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Traitor to the Gods

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“Odinist” Glenn Miller wearing Christian emblem of the KKK

The purpose of contemporary political debate is not to discover truth, but to tag your opponent with positions he can’t defend. Like in other marketplaces, the man who profits most in the “marketplace of ideas” isn’t the one with the best product, but the one who is the best salesman, the slickest talker, and the best psychological manipulator.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is the undisputed Jordan Belfort in the con artist competition that we call democracy, and all their skills are in full display in the wake of latest violent self-immolation here in the Land of the Free. Of course, they couldn’t ask for better material.

Frazier Glenn Miller, aka “Rounder,” aka Frazier Glenn Cross, is a perfect example of the self-important, self-aggrandizing Führer in his own mind that plagues the “far Right.”

Miller, known as “Traitor Glenn Miller” among white nationalists, was once the leader of the White Patriot Party who issued a tragicomic “declaration of war” against “ZOG” which he sent to law enforcement.  Of course, his “war” quickly collapsed and he promptly testified as a witness for “ZOG” against his “comrades” in exchange for freedom (and, it is rumored, booze), earning well deserved scorn from activists around the country.

Now, he has achieved the masterpiece of his despicable career by emerging as a fat, neckbearded lunatic shrieking about Hitler in the back of a police car after murdering three white, non-Jewish people.  Whether Miller is a professional anti-white activist, a sociopathic traitor, or simply a drunk who is too stupid and evil to be allowed to live makes no difference.  Nor will it make a difference to the people whose lives he took, or the families that he destroyed.  He will simply be remembered as someone who made an invaluable contribution towards the utter destruction of European Civilization.

Not surprisingly, the SPLC is in full preen, and doing their best to “link” Miller to as many people as possible, especially those he previously sold out. Their collaborators in the controlled media are also doing their best to use Miller’s disgusting crime to discredit anyone who doesn’t want to see all whites share the fate of Miller’s victims.

Intriguingly, one of the official enemies are “Odinists.” Daniel Burke, the SWPL stereotype who edits the CNN Belief Blog has a breathless hit piece on Miller’s supposed “neo-pagan religion.”  The source for this is Miller’s rambling autobiography which holds that “Valhalla does not accept Negroes” and ends with “Praise Odin, pass the ammunition, Sieg Heil, and Heil Hitler!”

Of course, Miller’s most “successful” career phase came when he was organizing the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which later became the White Patriot Party. The organization explicitly organized around Christian Identity ideology and symbolism.  As the article states, Miller presented himself as a “traditional monotheist” when he ran for office (as a Democrat, as the Beltway Right gleefully insists.)  Moreover, when Miller spoke at a college campus in 2012, he apparently self-identified as an atheist.

Nonetheless, the SPLC is having none of it, and Burke dutifully reprints their official statements as Holy Writ. “The faith’s obsession with genetic purity, racial supremacy and conquering supposedly lesser peoples is a recipe for violence,” bleats one of their mouthpieces.  Still, after protest, the article was revised to include comments from those who hold Asatru is a “peaceful and proudly multicultural religion.” Lefty neo-pagan blogs eager to jettison folkish belief systems are also seizing on the incident and the likes of Heathens United Against Racism are making the rote pronunciations that “there is no place for racism in heathenry.”

Though many supposed neo-pagans are angry with CNN for the hit piece, all of this is part of the same agenda. The danger – and potential – of what is commonly called Asatru is that it challenges the metapolitics and moral foundation of modernity. Egalitarianism, “human rights,” and the universal basis of morality underpin both secular and Christian morality in the modern world.  The moral positions of an Episcopalian bishop and an Ethnic Studies professor are essentially indistinguishable.  Even the more conservative denominations such as the Roman Catholic Church or evangelical parishes challenge secular humanism only from the Left, with the former claiming that progressives need to be more concerned about the unegalitarian implications of abortion and the latter worried about the racist consequences of evolution.

Real Asatru is a fundamental challenge to this entire worldview on two levels. First, as an identitarian religion, it denies the universalistic basis of morality and the Kantian categorical imperative. It holds that we have greater commitments to our kinsmen and those bound by oath to us than we have to racial aliens scattered throughout the entire world. In contrast, both modern Christians and secular progressives seem to attach greater importance to the children in Africa than they do to white children in their own community.

But there is a greater truth at the core of the Old Way. Odinism is a call to hierarchy and to excellence. Odin is not just a god or a deified man, but a path to continual self-overcoming. Salvation, insofar as it is offered, is accomplished through great works in service to the tribe, not through abstract belief. The pagan did not fear hellfire but a dull, grey afterlife that could only be avoided through acts of courage and legendary heroism. To enjoy life with the gods after death, it was necessary to pursue becoming a god here on Earth.

Indeed, real Asatru can hardly be called a “religion” in the traditional sense, as practice, ritual, and belief varied widely from tribe to tribe in both pre-Christian Europe and among heathens today.  It is something you do, not something you believe. The deeds that are performed are in the service of a greater overcoming. The heathen unapologetically seeks greatness, in wisdom, strength, and beauty. There no possible reading of egalitarianism within Germanic paganism because there is no doctrine of the equality of souls.  All men are created unequal, both here and in the afterlife.

The problem is that both “racist” and “anti-racist” self-styled heathens feel the need to simply adopt Christian symbolism and morality and substitute Nordic names. For the “far Right,” a comic book belief in the Nordic gods as simply being “badass” or “strong” neglects the reality that the pagan conception of life is tragic – even the gods are born to die, and their power is limited.  It makes no sense to pray to “Odin” or “Thor” as a Christ figure who will simply redeem people from their own failures or weaknesses.

Asatru is deeper than just a “warrior faith” for twentysomething males – it is a system of archetypes, rituals and values that enables a different way of life. Acting the same as everyone else and living a life fully enmeshed in modernity is not walking the Odinic Path. Living apart from ritual, nature, and the sacred does not give someone the right to call himself a pagan as long as he is wearing a Mjolnir he ordered off a website.

For the Left, it is even worse, as they accept modern Christian egalitarian morality and simply substitute the names. Just as the Christian God has slowly devolved into a fuzzy Martin Luther King in the sky as He is slowly stripped of his Germanic trappings, so is Glad-Of-War transformed into a pacifist whose moral code is indistinguishable from the Unitarian Universalists.  After all, by whatever name they call it — be it Jesus Christ, “Reason,” the Earth Goddess, or even the degenerate All-Father they have now conjured — egalitarians ultimately worship the same thing.  The dream of a world without struggle, and thus without distinction, is the sacred vision of the Left-wing pagan, who finds even the remnants of orthodox Christianity too demanding.  Instead of the sacred galdr of the runes within a vé hallowed by sacrifice and filled with the essence of bood and smoke , the litany of universalist pagans is John Lennon’s “Imagine,” played from a Mac, surrounded by weed and patchouli oil.

As for Traitor Glenn Miller, his shifting styles and stated beliefs indicate that he never actually lived as a heathen, nor believed in it. It was simply a collection of symbols that could be tacked on to make him seem more important and fearsome. And, it must be admitted, he is not alone. The caricatured “Viking Religion” too often serves as a cover for the weak who seek to make themselves appear strong.

The Hávamálthe Words of the High One, are not license for indulgence. Instead, they warn to avoid pointless pleasure seeking and retire from the feast early, to moderately consume alcohol, to listen to the counsel of the old and the wise, to be a courteous guest and host, and most of all, to speak meaningful words or remain silent. Each word simply leads to another word – but each deed leads to another deed. Wild boasts of pointless violence, breaking of oaths, militant posturing, and the murder of defenseless members of the folk are not just shameful acts — they are treason against the folk and the gods.




  1. rhondda
    Posted April 17, 2014 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    Oh, thank you for this.

  2. Posted April 17, 2014 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    “There no possible reading of egalitarianism within Germanic paganism because there is no doctrine of the equality of souls. All men are created unequal, both here and in the afterlife.”

    One of the key ideas I found reading Evola; actually, ALL “pagan” — i.e. non-JudeoChristian– Traditions are necessarily hierarchical and non-egalitarian because the whole point of initiation is to become a new being, hence the sharp, unbridgeable gap btw those who have and those who have not been initiated. Hierarchy, like race, is simply a FACT.

    And the point of initiation is to become suitable for immortality. The non-traditional notion of ‘equality of souls’ is equivalent to ‘all souls are immortal’.

    The Christian ‘new birth’ is an empty hijacking of the Traditional notion of initiation — obviously no one really believes it — the emphasis is on an already immortal soul needing to be ‘cleaned up’ somehow to avoid eternal damnation — an absurd idea, unlike the Traditional notion that the non-initiated simply disintegrate, returning to the ancestral root.

    • Jaego
      Posted April 17, 2014 at 8:16 pm | Permalink

      Krishna says, “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor any of these Kings. Nor is there anytime in the future when we shall cease to be.” Evidently Hinduism is with Christianity on this one, James. The Great Tradition welcomes Christianity as a Brother – but rejects Theosophical notions of the soul “evolving” from matter or lower forms of life. We descended from above and seek to regain our lost estate.

      Any who want a form of Hinduism which is compatible with the warrior paganism of our past need only look to Savitri Devi. Some of her books are or were on sale here even though I wasn’t able to access them for some reason.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted April 17, 2014 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

        The problems with the sale page have been fixed.

        • Jaego
          Posted April 18, 2014 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

          Not on “Gold in the Furnace” and “Defiance”. Still disconnects. Tried the library: same thing.

          • Greg Johnson
            Posted April 18, 2014 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

            Sorry, but I am baffled.

    • Harry in PA
      Posted April 20, 2014 at 4:48 am | Permalink

      It appears that my reasonable and civil (though strong) criticism of James O’Meara’s hateful remarks on Christianity are unfit to publish – though his are acceptable on this most holy of all Christian holidays.

      Unworthy for a site such as CC.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted April 20, 2014 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

        Ranting like a Jewish prophet about the consequences of turning away from THE LORD does not strike me as reasonable or civil. It is beneath us.

  3. Posted April 17, 2014 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

    “Indeed, real Asatru can hardly be called a “religion” in the traditional sense, as practice, ritual, and belief varied widely from tribe to tribe in both pre-Christian Europe and among heathens today. It is something you do, not something you believe….As for Traitor Glenn Miller, his shifting styles and stated beliefs indicate that he never actually lived as a heathen, nor believed in it. It was simply a collection of symbols that could be tacked on to make him seem more important and fearsome.”

    “Traditional” in the sense of customary, not Tradition; it is JudeoChristianity that is the outlier, non-Traditional, in its obsession with dogma and belief. Thus, for the MSM, Miller ‘is’ a pagan, because he says he believes such and such, whatever his real actions; just like the “Christians” who are just like everyone else, but “believe” in some words.

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