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Career Advice for Young White Men

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powerlines [1]To my knowledge, this is the first article on the Internet giving career advice to young white men. Every other article fitting these search terms is attacking white privilege or denigrating the value of advice offered by old white men to young people of other backgrounds. But, as the White Genocide juggernaut moves forward, you know that the system is designed to demoralize, cuckhold, and defang you and your brothers. However, these efforts are defeatable, but it requires agility and creativity. That should not be a problem for the true Übermenschen among us. 

White Collar and Pink Collar

There is a common misconception in the manosphere about work in the US, which goes something like this:

Overall, the employment gap [2] between white males and females aged 16-24 is less than 2%; however for recent college grads that number jumps to 6%. Women are in the process of closing the gender wage gap, but still remain 5% behind in this same age cohort across the whole population. That may come as a surprise to manosphere readers because they skew towards being more college educated and working in office environments. That is because in their peer group, particularly if they studied humanities, they will see that men are more often unemployed, and those who do work are out-competed in office politics by nonwhite and female peers.

College Grad Employment Gender Gap Favors Women [3]

College Grad Employment Gender Gap Favors Women

This should come as no surprise however, if one considers the big picture of work in America. Office work is no longer solely the domain of the decision-maker. The vast majority of office workers are executing finely defined, repeatable processes at the direction of a thin crust of executives.

The Wage Gender Gap still Favors Men [4]

The Wage Gender Gap still Favors Men

To put it more bluntly to the manosphere commenters, if you can spend 2-3 hours a day at work reading blogs, you don’t have a white collar job . . . you have a pink collar job. So don’t be surprised when you are outmaneuvered by office politics been played against you by females and non-whites. If you stick around, don’t be surprised if you can’t earn enough to raise a white family.

Get a different kind of job as soon as possible. And think outside the box if necessary.

What to Look for in an Job and How to Get It

If you can imagine your job being outsourced, automated, or done by a Mexican in the next decade, consider it done. Find a job where you avoid these threats, otherwise you are sitting on a time-bomb. The skill-sets you are spending your time developing will be worthless, and you will be laid off before your kids are even applying to college.

Also, understand yourself and what your strengths and passions are. Matching a career to your strengths and passions is a far greater indicator of success and satisfaction than IQ or any other factor. If you enjoy what you are doing and are good at it, you will find it much easier to be reliable and consistent, which is also far more important than IQ in determining success.

Don’t stop applying for work when you get a job, and don’t take the first offer held out to you. If you have read this far, you probably are in a dead end job, but you won’t start applying for a better position until you are fired or laid off. That is too late.

Also, never stop networking. Don’t show up at an alumni event or a Lion’s Club meeting for the first time when you need a job. No one will help you. Go regularly, meet people, build a connection. Once people start to know and like you, they will want to see you succeed. That is the time to use the contacts you made to find a job.

If you have a hard time networking, remember that everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. Show genuine interest and you will strike up a bond. Be ready for the kind of questions they will likely have by rehearsing a short, interesting, and funny story. While you are more likely to talk about any setbacks or failures in your life only in a job interview, you should also have a short, rehearsed anecdote describing the problem as well as describing what you learned and how you have improved as a result of the experience.

If you are a student you are in a unique time period where you can reach out to professionals just asking for a chat. Most students do not follow this advice because they feel that they are too unimportant to take up an important person’s time. Remember, everyone’s favorite topic of conversation is himself. Most professionals will gladly take the time to talk with you because it feels good to be admired and seen as important. Use these contacts to learn about a field and understand if it is a right fit for you. If you do find a good fit, you are on your way to already having a mentor and job interview.

If someone doesn’t respond or responds once with a promise to set a meeting in the future, don’t assume that they don’t want to hear from you. Be polite and persistent in requesting to meet again, and the vast majority of the time they will apologize about being bogged down in work when you first wrote and then set a time to meet.

Make More Than $75k without a College Degree

If you have already graduated with a Liberal Arts degree and you career is going nowhere, or if you are still in high school, don’t rule our non-college degree jobs. This Bureau of Labor Statistics chart points us in the direction of solving the employment gap conundrum from the first section of this article. Looking at the highest paying jobs that only require a high school diploma reveals logistics managers, high-level police work, business to business sales, and Real Estate among others. These are all male-dominated fields.

Highest Paying Jobs Open to High School Grads [5]

Highest Paying Jobs Open to High School Grads

At first glance, these jobs are without any common thread. However, if you keep in mind masculine virtues it all starts to make sense. White men are at a natural advantage when it comes to jobs that put them in physical danger, expose them to bad weather, have high pressure performance measures, and require odd hours to achieve excellence. The jobs on this list cannot be outsourced or automated, and the tasks involved require such high levels of precision, cultural sensitivity, or intensity that employers and clients prefer to put their trust in white men than in recent arrivals from Mexico.

Many of these jobs are opening up at a fast rate. For example, within the next decade 40% of electricians in Minnesota will reach retirement age! This is a trade that pays well above the American mean for college and non-college positions. Apprentice yourself to a quality electrician now in order to fill the gap that is quickly opening. Being an electrician, whether you work for yourself or in a union working on major projects, is one of those jobs where White Nationalists can find security against the economic attacks of our enemies (explored further below).

The baby boomers had a lifestyle that is uniquely soft in American history — make that world history. They were surfing on the destruction of Europe that their fathers blindly carried out at the behest of our principal enemy. They were pissing away their inheritance, both monetary and cultural, to the tune of the Pied Pipers of Hollywood and New York. Furthermore, the middle class was being intentionally cushioned by the elite to limit the appeal of Communism. Since the Soviet Union has fallen, income per hour has stagnated for over 80% of Americans.

It is possible to whine about the unfairness of the situation facing today’s young white men, but I don’t have much patience with excuses. If you make a black man’s effort, expect a black man’s lifestyle. It is up to you to make a white man’s effort . . . or perish.

Getting another Office Job

Not everyone is cut out for sales or for braving the elements while on the job. There are still jobs available to you, but you have to develop the tools to asses the quality of a job and its path of promotion. In addition to looking out for jobs that can be outsourced, automated, or done by a Mexican, you will need to identify if an office job is process-oriented or if it is decision/relationship oriented. As a general rule, you will have to begin your career in process-oriented jobs, but you should advance beyond them as soon as possible.

In process-oriented jobs, which increasingly take place in the framework of a 9-6 office job, your value added to the company comes through achieving defined tasks within strongly delineated directions, thus becoming a kind of fleshy robot for the company. That is why black women dominate these roles in the US. They have no problem cold-heartedly withholding assistance to the client in front of them, no shame at passing the buck at every plea, and none of the empathy that would lead white employees to try to solve problems without deferring to senior management. That is what management wants now from these positions: a predictable execution of their edicts.

Don’t forget that leading the pack in achieving process-oriented tasks does not determine success at the next level. This is why office politics play such an important role in large organizations when it comes time to picking middle management. Move out of process-oriented positions as soon as possible and learn how to play office politics.

48 Laws of Power [6]There are two works that are indispensible for the inexperienced to understanding office politics. These are How To Win Friends and Influence People [7] by Dale Carnegie and The 48 Laws of Power [8] by Robert Greene. Both of these books have been summarized and reviewed thousands of times elsewhere, so I will not add my voice to this list. However, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable these two books are. The fulcrum of your career strategy should not be playing office politics, but at the very least, you need to be aware of the non-market strategies being deployed around you.

Of course, one easy first lesson for Young White Men regarding office politics is: don’t try to wake people up at your workplace! Don’t become another statistic. Survive to fight another day in a smarter way.

So what lies beyond the process-oriented job? You need to always be aware of where the key nodes are within the network. Who decides how to allocate capital? Who hires and fires? Who is the face of the company when negotiating with clients or suppliers? Who creates corporate policy? All of these jobs are the most value-adding jobs to the company. Follow the money, become the gatekeeper for capital and human resource flows, and make qualitative decisions well and you will remain on the top of the food chain in corporate America.

Become a Better White Nationalist

Ultimately, we want you to succeed (even if it means less time to read articles like this at work), because if you have a better career, you can afford to raise a family, and you can be a better activist for our cause. What you need to do to start a family should be obvious, but building a career to compliment your activism is a bit more mysterious. You can drive your career toward developing skills the movement needs and/or you can take over key points in the system to help your comrades in the movement.

Here is an incomplete list of the competencies that a Revolutionary Movement needs today:

Ideally, there will be small teams in large cities who group together around an area of competency. They will work as professionals during the day in these areas. Their employers will pay to keep them educated in the most recent technological developments and best practices. They will have access to top quality equipment. These teams will volunteer their time together outside of work to create content or otherwise offer their expertise to the movement

Occupying key nodal positions in the system will also be helpful. For example, a Human Resources executive can exclude our primary adversaries on the basis of “maintaining diversity,” but making sure there is room when a comrade needs to make a soft landing. Working in Wealth Management may be a wonderful way to identify potential donors to the movement. There have to be a growing number of pissed off super rich white guys who see through the system’s BS and are too rich to care if they get caught supporting heresies.

How to Survive Heresy

Speaking of supporting heresy, there are four kinds of job categories that seem to be untouchable by the SPLC.

  1. Business to client one-time interaction services such as IT help or electricians
  2. Union jobs, particularly if the member can leave his politics at the door and the union has negotiated a very complicated process to fire an employee in their contract.
  3. Business to business with politically incorrect clients is always helpful, but this requires very high levels of competency in arcane areas and very strong relationships with clients.
  4. Owning the production of commoditized goods (wheat, gravel) is only open to the wealthy, but in commoditized, unconsolidated industries, boycotts do not work.

Design a career path that ends in one of these safe harbors. Develop short and long term goals to get there. Assess yourself each quarter and year, perhaps even with the help of a mentor. And most importantly, seek out other competent, reliable people in your area to begin organizing and volunteering in well thought out strategic campaigns. Being ready to fight for the movement begins in securing your livelihood. That is the number one weapon our enemy uses against us. Neutralize that weapon, and you are taking your first step on the road to victory!