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On Russia, Ukraine & Honor


Ukrainian civilians kidnapped, tortured and murdered by “pro-Russian activists.”

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Colin Liddell has been generally sympathetic to the Ukrainian revolution, but in a recent article [2], he was sad to note that it had taken a “dishonorable” turn due to the deaths of pro-Russian fighters in Odessa.

An honest and consistent White Nationalist should be guided by three main factors in his treatment of the Ukrainian crisis (and any other event in the world, for that matter): firstly and most importantly what is in the best interests of the white race, then on whose side is justice, and finally, which side acts more honorably.

The issue of white interests in relation to the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has been previously discussed here [3] and here [4]. The issue of justice has been discussed here [5]. What has been absent up to now is the discussion of the third component – i.e., honor.

As difficult as it may be to discuss honor in objective terms, with rational argumentation, nevertheless, different members of a racially homogeneous group guided by the same basic premises are highly likely to share a similar understanding of honor and therefore most probably will reach similar conclusions with regards to which act is more honorable and which is not when presented with bare portrayal of events. Therefore, what follows is a portrayal of recent events taking place in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine in the hope that White Nationalists can form their own sober judgment and reach to sensible conclusions with regards to which side in the conflict acts more honorably.

Firstly, let us discuss the fire in the Trades Union Office in Odessa mentioned in Colin’s latest article. Sadly, in spite of the author’s good intentions, the version of events alluded to in the above-mentioned article is blatant misinformation, highly likely stemming from Russian sources, which — in the old Soviet tradition — are very skillful in spreading lies to Western public. Therefore, before this misinformation becomes common knowledge in White Nationalist circles, its spread has to be thwarted and the situation has to be clarified.

What happened in reality is quite different from what is alleged in that article. Russian separatists forcefully occupied the building and began looting, firing, and throwing Molotov cocktails from the roof and the windows at pro-Maidan activists and civilians on the street below. It was later conclusively established by the police that it was not the pro-Maidan activists who caused the fire in the building. The fire indeed began on the upper floors, most likely due to careless handling of Molotov cocktails by some pro-Russian fighters located inside. Moreover, none of the pro-Russian fighters suffered any gunshot wounds, and most of them died either of suffocation or from burning. It was also established that pro-Maidan fighters did not enter the building, and, most importantly, did not throw any explosives that could have theoretically caused such a fire. Most glaringly, the pro-Maidan activists were later rescuing people  trapped inside the burning building, among them Russian separatists who were firing at them shortly before! This observation alone is enough to demonstrate which side in the conflict acts with honor.

In addition, on the same day the fans of the football teams from Odessa and Kharkiv joined together before the match and were marching for united Ukraine. Many other ordinary citizens joined them as well. Later, the peaceful procession was unexpectedly and viciously attacked by pro-Russian fighters. The latter firstly threw stones at the peaceful demonstrators and later fired gunshots. The Ukrainians managed to retaliate with the help of the police and local-defense forces.

What the Western public should find most blatant however is the observation that pro-Russian activists are acting in the ways nowadays typically associated with Muslim terrorists, resorting to kidnapping and murder, banditry and marauding, and using women and children as human shields. Here are some examples.

Pro-Russian activists recently kidnapped and killed a Gorlov city council member from the party All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland,” Vladimir Rybak, and a student at Kyiv Polytechnic University, Yuriy Popravko. Their corpses were found on the 19th of April in a river near Slavyansk. Their stomachs were ripped open, and the investigation established that they were drowned in water while still alive. Later another corpse was found around the same area with similar traces of torture. He was a 25-year-old civilian from Lviv, Yuriy Dyakovskiy.

In addition, SkyNews and CBS crews, and an American journalist Mike Giglio with his translator Elena Glazunova were also kidnapped by Russian separatists. They were released later, however. Of course, one should rightly condemn the mainstream Western media for their leading role in destroying the white race, and those journalists are in all likelihood no friends of White Nationalism. Quite the contrary. But it in no way means that kidnapping them is an honorable act worthy of a decent person. Moreover, Russian separatists certainly did not kidnap the journalists for being alleged enemies of the white race, but rather for being representatives of the “evil West” which according to them is the main enemy [4] of the Russian nation and should be destroyed.

Russian separatists who were, and in some places still are, in control of certain eastern and southern regions allegedly for defending the “oppressed” Russian population are also involved in banditry and marauding. They are seizing heavy vehicles (e.g., those carrying foodstuffs to the region) at gunpoint and stealing their cargoes. For example, according to the report of the branch of Ukrainian Ministry of Interior in the Lugansk Region, two trucks have been seized by armed Russian separatists in Sverdlovsk. In addition, there were at least two reported attempts of Russian saboteurs to subvert trains carrying civilians.

Finally, although the Russian government hypocritically continues to deny its involvement in recent escalations in Ukraine, it is already clear that many thousands of Russian saboteurs, most of whom are trained soldiers and paratroopers, continue to infiltrate Ukrainian territory not only from Russia but also from Transnistria and recently annexed Crimea, and are involved in the destabilization of the situation and likely also in the criminal activities mentioned above. Moreover, it is also clear that the pro-Russian separatists are equipped with newest guns and other machinery obtained from Russia.