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The Trump Deportation Plan

"There's the door." [1]

“There’s the door.”

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The most important political issue in America today is immigration, for unless we stop non-white immigration, the United States will cease to exist. People are not equal and interchangeable. The United States was created by whites, and as whites are replaced, the US will become just another dirty, impoverished, chaotic, Spanish-speaking non-white state. But don’t we have enough of those in the Western Hemisphere already?

I emphasize that immigration is a political issue, because unlike so many other problems, it is actually possible to fix it within the current political system. Our rulers, of course, have tried to make open borders, multiculturalism, and amnesty for invaders into an unchallengeable political consensus. The public wants immigration restrictions, but the establishment was simply not going to deliver. The only question the establishment was willing to consider is how, and how fast, America is to be obliterated by non-white immigration.

Then, as a demonstration of the power of individual personalities to change public debates — and thus change history — Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have put halting immigration, starting deportation, and saving America back on the table. The results were predictable: enthusiasm from the public — and a great deal of squirming, wailing, kvetching, and gnashing of teeth from the political establishment.

The establishment is committed to destroying America, and they will say and do anything to bring that about. Thus, in addition to telling us that saving America is simply immoral, they are also telling us that it is not practical. It is just too expensive. Thus the media are reporting claims that deporting 11 million illegal aliens would cost $100 to $200 billion [2]. And since there are probably closer to 22 million illegals here, those costs would have to be doubled.

Here’s how to answer these claims.

  1. Don’t quibble about the numbers or methods or agendas of these studies, because you will lose 99% of your audience immediately. Instead, attack two implicit premises: (1) that this is just “too much money,” and (2) that deportation would have to be carried out by the government to begin with.
  2. Deportation might cost $200 billion. But doing nothing will cost us our country. Isn’t America worth $200 billion to save?
  3. If saving America is not worth $200 billion, then why are we spending three times that amount on national defense in 2015 alone? 
  4. If 20 million foreign soldiers were to cross our borders, and our political class said that it is just too expensive to repulse them — so maybe we should offer them jobs, welfare, amnesty, and citizenship instead — we would conclude that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. Well, illegal immigration is just invasion, colonization, and ethnic cleansing in slow motion. Which means that Americans are only slowly concluding that our leaders are traitors and should be replaced. But once they arrive at that conclusion, the traitors’ days are numbered.
  5. According to one estimate, illegal immigration costs the US government more than $100 billion/year [3]. So even if it cost $200 billion one time to send them all back, the program would pay for itself in 2 years.
  6. The government will admit to 5.5% unemployment, just like they will admit to 11 million illegal aliens. In truth, both numbers are much higher. Deporting 20+ million illegal aliens will fix unemployment in two ways. First, it will open up jobs for unemployed America workers. Second, if it really did cost $200 billion, that money will be spent employing Americans. What’s wrong with that? Liberals and conservatives both wax nostalgic about FDR’s great public works projects in the 1930s. Let’s put Americans back to work.
  7. The idea that America simply can’t save itself is an insult to the American people. If Americans could put a man on the moon, then we can secure our borders. Of course, some of the same people who are pooh-poohing the very possibility of saving America believe that they can bring liberal democracy to the Muslim world. It is time to simply stop listening to these people.
  8. The establishment wants us to believe that immigration is simply a force of nature, and that it only goes one way. Both premises are false. Immigration exists because of political policies, which can be changed. And if it is possible for people to come here, then it is possible for them to leave. Roads lead into Mexico, as well as out of it. People can drive, walk, and swim South, as well as North. Planes fly to Africa and Asia as well as from them.
  9. Not only is it possible for immigrants to leave, it is possible for them to leave the same way that they came. Most immigrants were not brought here by the US government. Therefore, most immigrants do not need to be sent back by the government.
  10. Many immigrants arrive here due to sponsorship by churches and other private organizations. The same infrastructure can be used to help resettle them in their homelands. The people who enjoy generous salaries and social recognition for helping the invaders will have a choice: either join the army of the unemployed (which they helped to create) or keep their jobs by promoting emigration.
  11. Most immigrants arrive here on their own initiative and on their own dime. They come here because they have incentives to do so. They can find better employment and social welfare benefits in the US than in their homelands. Thus all the US government need do is make it impossible for illegal aliens to obtain work and benefits in the US. Once they have incentives to return home, they will deport themselves.
  12. What about family reunification? Simple: deport the whole family. Why does family reunification only work one way? Why not reunify them with their families in Mexico or the Philippines or Ghana?
  13. What about immigrants who have “roots” in America? Usually these “roots” mean nothing more than tapping into the US employment and welfare system, without in any way becoming part of American culture. The roots of Mexicans are in Mexico. If those roots did not matter to them, why should their “roots” here matter to us?
  14. Every people deserves a homeland, where they can live according to their own unique natures and cultures free from outside interference. That applies to white people too. The United States is my homeland. My family has more than 400 years of roots in North America. We built this country. I literally have no other place to go. And yet, I have been forced to watch my homeland being destroyed during my lifetime by greed, stupidity, and malice. It is not selfish of me to want a homeland of my own, since preserving it does not deny a homeland to any other people. The homeland of Mexicans is Mexico. The homeland of Indians is India. If they can keep their homelands, why can’t Americans keep our own?
  15. Of course, halting “illegal” immigration is not enough. The real problem is non-white immigration, legal or illegal. And even stopping immigration altogether is not enough to address the real demographic problem, namely that white Americans are being outbred and demographically swamped by non-whites who are already here. But halting illegal immigration is the first, and most politically doable, step toward saving white America. And when that is accomplished, there is nothing that will stop us from shifting the goalposts further and further toward the ethnostate.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Immigration is only a problem because it is possible to move millions of people around the globe. It is just a matter of will to send them back.