Let’s Talk About Missouri

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“Whites are to blame.” Say it with a straight face. [1]

“Whites are to blame.” Say it with a straight face.

Ordinary whites have some sacred cows, among them Jews, schools, the military, and cops. These individuals and institutions can do no wrong. White support for them is blind and unreasoning—at least until some unlucky soul is singled out as “racist,” “anti-Semitic,” or, possibly, “homophobic.” The true beliefs of the victim are then irrelevant. He becomes a totem, a hate object. The witch hunt is on.

The latest such target is a white police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an 18-year-old black during a confrontation in Ferguson, Missouri, a mixed-race suburb of St. Louis, on August 9, 2014. This shooting of an “unarmed black teenager” by a “white police officer” as the media puts it, provided a pretext for two weeks of rioting, looting, and violence fed by gasoline tossed onto the flames by the Establishment, media, and government.

It is easy to feel sympathy for the 28-year-old Wilson or anyone else caught in the same trap—even non-whites like George Zimmerman, a mixed-race integrationist and Obama supporter. The orgiastic hatred and lynch mob mentality integral to Left-wing societies is agonizing for a decent soul to observe, even when it is a matter of the revolution eating its own children.

As on countless previous occasions, the power structure instantly condemned Wilson. Journalists discovered and published his identity. They displayed a photograph of the young man to the mob, taken from his father’s Facebook page: in February 2014 he had been awarded a commendation for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty.” They revealed where he lived, saying, in effect, “Here he is, animals.”

If you are a white police officer anywhere, such behavior should make you stop and think . . . but it probably won’t. Whites aren’t the brightest bulbs in the ceiling. The guillotine will always whistle down on someone else’s neck. After all, they’re the racists!

Journalists also sought the identity of Wilson’s attorney. The Establishment likes to harm attorneys on the wrong side if it does not jail them outright as in Germany. Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zündel [2]’s courageous lawyer, Douglas Christie [3], was terrorized and physically intimidated in Canada, including having bricks thrown through his office windows. Jews personally pressured famous trial lawyer Gerry Spence not to defend Randy Weaver after the Feds (that is, cops) killed his wife and 14-year-old son.

Internationally, the United Nations and the European Union weighed in on behalf of the rioters. The EU sent a team of human rights observers, trainers, and researchers to Ferguson to keep tabs on the white racist power structure.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D.) “prays” with Negroes during the violence, vows racial purge (“operational shifts”) in the Ferguson Police Department. [4]

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D.) “prays” with Negroes during the violence, vows racial purge (“operational shifts”) in the Ferguson Police Department.

The facts about police officer Darren Wilson in the next seven paragraphs are derived primarily from the hostile (I believe it is fair to say) reporting of Daniel Bates, writing from Ferguson, Missouri, in “Mother of policeman who shot dead Michael Brown was ‘a serial con artist who defrauded thousands of dollars from neighbors in stolen credit card scheme [5],’” Daily Mail (UK), August 16-17, 2014.

Journalists and broadcasters told the public, including local and out-of-town rioters (obsessive, incendiary coverage attracted muck from all over the United States), that officer Wilson lives in “a $180,000 bungalow with a pool” in the St Louis suburb of Crestwood, “which is 94 per cent white and 1.6 per cent black.” This makes him twice guilty because Crestwood is (a) white and (b) not Ferguson, the entity that employs him . . . even though countless city officials throughout the United States do not live in the town where they work. But the public does not know that.

Citing court records, journalist Bates says Wilson’s mother, who died at the age of 35 when the boy was 16, was a “con artist” and “identity thief” who stole thousands of dollars from neighbors via credit card fraud. He implies that the policeman’s criminality is genetic (even though the Left denies the heritability of criminal traits), and that the mother’s crimes are imputable to the son, because the Daily Mail uses them to sully rather than excuse the officer’s behavior as would be the case if he were colored, or the cause-and-effect relationship was environmental and hence pardonable under Left-wing ideology.

Evidentially buttressing my contention that white families in the strict sense no longer exist (“On Family [6],” 2014), the Daily Mail says Wilson’s mother “had three children by at least two different men.” What effect his mother’s criminal behavior and death “under mysterious circumstances” (it is hinted that she committed suicide) had on him as a teenager is unclear, “but it appears that he bounced around the St. Louis area at a number of addresses.”

Whether Darren Wilson is currently married with children of his own I do not know. It is easy to imagine that he is a bachelor or living with a girlfriend. If he is married, divorce might ensue.

Given Wilson’s background and the massive forces arrayed against him—the UN, the EU, the Negro President of the United States and his Negro Attorney General, the political establishment, the mass media, Left-wing elites—it does not take a genius to see what side the power is on.

Nor are ordinary whites zealously rallying to his defense: “At Wilson’s current home, neighbors knew nothing of his dark family past [his allegedly miscreant mother] and their biggest concern was that rioters would come and wreck the street if they found out where he lived.” A female teacher said: “Our neighborhood didn’t do anything wrong. I’m worried people are going to come up here and start looting.”

Ferguson’s now universally-reviled white police chief, Thomas Jackson, offered this tepid endorsement of his own man: “We had no complaints about the officer. He was a gentleman. A quiet officer. He has been an effective officer.” Not the sort of ringing defense that will fend off bloodthirsty assassins with daggers drawn.

Playing the race card: US Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in Florissant, a St. Louis suburb, during the riots. [7]

Playing the race card: US Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in Florissant, a St. Louis suburb, during the riots.

Darren Wilson is white, and is being lynched by the system he served because of it. The Ferguson riots have been a staple in national and international news for two weeks. The CBS television network’s bias is blatant, not only in its “news” segments, but in the set pieces written for and delivered by the anchormen: “a white policeman who killed an unarmed black teenager.” White, white, white, white . . . The rest of the monologue drops away, and all you hear is the mantra, like a hammer on an anvil: white, white, white . . . How often it recurs!

CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann, who I assume is Jewish, cynically stirred the racial pot. In addition to displaying Wilson’s photograph, he did a piece [8] claiming the Ferguson police force is “white” (white, white, white), with only a handful of blacks (black, black, black), though the community is majority black. He gave examples of white discrimination: i.e., stopping blacks on the street or in their cars.

Strassmann spoke to Ferguson’s white (presumably—for TV purposes he is white) mayor, who groveled as he is expected to grovel before the Strassmanns of the world. Next the “newsman” interviewed a Democratic Missouri state senator, a Negress involved in the demonstrations. Asking leading questions, he elicited from her the “fact” that whites don’t want blacks in the Ferguson police force—“their good-old-boy-network” as she (and Strassmann/CBS) put it. “It’s as simple as that?” he asked. “It’s as simple as that,” she replied. End of story.

On August 21 Strassmann’s sympathetic interview with black victim Michael Brown’s parents aired. CBS News has previously said that Strassmann instigated the electronic lynching of George Zimmerman [9]. (My wording. Theirs: he was the first journalist to break the story.) The world heard exactly what Mark Strassmann and CBS wanted it to hear. CBS is owned by the Jewish Redstone family.

At any moment the same axe can fall on the neck of any white cop. Most roll the dice and win. Darren Wilson lost.

Structurally, police, schools, and the military are enemies of white survival, every bit as much as Jews, academia, and the media. The individuals making them up are imbued with anti-white beliefs consistent with the functions of the institutions they serve. Moreover, when specific ideas are systematically suppressed and others fostered in society, conformity and blind obedience to authority create uniform prejudice.

The system in place since 1917/1933 might be thought of as the Revolution In Power. It is unfree, elitist, anti-democratic, Left-wing, and fundamentally totalitarian. At its core it is also deeply racist. Philo-Semitism and anti-white prejudice and discrimination are the primary glue that bind its disparate elements tightly together.

It is characterized by duality. On the one hand, it constitutes a permanent (ongoing) revolution with no end in sight. Like life itself, it is a process that will continue until it can no longer go on. But . . . it is also In Power. This means it must conserve its elites, its fundamental dynamic, and above all the destructive function that is its raison d’être.

Politically Correct crime [10]

Politically Correct crime

During anti-white race riots around the world police officers often stand by and do nothing while burning, looting, and violence on a mass scale proceed unchecked.

Left-wing domestic terrorists who inflict physical violence and property damage on their politically incorrect victims are given virtually free rein by the authorities. At most they receive an occasional slap on the wrist. Not infrequently they are funded directly or indirectly by governments, just as the police are.

Illegal immigration on a massive scale has continued unchecked for decades without police departments or anybody else enforcing laws or doing anything to stop it. Cops grin and look the other way.

Police everywhere are happy to enforce hate speech laws against whites, deport or jail writers or activists such as Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson, David Irving, and countless others, and endlessly persecute citizens such as Emma West [11] in Britain.

After four days of rioting in Ferguson, the Missouri Highway Patrol and St. Louis County Police—that is to say, cops—seized control of the St. Louis suburb and stripped the Ferguson Police Department of its law enforcement authority. The new police officers, including the white ones, marched in solidarity with the demonstrators.

Arrest and hound Emma West mercilessly for a harmless verbal outburst on a train while permitting non-whites to burn and loot cities? Ignore the law while immigrants replace white populations in every nation? Ruthlessly massacre 76 innocent people in Waco as David Koresh frantically calls the local police for help—police who, unbeknownst to him, are in cahoots with their colleagues in the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, FBI, and Texas Army National Guard?

White police officers do not have a problem with any of these things.

The witch hunt in Missouri is not fundamentally populist, bottom-up, or black—it is elitist, top-down, media-driven, and anti-white. Every white cop in the world should realize he could end up at the end of a rope as suddenly as Darren Wilson any time he has a confrontation with non-whites.

Schools, police, and the military no longer “preserve” civilization, much less “white society” (which is dead). They conserve radical elites and the process of revolution itself. The most peaceful, best maintained and policed places in anti-white societies are university campuses, government buildings, multinational corporations, television, motion picture and Internet giants, Jewish communities and organizations, and the neighborhoods where members of the ruling class live.

Police run amuck: the massacre at Waco, Texas, April 19, 1993 [12]

Police run amuck: the massacre at Waco, Texas, April 19, 1993

No Left-wing state has dismantled, or ever will dismantle, the police and military. Such regimes are police states. If periodic paroxysms of terrorism instil fear into the rank and file, or feed the raging hatred of the elites, so much the better. Morale and efficiency will not suffer. Indeed, opportunities for career advancement open up.

The vast majority of white cops share society’s prejudices (its real ones). In their hearts and minds they are not white.

The enemy is.