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Charlie Hebdo: All Idiots Now

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Charlie Hebdo staff picture. Victims of the massacre are circled in red. [1]

Charlie Hebdo staff picture. Victims of the massacre are circled in red.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo was and is perhaps the most representative collection of culture-distorters and culture-retards ever assembled at one place. “They” are all there: communists, Grand Orient Freemasons, apostate Jews, each committed to a neo-Jacobin ridicule of everything traditional, every form of morality, any vestige of faith. The program was and is designed to be a provocation, and when there was a reaction humbug has reigned, and the amoral feign moral outrage.

Charlie Hebdo (CH) came out of the New Left milieu of the 1960s, and is a product of the 1968 revolt against President Charles de Gaulle. It happens that the most famous of the New Left revolts came at a time when (1) the CIA was sponsoring anti-Soviet New Left student organizations and other non-Soviet Left-wing endeavors throughout the world;[1] (2) President de Gaulle was pursuing a course independent of U.S. foreign policy.[2] The New Left was used in the USA dialectically to cause a general shift of thinking leftward, which would seem “conservative” in comparison to the Hippies and Yippies running rampant on campuses and in the streets.[3] Charlie Hebdo, raising the banner of revolt, has always regurgitated precisely what the “system” required.

Totalitarian Jacobins

While pontificating about “free speech,” criticism of Israel was not tolerated, and any manifestation of the Nationalist Right was regarded as requiring state repression. Charlie Hebdo advocates the “liberalism” of the Jacobins, the argument of the guillotine, figuratively, if not literally. They try to titillate the “educated” classes of France with an illustration of Jesus sodomizing God,[4] and other such puerilities on a weekly basis.

Never did they campaign in favor of genuine “heretics” such as those who questioned the “Holocaust.” Never did they respond to the cause of the continuously vilified, constantly prosecuted and physically beaten Dr. Robert Faurisson. The former professor of literature at the University of Lyon, removed for his heresy, whose questioning on the matter of the gas chambers at least had the support of socialist-libertarian Serge Thion in France and in the USA of Dr. Noam Chomsky, on the basis of free inquiry.[5]

But Chomsky is a rare breed of Leftist intellectual. Most of the CH types the world over believe in free speech only as far as it aligns with their own dogmas. CH served as a mouthpiece for the ideology of the world system in a scabrous convergence of Masonry, economic liberalism, Jacobinism, Zionism, and Marxism. It is this type of convergence, during the Cold War, under CIA auspices, from which the neocons emerged. A similar process has resulted in parts of the French Left taking a neocon course.

Charlie Hebdo actively campaigned to repress those with whom they disagreed; i.e. those who represented any genuine revolt against the status quo. Hence, in 2013, when the French Government banned a small group of the Nationalist Right after the death of a young “antifa” anarchist, Clément Méric, in a fight which he began,[6] CH also called for the banning of the Front National (FN), a major political party. In a petition to parliament CH insisted that the FN was in breach of the Jacobin ideology of “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen,” which forms the basis of the French Constitution. Therefore, CH does not support the existence of any doctrine or party that advocates anything contrary to Jacobinism. Charlie Hebdo addressed their petition to French president François Hollande. They stated:

The Front National is in blatant contradiction with at least five articles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which constitute the preamble to the Constitution of the French people. . . . We ask you to dissolve the Front National, this league whose aim is to bring about the end of the French Republic.[7]

While the French political and intellectual Establishment mobilized the masses in an inane act of supposed defiance against Islamism in the name of Europe’s Jacobin values, at the same time Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, France’s most popular comedian, was arrested for “being an apologist for terrorism.” He had posted on Facebook: “Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”; a play on words “Je suis Charlie,” the banal phrase supplied to the masses to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. M’Bala however used the name of one of the gunmen, Amédy Coulibaly.[8] CH filth is lauded as “free speech” under the highest ideal of the French Republic, while a one line quip is regarded as “aiding terrorism.”

je-suis-charlie-5 (1) [2]

In 2002, Philippe Val, then editor in chief, denounced Dr. Noam Chomsky for his criticism of Israel, U. S. foreign policy and the mainstream media. In 2008 Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Siné commented on a news item that President Sarkozy’s son Jean was converting to Judaism to marry the heiress of an appliance chain that “He’ll go far, this lad.” Val dismissed Siné for this quip on the grounds of “anti-Semitism.”

Fellaheen versus Diseased

So who are those who have been involved with Charlie Hebdo? In short, a notably scabrous collective of Marxists, apostate Jews, and Freemasons; all neo-Jacobins representing the West in its advance epoch of decay. It is really a misnomer to described this is part of a “clash of civilizations” as explained by Samuel Huntington, who, unlike neocons such as Ralph Peters et al. did not recommend the clash as desirable.[9] What is happening is a clash between fellaheen peoples[10] against Western Civilization in an advanced state of disease.

Neocon strategists such as Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters have taken the Huntington hypothesis further, and made it the basis of an epoch of struggle to destroy all those who resist “The American Century,” as it has been called. While Huntington rejects universalism, Peters and the cabal of neocon policy-makers see America as the historical agent of an irresistible universalism analogous to that of Marx’s historical inevitability of communism. The USA has a world mission to spread a culture-pathology, one might say, in the same sense that a disease replicates its pathogens. Peters’ essay “Constant Conflict” is required reading for anyone who wishes to understand the doctrine behind globalization and U.S. foreign policy, why the USA is determined that there cannot be peace, and the culture-pathogens that are an integral part of U.S. globalism.[11]

While fellaheen are by definition primitive, they are not diseased. They are the remnants of prior Civilizations. If some of their elements react in a primitive manner what they are reacting against is an instinctive resistance to culture-pathogens: a clash of primitive versus pathological. The latter is called “progress” and “Civilization” while the former is called “barbarian,” a term used by the Charlies in condemning the fellaheen attack of January 7 on the CH office.

The Culture-distorters and the Culture-retarders are right to champion Charlie Hebdo. The magazine epitomizes everything that is decadent about Western Civilization, and they are proud of their decadence. Indeed, they subtitle their journal “irresponsible.” They are the rightful heirs of J.-J. Rousseau and the Marquis de Sade, infantile mattoids[12] whose culture-retardation laid the groundwork for the Jacobin Revolution of 1789. They ridicule all the beliefs and institutions that the Jacobins put to the torch, the sabre, bullet, and guillotine and do so in the name of “Liberalism” and “human rights.” One should recall that both Liberalism and Marxism emerged from the French Revolution. It is a logical dialectic that both Liberalism and Marxism should synthesize as the dogma of the New World Order. One might say that Jacobin France was a mixture of liberal-economics and what is today called cultural-Marxism. It is this synthesis that re-emerged during the Cold War among what is now called the “neocons,” although there is nothing that is “new” nor “conservative” about them. As will be shown below, CH and much of the French Left was re-set on the same course.

What are the Charlies?

Apparently we are all Charlies now, the latest cliché of globalism for the masses, “Je suis Charlie.” As one would expect, the depraved and the stupid at the Golden Globe Awards, fulsomely embraced the mania, as is appropriate for the Hollywood purveyors of culture-syphilis. “Charlie” in Anglophone lingo is slang for idiot or fool. It is apt that the masses of booboisie should march vacantly through the streets of Paris and elsewhere holding the slogan aloft, fantasizing that what they are doing by falling in line requires the slightest modicum of thought or courage.

Charlie Hebdo was founded in February 1969 as the successor to Hara-Kiri magazine, founded in 1960. The first editor of CH was François Cavanna. He was succeeded in 1992 by Philippe Val who had relaunched CH in 1991 with Cavanna, Delfeil de Ton, and Georges Wolinski.

Wolinski, one of those killed on January 7, was a Tunisian-born Jew, who had co-founded the satirical magazine L’Enragé during the 1968 New Left revolt of the banal. Among subsequent journals, including editorship of Hari-kiri, he wrote for the Leftist newspaper Libération. As will be shown later, his cartoons were in particular use by the Communist newspaper L’Humanité. Another Libération colleague on CH was Dutch cartoonist Bernard Willem Holtrop. Renaud Pierre Manuel Séchan who became known as a singer and songwriter with “Crève salope!” due to its popularity among the ’68 revolters, was a founding shareholder of CH.

Of the present brouhaha about “free speech” and the liberal values of France and indeed the entire “West,” Olivier Cyran, a former Charlie, perceptively commented in 2006 about the CH editor’s conception of freedom:

The trouble is that this right so abundantly spread by the director of Charlie Hebdo is only for himself and those who think like him. His former employees of Charlie know something: in case of divergence, the Enlightenment suddenly turns to despotism.[13]

“Enlightenment suddenly turns to despotism” is an apt description of the Jacobin regime, and subsequent attempts at “ liberty, equality, fraternity,” whether under The Communist Manifesto, Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, or the U.N. Charter.

Cyran gives the example of Philippe Corcuff who was pushed out of CH for not supporting Islamophobia with sufficient zeal. In 2000 Mona Chollet was fired for objecting to Val’s reference to Palestinians as “uncivilized.”[14] Val also had his employees spied on to determine their loyalty.[15] It is all so very Liberal, Jacobin, Bolshevik, Zionist; take your pick. Cyran speaks with experience. He worked for CH during 1992-2001, but quit because of the dictatorial character and corrupt promotion practices of Val. In 2013 he wrote to the editor Charbonnaire (“Charb”) and to Fabrice Nicolino[16] that CH had made France “a nastier place to live.”[17]

It was Val who sacked Siné for supposed ‘anti-Semitism,” although a case for wrongful dismissal was won against CH in 2010. For services rendered Val was appointed in 2005 as director of France Inter, part of Radio France.

In 2006 Val co-signed a statement with Bernard-Henri Lévy,[18] and ten others, published in L’Express, stating:

After having overcome Fascism, Nazism and Stalinism, the world now faces a new global threat of a totalitarian nature: Islamism. We – writers, journalists, and intellectuals – call for resistance against religious totalitarianism to promote freedom, equal opportunities and secular values for all.[19]

The conflation of Stalinism with Fascism and Nazism and those with Islamism is classic Trotskyism, promoted by neocons, such as ex-Trotskyite, Jewish convert to Sufism and “libertarian,” Steven Schwartz.

The manifesto was a call to oppose the Islamic reaction to the cartoon of Muhammad appearing in Denmark in 2005, CH style; a calculated provocation in Jyllands-Posten, whose cultural editor was neocon Zionist Fleming Rose, now the newspaper’s foreign affairs editor. Shortly later, Rose went to the USA to interview neocon luminaries Francis Fukuyama, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle, and Professor Bernard Lewis, enthusiasts for Israel who have had a major influences over U.S. foreign policies.

In 2006 Olivier Cyran wrote that the re-publication of the Danish cartoons in a special issue of CH entitled “freedom of expression” was a “masterstroke” as a “publicity stunt.” On February 8 sales records had been broken with 400,000 copies of CH sold.[20] Cyran quoted Pascal Boniface, director of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations, stating of Val that he is a “seller” of the U.S. neocon[21] ideology.

Cyran stated also of Val: “Sharon and Bush are his positive heroes, those who dare to criticize him are complicit with terrorists. In the great battle of ideas which we are witnessing, Val is an important element. The ironic tone of newspaper cartoons allows him to sell the neo-conservative [sic] ideology contained in his editorials to an electorate that would not naturally lean in that direction.”[22]

Grand Orient

Among the dead on January 7 were two brother Masons of the Grand Orient de France. The Grand Orient has posted:

Two of the journalists assassinated in the cowardly and barbarous attack on Charlie Hebdo were Freemasons. Bro Bernard Maris, economic columnist at CH, and Bro Michel Renaud, formerly of Europe 1 and Le Figaro, were both active Freemasons in the Grand Orient, Bernard in Roger Leray Lodge in Paris and Michel in Lux Perpetue Lodge in Clermont Ferrand. They died representing the values we stand for.[23]

The Grand Orient connection is expected. The Jacobin Revolution unleashed upon France in 1789 was the culmination of decades of Masonic plotting, based on the “universal values” promoted by Charlie Hebdo. While the smug might dismiss this as conspiracy theory, the Grand Orient is openly proud of its Jacobin heritage. Indeed, the Grand Orient has officially identified the CH doctrine as in accord with their creed, and joined with the mass demonstration of solidarity organised by Hollande, President of France. The GODF stated:

The Grand Orient of France was present yesterday evening in the Republic Square to share the emotion of thousands of anonymous who came to express their support for the silent struggle of Charlie Hebdo. All were not Charlie readers but all were aware that Charlie is one of the standard bearers of democracy to which we are attached and for which Charlie journalists fought every day without ever escaping the risks that for that they had agreed to incur. Yes, they were all resistant to a faceless war on terror claims to impose abject and cowardly. In these circumstances, I would first like to emphasize the powerful outpouring of compassion expressed by members of our Obedience of all backgrounds who have expressed excitement but also their willingness to mobilize so that we, the living, be worthy of those who were the victims of this blind barbarism[24].

The Masonic martyrdom has been used by the GODF to galvanize Masons. A special meeting for January 12 at the Arthur Groussier Temple, was called by the GODF Grand Master, Daniel Keller, to unify “the thinking that must be ours on the values ​​that we must promote in the light of the tragedy that has befallen our country.” Moreover the GODF Foundation is helping to fund CH to ensure that it continues beyond its hitherto fringe existence. The Masonic declaration reads:

  1. The Grand Orient will participate in a spirit of Masonic unity alongside all liberal and non-dogmatic Obediences, at the Republican event taking place Sunday. The place and time of the meeting will be provided as it becomes available.
  2. The Council invites the brothers and sisters of the Obedience to take part in a special event Monday, January 12th at 19th at Arthur Groussier temple to federate the thinking that must be ours on the values ​​that we must promote in the light of the tragedy that has befallen our country.
  3. The Foundation will appeal initially to donors who wish to show their solidarity with Charlie Hebdo to ensure the financial sustainability of the newspaper. The Foundation will of course listen to any other initiative that the newspaper could take in this direction.
  4. In addition to these actions of immediate support, it is essential that the commitment of GODF against all fanaticism, dogmatism, fundamentalism, and communalism is more than ever at the heart of our work and our actions externalizing. To say that the barbarism will not pass is not enough, we must also unite a broad citizen movement to assert and defend on the ground republican principles, democratic and secular, unshakable foundations of our society. As such, the events devoted to debunking Anti-Masonry will be throughout the year as a messenger. Citizens, they are supposed to promote dialogue but they take enhanced sharpness in the current circumstances.
  5. Finally, it is suggested in the extension of the national day of mourning that day that Lodges open their future work with a minute of silence.[25]

A GODF program has been built around the CH shootings including a call to man the figurative barricades in defence of republicanism as they did at the literal barricades of 1789, and the revolts of the 19th century. Keller writes of “barbarism” as though CH stood for anything but the most pathological of the decaying West’s sickness. To the GODF illustrations of Jesus sodomizing god, Cardinals in a chain of buggery, and so forth, would be a titillating delight at smearing the Church they have always sought to destroy.

The excessive sentiments of support among the befuddled French booboisie, mobilised by President Hollande, and joined by his fellow European Union leaders, in the name of a particularly crapulous form of “free speech,” have enabled CH to be promoted as the flagship of the “clash of civilizations” (or more accurately, the clash of the primitive against the diseased). It has enabled CH to be seen as the defender of what the “West” really now stands for.

U.S. Support

Hence, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the globalist version of the Comintern, but far more subversive, issued “a statement of solidarity with the people of France.” The signatories to the brief statement include:

  1. Vin Weber, Board member of the omnipresent globalist think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an adviser to the U.S. Secretary of Defence. Veteran socialist Carl Gershman remains NED president.
  2. Elliott Abrams might be recalled as one of the neocons in the George W. Bush administration, supervising U.S. Middle East policy, and currently is senior fellow on the Middle East at the CFR. He is a Zionist hawk whose commitment is to Israel.
  3. Francis Fukuyama, neocon ideological luminary.
  4. Marne Levine, former Obama aide, and now head of public policy at “Facebook.”
  5. Princeton N. Lyman, adjunct senior fellow for Africa policy at the CFR, ambassador, and former director of USAID.
  6. Will Marshall, founder of the Progressive Policy Institute, a Left-wing think tank.
  7. Robert B. Zoellick, like Abrams, he might be recalled as a neocon hawk in the Bush Administration, where he served as U.S. Trade representative and Deputy Secretary of State, having served as a vice chairman of Goldman Sachs.[26]

NED can be seen to combine Republicans and Democrats, AFL-CIO labor and plutocrats, with a significant hangover from the CFR. One can expect NED funds to go pouring into CH.

Marie Harf, speaking for the U.S. State Department, declared that the U.S. “absolutely supports” CH.[27] However, the USA has gone much further and actively promoted CH. Harf condemned a Turkish court for blocking internet sites from publishing the CH cartoon of Muhammad, and she also condemned Turkish government officials for their criticism of the CH cartoon as a provocation.[28]

With expressions of support from Government leaders from all over the European Union, the USA, and GODF, the stage is set to launch CH from a fringe magazine with a circulation of 60,000 into a significant mouthpiece of the globalist establishment. CH will now be subsided by the French Government with a $1.2 million donation; Google $296,000; Guardian Media Group $150,000. The plan is to print 1,000,000 copies.[29]

Google is one of the primary founders and funders of the Alliance of Youth Movements, a project working in tandem with the U.S. State Department, CFR, Department of Homeland Security, foundations, and corporations, and major TV media. The purpose is to utilize social media to mobilize youth in states targeted for destruction by the globalist elite. Establishment revolutionary Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, a CFR member and former State Department staffer, is a co-founder.[30]

Among the leading ranks of the multitudes demonstrating their support for culture-retardation the USA was represented by Ambassador Jane Hartley, a member of the CFR[31] who is married to investment banker Ralph Schlosstein. They were major fundraiser for Obama;[32] among the many oligarchs who backed his presidential candidacy.[33] The USA has a special interest in the deconstruction of French nationalism and under prior Ambassador Charles Rivkin a far-reaching program was undertaken to manipulate alienated Muslim youth to destroy what is regarded as French “xenophobia.”[34]

Libération and Rothschild

The million run CH is being printed courtesy of the Leftist newspaper, Libération, whose offices CH staff are using. The CH staff could use Libération facilities “as long as they needed, ” stated the newspaper’s editor, Laurent Joffrin.[35] The principal shareholder and chairman of Libération is Baron Édouard de Rothschild, who has lived in Israel since 2010.[36] 

Libération was founded in 1968 by extreme Left philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and Maoist journalist Serge July. Eduard de Rothschild outlines his close family connections with Israel, pointing out that the “family projects” have included the Knesset and the Supreme Court building.[37] Laurent Joffrin (born Lawrence Fink), was installed in 2006 as part of a recovery plan initiated by Eduard de Rothschild to save the failing newspaper.[38] Joffrin was a member of the Foundation Saint-Simon (existing 1982-1999),[39] which, like other globalist think tanks such as NED, united Leftist intellectuals with plutocrats, and was committed to economic liberalism. The founder, François Furet, after breaking with the Communist Party, did not conceal his connections with the CIA. The Foundation was run in similar manner and purpose to the Cold War era Congress for Cultural Freedom, set up by the CIA to utilise anti-Soviet Trotskyites and other Leftists.[40] It was part of the Hague Club, founded in 1971, which is composed of a network of Europe’s think tanks and Foundations,[41] that meet annually in secret.


While plans were underway to make CH a journal of significance, the funeral of the late editor, “Charb,” was conducted to the tunes of L’Internationale, as clenched fists were raised, while speakers exhorted the crowd to defend the Republic.[42] L’Humanité, newspaper of France’s Communist Party, editorialized of their CH “comrades”:

No words can name the horrible attack perpetrated yesterday in the middle of Paris, eliminating our friends, our comrades at Charlie Hebdo, one by one, in cold blood during a conference. A newspaper, its journalists, its cartoonists were shot down by forces of terror. Others were wounded. Faced with these militants, they only had their pens to defend themselves.

Families will be in bereavement forever. We provide them assurance of our compassion, our solidarity. Beyond the death of our comrades, it is an attack against intelligence, the act of creating, and the right to think. Against freedom and democracy, as was the case in our history’s darkest and most tragic hours. Terror and death are the weapons wielded against fraternity, culture, debate, and any inclination to free oneself from a reactionary and obscurantist project. This we must admit.

The targets are the Republic, its values, history, enlightenment, and secularism. This is a republic of tolerance, of respect for the other. No matter what you think, Charlie Hebdo’s writing, drawings, and caricatures reveal hidden faces of this world’s turpitude and its agents. To be able to publish these things as well as to dispute their contents is an integral part of the democratic debate. A united Republic must immediately express its views with the strength and dignity required under these circumstances. We will support any initiative which will allow united, assembled citizens this form of expression. . . .

Dear George Wolinski, Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Honoré, and all the others, we cry for you and we will never forget you, faithful to the subversive power of your art which cost you your life. This terrible drama and these lives that were stolen away command us to defend the values of freedom, tolerance, fraternity and equality every step of the way. In these tragic hours, in a context where tension keeps mounting, the Republic, indivisible, tolerant, secular, and social, must become more tenacious than ever. It must resist and face up to these cowards and these barbarians.[43]

Again, from the Communists, there are the clear echoes of the GODF, with a very perverted perception of “values.” Self-described “British communist journalist” Nick Wright commented on the Le Hyarick editorial, “There have always been strong links between L’Humanité and Charlie Hebdo with the cartoons, especially by Wolinski, often appearing in the paper and with a regular presence at the annual fete.” The close relationship between L’Humanité and CH was described by the French communists:

Most of the cartoons published by l’Humanité are by Charlie’s cartoonists. We followed the same path in work, and in friendship. They are one of us. A long companionship has grown, over the years, between the teams of Charlie Hebdo and of l’Humanité. Its conductor was Charb, communist, insolent, and a rigorous professional, who obtained from his crew of rebels the delivery, flawless and on time, of the cartoon that enlivens our daily’s last page. Jul, Luz, Babouze, and Charb himself never missed the weekly appointments, nor did Coco and Besse, who draw for l’Humanité Dimanche. On the eve of the Fête de l’Humanité, one year, Charlie’s editorial team took over the entire iconography of the next day’s issue, spreading over the pages an invigorating and harmless insolence, and their priceless creations that clarified, in a few strokes, the day’s events. Charb was even one day’s editor-in-chief for l’Humanité. . . . They were one of us, and we have raised our glasses together more than once. On the weekend of the Fête de l’Humanité at the Courneuve, where their booth, each year, was shared with Cuba Si . . .[44]


In a pathetic display of self-negation, the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral rang in honor of CH, while the booboisie marched en masse behind the gaggle of the European Union’s heads of state. In return, the Charlies editorialized in the first issue since the January 7 attack, the issue subsidized by Rothschild, Google, GODF, and the French tax payer:

What made us laugh the most is that the bells of Notre Dame rang in our honor. We would like to send a message to Pope Francis – who also was Charlie this week: We will only accept the bells of Notre Dame ringing in our honor when it is Femen who make them ring.” (Femen is the radical feminist group whose members have staged topless demonstrations in several European cathedrals.).[45]

Femen is an interesting but not surprising choice by CH. Like the Charlies, they are among the most puerile of Culture-retards. Their antics go beyond several topless demonstrations in Europe. Founded in the Ukraine in 2008, it is based on Paris. It is an extreme feminist group, calling itself “sextremist,” aimed at faith and tradition, and therefore the type of organization one would expect to be getting backing from the globalist power-elite. The original aim was laudable, opposing the trickery used to lure Ukrainian women abroad and then held as prostitutes. By far the largest component running this white slave trade are Israelis,[46] but Femen notably excludes Israel and Judaism from its protests. As with CH, Femen has been embraced by President Hollande who chose Femen activist Inna Shevchenko as one of the models for Marianne, the symbol of France of a woman wearing the Jacobin phrygian cap.[47] However, the funding for the well-paid activists has come from Jed Sunden, a Brooklyn-born Jewish media magnate with newspaper interests in the Ukraine, who gave them their initial publicity in his Kyiv Post. His newspaper, since sold, reports its former owner’s involvement, quoting Femen founder Anna Hutsol:

In 2008, when topless protests were a novelty in Ukraine, Hutsol got a call from publisher Jed Sunden, the owner of KP Media. “Jed was the very first influential person who noticed us, helped us with all the resources he had, gave use some useful advice, generously donated and said we were special. Jed was the very first person who helped us in organization’s promotion and creation of our website. We used to call him a ‘Femen Post’ [a play off of the Kyiv Post newspaper, which Sunden sold last year],” Hutsol said. Sunden acknowledged he is more than a fan of Femen. “I confirm that I do give money to Femen,” Sunden said. “I will not state the amount. After meeting with Anna Hutsol, I was impressed with her ideas and have been a supporter. I believe Anna is a young, independent voice in Ukraine. While I do not agree with all of her positions, I believe it is important to give her, and groups like hers, support.”[48]

While Femen has sought to affront Christians and Muslims, its branch in Israel has been significantly low key, given that Israel is arguably the most patriarchal and misogynistic state in the world despite the brouhaha about Islam. While the “Femen Israel” website depicts topless Femen from the USA and Europe, and a photo captioned “Fuck Sharia, fuck your morals,” “Femen Israel” activities within Israel are not evident.[49] Indeed, in 2013 a Femen activist, Amina Sboui, who had been jailed in Tunisia, and hence had been a cause célèbre, left Femen, stating it is Islamophobic, and questioned whether there was funding from Israeli sources.[50]

Indeed, although Femen does not seem to have acted against an Orthodox or Hasidic synagogue as a citadel of patriarchy,[51] the offensiveness against Christian churches and Mosques in unrestrained. Kyiv Post, continuing their publicity for Femen, reported in 2013 for example that a Femen disrupted Christmas Mass at Kolner Dom, the main Cathedral in Cologne, climbing topless atop the altar, her body painted with “I am God.”[52] On November 25, 2014, a topless Femen entered Strassbourg Cathedral just prior to the scheduled visit of Pope Francis, dancing atop the altar.[53]

It is certainly understandable why the Charlies are so admiring of Femen, and why President Hollande would choose a Femen to model as Marianne. It is reminiscent of the Jacobin crowning of an actress as “The Goddess of Reason,” who was enthroned atop the altar of Notre Dame and worshipped by the enlightened revolutionists. This is what the Charlies, Hollande, the GODF, Google, NED, U.S. State Department, and so on mean by the “West,” by “Western values,” and the “secular Europe” that has brought out the booboisie across Europe and further afield. When Femen anarchists ring the bells of Notre Dame, as per the Charlie fantasy, then this pathogenic conglomerate of diseased cells on the body of the Western culture-organism will rightly proclaim that their disease has triumphed over the entire world.


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