one more old white guy. Like Joe Biden or Jeb Bush. It really doesn’t matter. Those people are just figureheads.

The elites who actually run America — whatever party they support on a given day — have long made it clear that the America they want is exactly the opposite of what flag-waving white guys want. Billionaires from Bill Gates to Michael Bloomberg have agreed that the Second Amendment rights you associate with the flag will be severely curtailed. The only thing stopping them is a bunch of crusty white baby boomers who haven’t died yet. As the population shifts between now and 2044, when whites are scheduled to become a minority, anti-gun forces will only gain power and influence.

The United States isn’t governed from the heartland. It’s governed from the cities. Oregon and Washington, for instance, are both basically red states if you pull out Portland and Seattle. The people in the cities have all of the power and set all of the agendas, but it’s the people in the country who keep waving the flag around. There’s some major cognitive dissonance there, some kind of Stockholm syndrome where people who have no power cheer and wave the flag of the people who use power against them.

The United States Government doesn’t care about freedom. It’s the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the TSA. Every year it makes more laws and its citizens have fewer meaningful rights. For the United States Government, the Bill of Rights is an obstacle to work around. Civil rights are an inconvenience, unless they expand protections for women or gays or blacks or the transgendered. The civil rights of white guys are not a priority. You know that.

And speaking of freedom, isn’t the current flag basically the flag of the same government that has already proved it will go to war with any state that wants to secede? If freedom means anything, it is self-determination, and if you can’t leave, you ain’t free.

The United States Government doesn’t care about its borders, and it is eager to replace the flag-waving white guys with desperate brown guys from anywhere. Politicians go through the motions of opposing immigration or the outsourcing of American jobs, but they always fold to other interests and barely slow the processes already underway.

The United States Government wants women in the military at every possible level. It believes in hiring quotas, mandatory diversity powerpoint presentations and draconian penalties for anything deemed “sexual harassment.” It is definitely not about blondes in bikinis with big tits.

And veterans, you know as well as I do that the United States Government thinks you’re a terrorist threat. It’s not on your side. If your experience has been anything like the experience of any recent vet I’ve ever talked to, you know that the United States Government will cheat you, fuck you over and throw you under the bus if it can get away with it.

So what’s up, white guys? What’s with all of the flag-waving? Don’t you get it? “Your country” HATES you and everything you stand for. Your country is not a country of white guys like you, it is a country full of blacks and Mexicans who think you’re a racist piece of shit. It’s full of white women who don’t respect you and read Huffington post every day and think your ideas about masculinity and family and guns are “outdated.”

The flag does not mean what you think it means. It means, in many cases, exactly the opposite.

Maybe it’s time to find a new symbol for “FREEDOM, FIREPOWER AND FUCK YEAH!!!!”

Source: http://www.jack-donovan.com/axis/2015/09/the-american-flag-is-not-a-phallic-symbol/ [3]