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Crowd-Sourcing Contest 
Collin Cleary’s What is a Rune?

Viking rune stone and grave mounds at Anundshög [1]

Viking rune stone and grave mound at Anundshög

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I want Counter-Currents’ forthcoming Collin Cleary book What is a Rune? to have a cover as beautiful as that of his first book, Summoning the Gods [2]. But I have failed to find an appropriate image. Thus I am turning to our readers by having a cover image contest. To be considered:

  1. Images must in the public domain, or their copyrights must be owned by the contestant.
  2. Images can be works of art or photographs.
  3. Images must be relevant to the title and subject matter of the book. (See my Editor’s Introduction [3] for an overview.)
  4. Images must be aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Images ideally should look good as a small image on a website.

The winning image will be used on the cover of the book and in advertisements connected with it. The person who submits the winning image will receive 5 hardcover and 5 paperback copies of the book. The winner will also be acknowledged in the book — or remain anonymous, if he prefers.

One particular type of image I have been searching for is a photograph of Anundshögh in Sweden, or a similar site, that dramatically includes the four elements of Heidegger’s “fourfold”: earth, sky, gods, and mortals. (One of the essays in the book is called “The Fourfold.”) The image above comes close, since it contains earth and sky, plus a rune stone (gods) and burial mound (mortals), but the sky is not dramatic enough, the composition is not symmetrical enough, and the runes do not stand out well.

If you wish to submit an image, please contact me at [email protected] [4].

Thank you for your loyal readership and support.

Greg Johnson