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Ukraine, Russia, & the Jewish Factor

Vladimir Putin at the dedication of a Red Army memorial in Israel, "At Putin's Side, an Army of Jewish Billionaires," Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2012

Vladimir Putin at the dedication of a Red Army memorial in Israel, “At Putin’s Side, an Army of Jewish Billionaires,” Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2012[1]

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Author’s Note:

The following text started as a comment on my article “Kevin Strom on Russia and Ukraine” then morphed into an addition to the essay. But few people will see it that way, so I think it is worthy of standing alone on the front page. 

Even as Russia claims to be fighting against anti-Semitism in Ukraine, pro-Russian propagandists seem anxious to sway foreign anti-Semites to their side by making a great deal of the Jews involved in the Ukrainian interim government, the subsequently elected government, and the outside parties that have tried to shape the Ukrainian Revolution.

For instance, Volodymyr Groysman is a deputy prime minister, and Ihor Kolomoisky is governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Both of them are Jews. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of casual dishonesty among anti-Semites, which leads to many false accusations. For instance, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, President Petro Poroshenko, and Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko have all been called Jews, but no firm evidence has been offered for these claims. (If Klitschko is a Jew, it is rather odd he named one of his sons after Max Schmeling.) American Jewish neocon Victoria Nuland — whom anti-Semites tiresomely refer to by her family’s original German name Nudelman, as if it were somehow more “Jewish” than Nuland — was on the scene and certainly up to no good during the Maidan protests.

But what does this all mean? The Maidan Revolution was made by a wide coalition of groups, including Ukrainian White Nationalists, and the subsequent governments have reflected the different strands of this coalition. Yet pro-Russian/anti-Ukraine propaganda treats the involvement of Jews as revealing the essence of the Ukrainian regime. They refer to the government as “Jewish,” tout court, and shamelessly slander Ukrainian White Nationalists as Jewish puppets, stooges, and collaborators.

But the involvement of Jews in the Putin regime is treated as accidental and negligible. Kevin Alfred Strom assures us that they are mere “pets” with “no trace of real power.” It is hard to judge such claims, of course, because Strom does not name names. Using English, French, and German sources, it is actually quite difficult to discover the ethnicity of many of Putin’s ministers, which itself is suspicious. But two are explicitly identified as Jews even by Wikipedia: Igor Levitin (Transportation Minister, 2004–2012) and Mikhail Fradkov (Director of Foreign Intelligence from 2007 on). Director of Foreign Intelligence is certainly not a position with “no trace of real power.” You can be assured if Ukraine had a Jewish Director of Foreign Intelligence or Transportation Minister, we would never hear the end of it.

Why the double standard? If there are Jews on both sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, why does the presence of Jews in the Ukrainian government prove that it is “Jewish” while the presence of Jews in the Russian government apparently means nothing at all (lest it undermine the false narrative that Russia is “Jew-wise” and working to counter international Jewry)?

The fact-fudging rush to brand the Ukrainian government “Jewish” aims to obscure the true nature of the Ukrainian situation, namely, that Ukraine has a parliamentary system with a number of different parties, in which common aims and enemies can lead to unlikely coalitions. Most importantly, it seeks to obscure the fact that the Ukrainian Revolution is by no means over. The situation in Ukraine is fluid and developing. It is too soon to say that Ukraine will be sucked into NATO and the EU, that it will lose its independence to the West, that it will be flooded with non-white immigrants and asylum seekers, etc. Certainly not if Ukrainian nationalists have anything to say about it.

Unfortunately, ongoing Russian intervention has pushed Ukraine closer to the West, caused the various parties to set aside their differences to pose a united front, and disproportionately absorbed the energies of the nationalists. But when the insurgency in the East is over, then the nationalist struggle for an independent Ukrainian third way will resume. In the meantime, it is simply intellectually dishonest to pretend that one already knows the outcome.

But let’s grant, for the sake of argument, that in the end, the nationalists will lose and Ukraine will become absorbed by the West. Is it really the position of Strom and other Russia apologists that Svoboda and Right Sector should have never even tried? The Putin apologists claim that it is futile for Ukraine to ever seek national self-determination, that Ukraine is doomed either to be a Russian satellite or an American one. My question is: Do they think that nationalism is futile in all cases? Is it futile in France? Is it futile in Germany? In Denmark? In Sweden? Do they think that it is futile for Americans to try to build an alternative to the Democrat vs. Republican hegemony?

What kind of White Nationalists believe that White Nationalism is futile everywhere it is tried? Such people obviously are in no position to lead, so they should step down. Or, since they presumably believe that Russian nationalism, at least, is not futile, perhaps they should simply become full-time apologists for Russia. Unfortunately, some websites are already drifting in that direction.

Or do these White Nationalists believe that our cause is futile only in Ukraine? If so, why? The answer is obvious: because they are engaged in special-pleading for Russia. (Presumably they would say the same thing about Belarus, too, should that nation grow restive in Moscow’s shadow.)

So both options really reduce to the same shameful toadying for Russian petty imperialism under the delusional conviction that it is really a battle for all whites against America and international Jewry.





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  1. gary
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    Any Jewish questions can be referred to BR. Nathanael. (just kidding)

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 5, 2014 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

      He’ll tell us what to think.

  2. Stronza
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    The issue is not that the Russians and Putin are admirable, can do no wrong and don’t have ulterior motives. I know I’m not saying that. It’s that the US government has got its fingers where it doesn’t belong (as usual) and won’t hold still until foreign cow Ukraine is milked dry. Let’s not forget the benefits for the locals: diversity, total surveillance and whathaveyou.

  3. Maaldweb
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    Greg you ask: “What kind of White Nationalists believe that White Nationalism is futile everywhere it is tried?”

    Fair point. but the answer is simple: Given the current global balance of power no white nationalist government can survive in the modern world alone. In fact, not even an ascending white nationalist movement can survive. Jörg Haider tried it with elections in Austria and the whole world turned against him, he ended up assassinated. The Golden Dawn tried it in Greece and they ended up in jail etc.

    Should we give up the fight? No, but the awakening of white populations needs to happen simultaneously and in a lot of countries, otherwise lone movements and lone nationalist countries will be crushed.

    And since we speak about white nationalism to what extent the people of Right Sector and Svoboda are truly white nationalists? Because, correct me if I am wrong, but honestly, from what I see they appear to hate the slavic Russians more than they love themselves or despise non-whites and jews. That is partially understandable of course given the fact that the Soviets (which sadly Ukrainians still identify with the Russians, and even more sadly Russians in Ukraine still tend to identify themselves with…) orchestrated several artificial famines in Ukraine, but still…

    As it was proven several months ago, a lot of the so called white nationalists in Ukraine were proud of their fighting experience against Russian troops in Chechnya. None seemed to believe it (although it was in the news back in the 1990s), until that Swede volunteer openly wrote about it in an article published here…

    I don’t know how one can describe a white Slav who volunteers to fight along muslim non-whites and against a predominantly white/slavic/christian nation, but the term ‘white nationalist’ doesn’t seem as an accurate description. ‘Ukrainian nationalist’ makes more sense.

    Another question is what exactly will happen to the white Russians of Ukraine if the so called white nationalists of Svoboda and Right Sector take power? Will areas of predominantly ethnic Russians be allowed to decide their fate? Probably not, the ethnic Russians will be forced to move to Russia. What if they refuse to do so? I guess military power will be used. What will happen next? Another intrarace war were Slavs will be killing Slavs, but I guess Emile Durand will step up to inform us that Russians aren’t really Slavs or at least that Russian nationalism isn’t explicitly white, so it doesn’t matter….I somehow don’t see such outcome compatible with our vision of the world.

    you ask: “Why the double standard? ”

    I guess the fact that the US sided with Ukraine on the current conflict and the US (and its pet military NATO) is the main arm of jewish power makes it obvious where the interests of the Jews are. Of course there are Jews on both sides. But isn’t this always the case? They consciously do it, so no matter who wins, the tribe profits. But it seems that organised jewry is more eager to contain Russia and its ascending conservative-patriotic (and imperialistic) ideology than kill nationalsocialist Ukrainians. That says a lot about who they worry about and who they don’t.

    I personally don’t doubt that the Ukrainian nationalists have their own agenda which is obviously incompatible with western liberalism. But the balance of power is such that it is painful obvious what the fate of Ukraine will be. So understandably most people on the Right are afraid that Ukrainian nationalists are used as cannon fodder so western liberalism can reign supreme in Ukraine.

    BTW isn’t it amazing that no matter how much Putin tries to befriend the Jews, Jews are still sceptical? I think that they hate Russians more than any other nation on earth and perhaps their antisemite-radar tells them that no Russian nationalist (even if it is petty state nationalism such as the one Putin represents) will ever be truly submissive to them

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 5, 2014 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

      Fair point? It is decisive. If you don’t think we can win, then there is no point in trying. If anyone believes that, he needs to admit to himself and to the rest of us that he is not on our team. There’s a whole big world out there for racially conscious reactionaries who accept that the existing hegemonies are unbreakable and wish to spend their time mooning over “lesser evils” and even imagining that their crushes are reciprocated the machine grinds our race to extinction.

      Like I said, I don’t think Svoboda and Right Sector are perfect. But, really, one guy fights with the Chechens? Don’t the Chechens have legitimate national interests? Is it wrong for a white person to identify with the national aspirations of a non- or off-white people against a whiter empire?

      But let’s just accept for the sake of argument that the Ukrainians are nothing but petty nationalists. Nothing but petty nationalists seeking to defend their borders from petty imperialists whom they have every reason to fear and hate. Well, I think any Western European should still be more sympathetic to them than to Russia, one reason being that they are genetically and culturally closer to the West.

      As for ethnic cleansing of Russians in the East. That is happening now, under a centrist coalition government. I have already stated, and I think I am correct, that White Nationalists are far more willing to countenance loss of territory to gain homogeneity than politicians to their left. The Russians and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine should wish that Svoboda gets in power.

      • Maaldweb
        Posted September 5, 2014 at 8:24 pm | Permalink


        I don’t believe everything is lost. What is happening in Europe with the simultaneous rise of nationalist parties is something they will find very difficult to stop. But the survival of a single country with a white nationalist government seems improbable.The country will be crushed and the sad thing is that the Jews will foment opposing nationalisms of rival white nations to do the dirty work. That is why we should always be sceptical with petty nationalism; you Americans have surpassed it and that is admirable.

        I am under the impression that culturally, genetically and linguistically Ukrainians are closer to the ethnic Russians and to the other Eastern Slavs than to anyone else in Europe. I don’t see any connection between Ukrainians and lets say Anglosaxons or Celts other than the fact that all are white. And I doubt that any German or Irishman can distinguish if a person speaks Ukrainian or Russian or any Western European can understand the difference between the sunday service in an Ukrainian Greek- catholic church and a Russian Orthodox church.

        But it is obvious why a Pole WN would sympathise with the Ukrainians whilst a Serb WN would easily side with the ethnic Russians of Ukraine.

        Anyway, I really hope you are correct with your assessments and it will turn out that Ukrainian nationalists were not used to promote western liberalism; and if in the future, form a majority government, the deportations of the Russians of Ukraine will be peaceful (because giving away territory will be political suicide for them). At least that will correct one of the (many) injustices done to Ukraine by the Soviets.

        • Leon
          Posted September 8, 2014 at 10:44 am | Permalink

          Slavs are Slavs are Europeans. Period. Russians may be slightly less European because of their history on the border with Asia, but if you can’t see any similarity between Ukrainians and other Europeans, it means you’re not looking very hard. As for me, one look at Ukrainians and Russians makes it obvious what race they belong to.

  4. Donar van Holland
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

    Maybe what we see in the adoration of Russia and Putin is not so much disinformation, as hope. The hope of whites that there is still some mighty country and leader who is on our side. That hope is fed by things like Russian military parades with only whites, or the subduing of the Obama boy by white master strategist Vladimir Putin. The precise facts are overruled by the imagery of a strong white leader. It is rather like whites rooting for the Republican party. A misguided implicit white racialism. Still, we may derive some hope from the fact that there is such a large underground reservoir of white consciousness.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted September 5, 2014 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

      I think that is fully half of it. I am writing an article on the different factors contributing to this.

  5. Posted September 5, 2014 at 7:34 pm | Permalink

    “Or, since they presumably believe that Russian nationalism, at least, is not futile, perhaps they should simply become full-time apologists for Russia.”

    In my experience these Putinists do not even believe in Russian nationalism. Point out to them what Putin has said and done about Russian nationalism, and they will state that Russia is and must remain a multi-ethnic empire, and that therefore ethnic/racial nationalism is wrong for Russia.

    But surely ethnic Russians, their culture and religion should have a privileged status in a Russian empire. Did they really conquer those non-White populations just to be considered equals with them? That doesn’t make sense.

    The WN alternatives for Russia should be either:
    1) making the state racially homogenous, either by expulsions of non-Whites or by splitting the state up, but this has obvious disadvantages and is quite unrealistic; or
    2) preserving the idea of a multi-ethnic, multi-racial empire, but with the attitude that ethnic Russians and possibly assimilated Whites (obviously not including Jews, who are not White) are the “masters” of the state. Internal migration of non-Whites would be prevented, and only Whites would be allowed to hold key positions in society. Natalist policies would be restricted to the White majority, and so on.

    Furthermore, Russia should consider itself part of European civilization and not seek alliances with non-White states.

    Putinism and Eurasianism reject these ideas completely and must therefore in turn be rejected completely.

    • 1rw
      Posted September 5, 2014 at 11:57 pm | Permalink

      Variant 2 was essentially the policy of the Russian Empire. Russians and Russified Europeans were the glue of the Empire, while various non-white subject peoples were protected within their native homelands but prevented from migrating elsewhere.

      As far as Russia considering itself a part of European civilization and eschewing alliances with non-whites I’m afraid that ship has sailed. Russia experienced a nationwide revulsion when Conchita Wurst won Eurovision. Russia was a part of European civilization as it was, especially in the 1800s. We have vestiges of their cultural participation in music, ballet, and literature. European civilization as it is is pathetic. WNs want nothing to do with it, and neither do Russians.

  6. plekhanov
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 9:59 pm | Permalink


    You are mostly right in your assessments, and Strom is not, You are still simplistic on the Russia-Ukraine-WN-Putin situation, Understandable as you can’t read in Russian, don’t know what sources to trust on Russia and so forth. In particular, your choice of names (Levitin, Fradkov) is ridiculous. Look at the names e.g. here and here

    Anybody who says something like “The hope of whites that there is still some mighty country and leader who is on our side” is an ignorant fool and a calamity to the white cause.

    Just ask yourself what these Russian white patriots you are imagining, are doing in their “work hours”. Find any results of their productive work — cars, electronics, beef, pork, poultry, fish, grain, Where is it all?

  7. Peltast
    Posted September 6, 2014 at 4:12 am | Permalink

    It was me who pointed a couple months ago that the chief of Russia’s foreign intelligence is the jew Mikhail Fradkov.

    The jewish elite is aware that their powebase is the Anglosphere, they will never had as good as they had in America and a independent Russia is a problem.

    Putin recently recognised that the Bolshevik Revolution and the first Soviet Government was made mostly of jews, Poroshenko had a secret meeting in israel for support his govermnent, you can find this on Haaretz!

  8. Ronald
    Posted September 6, 2014 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

    I just found an article on foreign fighters in Eastern Ukraine. Apparently, there are pro-whites on both sides

    This is undeniably sad. Neither Ukraine nor Russia is unambiguously on the side of white nationalists. If you’re willing to sacrifice your life, why not dedicate yourself to right wing politics in your own country? Pure stupidity, I think these are types who just want a reason to fight, like those who join ISIS.

    • plekhanov
      Posted September 6, 2014 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

      there are pro-whites on both sides

      What’s your definition of a pro-white here? Would you consider the Chechens fighting for the “Russians” pro-white? If not, would you consider a joint operation of pro- and anti-whites to be a pro- or anti-white affair?

      On the article’s:

      “There are also many in the current Russian military that prefer to spend their leave among us, brothers who are fighting for their freedom, rather than on a beach,”

      Google-translate and glance through:

      Pure stupidity, I think these are types who just want a reason to fight

      Read the above and ponder if the participation from the anti-Ukranian side is voluntary or compulsory. (41+ serving Russian paratroopers perishing the same week while simultaneously going on a vacation speaks for itself.)

      • Maaldweb
        Posted September 7, 2014 at 10:32 am | Permalink


        There are Serb white nationalists volunteers who are currently fighting with the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

        As there were Greek and Russian white nationalists who fought with the Serbs back in the 1990s, while at the same time other white nationalists preferred to help the Bosnian muslims (because Hitler had included them in the Waffen SS…) and they essentially assisted in the creation of the first muslim state in Europe. Some of them even rejoiced when NATO was bombing Serbia…

        Ronald is correct, most of these people are just looking for an excuse to join a war and fight. A lot of them end up mercenaries doing highly questionable things.

      • Ronald
        Posted September 7, 2014 at 6:15 pm | Permalink


        Look at the original article. There are WNs from Serbia, as the above poster said. There is also certain Frenchmen who appear to be Generation Identitaire or WN types fighting on the Russian side.

  9. Posted September 7, 2014 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    I found this documentary on Putin and the Jews interesting

    The Rise and Fall of the Oligarchs –

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