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The Best Nationalist Pamphlet Ever:
26 Concrete Legal Measures for Remigration

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The Identitarians are leading the intellectual work to prepare a moral and legal framework to begin Remigration. This brochure is by far the best political pamphlet I have ever seen. It lives up to the great pamphlets of the past in that it makes the revolution seem possible. I hope that readers in other countries can borrow and adapt some of the points to their own countries and convince their countrymen that “these measures are at once possible and necessary.”

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26 Measures for a Policy on Identity and Remigration


Tomorrow Remigration!


  1. The end of birthright citizenship
  2. The end of chain migration
  3. The automatic expulsion of all foreigners who have committed a crime on our soil and a ban on their return
  4. Put in place agreements with the countries of origin so that naturalized foreigners who have committed crimes here will finish their sentences there
  5. Retroactive removal of French Citizenship for naturalized foreigners who have committed a crime or misdemeanor in the last 10 years
  6. Automatic removal of French Citizenship of dual citizens who have committed a crime or misdemeanor
  7. Put in place an Aid Fund for Return associated with the launching a public relations campaign encouraging immigrants to go home
  8. Create a High Commission for Remigration
  9. Freeze naturalizations for countries outside the EU for 10 years, with the exception of Military visas (Foreign Legion)
  10. Put in place agreements with countries on the south coast of the Mediterranean that stipulates economic and military aid on controlling their emigration zones.
  11. Put in place a real protection of the EU’s borders, or leave the Schengen zone if this fails to materialize.
  12. Limit the social safety net and subsidized housing to French nationals and other European nationals.
  13. Shut down the program of free healthcare for migrants.
  14. Put in place a system of preferences (local, national, and European) for employers seeking employees. The employers must prove that no local, national, or EU citizen was capable of performing the job before offering the position to foreigners.
  15. Refuse the concept of H1B immigration and put in place a true partnership with the countries of origin. The objective is to leave elites in their countries of origin while creating cross-border partnerships, particularly with Universities in their own countries.
  16. Automatic prison sentence for bosses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
  17. Stop the financial support and outlaw organizations who support illegal immigration. Enforce the laws in place against helping illegal immigration and put repeat offenders in prison.
  18. Outlaw propaganda in favor of immigration through media that is supported with public funds: radio and television channels, but also newspapers that benefit from government aid.
  19. Outlaw all public and foreign funding to build mosques. Outlaw minarets.
  20. Outlaw preaching in Arabic.
  21. Outlaw wearing the hijab in public spaces.
  22. Outlaw UOIF [similar to CAIR or ISNA in the US] and all organizations linked to the Islamist international network.
  23. Outlaw ritual slaughter. Create a supplementary tax for all Halal products which are imported. Use a part of that for associations that protect animals and give the rest to the Aid Fund for Return.
  24. Defend our culinary identity and refuse to submit cafeterias in schools and commercial establishments from accepting the food taboos of foreigners.
  25. Fight against urban segregations and racism that hurts the true French in certain neighborhoods.
  26. Create a Minister of Identity and Rootedness


The Socialist government has proposed their “paper on the road to a policy for equality and integration.”

The Bloc Identitaire has decided to respond to this umpteenth provocation by proposing this “sheet on the road to a policy of Identity and Remigration” including 26 measures (covering culture, economy, education and institutional reform) looking forward to ending uncontrolled immigration and replanting immigrants in their country of origin.

Far from the fantasies of “reconciliation” or massive assimilation, we think that the only way to avoid chaos that fatally springs forth from multicultural (and therefore “multiconflictual”) societies is to proceed to remigration, in a peaceful and organized fashion, that is to say the return of a majority of extra-European immigrants from our territory to their countries of origin.

Stop immigration, condemn those who encourage it, stop Islamization, organize remigration with the countries of origin, etc.

The Bloc Identitaire simply proclaims that the French have the same fundamental right as any other people around the world: that is to live in peace, in their homeland, according to their Identity, with other people like themselves. If today, these measures seem “impossible” or “radical” to some, we are persuaded that the time to come will take care of that and make these measure at once possible and necessary.