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Toward a Europe of Carnal Fatherlands?

charnelles [1]1,502 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

Racism is merely an awareness of racial differences. By no means does it imply the desire to oppress or destroy another race merely because it is different from our own. Quite the contrary! We are racist for the blacks as well as for Aryans and Jews. To revisit and slightly tweak a well-known phrase, “We are all Israelis!” Because for us, the SS, as well as for the sabras, the womb of one’s mother has the right to define the race of men that it brings forth — the same right that the she-wolf defines the species of wolves, which are different from dogs. If she commits the sin — that will one day be recognized as the true original sin — and couples with a dog, her descendants will no longer be wolves or dogs. The laws that govern the evolution of man and animals are exactly the same.

We remain the lucid bearers of Europe. And at her foundation is the concept of race, to the extent that a thousand years of obscurantism have not diluted it into the biological indifferentiation of the “gray world” being promoted. A second imperative calls Europe to the concept of territory. This is the most powerful of all those forces that condition the comportment of men and animals. Konrad Lorenz and Robert Ardrey have demonstrated and Heinz Heidiger has said: “The history of territorialism in the animal kingdom is the first chapter in the history of property in the human species.” The robin hopping in your garden is on his territory and does not share it with others, except his mate. The same garden, or park, or area is your territory. The instinct for one’s place of origin is directly related to the land, as well as procreation. Salmon cross oceans to spawn in the river where they were born, and die of exhaustion. Ignoring this instinct that love of genesis anchored deeply in all vertebrate species, including man, leads to political and social aberrations resulting in communism. But the Communist man who no longer possessed personal territory, ceased to love the land and cultivate it, placing the Soviet Union on the brink of starvation. In Communist countries, it is also the grayness of life, the apathy of the proletarian who, less fortunate than the beasts, no longer owns a piece of land of his own. But the current evolution of so-called capitalist countries leads to the same result. Although well-fed, his hands full of so-called consumer goods, deracinated men of the West vegetate within the sixty square meters of their public housing apartments, depressed, aggressive, ready to break anything, molest anyone, because they no longer possess the space required by their animal instincts.

Europe must be rethought starting from the biologically-based notion of blood, likewise the races, the terrestrial imperatives, and the soil. That is the meaning of the “carnal fatherlands.” Only small carnal fatherlands can exist with the nourishment of this double force. The greater the extent of a single space, the more racial reality is diluted by mixing and the more territory escapes the property of the individual to profit of the group. Basically, we must choose between the USSR and Brittany, the continental destiny or the regional one. A frog may well grow as big as an ox, then die, but it can also remain a frog. This is where I part company with my many nationalist friends, while sharing many of their basic opinions. This is where I part company with my many Catholic friends while sharing much of their morality. For France, which bears the dignified name of the kings who represented the most brilliant success in the history of the West, committed suicide by murdering Louis XVI and was not reborn. It will complete its disappearance in a Sovietized continent, dragging to oblivion the nuclei that gave it strength, the Germans, Celts, and Alpines.

The SS could still save Europe today, like thirty years ago, but it no longer exists on the temporal plane. As I showed in my book Les SS de la Toison d’Or [The SS of the Golden Fleece, Paris: Presses de la Cité, 1975], in 1944, the SS galvanized all that remained of true warriors and daring thinkers on the old continent. Carrying the oldest cross in the world, down from the North with the primitive Aryans, the Waffen SS was no longer German in the narrow nationalist sense of the term. It was European and wished to revive the basic values ​​of blood and soil. At Hildesheim, in the SS monastery “Germania Haus,” we mapped the “carnal fatherlands” which we demanded be recognized by our combat and imposed upon the Pan-Germanists who did not agree, if necessary with the support arms that we would keep after a military victory.

It was a racially based and denationalized Europe. I consider it perfectly valid today, because still the Bretons are not Nicians, Basques not Andalusians, Bavarians not Prussians, Corsicans not Picards, and Piedmontese not Sicilians! We said, to each his own, and the cows will be well guarded, but guarded by the SS, of course, because the masses remain incapable of self-care. Because we were the liberators of the ethnic groups that were prisoners of the nations, the cross-bearers of a new religion that preached that man was not created in God’s image, but is subject to evolution that God has directed for six hundred million years, because he will allow us only to discover his image one day through a superhumanity that will not be given to us but must be conquered.

Anyway, historically based nations are doomed. They have outlived their usefulness and cost too much pure blood. Example: is the tide turning now toward a love match between France and Germany? Mere appearance that overlays major economic interests. There will never be a true Franco-German entente. The contentious history between the two nations is too heavy. But between Brittany and Bavaria there is no historical dispute. The SS wanted to save the dominant racial ethnicities still evident, give them cultural sovereignty, that is to say, a higher level of freedom, allowing them to be administered according to the customs and traditions of the place. France would disappear. But Germany too! A Europe thus diversified would recover its genius and resume its upward evolution, because evolution lies in increasingly pronounced diversification.

These federated provinces would share the same economy of means of defense. Fifty million Waffen SS commanded by the racial elite of the continent would easily hold out against the two billion Asians and Africans who would inevitably assault us in the next century. The economy, which itself could be “regionalized,” was planned, for we do not envision a Renault designed by a Basque technician, built on a Pomeranian assembly line, receiving a Scandinavian finish. A minor problem. Since the Stone Age, man has been able to have whatever economy he pleases, and there is no other wealth than men.

With the carnal fatherlands hand-in-hand with the bearers of the new cross, Europe would again become the object of admiration, envy, and salutary fear which would inspire the world for a thousand years. By fighting a losing battle from 1939 to 1945, Europeans have lost that chance, perhaps for the last time.

Today, however, the disintegrating tendency of ethnic groups against nation states is more pronounced than thirty years ago. The German space is a federal republic where Munich is as independent of Hamburg as Nice or Bordeaux of Paris. If a referendum asking the Piedmontese, Bergasques, Venetians, and Lombards the question “Do you prefer an autonomous regime to the Republican domination of Rome?” Eighty percent said “Yes.” And already Aosta, South Tyrol, and Sicily have won their cultural independence. The Flemish want to split from the Walloons and the Belgian royal state. And if Franco had given autonomy to the Basques and Catalans, it would have prevented Marxists from becoming their spokesmen.

Old Europe will inevitably be forced to give freedom to its ethnic groups or to decimate them. Because in the short run, we do not see the means to unite these “carnal fatherlands.” Freedom through universal suffrage? It’s chaos, a knife fight to delineate the respective areas of influence. Adopt a common language complementing the regional languages ​​(what a fight between the French, English, and Germans!) . . . ?

Can the common market be anything other than big business playing in favor of some international powers? Lodges that might find in this liberation of peoples a humanist ideal dare not promote it. So who? Why perhaps the Russians, gentlemen! Remember that the USSR has a federal constitution that serves as the cover of the racist dictatorship of Great Russian Muscovites! So a continent of federated peoples from Gibraltar to Vladivostok? With a federating and communist Tsar like the great Stalin? After all, why not, since part of Europe spat on the prophet that the gods had sent her? But she will pay!

Source: Défense de l’Occident, no. 136, March 1976.