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Waking Up From the American Dream 
Obama’s Racial Socialism

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The Broken Social Contract

Taxes are no longer the price you pay for civilization. They are the subsidy you provide towards its destruction. 

The purpose of a government run by the Lockean principles of American classical liberalism is to safeguard “rights” and provide the basic services needed for people to engage in trade and own property. While American politics consists of the never ending argument about what exactly these services should be, the overwhelming majority of Americans would agree that government should provide law enforcement, national defense, public education, transportation infrastructure, and other basic functions of the state.

Of course, the existence of these basic services has led some progressives to charge that no one actually is responsible for their wealth or accomplishments because “we” all paid for them. Barack Obama famously said during the 2012 campaign that if you started a business, “You didn’t build that.” And Elizabeth Warren, the progressive favorite to challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016, said:

You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory — and hire someone to protect against this — because of the work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea. God bless — keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is, you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.

The problem is that the American government today does none of these things well, and some not at all.

Admittedly, this isn’t true in all places in the country. But it’s becoming more prevalent everywhere. It requires real sacrifice to find a community with mildly capable government, good schools, and efficient police. And there is still no complete escape from the DC Regime.

The “social contract” doesn’t exist because even the bare bones “night watchman” state of classical liberal imagination does not function. If Elizabeth Warren and those like her went away, or DC itself were vaporized out of existence, the peace and prosperity of the Republic would be dramatically improved. Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of “big government” incompetence.

Think carefully. Especially you younger readers — have you ever seen government power used to your advantage in your life?

Have the police ever done anything other than give you a ticket? Have bureaucrats ever helped you out with a problem? Has a government program actually put money in your pocket instead of taking it out?

(And those of you who are raising your hands – I mean if you didn’t lie to get on disability or say you were actually half-black so you could get a job.)

This isn’t meant to insult those of you who work as police officers or work for the government. You aren’t allowed to perform your legitimate function. As Richard Spencer has put it, we have a government that doesn’t govern. Institutions like the State Department or the Department of Agriculture no longer fulfill any actual functions. They simply exist as an excuse to give unqualified minorities invented jobs and administer programs that transfer wealth away from European-Americans to nonwhites [9].

This even extends to the “hard” functions of government like the military and the security services. The military does not exist to protect Americans. It exists as part of the welfare state [10] for nonwhites, most of whom will never see a real deployment and will simply refuse to go [11] (and not be punished) if they are asked. Those whites that continue to serve in traditionally dangerous billets like piloting fighters or spearheading armored columns are used in questionable military interventions overseas that make Americans more at risk. They don’t fight and die for nothing. They fight and die for something worse than nothing [12].

The Border Patrol does not exist to patrol the borders. Today, it exists to provide daycare for illegal aliens [13].

Even NASA doesn’t exist to explore space anymore. In the words [14] of NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, President Obama said his “foremost” concern was to “reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” No wonder we haven’t been to the moon since the 1970s.

Racial Socialism

Obviously, the government also exists to transfer massive amounts of resources to the already wealthy and powerful, especially financial institutions and contractors. However, this is not the ideological justification for government action nor the explanation why so-called leftists are far more angry at white nationalists than Goldman Sachs [15].

Today, leftism is far less concerned with eliminating capitalism than with establishing control over the wealth that capitalism creates. Government will not seize failing banks or collapsing financial institutions – they will bail them out with taxpayer dollars and in so doing, establish de facto government control over them.

But the ideological justification is multiculturalism. Global capitalism benefits from the breakdown of traditional European identities because it enables cheap labor at home through mass immigration and abroad through outsourcing. Nonwhites and white enablers receive political power and lucrative financial positions. And of course, Jews as a group derive disproportionate financial, cultural, and political benefits within the deracinated Occident.

What governs the West is best described as “racial socialism.” Racial socialism is, in Peter Brimelow’s definition, the “use of state power to shift resources from taxpayers, predominantly white, to [favored] constituencies, predominantly minority and above all black.” It’s this regime that Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like [16] has called “Black Run America” (BRA).

The point is not that blacks actually govern America (although they do symbolically through the Obama Administration). Nor would I agree that blacks are always at the top of the food chain of state favored “victims.” The point is that multicultural grievances provide the ideological justification for the confiscation of resources from whites and their redistribution to minorities. Black slavery is the most well-known “Original Sin” of the American Experiment and thus the most widely deployed, but all the other victim groups are represented – and new ones are being invented all the time. Aside from serving as a framework for policy, the various victim groups provide a way for opportunists to accumulate power and wealth – as Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be an American Indian while at Harvard, knows full well.

A kosher conservative might say racial socialism is simply National Socialism (Nazism), only with nonwhites and Jews in charge. The difference is that a fundamental precept of National Socialism is only a member of the nation can be a full citizen of the state. Or, as some white nationalists have put it, “our race is our nation.” Therefore, socialism is married to a project of social justice, eugenics, health, territorial expansion, and technology. The upward development of a racially homogeneous national community is the purpose of the state and the source of its legitimacy [17]. The “socialism” of National Socialism is the subordination of the private economic interests of the rich to the well-being of the entire national community.

In contrast, racial socialism as practiced in Obama’s America does not require racial homogeneity. Indeed, it could not function in a racially homogeneous community. Racial socialism relies upon the confiscation of the wealth of European-Americans. White communities are targeted by the government in order to make them more racially diverse and therefore dysfunctional. The problems inherent to diversity result in greater inequality and social unrest, which paradoxically provide the purpose of the government and the source of its legitimacy. In short, a multicultural government will pledge itself to fighting the problems that it has created.

Samuel Francis wrote that most elites in history were conservative because they had a stake in the continuity of the civilization they created. However, the managerial elite described by James Burnham that runs our society has its power increased by social dysfunction. Thus, we have a government which deliberately imports people because they will be burdens on the state, outsiders in the culture, or sources of social dysfunction. The more chaotic and incapable the society is and the more time and money government has to waste providing for helpless clients, the more empowered are the managerial elite. Multiculturalism and opposition to white “racism” is simply the ideological justification for the system of power and control that we call racial socialism. And while the use of Cultural Marxist rhetoric makes “racial socialism” a useful designation, a more accurate one might be “racial parasitism.”

Racial socialism encapsulates the core argument against America. It is the systematic sacrifice of the best of society for the sake of the worst. The structure of incentives created by government actually promotes dysgenics, welfare dependency, single motherhood, family breakdown, and the collapse of a social order that doesn’t require constant government intervention. These are not problems but features of the system. The gradual decline of a once great country is no threat to American rulers – they have more to gain from expanding access to welfare programs than by championing the conquest of space.

The continual dysfunction of government also creates its own controlled opposition – libertarianism [18]. Because government in a multicultural society can’t govern, dissenters turn away from the idea of power in disgust. They assume no government can do things like provide quality education, administer a transportation system, or pioneer technological advances. As a result, instead of the American Right seriously discussing seizing power for themselves, American conservatives and libertarians convince themselves that they are actually fighting the Left by opening the borders or providing tax cuts to their plutocratic enemies. The creed of “limited government” ensures that the rulers of the government never face any actual resistance, as the American Right focuses on the hammer rather than on those who wield it.

Ronald Reagan famously joked that the most terrifying words in the English language were “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” Today, the government does not bother with the pretense of saying they are here to help. Instead, they offer us frank hostility – justifying mass immigration on the grounds that it “punishes [19]” us or will “rub the Right’s face in diversity [20].” And unlike in Reagan’s joke, they may not even announce themselves at all — just toss flashbangs into the house and shoot you.

As Jack Donovan reminds us, “Violence is Golden [21]” and one can hardly complain about a state that is backed by violence. That’s the point of a state. But this state doesn’t give us order – it makes sure there is no resistance to the destruction of strong communities.

For example, state power, and thus state violence, was used to destroy white communities in Chicago in order to create the violent dystopia that exists in the Second City today. To borrow a memorable phrase from Mayor Daley at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago – “The police aren’t here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder.”

Racial socialism is perhaps the most skillful accomplishment of our enemies because of how easily it transcends the labels of Left and Right. The plutocrats are in league with the community organizer; the National Security Agency shares common interests with the “anarchist” anti-fascists. This is why the political debates of mainstream politics seem so hopelessly petty, and the rhetoric of conservatives and libertarians so irrelevant to the actual problems faced by the American people.

But in another way, racial socialism is actually simple to explain. It is whites paying for their own dispossession. It’s the multicultural elite encouraging and monetizing the dysfunction of the poor and the deracination of European-Americans. And it’s eminently simple to point it out to other whites once you understand that every urban wasteland, black flash mob, or immigrant invasion isn’t a “problem.” They’re just your tax dollars at work.