The Product of a Diseased Ruling Class

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about-to-die1 [1]Recent news reports about the ongoing, systematic physical brutalization, prostitution, rape, and sexual exploitation of at least 1,400 white, underage English girls in the city of Rotherham in northern England over many years by South Asian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, has prompted the “explanation” that police, politicians, social service workers, and other state employees let it happen because they were “afraid” of being called racists if they tried to stop it. It is true that everyone in totalitarian states knows the Party Line and adheres to it. But that does not mean that they are secret dissenters from it.

In Rotherham the System performed according to specification, consistent with the beliefs and values of both rulers and functionaries. They are de facto revolutionaries whose job is to transform society and commit genocide. They are not “afraid.” They are not moral, good, or trying to do what is right. Their mission is to transform society and exterminate “racism.”

Rotherham, a city of about 258,000 people, is part of the Sheffield metropolitan area of about 641,000. The non-white (and anti-white) population of Sheffield imported by Labour and Tories for the purpose of permanently replacing—biologically and culturally wiping out—English whites has exploded in the 25 years since 1990. Newcomers include Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Ethiopians, Black Caribbeans, Black Africans from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, the Congo, Burundi and Liberia, Chinese from China, Malaysia and Singapore, Iranians, Kurds, Yemeni, and others.

The vast majority of victims are white girls, with most perpetrators being men of Pakistani descent. A “moderate” anti-white writer observed [2], “Although taxi drivers of Pakistani descent were central to the grooming and abuse of girls in care, the only taxi driver to have been banned from transporting the girls on suspicion of being a paedophile was white.”

Surprise, surprise.

The independent investigation into the crimes on behalf of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, which was conducted by Alexis Jay, Scotland’s former chief social work adviser, says that 1,400 (the report calls this “a conservative estimate”) children were sexually exploited in Rotherham by immigrant men between 1997 and 2013—a period of 16 years extending from the beginning of Tony Blair’s (Labour) premiership to last year (the government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, who is one-eighth Jewish).

According to the executive summary of the Jay report:

It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators.

This abuse is not confined to the past but continues to this day. (Alexis Jay, Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham, 1997-2013 [3], August, 21, 2014, 159 pp.)

The authorities and press euphemistically refer to these crimes as “grooming.” Newspeak is an important tool in advancing the Left-wing agenda.

One girl told the British press [4] she was sexually exploited daily between the ages of 12 and 15 by hundreds of men in total; sometimes she was gang-raped by 5 men at one time. As a 12-year-old white, it is obvious from her story that she had no racial consciousness. That has been systematically and thoroughly eradicated from the young in all of our cultures—a major reason why the present demographic catastrophe is far worse than usually depicted.

Although the girl reported the rapes to police when she was 13 and 14, the authorities did nothing. According to the Jay report, police treated white victims “with contempt.” From a racial perspective, police everywhere, including white ones, are oppressors and destroyers of our race. This girl’s victimizers still live free in Rotherham.

In a number of cases children and young girls had pregnancies, miscarriages, and terminations. Quite a number of births also occurred. This is the classic case invariably invoked to justify abortion: “victims of rape and incest.” But now the Left has taken the opposite tack, saying that many white girls wanted to have and keep their mixed race offspring. The Jay report says some girls suffered the “further trauma” of having their babies removed by social services and contact with the children stopped.

Here we have the spectacle of society condoning, indeed slyly encouraging, the mass rape, sexual exploitation, prostitution, and promiscuous impregnation of white children by foreigners resulting in the birth of mixed-race children—and the ruling class and Left subsequently posturing about the “right” of the girls to keep and raise their hybrid offspring!

From the beginning, the “collective failures” of politicians and police “were blatant” according to Jay. “Stark evidence” in three reports from 2002, 2003, and 2006 known to the local Police and Council was suppressed.

It is true that Alexis Jay’s official report notes that “several staff” refused to identify the race of the perpetrators for fear of being thought “racist,” and the press picked up on this. Ordinarily omitted is the finding that some staffers received clear direction from managers not to identify the race of criminals.

Jay added that “Several councillors interviewed believed that by opening up these issues they could be ‘giving oxygen’ to racist perspectives that might in turn attract extremist political groups and threaten community cohesion. To some extent this concern was valid, with the apparent targeting of the town by groups such as the English Defence League.” (Jay report, p. 93)

This is not “fear,” but cover-up.

Do not jump to the unwarranted conclusion that those supposedly “fearful” of the racist label, or following explicit orders to remain silent, opposed what was happening or sympathized with whites, even if they were white themselves. There is no reason to believe this, and the pervasiveness of official “anti-racism” ideology strongly suggests otherwise.

I strongly suspect that the overwhelming majority of people in media and government do not give a damn about the white victims. In fact, what we see every step of the way is media and government complicity.

The Conservative Party-linked Spectator (UK) magazine informs us [5]: “Rotherham Council’s children’s services last made headlines when it removed three eastern European [i.e., presumably white] children from their Ukip-supporting foster parents. [Ukip is the moderate, non-racialist UK Independence Party, viewed as unacceptably “right-wing” by anti-democratic elites in Britain and abroad.]  One of its functionaries [a local government official] explained it was concerned about Ukip’s opposition to the ‘active promotion of multiculturalism’.”

The Spectator writes, “We don’t hold out much hope that anyone in a position of authority will be going to jail, nor even that anyone will lose their pension.” (Emphasis added.)

Indeed, Rotherham Council Chief Executive Martin Kimber, who is white, says that no council officers will even face disciplinary action [6]. What does this suggest about the racial priorities and values of the British state and ruling class? That its apparatchiks are “horrified” by what happened? Hardly! The Politically Correct crimes are entirely consistent with state policy and interests. Whites are hated, and that hatred is institutionalized.

The Spectator said of Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone (also white), who resigned over the affair: “Roger Stone OBE, leader of the Labour-run council for the past 11 years, has ‘stepped down’, saying that he would be taking responsibility. There was no mention of the 71-year-old Mr Stone ceding his pension, and neither did he show much in the way of contrition.”

The Labour MP for Rotherham during the entire period the crimes were being committed was a corrupt (he was convicted and jailed) parliamentarian named Denis MacShane. MacShane is tightly allied with Jews, and strongly promoted Jewish measures to deprive whites of legal rights in Britain and Europe. He is also a Zionist (promotes Israel’s crimes against humanity). Reportedly the son of an Irish mother and a Polish father, his birth name was Denis Matyjaszek. MacShane was his mother’s maiden name.

MacShane has candidly stated that one reason he did nothing is that he was “a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie.” The Guardian is an Establishment Left-wing newspaper for which MacShane was a columnist. He cared more about promoting Jewish power in Britain and overseas than he did about stopping, or even interfering with, the most evil crimes against whites.

MacShane’s replacement after he went to jail, current Rotherham MP Sarah Champion (Labour; ethnicity unknown), had this to say [7]: “Some babies born to the victims as a direct result of such horrific abuse were taken away, and never seen by their mothers again . . . In my eyes, this is one of the most upsetting parts of the report.” (Emphasis added.)

Does anyone seriously think the British System—politicians, cops, prosecutors, judges, academics, journalists, or social workers—cares about what happened to the white children? How much of the supposed “horror” is feigned? There is no genuine sense of outrage. Indeed, how many people privately think, and even say to one another, “Good. Whites deserve it.” The entire System let these things happen, and even perpetuated and covered up the crimes.

The System is the way it is because it mirrors the racist values of the people who run it. Their hatred for whites is expressed daily in a multitude of despicable ways. Rotherham is entirely consistent with the thoughts, words, and deeds of governments and ruling classes everywhere. The acquiescence of officialdom was necessary for the crimes to occur year after year regardless of evidence and the power of a totalitarian state to easily stop them if it desired to.

Reproductive Effects

Rotherham furnishes evidence and insight into the nature of the sexual and reproductive boundary, the “frontier” along which white racial reproduction either does or does not occur. In the present environment it requires only one racial cross to biologically destroy the next generation of white children in any given line of descent. Unmixed white girls capable of producing Aryan children constitute a disintegrating demographic.

The Rotherham syndrome involves the systematic recruitment and sexual exploitation of young white girls and women by non-white men. In Rotherham many of the girls were actually children as young as 11.

This is the population which, in a racially healthy society, would soon constitute the next generation of wives and mothers. The likelihood of the very large number of white girls being interracially exploited at present (including industrial-scale pornography, prostitution, and widespread casual early sex) reproducing white children in a stable family environment is next to nil. Indeed many, eventually most, offspring will be interracial.

Whites of reproductive age appear to have a skewed or reversed racial consciousness at best. When it comes to sexual intercourse and childbearing, white females either do not “see” race, or have been socially programmed to actually favor non-whites. Non-whites are culturally glorified; white males are ridiculed, belittled, and denigrated. The former are also sexually aggressive and confident in comparison with beaten down, feminized, softened, intimidated white men and boys.

Also crucial is political correctness. This can be seen in the case of a white, Left-wing Labour MP named Ann Cryer, who tried to draw attention to the problem of sexual exploitation of underage girls as early as 2002. Whether she pushed as hard as is now claimed is questionable, but at any rate she was completely ineffective. She now says, “To tell you the truth I don’t give a damn. I’m nearly 75 now, I’m out of it all.” What still rankles, however, is that she was accused by government officials and parliamentarians of being “racist.”

The facts are essentially the same as in Rotherham, though Cryer’s constituency was Keighley in West Yorkshire County, bordering Greater Manchester. The crimes in question involved a different group of foreigners, the Rochdale sex trafficking gang [8] in Manchester.

In 2002 Cryer was approached by seven white mothers desiring help rescuing their daughters from the clutches of the abusers. Extremely important to Cryer was the fact that, in her words, these were “enlightened [sic] mothers, members of the Labour party, women who I would never in a million years have described as racist.” (Emphasis added.) One suspects that if a white constituent had said something negative about the racial aspect of the crimes, they would have been rewarded with contempt, intense hostility, indifference to the plight of their children, and possible criminal charges.

In Manchester (again, not Rotherham) age was the only factor considered by MP Cryer and the seven “enlightened” mothers who approached her. According to Cryer:

They said the girls were being used for sex by them [young Pakistani men] and handed around—not as prostitutes, but were being handed around the families of these lads. This was underage sex. These girls were well below 16. The mothers said, “We understand it’s a criminal offence even if it’s consensual”, which I said was quite right. [This implies that at least some of the white girls “consented.”] And they said to me, “Why is it that West Yorkshire police won’t do anything about it, social services won’t do anything about it, when we have given them the names and addresses of the men abusing our daughters?” (“Rotherham report ‘reduced me to tears’, says MP who exposed abuse decade ago [9],” The Guardian [UK], August 30, 2014) (Emphases added.)

The sole concern of media and government in these cases, to the extent there is one, is the age of the exploited girls (the age of consent in England is 16). If white females are racially and sexually exploited in an identical manner once they turn 16, and “consent” to the treatment (“consent” in race cases such as these would be loosely interpreted by authorities), there will be no publicity or legal action. Since many women age 16 to 30 (the prime reproductive years) are sexually attractive, exploitation must occur beyond the age of 16 as well, just as it does in pornography and prostitution. This is of vital importance from the standpoint of group reproduction [10], since these young women should be having white families.

Thus, things are worse than the Rotherham horror indicates. Furthermore, investigations over the last four years have revealed parallel exploitation of underage girls by non-whites in areas including Rochdale [8] (alluded to in the Cryer case), Derby [11], and Oxford [12].

There was also a Telford sex gang [13]: “A group of seven men who preyed extensively on pre-teen and under-age teenage girls in Telford, England . . . There were accounts concerning men who would ejaculate and then urinate in children’s mouths, violating them in every orifice, as well as gang-rape by queues of men while girls were held hostage for hours, sometimes days.”

Again, these cases are distinct from Rotherham.

I would be surprised if pornography rather than traditional South Asian culture, much less Islam, wasn’t the primary inspiration for such acts. They are precisely the things Establishment pornography routinely depicts. The Jay report makes no mention of this, but I doubt police even look.

If the cases instead involved peaceful, noncriminal white writers, activists, or Holocaust revisionists, police, prosecutors, and judges would certainly examine and publicize the defendants’ computer files, reading matter, and writings—as well as enormously increase the length of criminal sentences meted out for practicing free speech by utilizing the “hate crime” “enhancement” provisions drafted by Jewish organizations.

But in Politically Correct crimes such as those in Rotherham, in which the Establishment itself is a participant, pornography and race hate would be ignored.