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The Counter-Currents 2014 Summer Fundraiser 
We Made It!

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great-pumpkin_l (1) [1]Since yesterday’s update [2] on our Summer Fundraiser, we have received donations totaling $2,710. Our total is now $40,097, which puts us over the top. On Monday, I will publish a final tally of donations that come in between now and the end of Halloween (and over the weekend as well).  

The Great Pumpkin may be a beagle, but Counter-Currents’ supporters are real. On behalf of myself, the Counter-Currents team, our authors, our podcasters, our readers, and those for whom we fight, I want to thank you all for making our work possible. I also want to give special thanks to the Swedish benefactor who gave us a $5,000 matching grant.

Your loyal readership and support make it all worthwhile.

Greg Johnson
Counter-Currents Publishing, Ltd.