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The Counter-Currents 2013 Fall Fundraiser 
My Top Ten Most-Read Websites (& Yours!)

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Dear Friend of Counter-Currents:

Since our last update [2], we received nine new donations totaling $1,320, for which we are most grateful. That means that our total is $40,465.29, which means that we are now $9,534.71 away from our annual goal of $50,000

Two of these new donations are just the first of monthly pledges, which are especially helpful.

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I never thought of myself as a green-eyeshade, number-crunching kind of guy. But I always find it pleasurable when I can account for my money down to the last penny. And in recent months, I have been crunching through and analyzing a lot of data, sometimes with surprising results [3].

Today, I decided to crunch my web browsing numbers for the last 30 days to come up with the Top Ten sites that I visit that might be of interest to Counter-Currents readers. Again, there were some surprises. Sites I thought would appear were not on the list. Others appeared that I did not expect. The rankings also surprised me. I was floored to discover that Chateau Heartiste was not just in the top ten, but number 2! An important factor in this, of course, is simply the amount of material published by a given site. But the numbers do not lie. According to objective data, these are my Top Ten:

1. Euro-Synergieshttp://euro-synergies.hautetfort.com/ [4]. Robert Steuckers’ Euro-Synergies is the leading European New Right blog. It focuses on metapolitics and geopolitics and reprints articles in the major European languages. Euro-Synergies regularly reprints Counter-Currents articles (237 times and counting). Many of the French texts that I translate were first encountered at Euro-Synergies. Steuckers brings together an enormous amount of material. On a typical day, I spend as much time reading Euro-Synergies as the rest of this list put together.

2. Chateau Heartistehttp://heartiste.wordpress.com/ [5]. White Nationalism is about restoring the biological integrity of our race. That does not just entail the creation of racially homogeneous states. It also requires upholding the normativity of heterosexual marriage and family life and the restoration of biological and traditional sex roles.

That, however, is a heroic labor of transvaluation, requiring that we lop off every snaky head of egalitarianism and the false psychology it spawns, then cauterize the writhing stumps with fire. Our Hercules is the author of Chateau Heartiste. Out of taste and habit, I persist in calling him Roissy. I think he is one of most truthful and savagely funny writers alive today. Virtually every post contains proofs of this thesis, such as the one [6] that just appeared in my inbox:

A woman is as viscerally repulsed by a sensitive niceguy as a man is by a fat woman. If you want to know what a woman feels when a niceguy dotes on her in needy supplication, just remember how you feel when you see a land whale bend over in short shorts to pick up a donut crumb. The stimuli are different, but the disgust reflex is the same. And the reflex serves the same underlying reproductive purpose in both sexes: to avoid contamination of the egg with inferior sperm, and to avoid fertilizing and investing resources in inferior eggs.

I think that reducing culture to biology is a fool’s errand. But bringing back sex to biology is a salutary cleansing of the false consciousness that wars with our innate biological instincts and programs millions of whites to pursue lifestyles and mates that condemn them to misery and our race to oblivion. The two most important elements of this false consciousness are mind/body dualism (which promotes the idea that beautiful souls may be hidden in loathsome bodies, and that the soul is more important than the body when it comes to love) and sexual egalitarianism, including its metaphysical postulate, social constructivism. This false consciousness programs both men and women to behave in ways that evoke the instinctive revulsion of the opposite sex, poisoning the wellsprings of our race. Either the lies die, or we do.

Ignore Roissy’s caddishness and crudity. They are merely honey to attract frat boys. Roissy’s ultimate goal is not to teach his readers how to pick up bimbos, but how to “find and keep real, true unconditional love and happiness.”

3. The Occidental Observerhttp://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/ [7]. Kevin MacDonald is one of the most important men alive today because of his pioneering work on the Jewish problem. But TOO is not just his blog. He has also gathered a formidable brain trust of writers around him. Some of these writers also write for Counter-Currents. But a solid majority of them do not. (Although they would be welcome, of course.) Indeed, I don’t even know many of them. I think it is a positive sign that this movement is much bigger than my own circle of acquaintances. Nobody in our movement can deal with the Jewish problem with the authority of Kevin MacDonald, and I am glad the TOO focuses more on that issue, which allows Counter-Currents to focus more on other areas.

4. Sezession im Netzhttp://www.sezession.de/ [8], is my favorite German-language site. Sezession im Netz is the webzine associated with the print periodical Sezession, a New Rightish metapolitical magazine that appears six times annually. My favorite Sezession writer is Martin Lichtmesz [9]. Again, I was surprised by the ranking of Sezession, which is a reflection not just of the quality of the material they publish, but also the quantity.

5. J’ai tout comprishttp://www.gfaye.com/ [10], is the French-language blog of French New Right theorist and commentator Guillaume Faye.

6. Home Free America, http://www.homefreeamerica.us/ [11], and Global Guerrillas, http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/ [12], are the blogs of John Robb, one of my favorite counter-globalization writers. Robb is author of Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization [13]. Until Robb left it in November, I was also a regular reader of his blog Resilient Communitieshttp://www.resilientcommunities.com/ [14].

Robb believes that America is in for a rough patch [15] due to globalization and economic decline managed by parasitic elites, but he thinks that people can weather the storm by combining new technologies and an old-fashioned pioneer attitude to create resilient, maximally self-sufficient homes and businesses. I particularly recommend his work to Boomerang Generation whites [16]. If White Nationalists follow the advice of writers like Robb, we will become a community with systematic competitive advantages in the hard times that we all hope and pray are ahead if we are going to shake off the current system and start something new.

7. American Renaissancehttp://www.amren.com/ [17]. Favorite authors: Jared Taylor and Gregory Hood. I read AmRen for the original articles and reviews, not for the news links, which have a cumulatively depressing effect.

8. VDare, http://vdare.com/ [18]. Favorite author: James Kirkpatrick

9. Alternative Right, http://alternativeright.com/ [19]. A lot of my friends show up here.

10. Taki’s Magazinehttp://takimag.com/ [20]. Favorite author: Jim Goad

This list does not include non-political sites (I regularly read sites on classical music and archaeology), and it only includes political sites that I actually read, as opposed to merely monitor for outbreaks of lunacy.

Please share your Top Ten sites, however you determine them. 

One of the most encouraging signs is that there are now so many New Right, White Nationalist, Identitarian, and other sites on the same general ideological axis, and in every European language, that it would be a full-time job to follow them all. One way that I continue to discover new sites is through links and trackbacks to Counter-Currents. It makes me very proud to see our articles linked, reprinted, and translated all over Europe, and it makes me grateful to the writers and donors who make it possible.

If you have not yet donated to Counter-Currents, now is the time to make yourself an active part of a growing intellectual and political community.

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