Does the “Movement” Exist?

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In the strict sense, no. There is no Movement, certainly no significant organizational structure, representation within existing institutions, or revolutionary potential geared toward white survival. On the contrary, genocide is the order of the day. Genocide, anti-white racism, philo-Semitism, and totalitarianism are the core institutional “values” of contemporary society.

This is the main reason so many white racialists over the years (that is, serious ones, people who aren’t just dicks) have spoken dismissively of the “Movement,” or referred to it in quotation marks as I just did.

Paradoxically, a “movement” of a different sort, that is, an instinctive impulse among the more sensitive and responsible members of our race that it should endure, does exist, and has existed cross-generationally since Jews seized power over white civilization in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This impulse, sharply attenuated and violently suppressed by the ruling class, represents the natural drive of all life to survive and perpetuate itself.

So, in the latter sense a white racialist “movement” certainly exists and has persisted over time. When one fighter falls, another picks up his rifle. Such men and women exhibit a unique sense of responsibility. In effect, they were selected by the vast, silent assembly of ancestors responsible for their uncommon genetic endowments.

But the fevered comic book imaginings of Jews, academics, the mass media, state-funded Left-wing “activist” groups, secret police, cops, prosecutors, judges, politicians, the European Union, globalist organizations, etc., are pure fantasies. There is no “Nazi” fifth column, no vast, secret conspiracy, no fiendish whites rubbing their palms as they slyly conspire to gas society’s gods, no “WASP Establishment,” no KKK, no pervasive white racism—nothing.


Nevertheless, the phantasms of the ruling class are real psychologically and emotionally, just as the ghosts and gods of primitive man were real: they exist in actors’ minds and govern real-world thought and behavior.

Cops, and even secret police, for example, really do think they inhabit a realm filled with sinister racist groups who hate Jews, coloreds, Muslims, and homosexuals, prepared at any moment to violently overthrow the government constabularies that repressive organizations love. In their minds, Anders Breiviks and Timothy McVeighs lurk in the shadows everywhere. The ADL, SPLC, FBI, DHS, NSA, academia, TV, movies, and countless laws “confirm” it. The guardians are convinced it is so, and think and behave accordingly.

Furthermore, authority figures of every kind have been instructed in no uncertain terms that The Word (free speech unaccompanied by action—empty talk talk talk talk in a handful of miniscule, carefully isolated, tightly-monitored forums, which in the context of genocide means sterility) is itself “terrorism.” The Word—forbidden, politically incorrect [2] ideas—has talismanic power. Forbidden ideas are so consequential that they must not be, and are not, differentiated from action. Anyone who harbors forbidden thoughts becomes a “terrorist.”

For (who can deny it?): In the Beginning Was the Word [3].

But: unacknowledged and unspoken: the same is true of the Jewish/government Word, today and yesterday—the New Deal, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Zionism, anti-Christian bigotry, vile racial hatred, replacement migration [4], genocide, concentration camps, prisons, culture distortion and destruction, suppression of speech, the perversion of sex and sex trafficking (including pornography) on a titanic scale, the annihilation of marriage, family, and childbearing, assassination, torture, the coldblooded murder of tens of millions of Europeans, Arabs, and Asians—the entire Great Leap Backward of modern times—all originated in the Politically Correct Word.

Today’s genocidal imperative emanates from the pit of hatred of people untethered from science, empiricism, reality, and moral and legal constraints, immersed in a swamp of irrational religious superstition.

Despite residual positive inertia from the past, science, empiricism, law, enlightenment, and morality diminish day by day as civilization dies and the world is plunged into the primitivism, darkness, gut-wrenching violence, sadism, and ignorance that burns in the demonic breasts of its new masters.

With no Movement to stop it.