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The Moderateness of the Far Right & the Extremism of Immigration

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The changing face of the West?

The changing face of the West?

The mandated claim that mass immigration is indispensable to the cultural and economic “enrichment” of European nations is possibly the most extreme policy ever implemented in human history. This cultural Marxist-initiated policy is bringing an irreversible alteration in the intrinsic ethnic and cultural identities of European nations. Economic Marxism was reversible and indeed worked to protect the former Soviet sphere from the less physically violent but far more insidious cultural Marxism dominating the West today.

Our political landscape is so entrapped by the correctness of this sinister ideology that its proponents are portrayed as moderate and tolerant characters living up to the true spirit of liberal ideals, whereas the opponents of mass immigration are seen as “far right extremists.”

Recently I decided to investigate the ideas and policies of some of the political parties designated in the media as both “extreme” and “right-wing.” Since the parties that are so labelled exist primarily in Europe, the main search phrase I used was “Extreme Right-Wing Parties in Europe.” What struck me right away is that the only reason a political party in Europe is called “extremist,” “xenophobic,” or “ultra conservative” is its opposition to high immigration numbers — irrespective of overall platform. I was also puzzled by the fact that both the left and the “moderate” right-wing media use these inaccurate labels.

The majority of parties that are called extremist generally fit within the Western liberal tradition. They are as varied in their political viewpoints as the other mainstream parties. They include an interesting combination of nationalist, traditionalist, social conservative, libertarian, socialist, and environmentalist policies. They challenge Europe’s immigration problems within the framework of its liberal-democratic institutions. Yet these parties are regularly called “neo-fascist” and “neo-Nazi” by leftists and fake conservatives.

How has it come about in the Western world, and only in this part of the world, that parties wishing to maintain, conserve, and avoid a radical alteration in the historic identities of their nations are called “extremist” by the standard media outlets, while the forces calling for a permanent revolution in Europe’s heritage, including the rooted European character of Canada, the United States, and Australia, are called reasonable and moderate?

I will start with an overview of the respective platforms of some of the major “extremist” parties of Europe. The National Front in France led by Marine Le Pen is a nationalist party claiming to be “neither right nor left,” but simply for the cultural and economic integrity of France, advocating a combination of free market, protectionist, and social welfare policies. The party supports the typical role governments have played in France in health care, education, transportation, and energy, but criticizes the way welfare has become a form of government-assisted mass immigration into France at the cost of French tax-payers. The party’s chief concern is the threat posed to France’s liberal and secular values by Muslim culture. They want to deport illegal, criminal, and unemployed immigrants, and believe that unrestricted immigration from Islamic countries poses a “mortal threat to civil peace in France.”

The Party of Freedom in the Netherlands is led by Geert Wilders. This party, too, is primarily concerned with Muslim immigration; it advocates zero Muslim immigration, banning the Koran, repatriation of criminals of foreign citizenship, and an end to Islamic “gender apartheid.” Its other policies are also neither right nor left: a 10-year Dutch residency and work experience requirement for welfare assistance, constitutional protection of the dominance of the “Judeo-Christian” and humanistic culture of the Netherlands, repeal of anti-smoking legislation in bars, investment in more nuclear power plants and clean coal plants to reduce dependency on imported oil, withdrawal from the European Union, the cutting off of tax money to “political left” organizations, and documentation of the ethnicity of people who commit crimes. Yet these level-headed, security-oriented, libertarian and even pro-feminist policies have been deemed “far right” due to their combination with “anti-immigration” policies.

True Finns in Finland became the third largest party in the 2011 parliamentary elections. Known as a nationalist party, the party opposes the granting of Finnish nationality through mere migration or by claiming asylum. Their solution to declining birthrates is to encourage young women to give birth to more Finnish children; they are socially conservative, opposing abortion and homosexual marriage. On the other hand, the party endorses left-wing economic policies, is critical of corporate globalism, and strongly supports the Finnish welfare state. But the media, focusing only on its stand on immigration, has concluded that this is a “far right,” unreasonable, illiberal, and hateful party. They also dislike the idea that Finnish women should have children, preferring the importation of immigrants.

The Swiss People’s Party advocate low taxes and very limited immigration, and oppose increased involvement of Switzerland in supranational organizations including the UN, EEA, and EU. They stand for strict neutrality in foreign conflicts while calling for a strong role for the Swiss army as the institution responsible for national defense. Yet the Swiss People’s Party is known as an “extremist” party because it wants Switzerland to retain its ethnic character, which is already mixed, but for the cultural Marxists the mix is too “European” and “White.” This past February when a majority of Swiss citizens voted to curb immigration (a proposal that was backed by the Swiss People’s Party and opposed by all other major parties, trade unions and business groups), the international media immediately resorted to the accusation that the Swiss People’s Party had “stoked irrational fears” against Muslims and hardworking immigrants. The EU condemned this vote, insisting that the Swiss had no choice but to accept immigration if they are to meet the standards of economic progress — the Swiss, apparently, are incapable of creating wealthy nations on their own.

The Denmark’s Peoples Party, the third largest party in Denmark, is socially conservative in its defence of the traditional family, the Monarchy and the Church of Denmark, but also wishes to maintain a strong welfare system for those in need and to protect the environment and natural resources, while promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth by strengthening education and encouraging a work-ethic. On immigration, the party platform states:

Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multi-ethnic society. Denmark belongs to the Danes and its citizens must be able to live in a secure community founded on the rule of law, which develops along the lines of Danish culture.

For this position alone, the Denmark’s Peoples Party is identified as a “fear-mongering populist” group.

The Progress Party of Norway, the second-largest party in the Norwegian Parliament, is libertarian, a firm advocate of classical liberal principles, small government, low taxes, and individual rights. It is against the radical transformation of Norway into a globalized multicultural place; hence the media calls it “extremist.”

The Sweden Democrats describes itself as a “nationalist” party: “Keep Sweden Swedish.” The media calls it a party “for anti-immigrant nationalism.” It acknowledges the value of Sweden’s “generous welfare state” while identifying itself as a conservative party in matters of law and order, advocating life without parole for the worst crimes and repatriation of foreign citizens found guilty of serious crime. It also wants to end funding for multicultural initiatives and strengthen support for traditional Swedish culture. It favors the “traditional” family, stating in its website that every child should have “one father and one mother.” Accordingly, the media has labelled this party “fascist.”

The Freedom Party of Austria, which had support in opinion polls of around 24-29 per cent in 2011, believes that nationalism, liberalism, and social democracy are not only compatible but intrinsically connected. It is neither left nor right in supporting privatization and low taxes combined with support for the welfare state. It maintains that current immigration policies undermine the welfare state; socialism and national identity are impossible together with unrestricted immigration. It wants to ensure the survival of Austrians’ German identity — ergo, the media has decided it is a fascist party.

Finally, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), basically known for its advocacy that Britain leave the European Union, supports both “traditional conservative and libertarian values,” including cuts in corporation taxes, abolition of inheritance taxes, a 40 percent increase in defense spending, but lo and behold, this rather mainstream party, which is only calling for a five-year “freeze” on immigration and an end to the active promotion of multiculturalism, has not escaped the media’s wrath. Its leader, Nigel Farage, opined recently that “in scores of our cities and market towns, this country in a short space of time has frankly become unrecognizable . . . Whether it is the impact on local schools and hospitals, whether it is the fact in many parts of England you don’t hear English spoken anymore.” The mainstream liberal media and academic elites accused UKIP of just about any offense they could muster: “homophobia,” “bigotry,” “misogyny,” “far right extremism,” return of the African slave trade and singing “Nazi-themed songs”!

It is truly astonishing that all these parties have been so designated by both the left and the mainstream “conservative” news and opinion outlets: Business Week, TIME, Guardian, the New York Times, Nation, National Review, Slate, National Post, Euro News, CBC, CTV, BBC, The Economist, and, in agreement with all these venues, Al Jazeera. Such uniform inaccuracy bespeaks the successful “march through the institutions” carried out by cultural Marxists. The mere wish to retain the ethnic and cultural identity of one’s nation in opposition to unrestricted immigration makes one a xenophobic fascist.

In the near past, love of country, loyalty, attachment, and respect for one’s ancestors was normal and accepted by the both the right and left parties. People then did not consider European nations to be mere deracinated places defined by “universal values” (democracy and equality) for the benefit of every ethnic group in the world. Nations were homeland to historic peoples with a particular set of customs and religious beliefs, a people rooted in a unique historical and ethnic landscape.

The political landscape has undergone a fundamental shift since the implementation of mass immigration in the last few decades. It is hard to believe that during the 1950s and 1960s members of the Labour Party in Britain were making the case for immigration controls on the grounds that Britain could not afford to be the “welfare state” for the whole of the Commonwealth. Labour was then a party that actually represented the interests of the native working class and did not want competition for jobs and downward pressure on wages. Elsewhere in Europe the left also objected to guest workers in the early days of immigration. But times have changed, and today the left looks upon immigrants as a future constituency to promote multiculturalism, government expansion, and the overthrow of the traditional values of the European peoples.

On the other side of the political ledger, the right views immigrant labor as essential to economic well-being and corporate globalization. It reduces everything to economics and regularly uses the Marxist language of “inevitable” in reference to a “looming” labor shortage due to low birth rates and retiring baby boomers. It barely challenges, if not welcomes, the feminist downgrading of motherhood and the traditional family. It subordinates non-economic concerns to international capitalism and views ethnic attachment as an obstacle to be thoroughly demonized and suppressed. It refuses to ask why non-Western countries facing the same economic and demographic trends are refusing immigrant multiculturalism, and why all Western nations were created in the past under far more difficult circumstances without employing policies that would forever destroy their heritage. The mainstream right has accepted the leftist claim that opposition to immigration is “xenophobic.”

Both the conventional right and left should therefore be held morally accountable for endorsing the extreme policy of mass immigration that is abolishing the genetic diversity of Europe and the world in the name of a generic racially mixed humanity without roots and pride in ancestry and easily manipulated by global elites interested in leveling cultural and economic differences across the world combined with rabid consumerism.



  1. JJ
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 5:31 pm | Permalink

    Great article gentlemen.

    Even many on the libertarian left are dead against state directed immigration. The only negative prompting my comment is the use of the term Cultural Marxism.

    When Marx said that the workers have no country, he meant that they had been dispossessed by State Capitalist Cronies rather than being devoid of tradition or ethnic identity.

    European workers are being held in the same contempt by our current State Capitalist Crony elites as they were in Marx’s day.

  2. Peter
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

    I first came to this conclusion when I became sufficiently knowledgeable about the “holocaust” debate: If you repeat something often enough, you can get people to believe anything. It can be the most bizarre and strange claim. If you repeat it often enough, you can make people believe it. That is how you can make normal people into extremists and extremists into normal people.

    It’s the same group behind both and they constantly invoke terms like democracy, but they are also the only group that has had Europe pass laws to imprison historians and others that “deny” the holocaust. And to give support to my claim that “if you repeat something often enough, you can get people to believe anything” most Europeans see nothing wrong with this. For the simple reason that they have been told taking this position is obscene; and they have been told it over and over again.

    • Daniel
      Posted December 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

      Have you noticed that it’s a circular argument?

      You can’t question the Holocaust because it was so terrible that questioning it could lead to it happening again.
      We know that the Holocaust was so terrible even though we’re not allowed to question it.

      Of course they make the accusation of ‘denial’ rather than allow that there could be ‘questioning’, but it’s the same result.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted December 11, 2014 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

        The idea of a second holocaust is ludicrous in a world in which Jews have their own state with a mountain of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Jews today are global bullies pretending to be victims, hanging by their fingernails over the abyss of extinction. Call them on it. Enough emotional blackmail.

        • Vercingetorix
          Posted December 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm | Permalink

          Extinction ? How so

  3. Posted December 10, 2014 at 11:03 pm | Permalink

    Ricardo’s stuff is always great. Nothing to add to previous comments.

  4. NorthernSun
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 6:33 am | Permalink

    Wow, what a wonderful photo of ‘Progress’…of humanity’s collective suicide.

  5. Urogallo
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    Excellent article. Hats off to you, Mr. Duchesne.

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength

    Anti-immigration parties are today’s target of ‘Two Minutes Hate’.

  6. Robert Pinkerton
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

    Is it a reasonable analogy to equate mass immigration from the third world into the West,with transfusing Rh-neg blood into a patient who is Rh-positive?

  7. R_Moreland
    Posted December 12, 2014 at 5:01 am | Permalink

    Up until the 1990s, I would have said that a political solution was possible. For example, in the USA a conservative administration if it had the will could have put a halt to illegal immigration, ended affirmative action, supported pro-White departments in the public universities, and so forth. Of course, nothing of the sort happened under Reagan-Bush-Gingrich.

    A turning point was signaled with the collapse of White rule in South Africa. This indicated:
    (1) The governments of Europe and the USA were not willing to support a fellow White/Western nation–if anything, many of these governments actively supported the marxist ANC. Given the international pressure, there was little else for White South Africans to do but turn over the country to black majority rule and hope for the best.
    (2) There was no effective Western counter to the massive leftist agitprop campaign against apartheid. As usual, the possession of technologically advanced weaponry among the Western arsenals proved ineffective against a foe employing media, civil disobedience, and the usual useful idiots (in South Africa itself, the ANC/SWAPO’s main weapon of war was some primitive terrorism, largely against other blacks).
    (3) If Western elites did not consider White rule legitimate in South Africa, there was no political-morale foundation for White rule anywhere else, given that White people were globally becoming a diminishing minority.

    We can see this playing out today, per Mr Duchense’s article.

    The dilemma is that the situation today has gone beyond the point where politics can provide an easy solution. One thing mitigating against it is the presence of large numbers of third worlders in Europe and North America. These are becoming a major power bloc, a base for various political tendencies as well as corporate economic interests. What makes the situation all the worse is that the third worlders do not assimilate. Instead, they engage in dysfunctional behaviors, the most obvious of which is the burning of ancient European cities and the establishment of No-Go zones. They have the “muscle” to actively resist “normal” political authority, meaning that it will take major police-military actions simply to regain control of formerly White majority cities–and this on top of having to deal with corporate and leftist interests on the side of the invaders, both physically and ideologically. The recent pillaging of Ferguson over the “martyrdom” of Michael Brown suggests something out of the 30 Years War. The rioters slogan seems to be, “Kill them all and let CNN sort them out!”

    The situation in the last decade or two has morphed into something akin to the Wars of Religion.

    It’s been remarked on many WN and race realist websites that modern liberalism has taken on the aspect of a lunatic religion: the orthodoxy expressed in “PC”; the liberal guilt syndrome taken to insane extremes; the elevation of “racism” to the status of original sin; the mindless indoctrination in every media; the beatification of terrorists like Nelson Mandela; and the witch hunts and inquisitions against heretics as diverse as Phil Rushton, Geert Wilders, Brigette Bardot, David Irving, Paula Deen and Emma West. And there’s the epic hypocrisy of modern liberalism claiming to be about “tolerance.”

    It’s not for nothing that today’s liberalism is sometimes labelled ironically as the “Multicult.”

    This does suggest something might be learned from previous Wars of Religion. Between the Peasants’ Revolt (1525) to the Peace of Westphalia (1648), Europeans fought it out, finally dividing into two separate camps (Catholic and Protestant), each running its own countries as they saw fit. We may be seeing the beginning of just such a longterm conflict. It means for WN and the Alternative Right steeling oneself ideologically and physically–i.e., being prepared to fight both on the ideological battleground and in the streets.

    Think of a Europe divided into two independent states:
    * A White ethnic imperium, run according to nationalist policies.
    * A multicultic polity in which liberals, corporate CEOs and marxists can open their borders to the third world and “enjoy” all the enrichment that this entails.

    Of course, an even better solution is for White people to reclaim all their territories in Europe and North America (with perhaps tribal areas set aside for Indians and such). And also set up an independent White South African state around the Cape in a sort of global federation of White peoples.

    This would likely take a major struggle.

    And if this situation is not resolved in the 21st century, down the line the Western world might find itself having to take some truly unpleasant measures to reclaim its territories. Look at the centuries long Spanish reconquista of Iberia. Or Justinian’s ill-fated reconquest of North Africa and Italy. Or the assorted massacres accompanying Charlemagne’s establishment of empire.

    The irony is that there is no particular reason for this having to occur in the first place. Most of the policies which have led to the displacement of White peoples could have been avoided by such simple methods as controlling the borders, and dealing summarily with marxism at home. And I also think that the political right got too complacent with the fall of the Soviet Union, letting their guard down–though the rot had probably set in by the 1980s, regardless of the electoral victories of Reagan-Thatcher.

    Anyway, the various rightist movements which are now emerging in Europe and globally may be the signal of a new phase of the struggle. The old politics have revealed themselves to be bankrupt. Time for a new generation to take the lead. Whether WN see themselves as the new Martin Luthers or Ignatius Loyolas, this can be the start of something big.

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