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Gregory Hood’s 15 Words
(Rondeau Variation)

ParmenidesRaphaelSchoolofAthens [1]128 words

“That which is not explicitly for our
people inevitably turns against
our people with time.”

— Gregory Hood

“That which is not explicitly for our
People inevitably turns against
Our people with time.” Without guilt, or angst,
Or dark hand-wringing, that which is not for
Us –- which is not us at all — will explore
How to get its own foot in the front door
Of everything we’ve built and under score
Our world, how to come to its own defense —
That which is not
Our defense at all—when we say “no more”
But it wants more, how it needs just implore
Our good will, cry out for some tolerance
And then turn from being an annoyance
Into something that drags us down before
That which is not . . .