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2013, a Dark Year Before the Dawn

Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala [1]

Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala

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Like Greg [2], I did not have a happy 2013. The hope inspired by the Poitiers Mosque action in November 2012 was followed by a severe repression and infiltration of Identitarian groups by the “Forces of Order.” Below I try to summarize the four major stories of 2013. In this year there has been more state harassment, infiltration, and dissolution of Nationalist and New Right groups than in decades.

For the first six months, most of my comrades joined what was, in my opinion, a divisive distraction. We narrowly escaped the type of accidental event that, in the past would totally derail our momentum. For a month all of France was treated to a bleeding heart story over the deportation of a young gypsy, as the media tried to pretend the youth of the nation were behind them. Finally, the state went after a more popular figure than ever before, the comedian Dieudonné, seized his assets, and sent police to shut down his shows.

In looking back, however, I believe that each of these events played out positively for our cause and are at the front of peoples mind as two elections approach this spring. 2014 is primed to be the year that the FN becomes a governing party.

The Manif pour Tous

On May 24th over 1.3 million took to the streets of Paris. [3]

On May 24th over 1.3 million took to the streets of Paris.

In a series of protests peaking at 1.4 million people in the streets of Paris, the Manif Pour Tous movement tried to stop the imposition Gay Marriage and adoption, by our new Socialist government. Regarding the question of gay marriage a slight majority of French citizens favor its legalization, 53%.[1] Homosexual adoption is less popular: 56% oppose it. Two out of three youth, aged 18-24, are in favor, and while racial-based polling is illegal in France, I am certain that the 15-20% of youth who are nonwhite were over-represented in the “anti”-camp.

What has not been published is a breakdown of how the 21% of youth who voted for the Front National in the last presidential election break down on the issue, probably closer to 50/50, though the FNJ (youth wing of the FN) is certainly mostly opposed as it draws heavily from Conservative and Traditional Catholic youth and scouting groups.

Most of the protesters came from outside Paris. I was at the Gare de Lyon to meet a friend on this day and saw that several trains were exclusively set aside for protesters coming into the capital. (I must admit I did not take part in the protests.) They were invariably white and tended to be bourgeois. This is also the demographic profile of active Catholics in France. I was pleased to see so many healthy white families with so many children. This was bittersweet though, because I know that these Catholics can be motivated by their priests to defend the concept of marriage proposed by Jesus of Nazareth,[2] but most of them will sit home and watch on television the submission of our White Homelands to the descendants of Saracens and Moors.

For the first half of 2013 the dynamic political force had passed from defending our people to dividing us over these utterly nonessential issues. (Full Disclosure: I neither think that Jesus is the Savior of humanity nor do I have sex with other men, so I don’t have a dog in this fight.)

The Total Distraction of the Right and Last Warning of Dominique Venner

VennerMemorial [4]I joined those critics from the New Right who have little faith in the Bourgeoisie and Classical Liberal values as a revolutionary force and envision the rank-and-file of a victorious National Renaissance being drawn more from the traditionally Socialist neighborhoods and families, of the “petit Francais.” We see this Manif pour Tous as a distraction and 2013 as a largely lost year.

I defer to Dominique Venner, a giant of both letters and action, to sum up these thoughts. The following is from “La Manif du 26 Mai et Heidegger [5]”[3] published on the day of his death. He warned:

An infamous law, once passed, can always be overturned. I recently heard an Algerian blogger say “in 15 years the Islamists will be in power and shut down this law.’ Not for our sake but because it is contrary to Sharia. This is really the only common point, superficially, between European Tradition, (which respects Women) and Islam (which has no respect for them) . . .

We should see clearly that a France submitted to Islamist powers is a probability. For 40 years, politicians and administrations of all parties (except the FN), as well as the leadership of the Church, have actively worked to accelerate, by any means, the immigration of Arabs and Africans . . .

The protesters of May 26th cannot ignore this reality. Their political engagement cannot be limited to refusing gay marriage. The “Great Replacement” of the populations of France and Europe, described by the writer Renaud Camus, is a far worse catastrophe.

Camus [6]

Announcement of Renaud Camus’ speech to the Identitarians of Lyon

I do not believe that it is a coincidence that he cited Renaud Camus. Rather than cite one of the numerous writers of our milieu, he chose a man who was known for most of his life as a homosexual novelist, who in his maturity decided that he must fight for his people when it is so easy and superficially rewarding to seek the applause of the state for his choices in the bedroom. Dominique Venner continues: “It requires much more than polite protests in the streets to stop this. It requires a moral and intellectual reform . . . a reconquest of the collective identity and memory of the French and Europeans, a need not yet perceived.”

Venner then added, clearly with his own impending suicide in mind: “We are in definite need of new, spectacular, and symbolic acts that will wake up those who are sleeping, shake them from their anesthetized state, and bring back the memory of our origins. We are entering a time when words must be authenticated by acts.”

Mr. Venner’s last act was meant to wake us up from this narrow divisive focus, but there was no impressive sea change among the easy-living protestors. By taking his own life, Dominique Venner transferred his vital force to his writings, which will cry out louder now than in his lifetime or if he had died in bed. I can only hope that this act will draw the young men and women in the Manif pour Tous to understand his ideas and to break from the Conservative, Bourgeois confines of this protest and join our ranks. Hopefully the presence of the Identitarians in the Printemps Francaise, the hard core breakaway group that left the Manif pour Tous will scoop them up. My only concern is that too close a link with this issue will alienate the majority of potential members who support gay marriage and, already in high school, count homosexuals among their friends.

“They were gassing our children”

teargas [7]Perhaps the bigger wakeup call came for the mainstream Conservatives during largest event of the Manif pour Tous on May 26th in Paris. These protests were always family events, often having the character of a World Youth Day. After chanting “Police, join us!” the police charged a crowd and shot tear gas.[4] Children were in the crowd and were affected by this attack. The following week the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, congratulated his police on a job well done.

teargas2 [8]When a few voices on the right complained that their children were gassed, they were reproached by the dozen or so Ashkenazi Jews who dominate our commentariat who felt that only Jews can claim that their children had been gassed. Only François Copé, grudgingly added that it “seemed like” children were gassed when pressed by his co-religionists on a radio interview. (His party has since proposed a law to outlaw homeschooling, another policy sure to upset the Conservative Catholics his party depends on.)

We can only hope that some people watching these children cry were snapped out of the dream that the police are a force that will preserve France and its culture rather than unthinking enforcers of the state, a state which is occupied at the highest echelons by our Enemies.

L’Affaire Méric and the Second Death of Troisième Voie, JNR

Esteban Morillo at an Anti-Fur Rally wearing a Fred Perry jacket [9]

Esteban Morillo at an Anti-Fur Rally wearing a Fred Perry jacket

On June 5th Fred Perry brand clothes were on sale in Paris. For the 19-year-old Breton, Clément Méric, and his nonwhite friends, this was a baited field in their hunt for the “Fascists.” Méric, a college freshman and son of university professors, had already been filmed attacking nationalist protesters on May 1st and the anti-gay marriage protesters on May 26th. Méric found suitable targets, but in the eventual fight, Méric died.

The following day, the media ran with a story, fed by the coroner’s office, that a gang of skinheads attacked the young anti-fa with brass knuckles and killed him. There was an immediate piling on of political leaders from all parties (including the FN) to condemn the attack. For more details how this dynamic plays out see Kerry Bolton’s article [10] published in the immediate aftermath of Méric’s death.

However, the altercation was videotaped, and security guards from the store were interviewed, and a different story emerged. Esteban Morillo is the son of blue collar immigrants from Catalonia. Méric and his friends started insulting Esteban Morillo and his friends. The store security asked the anti-fa to leave, but the anti-fa promised to wait for them outside. On the videotape outside the store, Méric leaves the wall where he was waiting, 5 seconds later kicks Esteban Morillo from behind, along with his friends, 1 second later Esteban Morillo turns and lands two punches, 1 second later Méric falls to the ground and Morillo and his friends run away. The claim of brass knuckles being used could not be confirmed or denied by the film, and eye witness testimony varies along political lines.

Serge Ayoub, with JNR members wearing Fred Perry-style shirts at the Comité de 9-Mai Rally [11]

Serge Ayoub, with JNR members wearing Fred Perry-style shirts at the Comité de 9-Mai Rally

Morillo was a member of Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionaires (Revolutionary Nationalist Youth) a hyper- masculine, working class nationalist organization led by Serge Ayoub. Serge Ayoub first founded JNR in in 1987 to recruit soccer hooligans and skin heads to support political nationalism.

The group often resembled the negative image of skinhead culture. Because some members assaulted immigrants in the early ’90s the group was legally disbanded. In 1994, the JNR participated in an illegal protest and the police response resulted in the death of Stephane Deyzieu, commemorated by the Comité de 9-Mai (C9M) each year. (Their annual march has become the alternative march for the groups which don’t fit with the FN’s strategy of dédiabolization.) Serge Ayoub refounded JNR in 2010 as well as Troisième Voie, a think tank which also closed in the early ’90s due to a schism over participation with the FN. (In the ’80s, the FN went through a phase of promoting Thatcherite economic policies that are contrary to the Third Way philosophy.)

Serge Ayoub has matured a great deal as a leader since his younger days. The new iterations of these groups maintained a membership that was far more ideological in their motivations, and those for whom the ideology acted as a cover for hooliganism and petty criminality were not welcomed. Troisième Voie produced a monthly magazine and regular e-media promoting a strong anti-Capitalist, anti-Atlanticist, and alter-Mondialist (alternative views on Globalization) message that rings true in these times of economic crisis and high unemployment. In their words, they “reject both International Leftism and Globalist Capitalism which are two sides of the same coin.” Both groups largely sat out the Manif Pour Tous. Whenever JNR did participate in a protest they were impossible to miss as they marched in formation and wore matching clothes. Membership in the JNR involved a higher level of commitment than the typical political group.

Sadly, the state has imposed “Administrative Death” on both JNR and Troisième Voie. According to police membership included about 200 around Paris and 2,000 across France, though their estimates are usually low. Also, Estaban Morillo has sat in jail since June of last year awaiting trial and final charges for merely defending himself after being attacked from behind.[5] The real story of what happened has gotten out, Dieudonné held a half hour interview with Serge Ayoub that has over 3 million views; but corrections in the mainstream media will never be sufficient.

L’Affaire Leonarda

Leonarda and her father [12]

Leonarda and her father

In October, the media and political leaders distance from the values and beliefs of the people they rule was more evident than ever. Each year the police catch 100,000 illegal immigrants, and of those 13,000 are sent out of the country, a similar rate to Sarkozy’s expulsions.

A gypsy family of 8 from Kosovo was sent out of the country and the far-left student organizations thought this was their chance to bring the public to their side. The story dominated the headlines of every newspaper for a month as the media played along, and the Hollande government let her family back in the country. Hollande’s approval rating fell 6% that month to 26%, a record low for a post-WWII President.

Once again, Manuel Valls as Minister of the Interior was at the center of this story and managed to divide his party: the elites wanted her back and the majority of registered Socialists wanted her out of the country. In fact, polls found that 65-90% of French did not want her back.

La Quenelle

Geste de Quenelle: Anti-system/Anti-Zionist [13]

Geste de Quenelle: Anti-system/Anti-Zionist

In September a photo of two soldiers making the Quenelle Gesture [14] in front of a synagogue, gave the center-Right UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) and Socialist Party politicians the opportunity to show their Masters how much they care. This gesture, and its accompanying philosophy is taking France by storm, is making our rulers very nervous. It was invented a few years back by the comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala. This phenomenon and his career really deserve and article of their own, but for now I will try to summarize the last and perhaps most important crisis of 2013.

liste [15]Dieudonné has used his comedy shows to speak out about Zionism, the double standard of Jewish victimhood, the lack of honesty about colonialism and slavery, and the censorship of Holocaust Revisionism. He has run for office numerous times and has even made Robert Faurisson a regular in his comedy shows. In the last European elections he led the Liste Anti-Sionist and was joined by Alain Soral and a Naturei Karte Rabbi among others. In 2008 Jean-Marie Le Pen was the godfather to his child in a Baptism at an SSPX parish.

The Geste de Quenelle has become pervasive; I recommend that the readers simply do an image search to see. Whether it is with Asterix and Obelix at the Parc Asterix, firemen, high school students, or newlyweds everybody want to glisse une quenelle to the “System.”

When Nicolas Anelka celebrated a goal with the quenelle it cost his club their lead sponsor, Jewish-owned Zoopla. He has since been courted by the pro-Fascist FC Lazio. [16]

When Nicolas Anelka celebrated a goal with the quenelle it cost his club their lead sponsor, Jewish-owned Zoopla. He has since been courted by the pro-Fascist FC Lazio.

In December, while every category of violent crime has risen since he took office, Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls started a campaign against Dieudonné and put pressure on city governments to ban his appearances when he tours the country. This began a month long debate in which only the media and political elite have been in favor of his censorship.[6]

The young Jews of France have definitely taken notice as well. In Lyon on the weekend before Christmas, six young Jews linked with the Jewish Defense League during two separate attacks targeted men who have made the geste de quenelle online.[7] In one case it was waiters in a restaurant/bar who posted pictures on their restaurant’s website. On January 16th about 100 Jews protested near the theater of Dieudonné, and the young JDL members vandalized the outdoor section of a café nearby.

This January, the government began sending police to cancel his show as it toured the country. On Tuesday January 28th Dieudonné’s theater along with his properties and, according to police leaks, 650,000 Euros in cash held in his apartment were seized by authorities.[8] He is accused of financial crimes.

I wrote before in this space [17] that Israel needs to push the majority of the 500,000 remaining Jews out of France and into their own country if they want to maintain a majority in their own country, which they have already lost east of the Jordan. I have a feeling that the young Africans and Arabs of the banlieus will give them their wish if anything happens to Dieudonné, and the vast majority of white people will drag their feet to do anything about it.

Where is President Hollande?

In these four major stories Manuel Valls, the Minister of the Interior was always the primary political actor for the government. So what was the President doing? Within the last month he was caught in a motorcycle helmet outside the apartment of his new girlfriend while the woman who has been acting as First Lady was hospitalized for two weeks following what could have only been a suicide attempt. President Hollande’s credibility has plummeted.

The Stage is set for Victory in 2014

In reviewing 2013, it is clear that both the Union for a Popular Movement and Socialist Party have managed to alienate their supporters. The UPM has failed to represent their culturally conservative base of whom many will turn to the National Front, despite the National Front not sticking its neck out too far on this issue. The Socialist Party has further alienated its working class base through the Leonarda Affaire and its anti-Zionist and pro-free speech base in its hunt for Dieudonné, let alone the Blacks and Arabs who were so important to their Presidential victory. Everyone knows that the growth in the unemployment rate has gone up under Holland, but also the rate of increase is increasing. We are fighting Al Qaeda in Mali while arming them in Syria. Under Manuel Valls, every category of violent crime has increased. Yet these are the priorities of our government.

Another aspect, perhaps hard to swallow in our corner, but necessary if we are to take our country back, is the proof that the dediabolization strategy of Marine Le Pen is working. The National Front’s popularity did not move at all during any point in the aftermath of Clement Méric’s death. This is because the National Front is at an arm’s length from Nationalist, New Right, and Far Right organizations outside of the party. Our unique offer to the masses is Order and Security. As long as the image of the Chaos and Insecurity of a drunken boot party can be evoked, our promise is undermined. Estaban and his friends acted honorably and cannot be reproached, but we must assume that the media will always unfairly represent any violence involving our side.

Finally, youth culture is moving well outside of the boundaries, set by our enemies. For that we must thank Dieudonné above all. It is often said that it is politics that always catches up to culture. Let’s hope that will soon be our case.

On March 23rd and 30th all of France decides on who will run their hamlet, village, or city for the next 6 years. Then soon after, on May 25th, the European Parliament officials are chosen. It seems that the setbacks, diversions, and affaires of 2013 will all help build toward a historic year for the Front National. Both polls and previous votes cast in other elections promise big results. Marine Le Pen has broken through the media blockade against the National Front, and through her regular commentary has proven that the National Front is more than a one issue party and that it appeals to French of all social classes.

According to a recent long term study by Civipof, 73% of French no longer believe that the Right-Left paradigm is meaningful. Echoes of the chant “Ni Droite, Ni Gauche, Front National”? Mid-level politicians are unable to hide their fear of the FN. Jean Lasalle, of the Centrist party in a political stunt walked 6,000 km to meet regular French people and came back traumatized . . .

Marine Le Pen in the second tour (for President) in 2017 with a higher score than her father would not surprise me. I have even seen local elected officials wearing their tricolored ribbons, with a tear in the eye, telling me that they must vote FN. The only way according to them, to force the country to face up to its responsibilities . . . in Lyon, I met the leaders of the Muslim community who are very afraid . . .  only regions with a strong local identity and history are less touched by this [extremism] – Alsace, Burgundy, the southwest, Brittany, and Corsica.[9]

Jean-Baptiste Borsali, a UPM activist in the working class Seine-Saint Denis, outside of Paris, lamented to Nouvel Observateur:

The FN is preparing to run in a dozen communities of our Department, we have never seen that before. They are no longer afraid to hand out flyers in the markets or knock on doors. The UPM doesn’t have the force it had in the past here because of broken promises [i.e. Sarkozy didn’t “cleanse” the ghetto]. The voters remember that and the FN is the only party not made dirty by a history in power. Their discourse has even seduced children of immigrants and immigrants who arrived in the ’60s. In certain communities of Seine-Saint-Denis, the dediabolisation of Marine Le Pen has already worked. The FN will likely gain many seats in our city councils.[10]

The fact that National Front supporters are passing out flyers in their markets marks an enormous cultural shift.

 Missed Opportunities after past Municipal Victories

The last time the National Front had the chance to prove their governing abilities, they totally blew it. The National Front saw its first municipal victory in 1989 in Saint-Gilles (pop. 10,000) then in 1995 in Marignane and Orange (both pop. 30,000) and in Toulon (pop. 160,000). Two of these mayors have been convicted on corruption charges (a perennial problem for all parties in the southeast of France), and only Jacques Bompard of Orange was re-elected. A later victory in a by-election was also a one term job.

Unfortunately these victories were followed by the schism of FN between Jean-Marie Le Pen who was focused on developing his media image and the party builders who were focused on making gains at all levels. Jacques Bompard, Mayor of Orange, left the FN to start his own electoral list (a common practice in smaller cities). This was probably best for Orange and for his career, but because Jean-Marie Le Pen’s repression against anyone who called into question his nepotism and lack of interest in party-building, the FN cannot point to Orange as model city for voters considering an FN candidate for mayor.

The Upcoming Elections of 2014

In the Municipal elections each party presents a list of candidates in order of importance. The higher the proportion of the vote, the more members of the list can sit on the City Council. The City Council then chooses the Mayor, usually the first member of the leading list.

Below is a map of legislative votes split up by municipality. Based on a similar performance they can expect to have dozens of mayors this spring, as well as a major increase in councilors across the country.

map [18]

In the upcoming European Elections the National Front can expect a better result than they have ever had in the history of the EU. In polls held in both December and January, the National Front is the #1 party at 23%. This is an enormous gain over the last election’s showing of 6.3% in 2009 and may result in 15-20 parliamentarians being sent to Brussels. While the payoff of votes they may cast in Brussels are hard to discern, this does provide a platform for new nationalist personalities to gain access to media. Marine Le Pen is being interviewed more than once a week on various television and radio shows, and discussion of EU issues is often the reason. This has also led to the FN no longer being seen as a one issue party.

2014 as a Pivot Year for our race in the 21st Century

This August will be the centenary of the First World War. This marked a century of decline for our race. Smaller countries in Europe (Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria) have already seen nationalists take a seat at the table and push back against the invasion of our homelands. This year, France will be the first large country in Europe in which the nationalists will be able to prove their ability to lead. Once an alternative vision of governance can be demonstrated, it is far easier to the put nationalists at the head of our national government.

To be clear, that does not mark the end of our struggle, nor do I think it is sufficient to avert civil war in Europe between the native population and the recent arrivals. However, it is necessary to provide an alternative direction and to ensure that logistically, our people are not completely against the wall when the days of violence arrive.


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