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The Sexual Counter-Revolution

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lorenzo-lippi-allegoria-della-simulazioneGame is the male revolt against the sexual caste system imposed by feminism. The “red pill” is simply an acknowledgement that what women say they want, and what they actually want, are two different things. Even some women who say that they want a “traditional” relationship are not willing to do what it takes to get this by actually behaving like a lady, staying in shape, or not detonating a relationship over trivia. By definition, game is men learning what actually works with women and using it to fulfill their primal needs for sex, companionship, and, ultimately, fulfilling relationships and family life.

When a member of the Parasitic Class like an affirmative action journalist or Women’s Studies professor gives his or her opinion on something, it behooves the reader to ask himself, “How does this person benefit if I believe what they are telling me?” The feminist rage against game is the rage of the effete fop against his uppity peasants. Game shifts the frame on sexual politics by allowing men to reclaim sexual power, punish female misbehavior, and pursue their own interests. It is aspirational, teaching people to look above their station, and in that sense, it is a destabilizing force within the social system. It teaches men to break free of their assigned place as the kulaks in the modern social order, responsible for subsidizing everyone else.

Notably, while “men’s sites” like Return of Kings focus on self-improvement, learning skills, and physical fitness, recent feminist writing has focused on justifying or even promoting moral flaws such as obesity, adultery, and fraud. The manosphere promotes excellence; feminism promotes equality. The default feminist rhetoric on sexual politics seems to be an inexhaustible series of variations on the theme of “Wow, just wow.” It’s not surprisingly that in such an intellectual desert even somewhat juvenile articles on “text message game” seem like an oasis.

Moreover “game” fits into the subset of Dissident Right movements that recognize there is no contradiction between Traditionalism and science. “Game” heaps scorn on the “pedestaling” behavior of many religious conservatives and reactionaries who want to treat women like medieval princesses. Instead, game recognizes that women are sexually voracious in their own way, that they derive much of their self and societal value from their sexuality, and that many of the conservative beliefs about chivalry and virtuous women only make sense in a social context that privileges patriarchy, families, and fidelity. If there is one Christian teaching I can agree with, it is the doctrine of “total depravity” for both men and women.

It’s not that “science” is an enemy of Tradition – it’s that certain small “t” traditions arose because human beings act with an evolutionary program running in the background. The impulses of sexual selection, competition, and attraction are rooted deep within the unconscious of the species. So-called “social constructs,” like prizing female virginity, or the willingness of men to sacrifice for women, are rooted in biological and empirical realities, not religious mysticism.

What defines the real modern Right, as opposed to the reactionaries, is understanding that objective realities are reflected within ancient mythologies and practices. The traditionalist teachings of thousands of years ago are more applicable to modern society than a PhD’s eminently credentialed and empirically flawed ramblings on Jezebel. We should be cautious about modern intellectuals casually dismissing the wisdom of millennia as “outdated” when these same people will mock religious beliefs while holding far more absurd (and less empirically supported) beliefs about racial equality.

Class Struggle

Heterosexual men are, as a class, a designated oppressor group in the system that is developing. By teaching men to question their place in this order, and leading them to more subversive conclusions about tradition, human biodiversity, and racial realism, the “manosphere” is declaring itself an enemy of the system.

But this isn’t just an ideological challenge. The personal is political and nowhere is the new hierarchy being enforced with more fanaticism than in sexual politics. Of course, the corollary is that every challenge, no matter how small, takes on new importance. In every nightclub, bar, and coffee shop, a man approaching a woman using game has been elevated to a political act. Men recognizing a desire and acting on it using knowledge about social dynamics is a challenge to the sexual serfdom that demands that men accept their place — under women. And that can lead to further rebellion.

Of course, unless it leads to other things, “game” is merely a means, not an end. And while “game” is based on highly subversive and inegalitarian premises, the ends are hardly revolutionary. After all, meaningless hook ups between immature boy-men and proud “sluts” is hardly a challenge to the consumerist culture. The value of game is that it even though it is directed towards profane ends, it can be the first step on an upward path of rebellious ascension.

Know Your Place

A telling example of the Left’s attitude towards game is the reaction of one Chris Gethard, a functionary for the Culture of Critique. He posted a video telling men to avoid these ideas and was praised for it by Lindy West of the female affirmative action outlet Jezebel. Gethard flaps his weak hands and insists that men who practice game “should be legally bound [to] never find love.” But more importantly, he tells men to accept that they need to shut up and do what they are told by the media. After all, “One day you’ll be, like, 37, and you’ll have a mortgage, and you’ll be totally okay with that. You’ll be completely fine.”

Needless to say, one look at his face and you know every opinion he’s ever had and why none of them are worth listening to. As for “Lindy West,” her mere physical appearance (trigger warning) warrants the return of the patriarchy, the immediate overthrow of the American government, and an Axis Victory in the Second World War, among other things.

What is important is the revelation of the end game of feminism and progressivism – don’t protest, accept your fate, and be happy you have your big screen TV that you bought with your credit card. Far from being a movement of liberation, progressivism is the handmaiden of consumerism. Don’t question these beliefs, swallow the pretty lies and we’ll let you play your video games. Know your place.

It’s more than an ideology — egalitarianism is a system of control. What the Dark Enlightenment terms the Cathedral imposes a set hierarchy of groups, along with codes of behavior. And while the punishment from deviating from codes of behavior isn’t quite as severe as what samurai meted out to impudent peasants, the principle is the same. All the sophomoric arguments, expletive-filled feminist ranting, social network shaming, and insufferably self-congratulatory #hashtags are simply the enforcement arm of this social structure.

The Bridge

For all the “metapolitics,” all the essays, all the conferences, and all the books and speeches, the White Right has only succeeded in creating a subculture, and a fairly closed one at that. No one casually enters white advocacy. The costs can be great and so are the rewards, but once you are in, you don’t go back (unless you turn traitor). What it has largely failed to do is build a “bridge” to ordinary white people, who have largely been intimidated from participating in street demonstrations, attending conferences, or even speaking publicly about their beliefs.

Game, in contrast, has succeeded as a bridge to subversive ideas. While some men can tell themselves they don’t need white identity, every straight man needs to appeal to women, and not every man knows how. Game meets an existential need. More importantly, game meets the two essential characteristics of the real Right. It is rooted in empirical reality and scientific truth while still respecting Tradition, and it challenges the official orthodoxy about egalitarianism.

It’s no accident that the Southern Poverty Law Center attacked the “manosphere” as a “hate,” leading to widespread mockery. More importantly, after this occurred, many of the most important manosphere sites and commentators have been speaking frankly about racial realist concepts and ideas. Discussions on forums within this subculture are well-informed and more grounded and less ideological than the raging abstract arguments that plague White Nationalist websites. The process of radicalization (or, more accurately and charitably, waking up) is taking place amongst a huge segment of the population that this movement has never been able to reach. And regardless of what White Nationalists think about “game,” the System perceives game as a threat.

Endgame and Revolution

Why does this absurd system exist, something so paranoid that it panics over shy men trying to learn pickup lines? The same reason most things exist – someone is benefiting from it. The more deracinated society becomes and the more families are broken down, the more relationships become a simple function of the consumer economy. A hookup culture provides no barriers between the individual and the market. The fact that many Western women believe slaving away in a cubicle and participating in a garbage culture is “freedom” while raising children is “slavery” testifies to the power of social conditioning. This conditioning is part of the process of turning sex and relationships into products to be sold – or rationed out – by an increasingly totalitarian system of control. “Equality” is just part of the scam – in the end, this system is based, like any other, on the reality of power.

The solution to sexual serfdom is not revolution from the periphery, but rebellion from the center. Ride the tiger. Recognizing equality as a scam is the first step. No one believes in equality – especially in the bedroom. Act accordingly. If people are insistent on turning themselves and their bodies into a product, treat them that away, take advantage of it, and use what works. We must approach the world not as serfs, but as barbarians. We have no stake in what they have built except to take what is ours. What should fill you is not a sense of entitlement, but aggressive contempt, and a desire to conquer.

Both men and women can use what the manosphere preaches. Equality is a scam – always be seeking to rise. And in your upward path, find those few men – and women – among the ruins. They are still there in the wasteland, and shared contempt for egalitarianism is as strong a foundation as any. Together, as comrades, lovers, and eventually families, men and women can forge a new people and create something worth preserving. This culture and system sure as hell isn’t it.



  1. Jaego
    Posted June 17, 2014 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    Men are attaining Class Consciousness and Sexual Realism – fine steps towards White Consciousness and Racial Realism.

    Emma West, Yes! Lindy West, No!

  2. Rocky
    Posted June 17, 2014 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Great article, there has been quite a bit of debate about the place of the ‘manosphere’ and the new NA right (generally within the Christian manosphere). This article helps build rational bridges where emotional and religion had torn them down.

    I am very encouraged by the manosphere, being a reader for the last two years has helped me tremendously in self-improvement. Living a warrior’s lifestyle is something both the right and the manosphere can appreciate.

    Thanks, Gregory for the article!

  3. Stronza
    Posted June 17, 2014 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    Game is the male revolt against the sexual caste system imposed by feminism.

    And what was feminism revolting against?

  4. meh
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 1:22 am | Permalink

    “And what was feminism revolting against?”


  5. Smythe
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 5:13 am | Permalink

    Game could be an aspirational movement but it is not. It is a degenerate movement that attracts men who are only looking to get laid.

    • Michael Bell
      Posted June 18, 2014 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

      As the author clearly laid out in very accessible language, game is something that CAN and SHOULD be used to bring women back into the fold of being nurturers, wives, and mothers. Just because a lot of men use it for the sole purpose of getting laid (which I don’t necessarily see as bad anyways, provided the sexual encounters are racially endogamous and that the men getting laid today will settle down at some point tomorrow) does not mean it cannot be used to more productive ends, which the author ALSO makes clear. Writing women poetry or playing the “shy guy” simply does not work, and I wonder if it ever really has outside of a movie.
      We White males, especially us racially-conscious ones, would do well to adopt game’s tactics not just to get laid, but to make women OURS so that we can safeguard our people’s future. You’d be surprised how much better you do with women when you employ sarcasm, wit, eye contact, confidence or at least the appearance of confidence, well-timed texts and phone calls, and disinterestedness. Taking care of the externals helps a lot, too!
      Game does not have to be degenerate. It can, instead, be REGENERATIVE.

      • Stronza
        Posted June 18, 2014 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

        You really do consider women stupid, don’t you. Only dummies would fall for those oh-so-obvious techniques, knowledge of which is rather widely available. After a little bit of marriage and children, the games stop and reality sets in big-time. Everyone’s basic character shows, sooner or later, and you can’t stop its being revealed.

        OTOH, I guess dummies is what y’all are looking for in the first place. Keep ’em pregnant with white fetuses till they collapse and the white race is revived. Trust me: another feminist movement will then develop.

        If anyone reading this has any suggestions for a humane, sensible solution to the bad attitudes a lot of men and women have for each other, please submit them. Some religion-based semicommunal groups seem to be less destructive arrangements than what is at present available.

        • rhondda
          Posted June 18, 2014 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

          Ah Stronza, I do agree with you. Game is just the modern version of the Art of Seduction. Part of the problem that I see is that the art of seduction is in just about every piece of great literature ever written in the west and it is not being taught anymore. Great Literature, not to speak of great music and art tells the story over and over. The real problem is that Literature is being taught from Freudian points of view(just sex) or Alderian (power) or post modern deconstruction, and or reader reaction as truth or Marxist theory of class, or feminism, and not put into a historical, societal context with all the religious beliefs intact, including all the stuff about race. And speaking of religion not too many people know what Catholics believe or what Protestants believe let alone all the fundamentalists sects believe from snake handlers to holy rollers, but everyone is an expert at dissing them all.
          And the wheel turns. If I had a daughter, I would be teaching her to name the game, just as I taught my boys what girls do.

  6. WG
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 10:20 am | Permalink

    Awesome piece. This is one of the better explanations of game and the manosphere for the uninitiated.

  7. S Fowler
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    From the Bhagavad-Gita:

    “Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the lack of understanding; and out of this, all evils.”

  8. Tim W.
    Posted June 18, 2014 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    Another great article. That last paragraph is golden.

  9. Posted June 18, 2014 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

    This is enlightening. I’ve quoted and quibcagged it, thus:

    I’m a little late to learning about the “Game” thing, but it looks like another opposition to the feminist establishment, which has to be a good thing, right?

  10. Andrew
    Posted June 19, 2014 at 3:24 am | Permalink

    If by “game” you mean teaching young men about female psychology, how to attract them and build relationships with them (and tame them?), as well as how to develop alpha male traits, then “game” is a very good and necessary thing. I don’t know if the great scheme of things this is its ultimate impact, hopefully that is the case. But, from my reading of theorists and practitioners of “game”, the end goal is sex, with as many attractive women as possible, without responsibility or procreation. I question whether the adoption of this mindset is good for Europeans.

    Lots of sex is obviously desireable for males, this is an adaptive trait that maximizes reproduction and is psychologically and emotionally healthy for the male in most cases (probably including those well-read cases of teen males with their teachers). However, European females are different. They benefit from aligning with a single powerful male who can easily continually impregnate them, and female psychology reflects this. Very few young women dream of hundreds of conquests of the opposite sex; they dream of their One True Love as they are biologically programmed to do. They tend to feel used and whoresque when the charming male who attracted them has fulfilled his needs of the flesh and now wants no relationship. A pattern of this leads too often to hardened and embittered women.

    I think it is unhelpful to view women as part of a class that must be fought, as soldiers in a feminist army led by shoggoth generals, part of a hostile system that is anti-male and anti-White. European women enter the world innocent and full of promise, and in spite of casualties along the way, most European females survive whatever indoctrination they undergo during their youth to become adults that are still feminine, capable of being wonderful mothers and mates. If a young woman is misled and nailed by a male gamer, I don’t see that as a revolutionary act, but rather as an isolated event that to some extent reduces the female’s capacity/inclination to be someone’s life partner at some point (with the up side being an ego boost to the male which is of dubious benefit in a racial sense).

    Since the beginning of time, the men of the tribe protected their daughters from the designs of the horny men who sought them for short-term pleasure (upon pain of penilectomy). Its not that the sexual drive of the men (and women) or that the act itself are immoral (both are good things created by God himself), but that it would be psychologicalyl negative for the female and leave any resulting children in unstable circumstances. A healthy society would include a militant patriarchy that enforced these same protections (as well as raising and training its young men to become future patriarchs). Although the patriarchy is in pretty bad shape at this point, I think every man instinctively knows that experiencing lots of sex is not beneficial for a young woman and fathers instinctively protect their daughters from sluthood to the extent that they can.

    • John Hawthorne
      Posted June 20, 2014 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

      Well said. It’s time that the New Right is clarifying its position vis a vis the manosphere. I’m glad that intelligent people like Gregory Hood (and Michael McGregor at Radix) are undertaking to do that.

      Any ideas and practices that help to restore a healthy spirit to White womanhood and undermine feminist antagonism to family life are good for our people and worth applauding. Clearly, there is much to “red pill” that’s worthwhile. But any aspects of of this thought-current that foster destructive antagonism between the sexes, further deteriorate our numbers, or make excuses for White botches, ought to be cut out ruthlessly.

  11. Br Evola
    Posted June 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm | Permalink

    I think most people who talk about ‘game’ are adult children (I like the author of the article, I’m not implicating him, just the larger subject matter). I understand the appeal of ‘game’ to young 20-somethings, like myself, but in a large context, I don’t think ‘game’ has any value.

    If you are a ‘real’ man, chances are you will find a ‘real’ woman. You won’t need game. How is ‘game’ going to help you form a relationship? A family? I only see game as helpful for those who want to have multiple partners every month … or perhaps teenagers who don’t know how psychology works.

    I feel like if you become a better man (the more difficult task), everything else in life follows. Game is just a short cut for adolescents who want a power trip or sexual satisfaction.

    • Michael Bell
      Posted June 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

      “If you are a ‘real’ man, chances are you will find a ‘real’ woman. You won’t need game. How is ‘game’ going to help you form a relationship? A family?”

      How will you find her? Will the gods hand-place her into your lap? No. You will find her by chance, or through the web or wherever, and then you will do what you can to make her like you. Whether that is by being direct and plain, or by being witty and sarcastic, the fact is that you are using some form of “game” to make it happen. If you are just “being yourself,” THAT’S STILL GAME. Fortunately for you in that case, game comes naturally.

      “How is ‘game’ going to help you form a relationship? A family?”

      Make a woman love you and these things flow naturally from it. Just because you used “game” doesn’t mean you have to discard her immediately.

    • Days of Broken Arrow
      Posted June 22, 2014 at 6:43 am | Permalink

      “If you are a ‘real’ man, chances are you will find a ‘real’ woman.” Yes, and then you can get friendzoned or have your house taken in divorce court or lose custody of your kids. Many a “real man” in America has dealt with this and the chest-thumping about how “real” they are tends to stop when they’re in apartments with hot plates unable to make child support payments while a new boyfriend is in their old bed with their ex-wife.

      The old ways aren’t working anymore.

  12. zaqan
    Posted June 21, 2014 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    Those in the comments who are deriding game are clearly elder and either did not read the essay or did not understand it. You grew up in a time when traditional courtship worked. Before there were fat women who turned off men, leading to exaggerated pursuit of standard and high quality women. Today, these women, who have less competition than women of your generation choose whatever men give them the best adventure, often not one who will stick around to raise the child (as the instinct of the woman demands). In order to have any success with a woman today, men must adapt and utilize this game technique, whether for serial sex, or for a long term relationship and marriage. Many in the manosphere long for LTRs and marriages. Some do pursue it, but some do not. The latter recognize that the feminists have stacked the system against men: with unilateral divorces, draconian family courts, alimony/child support, and so on. They do not want to even get involved.

    Whether a man wants a hookup or a LTR, today he needs to use game to seduce a woman, make her beholden to him via intercourse, and then choose if he wants to keep her. It realigns the power back to men and restores the patriarchy, which is why feminists and other socialists are so terrified and loathing of it. In time, they will die off because conservatives reproduce at rates far outstripping socialists. We must teach our children our values and inoculate them against socialism. And if socialism does rise again, it must be ruthlessly suppressed so it cannot ever grow to the size it has in the past 150 years.

    • Br Evola
      Posted June 22, 2014 at 12:59 am | Permalink

      I’m not elder. But I think Game is essentially Negroidism. It’s fake masculinity, not the real thing.

      I despise Roissy’s attitude and I think men should have some sense of respect towards women … not of course overlooking their irrationality or becoming white knights … but to view women as sexual objects alone seems rather degrading to one’s self. If most women are only sex objects, and that’s what you are primarily chasing in life (and I think most men are), you have more in common with Negroes than you might imagine. Game is about petty selfishness for adult children, not masculinity.

      Granted, if most women today are not deserving of any measure of respect, then avoid them and look for the good ones, or just go your own way. Are you lonely?

      This strange obsession I see with disparaging women on PUA blogs, and at the same time wanting them sooo badly, is neurotic. I think modern men have no purpose in life, and somehow think a lack of feminine attention or sex is the cause. And I think most commenters on these blogs think of themselves as expert ‘alphas’ … when probably less than 1 in 20 actually is.

      The obsession with ‘getting laid’ on a consistent basis is another bourgeois status symbol and escape mechanism, like eating out, driving a new car, or landing a high-paying job.

      If you have your own house in order and are an interesting person, that should be enough to make you successful with women. A central mission, coupled with a sense of detachment from people, place, and things, and indifference to emotion, social shaming, and rejection, should get you pretty far in life.

      Most modern men are broken or just pathetic … they should figure out how to fix themselves before pointing the finger. May be life would improve.

      That’s what I did.

      • Michael Bell
        Posted June 22, 2014 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

        “But I think Game is essentially Negroidism.”

        Negroes may use game, but that shouldn’t automatically rule it out as an option for us. Negroes also enjoy watermelon, which I don’t see as cause enough for US to stop eating it.

        “I despise Roissy’s attitude and I think men should have some sense of respect towards women.”

        The problem with Roissy is the ENDS that he pursues. As I have been repeating, along with other posters, game need not be used only for selfish purposes. It can be a means toward positive ends. It seems that no matter how many times we clarify that point, some of you opponents to game just keep repeating your same complaints about game being “degenerate” and “selfish.”

        “If most women are only sex objects, and that’s what you are primarily chasing in life (and I think most men are), you have more in common with Negroes than you might imagine.”

        Again, nobody here is calling them sex objects or saying they should be treated as such. White women are future mothers of our race, and as such, need to be brought under sway with game tactics so that they can fulfill this role. If we don’t take them, the Roissy-type gamers will…over and over and over again.

        “The obsession with ‘getting laid’ on a consistent basis is another bourgeois status symbol and escape mechanism, like eating out, driving a new car, or landing a high-paying job.”

        Just because we are addressing a sexual issue, and speaking frankly about it as it applies to our race’s survival, does not mean we are obsessed with it. Even so, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing if we WERE obsessed with bringing more women into the fold.

        “If you have your own house in order and are an interesting person, that should be enough to make you successful with women. A central mission, coupled with a sense of detachment from people, place, and things, and indifference to emotion, social shaming, and rejection, should get you pretty far in life.”

        So…you should use a variant of game? I agree completely!

        “Most modern men are broken or just pathetic … they should figure out how to fix themselves before pointing the finger. May be life would improve.

        That’s what I did.”

        So you successfully used a form of game to improve your lot in life? It seems you agree with us more than you disagree. Congratulations, by the way.

  13. One Eyed Drunk
    Posted June 21, 2014 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    Game has saved my marriage. I used to get mad about things. I didn’t know how to deal with my wife. I am now self aware of her ways, I no longer place her on a pedestal, and I hold her accountable. I have improved myself in a big way as well. Life is great.

  14. Male from Toronto
    Posted June 22, 2014 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    I dunno man……feminists in Toronto hate men approaching them unless he is:

    A) Rich, as in owning more than $2million net worth preferably liquid cash

    B)Alpha male

    C) Older man

    D) A young male they can control, hence the mad amount of news stories about 30 year old female teachers and Grade 6 male students

    Pickup game is indirectly illegal in Toronto, and the male can be charged under one of Canada’s broad laws. Heck, the feminist Conservative government is trying to criminalize the men for paying for prostitutes. How ironic when the truth is that the politicians themselves hire escorts using taxpayers monies and a number of public sector workers were caught luring ten year old girls on the internet (the individual works in education), so who believes Canada is a free country with morals and justice?

  15. Posted February 15, 2015 at 12:16 pm | Permalink

    Baffling. I think I understand what the author is trying to say, but he is deliberately obscurantist and cutesy, using jargon such as “game.” What might that be? (Oh I know, more or less; I get it from the context and I can Google it too; but that doesn’t mean you can use the term without glossing it.) I used to participate in a T&F discussion board called Dyestat, dominated by high school middle-distance track boys. (I’m a T&F coach.) They would use expressions such as “pwn” and “picks or shens,” which are completely inaccessible to the uninitiated. That’s fine if you’re a 15-year-old male who spends half his waking hours looking at an electronic screen. But if you’re an adult male and use obscure jargon when complaining about how hard it is to meet eligible and presentable women, and then cite such an example as an obese female you read about on a lefty-feminist intertubes site—well, I’d say your basic problem is that you have a distorted idea of reality and need to swear off the web for a week or two. Get out in the real world and meet people.

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