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Dennis Fetcho Interviews Greg Johnson (2012), Part 3

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Part 3 of 3

Editor’s Note:

This is the transcript by V.S. of my interview on Dennis Fetcho’s Inside the Eye back when he was on the Oracle Broadcasting Network. I removed transitions into and out of breaks, as well as chit chat on such topics as the weather. I want to thank Dennis for having me on and V.S. for his transcription.    

Dennis Fetcho: Greg, we’ve talked about there’s not really a whole lot of people in the White Nationalist movement, but when we look at “white power,” it’s still quite substantial. Presbyterians, we know the Presbyterians are very strong, the Methodists are strong in those subcultures of white culture.

Greg Johnson: Well, yeah.

DF: And whites aren’t going to go away any time soon, but I would tend to agree with the line that with the way with the Jewish political structures and their culture and society taking over America that this is perhaps one of the biggest capitulations we have seen on the historical scale.

Do you have any thoughts about that?

GJ: Oh yeah, I think it’s extraordinary. Whites basically behave like a conquered people, and a conquered people has to give up whatever they have whenever somebody demands that they do it. We are giving up, but we don’t seem to know it. We are constantly preached at that we have these terrible white privileges that we should feel guilty for, and yet the reality of the situation is that whites live in fear.

DF: The reality is, Greg, I don’t feel any white privilege, and I’m sure you don’t feel too much either. And I’m sure most of the listening audience don’t feel that way either. We don’t feel this white privilege, but people keep telling us we have it. It’s like, you know, I’m not so sure of that, guys.

GJ: Right, right. We have the privilege of backing down, saying, “Yes, sir,” “No, sir,” and packing up every ten years and moving one subdivision down the highway to get away from diversity, but we always do that in search of “better schools” and other euphemisms. We’re desperately seeking a safe, comfortable, homogeneous white community for our children so we can sleep at night without the sound of gunshots and sirens and loud music and so forth, but we dare not say what we really want. We are the race that dare not speak its name. We can’t talk about our standards, our interests, our future or anything like that without an apology. We can always apologize for who we are but we can never be proud of who we are.

Well, those are the traits of a conquered race, and if you look even 100 years ago, whites basically controlled the globe. We didn’t control Bhutan and Tibet and Japan and Ethiopia. There were a few little outposts in Asia and Africa that we did not run, but pretty much everything else was under our control. To go from a race that basically controlled the world to a race that is losing control of its own homelands in a century has to be the greatest reversal of fortunes ever.

But it’s not just fortune; it was engineered. And that’s the thing that we have to understand. Our decline is being engineered by our enemies, and they’re doing a very good job of it because they know what causes the decline and fall of empires. They’ve seen these empires come and go many times. They’ve been around for a very long time, and they know where to apply a little bit of pressure at the very weakest point and see that multiply into civilizational collapse, which they ride to the top and then they hop off and latch onto another civilization. It’s an extraordinary story, and I just don’t want us to follow the Hittites and the Romans and the other people who have disappeared. I want our people to be around in the future and continue giving our gifts to the world and to the universe at large.

DF: What’s the status of White Nationalism in white societies like Germany, Scandinavia, Sweden, etc? What’s the state of the movement right now?

GJ: Well, it’s interesting. In Europe, they don’t have the First Amendment, but oddly enough they are making better use of their limited freedoms in Europe than Americans are making use of our much broader freedoms in America. I don’t know why that is, but it is true. They are stigmatized, they are spied on and suppressed in ways that we are not yet, and yet they have functioning political parties. In countries where they have proportional representation they actually have people in office, and they are, in countries like Denmark, actually influencing the direction of political debate.

So, I have high hopes for Europe, and the reason I have high hopes for Europe is simply this: Scandinavia, England, France, all these countries, the people who live there are pretty much the indigenous people. I am descended from English and Scottish people. Most of my DNA is the DNA of the people who were there when the last ice age receded 10,000 years ago. The English are the indigenous people of England; the Swedes are the indigenous people of Sweden and so forth. They don’t have any rivals that they need to feel guilty about displacing, whereas in the colonies we have the Indians and the Maoris and people like that who are used to guilt trip us. They don’t have that weight, and they also have very strong national and regional identities that we don’t have in the colonies. So, I think that they have greater resources for eventually saving themselves, and I believe that Europe will save itself before America does.

My feeling is that Europe will especially be able to save itself the more American power declines in the world. So, I hate to say this, as someone who used to be an American patriot, but I really think that the future of our race is contingent, and the good of the globe in general is contingent, on the decline of American power, and I am hoping that American power declines precipitously in the future.

DF: Yeah, I hate to agree with you on that point, being an American, being an expatriate, knowing how much America is loved by people around the world. It really is. Everybody out there would be surprised. But the America we have today is Talmudic. It’s not the Anglo-Saxon America that we had 20, 30, 40 years ago. It’s almost completely Talmudic now, and that’s a problem.

GJ: It’s amazing how they’ve managed to hollow out America. They keep the form, but they hollowed out the substance, and they’ve replaced it with something very different and very ugly.

DF: And people see it. People around the world are seeing it, and they’re just feeling sad for America, because basically it’s now this Jewish-run country. I believe America is almost the way of Weimar, that you’re going to need a Weimar Republic type of upheaval to bring America back and that means throwing out much of Jewish influence.

GJ: I would agree. I was in India in 2004 and I spent some time with some young Brahmins from Sikkim. This was in Calcutta. They were studying there, and they were college students. They were very young. We were sort of hanging out together showing me the town, and they talked to me like I was a child about politics, and I was really intensely irritated about that, because I didn’t know where they were getting this attitude, and finally it became clear that they just think that all Americans are completely brainwashed about what’s going on in the Middle East. When I said to them, “Look, you don’t understand. American foreign policy is controlled by Jews” suddenly they warmed up to me, because they realized that I wasn’t just another hopelessly brainwashed American idiot. So, even young people around the globe are much more aware of how the world works than your average American, and I think they look at us like most Americans are these hopelessly brainwashed, but dangerously well-armed, children.

DF: Yeah, you’re right, Greg. You go around the world and if you want to make a friend just talk about how Jews run American foreign policy. People will smile on you much faster than if you try to defend the status quo.

GJ: One of the things that I noticed when I was in India is that wherever in Hindu society the caste system doesn’t exclude foreign-born people, and that would include ashrams and things like that, wherever they are not excluded, Jews have wormed their ways into positions of power. The Hare Krishna movement is full of Jews. Jews like to travel in South Asia because it’s cheap, especially Israelis. After military service, they bum around a lot. [. . . ] Well, anyway, I used to think that Indian merchants were the biggest, most formidable hagglers in the world but this English fellow that I met said, “Oh no, I was at a hotel in Kathmandu, and printed right on the menu was ‘Israelis pay half price.’” And that wasn’t because they loved Israelis. It was because they were so sick of haggling with them over their bills that they just had a flat policy that Israelis pay half price. So, if you can flash your Israeli passport they’ll cut your bill in half just so they don’t have to haggle with you. I thought that was a really interesting story. I almost wanted to fly to Kathmandu and take a photo of that.

DF: That’s some privilege all by itself.

GJ: Oh yeah, that’s definitely a privilege. Membership has its privileges.

DF: Yeah, the Jew 50% discount. I heard there’s websites out there that because Jews make such terrible travel partners, there’s a website out there that will actually monitor when Jewish groups are coming, especially in Thailand, to warn you not to come to these areas so they don’t ruin your vacation.

GJ: That’s really fascinating.

DF: Really, no, really that’s a true story. Just to kind of tie this show up, it’s been a great show, fun show. Again, Greg Johnson, editor-in-chief of counter-currents.com. The real lesson here is that you’re a White Nationalist and I believe that you have much to offer in this way. I do have many affinities with the movement, although I certainly could not be considered one. But certainly I agree. There’s much to be preserved and saved and needs to be saved through white culture, white civilization has given to the world.

To tie things up very nicely is one to recognize that the main problem we have is this Jewish problem, this Jewish question that really is using their control of media assets and cultural assets to instill guilt that is undeserved and is something that they themselves would never subject themselves to.

GJ: That’s right. I remember after the Bernie Madoff scandal was broken there was a Frenchman, I think, who had invested all of his money or his clients’ money with Madoff, and he committed suicide, and I just chuckled and thought, “Whatever is happening right now, I know one thing is for sure. Bernie Madoff is not under suicide watch. Bernie Madoff feels no shame.” He might be ashamed that he got caught, but he’s not in any danger of killing himself out of shame over failing his clients. I just think that that kind of self-assertion and shamelessness, that brazenness, they call it chutzpah, is one of the traits that really sets Jews apart. I don’t like imitating them or counseling whites to imitate them in any way, but I do think that one of the things that we do need to do, because this is just a healthy animal instinct and we need to get in touch with our animal instincts in this case, we’re a little to over-civilized, is self-assertion, non-apologetic. No animal, no beast goes around apologizing for its existence. They just go around eating and sleeping and being who they are. They live according to their natures, and they don’t apologize for their existence, and whites need to stop apologizing for our existence. It’s a sick thing to do. We’re sick puppies, and we’ve been injected with this guilt virus, although I think we have a predisposition towards it, and it’s being manipulated. But we need to get over that. We need to have a kind of unapologetic self-assertion. We are who we are, we are the only people who can be who we are, we have a right to exist, and damn it we’ve given a lot to the world, we are proud of what we’ve given to the world, and we need to take steps to ensure that we don’t go out of existence.

Jews have this ludicrous pretense that they are a light unto the nations. I think that is almost the exact opposite of the truth. I think that they are generally a force of disintegration and death in the world, and I think, like you, I have an inclination to want to reach for metaphysical explanations for that. But that aside, I think whites really are a light unto the world. I think our technology, our art, our political systems and things like that.

DF: Even our metaphysical reasoning, Greg, is being usurped by Jewish interests and culture. I got a call here. I want to go to the telephones, Greg, here quick.

Hi there! You are live Inside the Eye. Welcome!

Caller: Hello, gentlemen! How are you doing?

DF: Doing fine. Welcome to Inside the Eye Live.

Caller: I just wanted to throw out to your guest regarding White Nationalism. I myself am white, but my observation/question is that in order to get me on board with his idea my question to him would be, if we go all the way back to Alexander the Great and if we go today to Washington, D.C., City of London, the Vatican, and Israel, how can you not obviously take responsibility that all these individuals are white, which come from white aristocracies in Europe? So, my question is how do you explain these White Nationalists throughout history that have been basically using secretly Judaism, which I see them as crypto-Jews? Because it works for them legally and it controls all these people and nations. That’s my question.

GJ: So, the question is exactly how do I explain this?

Caller: No, how do I, as a white man, take responsibility for the existing White Nationalists, the politicians, the judges, the police, all of these individuals . . . All of these people are whites. They basically are using your standard, but they are using the ecumenical system going all the way back to control nationalities. Therefore, they are crypto-Jews. Our legal system is crypto-Judaism, our political system is crypto-Judaism. The Queen of England and the aristocracy has always secretly used the crypto-Jews for their power because it’s a military asset. So, how would you explain to me to get on board with you unless you and I together wake up to tell these people who are, basically, defeating our purpose because they are using Judaism?

GJ: I would agree that a lot of whites are a problem. But here’s the thing: A lot of these people are not thinking about the good of the race as a whole. They don’t have this notion that our race is our nation, that we have to have a kind of organic community, and that the common good should be the standard for politics. They’re in it for their own self-interest, their own group interests, and things like that, and because of that they have been very, very easily penetrated and coopted by Jewish influence. So, white people like that, they are white in name only. They look white, they sound white, they talk white, but they don’t function as members of our community, and my view is that they need to be deposed from power. They need to have their goodies taken away from them, and they need to be re-educated as much as possible to be made into good little white citizens.

The people who have made millions of dollars dismantling white countries, selling out their own people, these people need to be disempowered, disenfranchised, dispossessed, and sent away so they can reflect on their crimes. I am all very pro-white, but I don’t have any illusions about the fact that we are ruled by an evil, rotten, mostly white elite, and that Jews cannot have done what they have done to us without white traitors. There’s no question about that in my mind.

So, yeah, I want you on board, and I want you to realize that just because it’s got white skin doesn’t mean that it’s got a white soul or white goals.