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From End of an Era: Mad Men & the Ordeal of Civility

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From James J. O’Meara’s new Counter-Currents title End of an Era: Mad Men and the Ordeal of Civility [2] (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2015), now available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback forthcoming.

The whole “idea” that “everyone is corrupt,” “everyone is for sale,” etc. is pure Frankfurt School drivel—authentic Judaic gibberish, to adapt Mel Brook’s Judaic sneer at the wisdom of our pioneer forefathers[1]—in which the Judaic impudently imputes his own failing and obsessions onto the goy, and then contemns him for them.

The sexually obsessed Freud screams, “It’s all about sex,” the money obsessed Marx counters, “It’s all about money,” and the Frankfurters had the genius of combining both, through the efforts of the “dean” of the ’60s—and well-paid CIA asset—Herbert Marcuse.[2]

Thus, confronted with the “ordeal of civility,”[3] the dirty little Ostjude turns the tables. Sure, he may pick his nose at the dinner table, but you, you stuffy WASP, secretly want to as well, and your fancy “culture” is just your dishonest “sublimation” of that desire.

Listen to how the well-indoctrinated Midwestern White boys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 mock the very idea of dinner table civility; you may think it’s “polite” or “civilized” but they know it’s really a “seething caldron of angst.”[4]

What I am suggesting here, as in my earlier piece on “The Fraud of Miss Jean Brodie”[5]—where we have the related phenomenon of a Leftist imagining a “fascist” sympathizer—is that the Jew, when “exposing” the WASP is really exposing himself (and keep your smutty Judaic giggling to yourself!). He has nothing to build his indictment on but himself, his own twisted view of the world and human nature, which he first impudently imputes to the WASP, then turns the tables by using the WASP’s idea of fairness to convict the WASP, himself, of incivility!

We’ve see this, for example, in the Hollywood Nazi, believing himself to belong to a Master Race destined to “rule the world” and frothing with irrational genocidal hatred of all other races which must be exterminated; this caricature clearly corresponds to no known National Socialist of any significance, but is clearly the projection of the Hollywood Judaic, based on his delusional and genocidal ethnocentricity. To find the Frothing Nazi one must look at any random comment on foreign affairs by any “mainstream” Israeli or Christian Zionist politician; who, of course, are constantly warning us of the latest “New Hitler” over there.

Here too, the Judaics have jumped the shark; with Inglourious Basterds, audiences were sickened by the display of gleeful Jewish sadism, while responding to the “evil” Nazis as quite decent chaps.[6]

“You want the scent? Smell yourself.”
—Hannibal Lechter, Manhunter

And to explain “how could the Germans do this” we have the too-famous “Milgram Experiment” which everyone “knows” proves we (viz., White folks) are all just itching to bow down to authority figures and start torturing innocent prisoners. As one critic writes of this absurd imposture:

As if ordinary people were going to kill other people for 50 bucks. It’s pure nonsense.

They explain this behavior by saying people obey the authority. This is why they would obey the scientist of the experiment. Complete bullshit. Those people were not in the twilight zone. They were in the USA in the ’60s. . . .

Those people would have immediately thought that they were committing a very grave crime and that it would not have been the authority of the scientist which would have protected them from being put in jail for murder. Which can lead you to the death penalty or, at best, being put in jail for the rest of your life. So, they would have very quickly ended this experiment. . . . And trying to make us believe that someone would think “ok, you are a scientist. I respect your authority. Let’s kill this guy” is ridiculous.

Needless to point out, Milgram was a Judaic, and explicitly conducted his “experiment” to “prove” the equally outlandish idea that the most educated, most civilized White people in the world would turn themselves over to demonic madmen and carry out “the worst crime in history.”™ As the critic concludes:

In fact, the real subject of this experiment is the goy who believe[s] this canard. By believing this ridiculous story because people with pompous titles at the television tells it’s true he is the one who obey[s] blindly the authority as the experiment concludes.[7]

As for “it was the ’60s,” well, that’s the whole point. The evil days before Judaics took things in hand. Once more, the same trope: a false story of the evil repressive White past is used to screw down the real, present (and future) Judaic domination. Freedom is indeed slavery.

And speaking of slavery, consider one final example, not a big movie about WWII but a half-assed TV movie about the Civil War: CSA: The Confederate States of America (produced by Spike Lee, but with the usual Judaic financing and producing “talent”). This shark-jumping farrago of nonsense is of course supposed to an “alternative” history anyway—what if the South won Gettysburg and then the war itself?—but the events dreamed up—the South takes over the North, and not just reinstates slavery there but requires slave ownership (how’s that supposed to be financed? Sounds kind of like Obamacare), then heads off to conquer Central America, etc.—presupposes a level of ignorance about the motives of the South and, indeed, the mental state of the whole country, that is truly breath-taking, leaving one with the same question one had after one of George W. Bush’s speeches: is he stupid, or does he think I am?

But then what is one to expect from a people who, as Norman Podhoretz famously stated, regard the Civil War as an event as “remote and as irrelevant as the War of the Roses?”[8]

Once again, Judaics draw on their own psyches (for indeed, was it not the North that was the expansionist, totalitarian power, both internally and, once that was sewed up, going abroad to Latin America) to produce a distorted history, and Whites are ignorant enough to lap it up.[9]

As Francis Parker Yockey said about an earlier Judaic type, the Beatnik: “He believes in nothing and respects nothing because there is nothing within his range of vision worthy of respect or inspiring belief.” Or as Schopenhauer said, “No man can see over his own head.”[10]

And thus is our “modern world” produced: in which the past is denigrated and demonized as a cauldron of racism, sexism, slavery, oppression, mind control, etc.[11] while the supposedly “enlightened” present “presents” exactly those characteristics, and the public, continually “taught” how unhappy people must have been “back then,” is increasingly unhappy and puzzled as to how that can be, and what can be done about it, since “going back” isn’t an option.

A world in which hipsters watch movies like CSA on iPhones built by Chinese slaves.

The model, and goal, is the Israelization of the world, in which a land of state religion, heavily armed citizens, constant warfare, vast open air concentration camps, and women forced off sidewalks and spat on, is presented on billboards in New York subways as a “civilization” to be protected against “the barbarians.”[12]

Where is the true home of “racism, sexism, militarism and homophobia,” America in the ’50s or Israel today?[13]

A false image of the WASP past, constructed from scraps and rags provided by the Judaic spirit itself, has been set up as a Gorgon to bar the way back, while in the present the true Judaic spirit disports itself unchallenged; the only thing worse than being called a “conservative” or “reactionary” is being called an “anti-Semite.”

This is the world constructed in Mad Man, where WASPS are conniving evildoers slowly being overcome by the forces of Good, in the form of Bob Dylan and a slow influx of Jewish copywriters.


1. A sample: http://youtu.be/ke5Mr5eCF2U [3]. Of course, Mel would say it’s “all a joke” if any White person objected, or to description of “the people of the land . . . you know, morons” (am ha’aretz or ‘the people of the Land’ is an old Talmudic insult). But like all Judaic “jokes,” it’s slow-acting cultural poison, rattling around in the heads of “these lovely children here today.” According to the oh-so-unbiased Urban Dictionary, frontier gibberish is “currently used by members of the Tea Party in decrying the state of affairs in our nation. Characterized by longing for a return to the gold standard, Anglo-Saxon cultural supremacy, and the return of Johnny Carson to late-night television,” while a commenter at YouTube adds “Sarah Palin’s main stream media fantastic rant.”

2. To paraphrase an Italian Rightist, he’s the Left’s Evola—only an idiot.

3. See the invaluable The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss, and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity by John Murray Cuddihy (New York: Basic Books, 1974). Reviewed by a White Nationalist (http://library.flawlesslogic.com/yid.htm [4]) under the wonderful title “Our Apoplectic Invaders Considered”: “Freud described as ‘sick’ Gentile behavior that was, to us, healthy and necessary. But it was not out of mere misunderstanding that Freud came to his conclusions. Animosity toward Gentiles played no small part. . . . When Jews sneer that Gentiles are embarrassed by sex and need to be ‘unmasked,’ Cuddihy points out that what they’re trying to do is strip all humanity to base commonalities in an effort to make their crude, uncivilized selves feel more acceptable, all the while rudely ignoring the evolved and genuine social need for Gentile conventions. The Gentile is left shamed and confused, convinced that he must “let it all hang out” if he is to achieve mental health. Freud is revealed as a clever Jew pleased with himself for having pulled the Gentile’s pants down to point out to the assembled crowd that, like other mammals, this one’s got genitalia. Cuddihy coolly returns the favor.”

4. Parody of the short film A Date with Your Family, in which this ’50s attempt to teach manners to the rising generation of juvies and immigrants like Da Fonze is now ridiculed by the MST3K with all the tropes of the Frankfurt School: Mother wants a career, Father’s moving to Fire Island, brother is toking pot, sister is both pregnant and “dating a Negro.” A similar “ordeal of civility” dynamic simmered beneath the Seinfeld scenes where George—supposedly Italian but for our purposes a Marrano—dined with fiancée Susan’s parents (including a father who had a secret affair with John Cheever).

5. https://counter-currents.com/2011/04/the-fraud-of-miss-jean-brodie/ [5]

6. Trevor Lynch calls it “probably the most anti-Semitic movie ever released by Hollywood” in his Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies, ed. Greg Johnson (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2012).

7. See others by one “voerioc” at biglies.org.

8. Philip Weiss, “Vidal stuck by dual loyalty charge against Podhoretzes to the end,” http://mondoweiss.net/2012/10/vidal-stuck-by-dual-loyalty-charge-against-podhoretzes-to-the-end [6]. Weiss adds this interesting observation about another culture-distorter: “I had this out with my old friend Norman Lear, who said ‘you can’t say “assimilated.”’ I said, ‘Come on, you started People for the American Way. Well, which are you? If you’re not going to be an ‘assimilated’ American, then what are you? Are you an Israeli who happens to be living here?’” Lear of course perpetrated the Archie Bunker caricature of White, working class Americans, despite an ignorance that led him to suggest, in the show’s opening song, that they thought “we need a man like Herbert Hoover again”; White Americans then rewarded him with a ratings blockbuster that’s still eulogized 50 years later; see Kevin MacDonald’s “Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ Resurfaces,” http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/11/norman-lears-all-in-the-family-resurfaces/ [7], which also notes (without using the term) how the show eventually “jumped the shark” as Archie was relentless and implausibly “Judaized,” from adopting a Jewish girl to attending Seders to organizing a neighborhood group to protect synagogues!

9. You can enjoy some of the push-back from historically-informed and racially-conscious White Americans here: http://www.chimpout.com/forum/showthread.php?28634-nominate-the-most-anti-white-films-of-all-time-here/page2 and http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t509258-2/ [8].

10. Francis Parker Yockey, “The World in Flames,” 1961.

11. See, for example, Alex Kurtagic’s discussion of the movie Pleasantville in “Those Awful 1950s,” http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/09/those-awful-1950s/ [9].

12. “A pro-Israeli poster comparing Muslims to barbarians will soon be displayed in New York City’s subway stations following a US court order allowing such hate ads to be posted in public. The inflammatory billboard advertisement, which reads, ‘In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, defeat Jihad,’ has presumably been financed by radical conservative blog writer Pamela Geller and is to be installed at 10 different metro stops.” “Anti-Islam posters to appear in NY subway stations,” http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f25_1348316039 [10].

13. In Chapter Two of The Homo and the Negro, “Homosexuality, ‘Traditionalism,’ & Really-Existing Tradition,” I’ve discussed how homophobia in the Arab world is itself a creation of Western “modernity” which in turn is offered as the false “solution”; here again a fake past is constructed and then a fake solution offered. More generally, we see an even closer analogue in the cynically named “Arab Spring” in which peaceful, albeit authoritarian Arab states are designated as “failed states that support terrorism” in order to be torn apart by the USA and Israel and replaced by “free and democratic” states of unparalleled barbarism and violence.