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The Legacy

Zurbaran [1]130 words

“The hereditary make-up of a people can’t be destroyed by external experiences. In the long run, it will prevail.”
— Rudolf Hess, letter

We shall prevail ultimately. No dread
Future will blight our kind. We’ll rise instead
As we’ve always risen, as we always
Will no matter how long or rough the days
We spend between now and then. We have bled
But we have not broken, we have not shed 
Our honor, have not lost our soul. We’re bred
From Einarhjar—we still grasp the folkways.
We shall prevail
Because of this, because we look ahead
Without losing the glorious past spread
Out behind us. Under the shining rays
Of the true Black Sun, Destiny obeys
Us; we must not doubt. Because as Hess said:
We shall prevail.