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Is Putinism the Answer to the US-Israeli Imperium?

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putinshadesIs Vladimir Putin, the undisputed ruler of the Russian Federation for the past 15 years, the antidote to the lethal US-Israeli imperium? Will Putin rescue the Middle East from ever-more brash Israeli and American imperialists bent on the subjugation of the Muslim world? 

Many people seem to think so, and they zealously advance skewed and myopic “analysis” to suit the ludicrous image of Putin as the second coming of Christ. “Putin can do no wrong,” these fantasists say with stubborn vigor, insisting that the former KGB chief is playing a master-class “chess match” on the global stage, setting up his adversaries for a big fall.

All of Putin’s outwardly gestures of complicity with Israel and Zionists, for instance, are casually brushed off as a carefully calculated ruse designed to deceive his enemies. Apparently, these lowbrow analysts can read Putin’s mind, assuring us that the Russian strong-man has good intentions for the Arab/Muslim peoples of the Middle East despite his genuflecting at the Wailing Wall, luncheons with Netanyahu and security agreements with the regime in Tel Aviv.

Recently, Putin has made several other displays of solidarity with the Zionists. In May of 2014, Putin passed legislation that outlaws any revision of World War II historiography vis-à-vis ‘the holocaust’ and even makes it illegal to bring attention to the savage misconduct of Stalin’s ‘glorious’ Red Army, which terrorized and brutalized whole nations. “The law signed Monday makes denial of Nazi crimes or misrepresentation of the Soviet Union’s role in World War II punishable by up to five years in jail or a $14,000 fine,” reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

At the close of WWII, marauding Soviet troops conducted the largest campaign of mass-rape in human history, sexually abusing two million German and Eastern European women in a wild carnal frenzy. These unspeakable atrocities against women were fully sanctioned by the Soviet Union’s war propagandists, principally Ilya Ehrenburg whose genocidal hatred of Germans was legend. Ehrenburg routinely exhorted Soviet troops to “kill the German!” in propaganda leaflets.

Thanks to Putin’s new freedom-busting law, these things cannot be openly discussed, much to the liking of Global Zionism whose casus belli for Israel’s existence rests upon the ‘holocaust’ mythos.

In a similar vein, Russian officials advanced a UN resolution in late November 2014 condemning the “glorification of Nazism” and “denial of German Nazi war crimes.” Considering Russia’s Communist past, the conspicuous resolution is an exercise in unreserved hypocrisy. Russian historian Nikolai Tolstoy places much of the blame for the 25-30 million Russian casualties during WWII on Stalin and the Soviet regime itself. He argues that Stalin, taking advantage of the ‘fog of war,’ executed a brutal campaign of repression against his own citizenry to bolster the position of his regime. Eliminating homegrown opposition to Stalinism was his primary concern, not the advancing German army, Tolstoy explains in great detail in his 1981 book Stalin’s Secret War. According to Tolstoy’s research, Stalin liquidated 18-20 million Soviet citizens during WWII in a “secret war against his own subjects.”

Despite Moscow’s fairy tales, Soviet Bolshevism took the lives of far more people than Hitler and National Socialism. So where is Russia’s resolution condemning the glorification of Communism and Stalinism? Not only is Putin’s Russia not concerned with attempts to glorify Communism, it is now illegal in that country to criticize Sovietism and its barbarous legacy.

Unbeknownst to his slavish groupies in the West, Putin solidified his power base in Russia by way of a false-flag terrorist attack on his own people.

“In 1999,” writes Canadian journalist Eric Margolis, “Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer and point man for Russia’s military industrial complex, emerged from the shadows to become prime minister under ailing President Boris Yeltsin. Putin claimed the [1999 Russian apartment] bombings were the work of Chechen ‘Islamic terrorists financed by Osama bin Laden,’ though he offered no proof.”

No Chechens were ever detected in connection to the wave of terror, which leveled multiple apartments in Moscow and other Russian cities, killing hundreds and wounding thousands. On the other hand, three Russian FSB agents were caught red-handed planting a large bomb in the basement of an apartment building in Ryazan, unveiling the Kremlin’s hand behind the previous explosions elsewhere in Russia. The whole sordid affair is detailed lucidly in the documentary entitled “Assassination of Russia,” based on the extensive research of historian Yuri Felshtinsky and former FSB insider Alexander Litvinenko.

As hundreds of Russians were blown to bits as they slept in their beds, Putin took the opportunity to seize dictatorial control of the largest country on earth. “The public is reacting correctly to the events taking place in our country today,” Putin declared in reference to the apartment blasts, adding that the attacks induced the “correct response” from the public. Putin further pontificated: “No panic, no sympathy for the bandits. This is the mood for fighting them to the very end. Until we win, and we shall win.” (Yuri Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinenko, Blowing Up Russia, p. 51)

Using the attacks as a pretext, Putin launched a mini “war on terror” in Chechnya. He quickly turned Chechnya’s capital Grozny into a massive burial ground. To justify his murderous campaign against the downtrodden Chechens, Putin employed all of the phraseology of the US-Israeli imperium’s post-9/11 “Global War on Terror,” announcing that Russia was being assailed by an “international Islamic conspiracy” and that unrelenting force was the only cure for nihilistic terrorists.

Eric Margolis, in his 2002 article titled “The Apartment Bombing Mystery,” explained:

 Putin promised to ‘liquidate all terrorists.’ He proclaimed Russia was facing a war between ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ ‘It’s our boys,’ said Putin, fanning war fever and hysteria, ‘against terrorists’ belonging to an ‘international Islamic conspiracy.’ Putin’s alleged evidence of Chechen guilt was never forthcoming. Chechen leaders denied any responsibility for the bombings. Why they would seek war with Russia after gaining independence was never explained. Thousands of ‘swarthy-looking’ (meaning Muslim) men from the Caucasus and Central Asia were arrested, brutally interrogated, and held without charges. … The Kremlin kept insisting ‘Islamic terrorists’ did the bombings. A few months later, a wildly popular Putin, whose approval ratings hit 80%, was swept into the presidency of Russia on a wave of patriotic fervor, jingoism, xenophobia, and anti-Muslim hysteria.

Perhaps President George W. Bush’s “they hate us for our freedoms” lunacy after 9/11 was a throwback to Putin’s “evil Muslim terrorists vs. civilized Russians” spiel in 1999. No wonder Putin was the first person to call Bush on 9/11, pledging Russian support for the US war in Afghanistan. Is it also any wonder that Putin publicly decries “9/11 conspiracy theories” considering his own use of the Machiavellian false-flag tactic to achieve his political ends?

Putin’s bloody onslaught against Chechnya cost 57,000 Chechens their lives and made 200,000 more into refugees, reported Margolis in the same article. He continued: “Human rights organizations accuse Russian forces in Chechnya of ubiquitous brutality: mass murders and reprisals, arson, looting, torture, running concentration camps. Moscow rejects all such criticism, saying that rough methods are justified against ‘terrorists.’”

When armed Chechen fighters took hostages in a Moscow theatre in 2002, demanding Russian forces unilaterally withdraw from Chechen soil, the belligerent Putin reacted by ordering Russian Special Forces to pipe a toxic gas into the theatre which killed all 40 Chechen militants and also claimed the lives of 130 Russian civilian hostages. When, in 2004, Chechen rebels seized thousands of hostages in a school in Beslan, South Russia, Putin once again refused to negotiate, ordering Russian special services to raid the facility and “shoot to kill,” causing hundreds of deaths that could have otherwise been averted through mediation. Many people, including the advocacy group “Mothers of Beslan” which is comprised of mothers whose children perished in the tragedy, contend the Beslan incident was an inside job and that Russian security forces instigated the bloodbath by firing rocket-propelled grenades into the school before the militants initiated any force.

All of this dirty business is not enough to cause any dissent within the ranks of Putin loyalists. Whitewashing Putin’s dirty laundry is paramount for these ideological zealots posing as “analysts.”

However, many astute people not tied down by fan-boy cultism see Putin for what he is: a corrupt, power-hungry and self-interested politician, no different than the West’s beguiling leadership who are likewise steeped in political evil.




  1. NYTrad
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    If Putin is not a threat to the powers that be, why would they waste so much time and money trying to stop him? The U.S. doesn’t spend 5 billion dollars on Ukrainian regime change out of the goodness of its heart. It is odd to see Counter Currents taking the side of the Neo-Con’s dubiously named “American Committee for Peace in Chechnya.”

    • adam
      Posted December 9, 2014 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

      Russia got Crimea out of it

    • Lew
      Posted December 10, 2014 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

      NYTrad’s logic is impeccable. We should reconsider our position on the Republican party. Obama’s allies spent millions and millions to defeat them in the last US election. Republicans, clearly, must be a legitimate threat to the Zionist and globalist powers behind the Obama administration’s policies.

  2. Hadrian
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    The Putin lovers are indeed absurd. Putin has had fourteen years to make his grand move or at least do something to combat global jewry and their allies, and he’s done nothing. Instead he and the Russian state media prefer to scream bloody murder when Latvians and Estonians celebrate their SS veterans and tear down Lenin statues.

    Putin isn’t the only problem though. Russian nationalists are basically their version of American patriotards. They love “their” victory in WWII, hate “fascism,” and have nostalgia for the good old days (for American conservatives its the 50s, for Russian nationalists it’s Stalin). When they are reminded that actual Russians will be a minority in Russia soon due to third world immigration, they say that Russia was always multicultural and as long as they have some kind of “Russian” identity, they will be just as Russian as Slavic Russians.

    I would actually prefer it if Russia decayed into irrelevancy, because if Europe ever awakens and starts adopting nationalistic policies, Russia will be their most immediate threat.

  3. Catiline
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    Desperation leads many to grasp at straws. Putin is consciously playing to this tendency.

    Here’s more on (Ras)Putin: “Unfortunately, the ‘vaccine’ for the Nazi virus that was developed at the [post-war] Nuremburg trials has lost its power in certain countries of Europe. A clear example of this is the open manifestations of neo-Nazism that has become commonplace in Latvia and other Baltic countries.”

    “It is our duty today to oppose the glorification of Nazism,” Putin said. “To firmly resist attempts to change the outcome of World War II. To consistently combat all forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism.”

  4. Gunnar Tyrsson
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    I agree that Putin is, by no means, some kind of “savior” for the West, but if Russia, possibly with China and/or India can possibly check imperial America, doesn’t that deserve at least some qualified support?

  5. Carl
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    I don’t trust Putin and I don’t like Chechens.

  6. Whites Unite
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    1. Chechens should be expelled from Russia and every other White country. (Except, of course, for those Chechens guilty of murder, such as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the Cechens guilty of committing terror attacks in Beslan and Moscow . They should face the death penalty.)

    2. Commener Hadrian has obviously never read any of the Occidental Observer articles written by Igor Artemov and translated by Roman Frolov. Real Russian nationalists oppose non-White immigration into Russia, and are quite critical of the Bolsheviks. Hadrian’s genocidal animosity towards the Russians is unacceptable.

    3. Putin has his good points and his bad points. On the negative side, he allows mass non-White immigration into Russia, persecutes Russian nationalists, maintains an unnatural political connection with Chechnya and Dagestan, and allows Lenin and Stalin to receive honors of which they are not worthy. On the positive side, he prosecuted one of the Jewish oligarchs who had plundered Russia during the Yeltsin years (to the great chagrin of Richard Perle), the Russian birth rate has increased during his reign, he helps finance the French National Front and other western nationalists, he does not tolerate the antics of Pussy Riot, and he helped preserve Assad’s regime in part of Syria – thus minimizing the flow of Syrian refugees to Europe.

    4. This article has an unfortunate coincidence in time with the disgraceful HR758.

  7. A Russian Guy
    Posted December 9, 2014 at 10:27 pm | Permalink

    Perhaps my opinion would be interesting to you. As a Slavic Russian (born and raised) living in North America, I look at Putin and Putinism through very different lenses than you, Anglos Saxon, American Race Realists.

    The more I observe Russo-Western relations over time, the more I see that the two will never understand each other. We are just too inherently different.

    Firstly, you cite this “Russian” writer – Yuri Felshtinski. Who turns out to be a Soviet Jew who left USSR in the 1970s. He is as Russian as Obama is American. What can he possibly know about Putin’s Russia?

    Next, many White Nationalist don’t like the fact that some Russian officials embrace Russian multi-ethnic identity. What you fail to understand is that Russia is composed of over 180 ethnicities. Almost none of which are recent immigrants. I repeat – Russia’s ethnic groups are as native to the land as Russians or Tatars. Chechens naturally lived in their lands for thousands of years just like the Russians did.
    I understand, when you think non-white, in your mind you imagine Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Muslims, Indians and so forth. All the groups that were virtually non-existent in the US some odd 50 years ago.
    Russian non Slavic groups naturally lived there for hundreds and thousands of years. They are not going anywhere, they are home. Over 30 Russian regions have an official second language, like Tatarstan, Dagestan or Chechnya. Many regions are overwhelmingly Muslim, some are Buddhist. Russia is like an inland Empire.
    That’s why you can’t just outright embrace pro-Russian policy within the nation because the country might just explode. The President has to be diplomatic about inter-ethnic relations. However, by the most part, everyone gets along well with each other.
    What people don’t want are the new immigrants, like Uzbeks or Tadzhiks or Chinese flooding the country. Most agree on that, even Non-Russian traditional ethnic groups.
    Another important aspect is that most of the traditional Russian ethnic groups have their geographic areas of concentration where they naturally lived for hundreds of years. And, tacitly different ethnicities respect each other’s habits and traditions. A Russian travelling to Chechnya would be expected not to drink alcohol publicly. Just like a Chechen in any dominantly Russian populated part of Russia is expected to abide by Russian customs and laws.
    It is something you will never understand just because you weren’t born and raised there.

    About Putin. He is rather mystery to me. But I remember growing up in the 90s in Russia and feeling this constant humiliation and embarrassment about my country. Feeling like a royalty striped of his titles and assets and having to beg for food. Putin returned us, Russians, that feeling of pride, patriotism and hope. I remember how the country used to be when I lived there and how it is right now. HUGE difference – people are way wealthier, more travelled, healthier and produce more babies.
    Two years ago, if I’m not mistaken, was the first years when there was a surplus of newborn over the dead ones. I travelled back to Russia recently, you wouldn’t believe the amount of young moms with strollers in the streets. It is just inspiring.
    Western Europe has been traditionally white. Only some 40 years ago it was at least 95% white. Russian Empire, USSR, modern Russia have always been a mosaic of various traditional (!) ethnicities glued together in spirit by the Slav Russians.
    That’s why North American WNs will never understand Russian nationalism because we’ve had very different historic experiences.
    Nevertheless, Russia has the biggest in the world Nationalistic Gathering called “Russian March”. Tens of thousands of participants take to the streets in dozens of cities around the country carrying Nationalistic and oftentimes National-Socialist symbolic. I used to support it, but now I’m leaning toward the idea that it might be a tool by World Zionists to destabilize and tear the country apart through so popular Nationalism.

    • Leon
      Posted December 10, 2014 at 3:53 am | Permalink

      You make good points, but how do you respond to the author’s claims that Putin staged terrorist attacks to gain power. Someone with so little regard for his own people cannot be worthy of admiration. That said, it strikes me that this article does not even answer the question in the title. Whether Putin’s Russia can serve as a check to US-Israeli power does not necessarily depend on his character. The real question is whether the Western regime would stronger or weaker for his absence.

      • Jules
        Posted December 10, 2014 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

        The real question is whether the Western regime would stronger or weaker for his absence.

        After Russian sponsored rebellion in Ukraine, the Malaysian airline full of mostly Dutch people, and bullying of Baltics and activities in Baltic Sea they should build a monument to him at NATO HQ in Brussels. Why? Because despite lack of interest in security from most European leaders (everything is business to them) and people Putin has made NATO and American Power in Europe relevant again.

        By accident Putin has also reinforced the view among ordinary not-so-political Europeans, whose votes the politicians need, that decades of warnings about nationalism leading to war are true. His overt, though cynical, embrace of religion and “homophobia” along with the war and Russian obstruction of MH17 investigation have reinforced the European progressive leftist narrative that right wing nationalists are nasty pieces of work.

    • Brigadier
      Posted December 18, 2014 at 7:30 am | Permalink

      I really liked your fairy tale.
      “Putin makes me Proud, Nationalism is Zionist Tool, it’s better to support multi-racial Russia.”

      Look, i am a slav from South Eastern Europe, just not Russian vodka fairy-tale lover.

      Russia is NOT Multi-racial, even as non-russian i know that. You confuse Russia with the current existing disaster called – Russian Federation (product of Imperialism), or worse – you confuse Russia with USSR (again, Imperialism).

      The ethnic Russia is small, and the “minorities” from Chechnya, Dagestan, Tatarstan etc want their independence. Sooner or later they will have it, empires don’t last forever. The (real) Russian Nationalists will give to them their independence, Russia will lose many territories, it’s size… but it will be Pure and Nationalist.

      And while i was reading your fairy tale written undoubtedly from alcoholic inspiration while in the same time being mesmerized from the portrait of Sralin, i missed many important issues. You carefully avoided the topics of:

      1. The demographic collapse of the ethnic Russians (if you think that France is bad, just check Russia for a laugh).
      2. The epidemic Alcoholism
      3. That the large portion of russian women are willingly becoing sex slaves to Arabs, Africans, Americans, Chinese and Japanese businessmen.
      4. That the MAJORITY (!) from the Russian Women have a “real thing” to the gangs of Chechen men (Dagestani and Azeri as well).

      You even talked about the “Russian Nationalists”. According you, “Russian Nationalists” are supporting the Multi-Racial Russia because of lies (for you, the lie is real of course) and have love for Stalinist USSR (hahaha).

      That’s a strange statement… i say this with a reason. And the reason is simple. There is not a SINGLE ONE Russian Nationalists who supports Putin and there is not a single Russian Nationalist who DONT glorify NaziSozi Germany (We slavs just love Hitler, it’s a genetic thing).

      Russian Nationalists are on the side of Ukraine and against the neo-imperialist project of Putin called “Novorosiya”.

  8. Azov Sector
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 12:01 am | Permalink

    Although it focuses too much on “Zionism” (which is not really an issue in a day-to-day Russian politics), the article describes the bigger picture of Putin’s anti-nationalist repressive regime.

    I would recommend following this group of Russian nationalist on Facebook –, who keep track of ongoing anti-nationalist/anti-white repressions in Russia, translating major topics in English

  9. ex-Evolution
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    1. You westeners are looking for a messiah. A redemption from zog. Someone to save you -Putin didnt and now you;re angry on him.-

    2. I see you all here are nazi sympathizers.
    No mention to the crimes of nazi army, the rapes etc.

    3. Your cosmotheasis, your world view , is anglosaxonic, thus, you criticize Putin via anglosaxonic eyes of course. Now, your racism is that you demand , the leaders to be like your anglosaxonic mentality in order to like them.
    well, Putin, isnt anglosaxon. Russians arent anglosaxon. They can be friendly or hostile at times but arent like you. And this is smth that you have to understand.

    The extinction and degeneration of whites is at the gates. We agree on that. But instead of moaning and being hostile to leaders who look for sovereignity , isnt the way to go. The white survival needs allies and self realization. Bashing instead of creating ties is suicidal and unfortunately will lead to the end that we are all aware of.

    -I like this site, i think it contains a lot of good ideas but of course i dont agree in it;s entirety-

    excuse my language, iam not native english speaker.

    • Hadrian
      Posted December 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm | Permalink

      “1. You westeners are looking for a messiah. A redemption from zog. Someone to save you -Putin didnt and now you;re angry on him.-”

      If you’re a Russian, you too should be “looking for a messiah.” Your birth rates are plummeting, your male population is sickly due to rampant alcoholism and smoking, your women are sold around the world as sex slaves, and your country is in the hands of largely jewish billionaires who hate you.

      “2. I see you all here are nazi sympathizers.
      No mention to the crimes of nazi army, the rapes etc.”

      Any “crimes” the National Socialists committed during the invasion of Russia were no different or numerous from what any other army committed in any other war. The only armies that committed systematic murders, rapes, and atrocities on the explicit orders of their commanders were all Allied armies.

      The German army mostly adhered to the Geneva Convention, which is something the USSR did not even formally agree to. The Germans even the Red Cross travel with them as they moved east. People across the Baltic nations, Ukraine, and even Russia greeted them as liberators. As for the millions of Bolshevik dead, it was mostly due to Stalin’s government that was waging a terroristic war on the Russian populace while the Germans were advancing.

      “33. Your cosmotheasis, your world view , is anglosaxonic, thus, you criticize Putin via anglosaxonic eyes of course. Now, your racism is that you demand , the leaders to be like your anglosaxonic mentality in order to like them.
      well, Putin, isnt anglosaxon. Russians arent anglosaxon. They can be friendly or hostile at times but arent like you. And this is smth that you have to understand.”

      Putin doesn’t have to be Anglo-Saxon. He can good a good Slav and promote policies that help Russia’s Slavic populace and bring the jewish criminals to justice for their abominable crimes against Russia and surrounding Slavic nations in the past century. He can stop whining about the Holocaust and promote understanding of the nature of Bolshevism, its jewish roots, and its death toll of about 60 million Slavs. He can apologize to Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and many other nations for the crimes of the Soviet regime and show some solidarity with them. He can use his intelligence agencies to root out the jewish mafia and their role in sex slavery. He can end Muslim immigration into Russia and promote the Slavic birth rate.

      Putin does none of this. If you’re Russian, why do you support him?

      “The extinction and degeneration of whites is at the gates. We agree on that. But instead of moaning and being hostile to leaders who look for sovereignity , isnt the way to go. The white survival needs allies and self realization. Bashing instead of creating ties is suicidal and unfortunately will lead to the end that we are all aware of.”

      We’re hostile to Putin because he’s a puppet, like any western leader. There’s nothing sovereign about him.

  10. Peter Quint
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    “Putinism” is wishful thinking. I am going to make an incongruous comparison to the antifa’s hypothesis that there is an WASP elite out there pulling the strings and seeking to destroy the non-white races through the CIA. This hypothesis was put forth in Robert DeNiro’s “The Good Shepard.” Robert DeNiro is no friend of ours, as you well know and neither was Marlon Brando who never married a white women either.

  11. Kronolog
    Posted December 10, 2014 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Regardless of his flaws, he’s better than Jeltsin.

  12. Asfalios
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Mr Martinez is not a good choice when it comes to reality. which he frequents is a pro-Iran outlet and we all know what Iran stands for when it comes to flooding Europe with Muslims.
    Putin or Russia are not a solution but not for the reasons Mr Martinez likes to talk about.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 11, 2014 at 1:06 am | Permalink

      Not sure what you are talking about. There is no mass Iranian immigration to Europe. There was an outflow more than a generation ago after the Islamic revolution. And what percentage of Muslim immigrants from any nation are Shi’ite?

  13. ex-Evolution
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 4:32 am | Permalink

    Hadrian wrote some interesting observations but would be good to make some things clearer.
    Putin’s aint a czar, but a representative of a larger collision that includes: liberals, nationalists, traditional patriots and oligarchs, So he has to maintain the relations among them in order to keep evolving. One important clue is that russia is not exactly a nation but a union of 150 nations in one.
    The last 5 years, his party passed laws that support young couples and the birth increase and this already starts to work. Hadrian’s mention on low birth rate was right 5 years ago but not anymore.
    Muslims exist in russian territiory and are mostly peaceful. Except some fanatics who did mess in the past, in some south regions of country.
    His plan to limit the oligarchs (most of them jewish- Khodorowski, Abramovich etc) show a potential move to the right direction. New jobs appear, less russians emmigrate, more institutes provide advanced technological achievements and after the great pain of 90,s (is hard to imagine how hard were these years when ‘selling’ became the only god)all the nightmares of that time are ending. This boosts the will of many people as i personally observe during my trips and meetings.
    As for the nazi crimes, i insist on them because we have witnesses and witnesses of those who supported the nazi entrance (in communist countries) but had the same ending, torture and death. And my view to german national socialism is negative mostly because it was built on fake foundations (supremacy/aryanism etc). Germans are equally perverts as any other and the illusion of supremacy remains an illusion.
    Iam not russian but greek-hungarian and eastern church believer.

  14. Alastor
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    Is it not the most obvious thing in the world that were Russia to withdraw from any part of its current territory NATO would immediately fill the void and the tentacles of US/UK/EU will move ever closer to the Russian heartland? Is it not obvious that if Russia doesn’t resist in Ukraine NATO will be established there as in Poland and the noose tightened around her?

    I doubt Putin has any interest in saving my nation and culture in western Europe, but I know for certain the US/UK/EU wants to exterminate said nation and culture. How can I not support Putin when he has the power to conceivably defeat my destroyers, albeit for his own reasons? I should wish the defeat of the last white power on earth not dedicated to white genocide for the sake of a few nationalists who will be buried under the contents of Nulands purse a few months after a Russian withdrawal? Not bloody likely. It’s pretty clear Washington fears Putin more than the nationalists and in destroying white societies I’ll defer to their expertise.

    I’m not a Putin lover, just an utterly depressed European.

  15. Fynn
    Posted December 11, 2014 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    One would think the western plutocrats could be a little more patient with Putin. After all, he’s working with a capitalistic, multiparty system, even if, like the Republocrats, he makes sure that it is he or his allies who are ruling the roost. But over time, won’t this system result in the Russians being good little bourgeois consumers just like westerners? Apparently the “U.S.-Israel Imperium” can’t bear to wait it out and leave Russia with the level of independence it hangs on to.

    No doubt the Zionists are sore at Putin for not toeing the line on Syria and Iran, among other things. So it always serves to placate them a bit by coming down hard on the nasty nazis/fascists. I appreciate Putin’s speeches on world affairs more so than his western counterpart’s, but if his conception of nazism/fascism is really on a par with Barbara Boxer’s, or some other typical U.S. congressperson, then there probably isn’t much hope for Putin’s Russia. Odd how Hitler’s bourgeois enemies dub him an out-of-touch with reality madman, yet proclaim victory against him as being the greatest achievement of their nations, at least in the 20th century. And you never hear the end of it.

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