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Ten Reasons for White Nationalists to Cheer Up

Edward John Poynter, “Faithful Unto Death” [1]

Edward John Poynter, “Faithful Unto Death”

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I’m a huge proponent of depressive realism, the proposition that the darker way of looking at things is generally closer to the truth. All things being equal, pride, greed, neglect, and failure are a safer bet than humility, charity, stewardship, and victory. My first nudge away from mainstream thought and belief was a visceral suspicion that humanity wasn’t a global brotherhood of fundamentally equal comrades in a universal quest for happiness and prosperity.

We’re not all equal. Though, without divine intervention, we’re all equally screwed. 

Self-critique is a beautiful thing, presuming it doesn’t descend into self-abuse. Walking the tightrope between humility and humiliation is a balancing act. In the blogosphere, on social media, and in private conversations, just about all I hear is despair. I’m vividly aware that the cause of preserving our folk is pretty much powerless, disorganized, in disarray, and lost with no clear or direct path onward and upward. But there’s a subtle yet important distinction between merely losing and having lost. You haven’t lost until you’ve abandoned your post in the struggle.

I lean on the parable of the Roman soldier who manned his post even as Mount Vesuvius erupted around him…

“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

– Oswald Spengler

There is cause for hope, though. Several critical social and political factors are favoring identitarian movements around the globe, including our own causes of White identity and preservation.

1. “No Platform” Bites the Dust

An essential tenet of Organized Jewry and their minions on the Radical Left is the proposition that we must never be granted a “platform” to state our position. Depriving us of a voice is absolutely necessary because our side inevitably prevails when we have a fair hearing. The self-styled “anti-fascists” enjoyed an unprecedented and unchallenged monopoly on the Western mind from the conclusion of WWII until the advent of the Internet.

For half of a century, the antifa media monopoly’s Big Three television networks and Jewish newspaper scions had carte blanche to redefine what it means to be an American, where the spectrum of political discourse begins and ends, and even which direction “progress” is. America had been a coherent European nation with a problematic set of ideas (Enlightenment classical liberalism), but it’s now indisputably a cosmic bazaar of greedy and alienated consumers. When liberals insist that a foreigner compelled to abandon his family, nation, and faith tradition in pursuit of “opportunity” (read: greed) is more “American” than me, everybody who would join me in disagreeing with him has long ago died of old age.

That’s over. The big media monopolies are hemorrhaging audiences and profits. The newspaper dynasties are practically giving away their obsolete empires. The sanctimonious “watch dogs” at the ADL and SPLC have lost their luster, dragged down to our level of bickering in the blogosphere while even mainstream conservative and ideologically consistent liberals question where and why they wield the authority to define who is and is not a proscribed “hater.”

They can continue deleting our comments and trying to block our sites from libraries, but the dogmatically anti-white order is on the defensive and on the retreat in the large and growing field of wide open discourse. All they really have going for them is the lumbering momentum of a generation of hopelessly brainwashed Baby Boomers and the clumsy fist of institutional authority. Their occupied colleges host anti-white hatemonger Tim Wise while blocking us at the door; it’s not like the National Guard is going to be called in to allow us in. But the real debate and the real locus of social and political change is no longer the university lecture hall.

Even on the street, where their anti-white “anarchist” thugs still dramatically outnumber us, we’re winning the fight. In Pennsylvania, we broke through their line and revered our ancestors. In Terre Haute, we rinsed up our busted lips and carried on our planned event while mercifully turning their whimpering guys over to the campus police. At the May Day protest, our small band of protesters stood our ground and fought back the disorganized mob of Marxist radicals. Surely, the laws of chance will grant them a battle victory sooner or later. The fight’s very far from won, but the bottom line is that their attempt to grant us absolutely “No Platform” is in shambles.

2. Western Europe

After WWII, the French copped to a false narrative that they’re cowardly “surrender monkeys” rather than admit that their sympathies leaned in favor of the Axis all along. With their leadership in the rapidly growing Identitarian movement and the growth of Marine Le Pen’s National Front party, we’re witnessing their return to the global stage as one of Europe’s truly great and noble nation-states. If this is what we’re seeing before the deflationary spiral really gets rolling, how much momentum will our side have once the regime can no longer paper over the growing problems with paper currency?

3. Southern Europe

Golden Dawn has set Greece aglow with hope for survival, Sicilian mobs are rioting against the hordes of African immigrants to Italy, and Spain never really stopped being fascist monarchists in the first place.

4. Eastern Europe

We’ve written in depth here about the growing opposition to Modernity in Russia and the rest of the Slavic world. Time will tell where Putin and his colleagues are taking this, but it’s definitely not going according to the “Progressive” plan.

5. The Third World

It seems counter-intuitive that a White Nationalist would look to the Global South and its billions of brown people for hope. But surely enough, there’s hope there. While there’s not an active campaign to replace and displace the world’s non-white peoples, the forces of global capitalism and universal humanism are working against their traditional identities and faith traditions.

When Venezuela refuses to be an American colony, choosing its own path over that demanded by our multinational corporations, that’s our side winning. When Christian priests and pastors in Africa rebel against the decadence and dereliction of Western Christians with their feminism and embrace of disease-spreading decadent sexuality, that’s our side winning.

6. Syria

At this point, even if Assad’s regime falls, the proxy war being waged by American corporations and Islamic fundamentalists in tandem against Tribe and Tradition has been a disaster. All the guns and money in the world is powerless in the hands of confused fools who are as eager to deploy it all against one another as against the intended target.

7. Conservatism is Dead

Sure, the GOP is still there and the Republican Party will remain 49.999% of the electorate for a few more cycles, but there is no coherent “conservative” ideology to be found by just about anybody under 40. The GOP has no choice but to be held hostage by Ron Paul libertarian youths because those are the only young people voting Republican. The future hasn’t been decided, yet, but the hegemony of the National Review set of “yesterday’s liberals” is challenged and radical voices will find new platforms in the coming years.

8. Bitcoin

I know few people agree with me on this one, but I’m standing my ground. For generations, it’s been understood that much of our opponent’s power derives from their monetary hegemony, their control of the world’s central banks. We’ve been swimming upstream in a world where our bitter enemies literally own the sweat of your brow and the roofs over our heads. Limited and ineffectual half-measures like Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” might make the system better, but our only hope is to dramatically revolutionize the financial order out from under the oligarchs.

If, as I predict, digital crypto-currencies manage to do to bankers what the Internet did to newspapers and Napster did to record producers, the plate tectonics undergirding everything on the surface of politics will seismically shift in our favor.

9. Demographics aren’t all bad

The silver lining of our social and economic decline is that our nations are becoming less and less attractive to immigrants. All things being equal, most Mexicans would rather be in Mexico; and all things are indeed equalizing. Radical Leftist whites don’t reproduce anywhere near replacement level, while traditionalist whites do. It’s looking more and more like the 2042 prediction for White Americans becoming less than 50% will be pushed back several years.

Without concrete action, we’re still doomed. But demographic doomsday is likely to arrive a bit later than some of us had presumed.

10. Diaspora Jews vs. Zionist Jews

From the beginning of the Diaspora, there’s always been a dichotomy within the Jewish community between the wealthy and assimilated Jews who left the shtetl and the fertile and observant Jews who remained behind. Up until recently, it’s generally been a symbiotic relationship, with the assimilated Jews behaving like worker bees gathering nectar for the hive.

The growing social, cultural, political, and religious divide between these two halves of global Jewry is a defining challenge for them in the coming century. Without the Jewish tradition, wealthy Jews are doomed to sink into the same abyss of decadence and impotence that the West’s indigenous elites sunk into. Without the wealthy Jews, traditional Jews are harmless eccentrics in funny hats.

While we may not have the strength to wrestle our world away from the death grip of Jewish culture and politics, it’s quite possible, perhaps even likely, that the Jewish community will loosen its grip on its own as internal conflicts and contradictions tear at the Jewish community from within.

Source: http://www.tradyouth.org/2014/02/ten-reasons-for-white-nationalists-to-cheer-up/ [2]