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The Counter-Currents 2015 Summer Fundraiser
White Civilization in the Dumpster

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BooksInDumpster [1]Since our last update [2], on July 27th, the Counter-Currents 2015 Summer Fundraiser lost a bit of momentum. I blame it on the heat and humidity. Your attention and mine were elsewhere. Still, we received a total $642.88, in 16 donations, in amounts ranging from $5 to $200, including a number of new monthly donations, which are a huge help. 

Our total is now $12,339. We are thus $107,992 from our goal of $120,331. I want to thank all our donors, new and old. We would not be here without you.

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Recently, I had an experience that made the ongoing destruction of our race and civilization very concrete and real. The woman who lived next door died a few months ago. Maybe she had no family. Maybe they just didn’t care. But in any case, a large amount of her possessions were left in her house when it was sold to an Asian family, who are in the process of emptying it out.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a stack of books bundled together with twine set out on the curb for the recycling pickup the next morning. The top volume was The Black Book of Communism. I asked a woman on the porch if I could have it, and she said sure. I took the bundle in, and found that it contained a couple of P. J. O’Rourke books. (Was this the home of another childless Right-winger, I wondered?) Next were some Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side books, and at the bottom was a very large, very old hardcover book which turned out to be a Bible — a copy of the Latin Biblia Sacra with Andreas Osiander’s commentaries printed in Nuremberg in 1618.

Judging from the inscriptions inside, this Bible had been in the same family since the 17th century. It had traveled to the New World, perhaps before the United States was even founded. It was passed down from generation to generation, until the family that owned it became extinct — or simply no longer knew or cared about its significance. Then it fell into the hands of recent immigrants to whom it meant absolutely nothing. They weren’t even curious if it had a merely monetary value. (It is worth $400 to $600.) Yes, I know Asia has ancient and very refined civilizations which also appreciate Western high culture. But to paraphrase Jared Taylor, Asia is not exporting connoisseurs of Ming ceramics to run convenience stores and laundromats in Brooklyn.

This is the story of our whole race in a nutshell. More whites are dying than being born, and whites are being replaced by non-whites in our own homelands. And what will happen to our history, our culture, and all our precious stuff when there are no white people around to care about it? Most of it will go in the dumpster.

None of what we do today matters if there is nobody around to carry it forward tomorrow. If your life is spent accumulating things and experiences that nobody would even want to remember or carry on, then I suggest that you are leading a meaningless, shallow, and selfish existence. And if you are doing things of genuine importance but you give no thought to making sure that they will persist and be appreciated by people after you die, then again, your life is empty and vain. So if you hunger for a meaningful life today, work to create a future of our people. That’s why Counter-Currents exists.

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