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Crowd-Sourcing Appeal 
The Lost Writings of Francis Parker Yockey

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Dr. Kerry Bolton is working on a new biography of Francis Parker Yockey. He is also editing a collection of Yockey’s shorter writings — essays, notes, letters, etc. — for Counter-Currents. He needs your help.

  1. Yockey published a newsletter called Frontfighter (or Front Fighter) in the 1940s and 1950s. Virtually every issue seems to be lost. Does anyone have copies of this newsletter?
  2. Yockey in all likelihood ghost-wrote a pamphlet for Fred Weiss on Arnold Toynbee called Hang On and Pray. Yockey may have written other works for Weiss as well. Does anyone have copies of such works?
  3. Yockey spoke at the Christian Nationalist Party convention in St. Louis in June 1952. It is possible that his speech and other writings appeared in their periodical The Cross and the Flag. Does anyone have access to old issues of The Cross and the Flag?
  4. James Warner printed an article by Yockey on China as a pamphlet. Does anyone have a collection of Warner’s old pamphlets?
  5. Does anyone have letters by Francis Parker Yockey, photographs of Francis Parker Yockey, or unpublished writings about Yockey by people who knew him?
  6. Yockey published articles on Mosleyite publications in the late 1940s. He may have published in other Rightist publications between the late 1940s and his death in 1960. He sometimes used the pen names Ulick Varange and Frank Healey. Other articles appeared with the byline F.P.Y.
  7. Yockey, “Europe’s Honor and Kurt Meyer” (appeared in Front Fighter)
  8. Yockey, “Handbook on Imperialism” (3 pp.)
  9. Yockey, “Spengler and the Western Imperium” (60 pp.)
  10. Yockey, “Why the Americans Did Not Go To Berlin”
  11. Yockey, “The Possibilities of Germany”
  12. Yockey or Varange, “The Common Man,” Christian Vanguard, late 1970s (may be an excerpt from Imperium)
  13. There were also reviews of or comments on Imperium by J. F. C. Fuller, B. H. Liddell Hart, and Oswald Pirow.

If you have access to any of such items, or if you know someone who does, we will gladly pay all duplication and mailing costs to obtain copies. Please contact me at [email protected] [2].

Dr. Bolton and I — and history in general — would be in your debt.

Greg Johnson