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What We Don’t Know About Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 . . .

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Russian separatist in Ukraine holding stuffed toy of one of the 80 children killed on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

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. . . could kill us all.

It is astonishing what we do know about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine on Friday. We know that that all 298 humans on board — plus 2 dogs, 4 pigeons, and 5 other birds including at least 1 peacock and at least 1 chicken — were killed.

We know the nationalities of the victims, that most of them were white, most of them were Dutch, and that 80 were children. Thanks to smart phones and social media, we have countless poignant and horrifying images of the crash debris. It was a terrible loss, and our primary responsibility is to make sure that it is not the beginning of a greater catastrophe.

As of this writing, the wreckage and bodies are under the control of Russian separatists, who have chased off with gunfire the international investigators who are qualified to determine just what happened to the plane.

But that has not stopped “Western” governments and media from pushing the idea that the plane was downed with a surface-to-air missile fired by Russian separatists and provided by Putin’s Russia. I think that is the most likely story, given that the separatists have been shooting down other airplanes recently. But we don’t know. In fact, there is a long list of things that we don’t know.

  1. We don’t know that the plane was shot down. It could have exploded due to a bomb on board or due to some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure.
  2. If the plane was shot down, we don’t know whether it was shot down by a ground-based missile or a missile fired from an airplane.
  3. If the plane was shot down, we don’t know by whom: Ukraine, Russian separatists, and Russia herself are the main players in the area. Again, the most plausible culprits are the separatists, with Russian help, since they have been shooting down other planes recently.
  4. If the plane was shot down, we don’t know why: it could have been the intended target; it could have been a mistaken target; the trigger man might not have cared who was on the plane; it could even have been an accidental misfiring.

Not only don’t we know these things, we may never know some of them.

Thus the rush to blame Russia is not based on the facts of the case, most of which are yet to be determined. Nor is it based merely on likelihoods. It is based on a pre-existing anti-Russian narrative in the Western media. This narrative is not constructed by Ukrainians, who have legitimate grievances against Russia. Ukraine is only important to the West because it fits into the anti-Russian narrative as well.

Over the near quarter-century since the collapse of the USSR, the “West” has pursued a recklessly anti-Russian foreign policy. Instead of welcoming the Russians as a brother people that had finally liberated itself from Communist tyranny, US foreign policy was to kick Russia repeatedly when she was down in order to maintain America’s new “uni-polar” hegemony.

The autarkic Soviet industrial economy was dismantled. Russia now has the economic profile of a Third World country, dependent on exporting raw materials. Specifically, Russia’s economy depends largely on oil and gas exports — much like that of a Persian Gulf sheikdom, although there is far more poverty and inequality in Russia.

The USSR’s former satellites in Central and Eastern Europe and her former Republics in the Baltic were added to NATO and the EU. One can’t blame these countries for seeking NATO and EU security guarantees. They would have been crazy to have spurned them.

But for all of the indignities she has absorbed, Russia still maintains the world’s second most powerful military, with far higher quality soldiers than the browning biomass of the US military, and a nuclear arsenal that could wipe out a good chunk of life on earth. Although one would never guess it, given the abandon with which the US is pursuing a confrontation with Moscow.

Who are the gamblers who authored this policy, and what do they think they will gain? The architects of this policy are Jews. Neo-conservative Jews under the Bush I and Bush II administrations, “liberal” Jews under the Clinton and Obama administrations, but Jews nonetheless — although, of course, they are aided by schools of goy remoras [3] like Barack Obama and John McCain who feast on their masters’ table scraps and droppings.

Fix your mind firmly on this fact: American’s policy toward Russia was authored by the same people who gave us the Iraq war, America’s greatest military fiasco (so far).

As for what they hope to gain: one could ask the same question about the current Gaza incursions. Those who claim that Jews are playing some sort of Machiavellian strategic long game may simply be fooling themselves to evade a much scarier possibility: that it is nothing but the sadistic revenge of power-mad, hate-crazed psychopaths [4] — the same people who have hijacked our nation and steered it on a collision course with Russia and World War III.

Jews hate Russians almost as much as they hate Palestinians, and that reckless hate may be all that is dictating US policy. No matter how the current crisis plays out, the world will never be safe until whites in America and around the world understand the Jewish problem, stop listening to Jews, and start saying no to them.

Cui bono? is the only Latin phrase most Alex Jones fans know. (Reductio ad absurdum should be the next one they look up.) Who stands to benefit from the downing of the jet?

  1. Ukraine clearly benefits from the current narrative pinning it on the Russian separatists and their Kremlin sponsors, since this atrocity will mobilize world and Russian opinion against further support of the separatists.
  2. However, Vladimir Putin also stands to benefit from the same narrative. Putin clearly has little interest in the Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. He was willing to pay a high price to secure Crimea, which is an important strategic asset. To help gain Crimea, Putin was cynical enough to stoke nationalist sentiments among Crimean Russians. But when those same sentiments gave rise to separatism in less strategically valuable territory, Putin has given only desultory aid — perhaps merely because he cannot disappoint the intense Russian nationalists among his own supporters. Pinning this atrocity on the separatists will allow Putin to say “enough is enough” to the ultra-nationalists and stop Russian support of the separatists altogether.
  3. If this atrocity leads to a swift solution in eastern Ukraine, then the whole world benefits. Without Russian support to the separatists, Ukraine can pacify the region, and the Russians there who simply cannot abide Ukrainian rule can move to Russia, who should welcome them, given her current demographic crisis.

Of course the beneficiaries of events are not always their authors. Surprisingly few children, for example, murder their parents for their inheritances.

The US government and Jewish media are claiming, without proof, that Russia conspired with Russian separatists to provide them with advanced weaponry that shot down the Malaysian jet. They are selling this story because it fits in with their existing policy goals and the narrative that justifies it. Empirical evidence and rational inference mean nothing to them.

It is not a “conspiracy theory,” however. It is just the “news.” A “conspiracy theory” is an alternative explanation that does not advance the interest of people in power.

I despise conspiracy theories and the people who traffic in them.

The only “conspiracy theory” I believe in is the “international Jewish conspiracy,” which is no conspiracy theory at all, since Jewish power is a fact. And it is no secret. It is “hidden” in plain view, for all the world to see.

I despise conspiracy mongers not because they challenge the people in power, which is a good thing. I despise them because typically they are just as unscrupulous as the people in power. For instance, the lack of facts about the Ukraine crash has not deterred conspiracy theorists from spinning out alternative stories that advance their own agendas. Empirical evidence and rational inference mean nothing to them either.

It is frankly dismaying, for example, when otherwise sensible people claim that “the Jews” must have caused the crash because they wanted to distract the Western media from Gaza. This, mind you, comes from people who rightly believe that Jews effectively control the Western media and thus would not need such a distraction if they wanted to change the subject. Which also implies that current Gaza coverage suits Jews just fine. (Try wrapping your mind around that.)

As a general rule, I believe in “worse is better [5],” meaning: worse for the current system = better for whites. More people than ever are cynical about the political system and the mainstream media. They rightly sense that these people are liars and hypocrites. But when our people start turning to alternative media for information, they are too often greeted by cranky conspiracy theorists who are just as dishonest and cynical as the mainstream our people are fleeing.

When it comes to the media, there are three basic kinds of people: conformists who irrationally believe everything the authorities say, cranks who irrationally doubt everything the authorities say, and rational people whose only authorities are facts and reason. If people on the Right aspire to lead — first in the realm of opinion and then in the realm of politics — we need to make reason, reality, and sincerity our watchwords and to build up our credibility while that of our enemies continues to spiral downward.