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Les Brigandes:
French Nationalist Pop

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Marianne Radio Brigandes 1 - Juillet 2015 - YouTube (02) [1]A revolutionary movement seeking to destroy the current system and replace it with something better must contain within it both destructive and creative forces. In “How Traditional Catholics are Taking Back the Visual Culture of France [2],” I featured a vital, masculine cadre which destroyed the Piss Christ and the Christmas Buttplug. Shortly after this was posted, the opposite side of that coin manifested itself in an all-female group of Nationalists, Traditionalist Catholics musicians, Les Brigandes.

Les Brigandes specialize in catchy pop tunes, kitschy choreography, and lyrics that even Marshall Pétain would approve of. These young women are just as strident as their male counterparts in their critique of the Anglo-American-Zionist hegemony over the culture and politics of Europe, they mock the post-war myths of the good guys winning, and they reject the anti-Catholic foundations of the Republic. At the same time, they manage to always keep their sense of humor intact. There is no taint of puritanism that occasionally seeps into SSPX parishes in the US. From one video to the next they have steadily raised their production values and choreography.

Traditionalist families produce talented and beautiful children ready to defend their ideas and attack the system. There are over a dozen activists involved in this project including musicians, producers, editors, and actors. At least two of them have been evidently pregnant over the course of the group’s six months of activity. Below I will highlight a selection of their work. There are many talented Americans who are sitting on the sidelines. I hope Les Brigandes will inspire you (in particular female readers) to don the bandit’s mask and start producing original counter-cultural works that will, in turn, inspire a generation to expel the parasitic elite from all countries where Our People have been and will again be sovereign.

Their first song, “Anti-Fascist,” is a full on attack on those most traitorous Whites, unmasking their predictable lies and unbearable cowardice. These ladies do not shy away from the fact that cultural “enrichment” brought by Blacks and Arabs means the ever-present threat of rape.

Les Brigandes took a huge step forward in terms of both choreography and set production with their Broadway-style song “The Jacobin Lodge.” It is a light-hearted criticism of the Masonic fraternity and its role in France since the Revolution. As Traditionalist Catholics, it is not simply what the Masons do but what they are which is objectionable to them, as made clear in the song.

Unfortunately, my favorite song has not been translated into English, “Bing! Bang! Bong! [3],” which is about how they want to beat up each of the leaders of the Socialist and Center Right Party who will likely run in the next Presidential election. The other standout when it comes to choreography is their disco-inspired criticism of Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order, “Le Rat Jèze [4],” but you would need a highly detailed familiarity with the Jesuits to understand all of their historical references.

Twenty-five years after the release of “The Velvet Underground & Nico,” Brian Eno famously commented on that influential commercial flop: “everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band.” In the years ahead, when we are storming the heights of power, I hope someone will say the same about Les Brigandes.