A Danish Native Son

Omar-Abdel-Hamid-el-hussein [1]

Muslim terrorist/murderer Omar el-Hussein

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Another day, another violent terror attack on our native soil of Europe by your friendly neighborhood NECs [non-European Caucasians]. No worries though, it’s all covered and controlled by our masters in the usual manner.

For example, the American mass media refers to the killer as a “native son [2]” of Denmark, as if he were a Nordic Scandinavian, a Viking berserker, or perhaps a brooding introspective Hamlet, rather than a Levantine Semitic Arab [3], who, of course, hadn’t the slightest business living in Denmark to begin with. Reports indicate a specifically Palestinian ancestry which, if true, would further explain his radicalization, with Israeli treatment of that ethny contributing to much anger in the Islamic world.

Indeed, the role of Jews in the ongoing low grade civil war in Europe is quite interesting, apart from the usual tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that I will not dwell on here. On the one hand, Israeli dispossession of the Palestinians, and the West’s (particularly, America’s) reflexive support of Jewish behavior, enrages Muslims the world over. Then, the Jews strongly support immigration of Muslims into Western nations, as part of the grand objective of diluting the racial and cultural patrimony of the European peoples. Further, Jews also strongly support “hate speech laws” which criminalize native European objections to their genocidal race replacement. But, alas, a few Jews suffer some “blow back” from Islamic immigration, as the newcomers do not show appreciation toward the Jews who have helped unlock the gates of Europe to the alien invasion. And this, you see, is a big problem. The Western leadership accepts — nay, advocates! — the demographic and civilizational eclipse of Europeans by immigrants, they cover up immigrant crimes up to and including the mass rape of native children, they look the other way when ordinary Whites live lives of quiet desperation over the loss of their neighborhoods, cities, and nations, but — but! — let one Jew come to harm, let Israelis call for a Jewish exodus from Europe, and the leaders of the West collapse into paroxysms of agony and anguish.

Indeed, the idea of a large scale migration of Jews out of Europe, the possibility of which should be met with universal joy and ringing celebration, is instead treated with horror [4] by the same elites who shrug off Rotherham with cheerful insouciance.

And as far as the immigrant invaders themselves? I’ve written here a number of times, that the Western, the European reaction to these events, to these massacres, would be to call for more immigration, a greater alien flood, more race replacement, more speech laws. To those who would label me unduly pessimistic, I refer you to this [5].

But are the White masses any better? Let us not underestimate the weakness, stupidity, masochism, and cowardice of the White race. You’d think that after Rotherham [6], Charlie Hebdo, and now this, you’d think that there’d be some sort of reaction, some sort of sign of puissance, some expression of outrage. But, no. Nothing. Now, let me make a disclaimer. Of course — of course! — I advocate for legal and peaceful activism to promote European survival, and let there be no doubt — none whatsoever! — that I unequivocally denounce and reject any violent responses. That said, one can consider what a healthy people would have done in response to these outrages (never mind that a healthy people would not have allowed any of this to occur in the first place, but never mind that for now).

With the exposure of Rotherham, what would have been a normal reaction of a sane people? One could envision mobs of outraged Englishmen, their breasts burning with anger — a rage building for years, for decades — crashing into the prisons, dragging out the accused, and lynching them. Then, the mob, just getting warmed up, would find those officials of their own race who turned a blind eye to the years of outrages against English children, they would find those officials and string them up as well. And, just like the storming of the Bastille, these actions would precipitate a nation-wide revolution, and the streets of London would run red with blood (amazing enough, this time NOT the blood of Englishmen slaughtered by immigrants). And about the “refugees” that Europe must joyfully accept? Those boats in the Mediterranean? Torpedo them. Or, if advanced naval armaments are considered too valuable to waste on such vermin, then just let them die at sea and, if they try to land on European soil, open up with the machine guns, bullets being somewhat cheaper than torpedoes. And for those aliens living in Europe, regardless of citizenship or place of birth: give them a defined time frame to get up and leave, to go back to their homelands, or suffer a less pleasant fate. That’s what normal and healthy people would do. But, I repeat: I do not advocate that. Let us be humane. Let us use the political process. But do Whites do even that? Are White flocking to the polls to vote in real leadership? In Greece, a pro-immigration far-left party has come to power, with the support of the alleged “far-right” Marine Le Pen of France.

We live in an age of madness. And the way things are going, the West will die in an age of madness as well. Don’t say we never told you so. We did. But you all just are not listening.

Source: http://eginotes.blogspot.com/2015/02/a-danish-native-son.html [7]