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Post-Modern Sonnet

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There is a new religion: anti-racist
Which is, more or less, made up of the same thing that any cult is,
Namely, a vacuous under-examining self-righteous group of people that a 
Normal society would deem puritanical egomaniacal zealots. The code-word
(Or words, they have a few, but one is by far their favorite) they have for
The target of their zeal is anti-racism. However, in practice, their zeal is merely anti-white

Everything. By everything, I mean everything European: people, history, ideals. Anti-white
Hatred is, in a nutshell, hatred for all things white as whiteness pertains to Europeans. Anti-racist
Activists do not, as a whole, hate albinos, polar bears, snow (well, that goes for
Snow that does not fall in Europe anyway) or anything else that is
White but not part of the European white (i.e., white skin). The usual code-word
For those of us who do not agree with this religion of anti-racism as it is practiced is a

Word coined in the far reaches of World War Two history. Sometimes a
Different word is used, or a series of letters, but most anti-white
Adherents use a mid-century oldie but goodie code-word
That starts with N and ends with I. Every anti-racist
Loves that one! Even if they don’t know exactly what one is
They love calling people who don’t agree with them one. Stand for

Something that they don’t stand for?
They will throw one of those N blank blank I code-words at you . . . a
Couple of ’em if you don’t back down at the first one and instantly agree with them as to what is
And what is not okay to think, okay to be, okay to do. Anti-white
Is okay. Anti-anti-white is not. White is not. Pro-white is really not. Anti-racist
Is okay — so long as the races in question are not white. If they are it’s more than a code-word

You’ll be liable to get thrown at you. Anti-racists don’t like it when their pet code-word
(Antiracist) is taken literally and used by or for
Any one (by anyone I mean anyone white that the anti-racist
Cultists deem to pose any sort of a
Threat to their virulent anti-white
Fanaticism) who actually is

A victim of racism (anti-white), has to live in a multicultural (anti-European) setting or is
The target of hypocritical and/or slanderous, tirades or campaigns involving any code-word
That the anti-white
Brigade can come up with as a character- annihilating description for
Anyone white who is a)
Brave enough b) aware enough c) proud enough to go up against an anti-racist.

Anti-racist is
A code-word
For anti-white.


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