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2014: The Year in White Nationalism

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On the whole, 2014 was a good year for White Nationalism, European ethnonationalism, and allied trends. Of course, we New Rightists are subtle dialecticians, for whom better is always better, but worse is better [2] sometimes too.

Better is Always Better

1. In France, the Front National took 24.9% of the votes in the 2014 EU election [3] – more than any other party – and 24 of France’s 74 seats in the European Parliament. The FN also won 12 mayoral races [3]. Marine Le Pen is now the front-runner in the 2017 French presidential election. In my view, France is now the key to European liberation. If France goes nationalist, halts immigration, and begins emigration of non-whites, the usual suspects will be screaming for war. But France has an independent nuclear deterrent and the most autarkic economy in Europe. She cannot be treated like Serbia or Austria. If France goes nationalist, and stays nationalist, other European nations will follow.

2. In Denmark, the populist/immigration restrictionist Danish People’s Party [4] won 26.6% of the votes in the European Parliament elections, making them the single largest party.

3. Hungary is ruled by its largest political party, Fidesz, which is to the Right of every other ruling party in Europe. Party leader Viktor Orbán has pledged to create an “illiberal” state, i.e., one that is socially conservative and economically protectionist. In the 2014 elections Hungary’s third-largest party, Jobbik, which is to the Right of Fidesz, won 20% of the vote in the last parliamentary election (to Fidesz’s 44%).

4. In Ukraine the nationalist/populist Svoboda party and its more radical offshoot Right Sector played a prominent role in the revolution that brought down Moscow-backed crook Viktor Yanukovych. My hope is that nationalist forces eventually create an independent Ukraine that puts national identity and social justice ahead of globalization and EU/NATO integration.

Unfortunately, the Russian seizure of Crimea and the Russian special op in Eastern Ukraine has driven Ukraine closer to the EU and NATO and bottled up the Right-wing revolutionary impetus in a national unity government, both predictable consequences of Russian aggression.

5. Communism in East Germany started unraveling in Saxony, when the streets of Leipzig and Dresden were filled with protesters. The Communist regime had been hollowing out for decades because more and more Germans came to disbelieve the ideology and promises of the state. But state terror kept them silent, and state propaganda led them to feel that they were alone. However, in 1989, when the power of the state’s repression wavered just a bit, the streets filled with people, the dissidents discovered that they were not alone—indeed, they were the majority—and the hollow system imploded

Germany today is, of course, ruled by liberal-democratic/multiculturalist version of the same egalitarian lie. But this regime too is increasingly hollow, and the next revolution may be beginning in Saxony as well, as tens of thousands have taken to the streets of Dresden to protest Islamization, multiculturalism, and immigration in protests organized by PEGIDA, which stands for Patriotische Europaeer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.

6. In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats, another Right-populist, anti-immigration party, won 12.9% of the vote in the 2014 general election, taking 49 seats in parliament (14% of the total), making them the third largest party. This gave them the power to force a new general election, in March of 2015, which they hoped would be a referendum on immigration. The establishment parties, however, have banded together to stop the election. If peaceful reform remains blocked, revolutionary violence may follow.

7. In Austria, the Freedom Party under Heinz-Christian Strache won 19.72% of the vote and 4 seats in the EU elections, its best performance since 1999.

8. In the UK, the Euro-skeptic United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) received the most votes (27.49%) of any British party in the 2014 European Parliament election and gained 11 extra MEPs for a total of 24.

9. On November 9, in a non-binding referendum on Catalonian independence [5], 80% of voters favored independence, 10% favored greater autonomy within Spain, and only 5% favored the status quo.

10. On September 18, Scotland had a referendum on independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. It was defeated 55% to 45%.

I think that the New Right should cheer on [6] all such secessionist movements, because if we believe in ethnonationalism, it is important to establish precedents for the peaceful dissolution of multicultural societies on ethnic lines.

Now, of course we all have points of disagreement with these parties and movements. But let’s take those objections as read and instead focus on the forest rather than the trees: all of these developments are positive signs that Europeans are awakening to the dangers of immigration, multiculturalism, and globalization; they are awakening to the importance of identity; and they are recognizing that the best solution to these problems is national self-determination.

Sometimes Worse is Better

In the United States, the only good news for White Nationalists is bad news. Anything that weakens the United States as a global power and increases racial tension, polarization, and consciousness domestically has to be counted a good thing by White Nationalists. Three events in 2014 have particularly gratified my Schadenfreude:

1. ISIS: The rise of the Islamic State has not only prevented the US from exiting Iraq, it is a refutation of US policy in Syria, and it has certainly given whites a new reason to resist Islamization.

2. Obamnesty: Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and the utterly ineffectual Republican response can only increase racial tensions and cynicism toward the system.

3. Dindu Agitation: With their campaigns to canonize as martyrs of white racism worthless black criminals like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner (who invariably claim they “dindu nuffin”) and to whip up more black crime, including full-scale riots, the American media and the Obama administration have done more to raise white racial consciousness and destroy the system’s credibility than decades of White Nationalist efforts.

Black lives don't matter to blacks, so why should they matter to me? [7]

Black lives don’t matter to blacks, so why should they matter to me?

Past the Peak

In 2014, a number of bad trends seem to have peaked and are now on their way out.

1. Oil Doom: The production of Peak Oil doom has itself peaked, and its value is collapsing. Pretty soon you won’t even be able to give this stuff away on the internet. I never thought I would talk like this, but it is true: “Peak Oil” was premised on a false understanding of markets and technological growth. It was also fueled by a perverse sort of optimism on the part of people who are alienated from modernity and eager to believe that an inevitable historical trend will bring it to an end. Of course everything ends. But ironically, like the people they criticize, Peak Oil doomers are characterized by overweening optimism and hubris in their assumptions that they can know how and when the end will happen.

2. Dollar Doom: Although I admit that my evidence is anecdotal, in my sphere of acquaintances, there is a growing skepticism about Austrian economics-driven dollar doom predictions, and this is not entirely due to my own efforts. It seems to be a ripple in the Zeitgeist.

I think orthodox economic price theory (supply and demand, marginal utility, etc.) is 100% correct, but I am increasingly skeptical of orthodox monetary theory. In fact, I think that it has been empirically refuted [8] by the fact that the dollar supply has been vastly increased over the last 7 years without hyperinflation. Admit it, there is something fishy about hard money advocates funded by a guy who made a business of trading precious metals [9] for soon-to-be-worthless dollars.

White Nationalism needs to completely separate itself from free market/libertarian dogma and explore the wealth of critiques of capitalism from the Right [10], for example, Social Credit and Distributism. Individual liberty, private life, private property, and private enterprise are all values. But the preservation and perfection of our race and its civilizations are higher values that trump individual and economic interests whenever they conflict.

3. Putin- and Russophilia: At the beginning of 2014, Vladimir Putin was my sentimental favorite in any confrontation with the United States, the EU, NATO, Israel, and international Jewry. I published pro-Putin pieces [11] at Counter-Currents/North American New Right, and I defended their authors and Putin in discussions.

Then the Ukrainian Revolution happened. At first, I looked at all sides of the issue. I even translated and published some of Guillaume Faye’s pro-Russian articles [12]. And eventually I came down on the Ukrainian side against Putin. (And, for the same reasons, on the Russian side against Putin.) Why? Because I am an ethnonationalist, and we believe in self-determination for all peoples, and that is not a principle I am willing to sacrifice on the dubious argument that the only way to oppose US hegemony is to turn a blind eye as the Russians bully their neighbors and try to put their empire back together.

At a certain point, it became clear to me that White Nationalists and the European Right in general were being targeted for some outrageous Russian propaganda. It was rather breathtaking to hear people who 6 weeks before were (wink-wink-nudge-nudge-) neo-Nazis suddenly decrying Ukrainian “Nazis,” praising Putin who claimed to be fighting against fascism and anti-Semitism, and explaining to me that I should not like the Ukrainian “Nazis” because they are mere puppets of the international Jew. When I pointed out the falsehoods and contradictions of this position, I was shocked that people were willing to turn the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a polarizing shibboleth over which they were willing to behave obnoxiously or dishonorably, sacrifice collegial relationships, and harm the greater White Nationalist cause.

For example, on two occasions in 2014, Richard Spencer’s Radix published articles dealing with Ukraine—one by John Morgan [13], the other by Matthew Raphael Johnson [14]—that subsequently simply disappeared when higher authorities deemed them insufficiently pro-Russian. To put things in perspective, Radix has never had a problem with people who ignore or whitewash the Jewish problem. They have never had second thoughts about publishing philo-Semites and Jews [15]. But being pro-Russian is a litmus test. This is an embarrassment to all involved. There is a lot of taste and talent at Radix. I hate to see it being misspent, and I hope they will get back on track in 2015.

I am proud that Counter-Currents has taken a leading role in debunking White Nationalist delusions about Russia [16], Putin [17], and Ukraine [18]. We’ve won that battle.

4. Duginism: I am interested in Traditionalism and the European New Right, so naturally I was interested in learning more about Alexander Dugin. Thus Counter-Currents hosted a good deal of discussion [19] about his work, particularly when The Fourth Political Theory was published in English. But when it became clear that Dugin is an enemy of biological race realism and ethnonationalism, I lost interest. Then Dugin’s stance on Ukraine convinced me that he is intellectually dishonest, at which point I took an interest in actively combatting his influence. Duginism has peaked in the West, and again I am proud of the role that Counter-Currents has played in exposing this bearded exotic for the charlatan and distraction that he is. (For my views of Dugin, click here [20] and here [21]. For Adriano Giuliano Malvicini’s series of articles on Dugin, click here [22].)

One Prediction for 2015

Pretending that blacks are equal to whites is probably the most destructive and expensive folly in human history. For whites, blacks are the totemic non-white “others,” to be humored and patronized at the expense not just of whites but of all other non-white groups as well (except Jews, of course).

Two recent examples.

First, fear of criticizing a black president, primarily from the Left, has allowed Barack Obama to drive healthcare prices up and quality down for millions of Americans and to turn what began as a drive for socialized medicine into the greatest windfall in history for private insurance companies. It is an utter fiasco, but most progressives are too intimidated by Negro sanctity to admit it.

Second, on December 20th, the Dindu Agitation campaign jumped the shark when another worthless black (and a Muslim too, as a bonus) named Ismaaiyl Brinsley murdered his black girlfriend, murdered two New York City policemen (one Asian and one Hispanic), and then killed himself—all to strike a blow against whitey.

The police backlash against race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and New York’s communist, race-mixer mayor Bill De Blasio was swift, and even Pedro and Charlie are wondering why, exactly, they rank beneath America’s sorriest race in the social hierarchy.

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I am seeing the roots of a new consensus that may make 2015 the year of Peak Negro Patronizing, when blacks will begin losing their sacrosanct status as racial martyrs and touchstones of progress in the eyes of liberal whites. When whites start saying “no” to black stupidity and mischief, many new things will become politically possible.

Happy New Year from Counter-Currents!