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A Way Forward: Building the Tribe

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Spanish translation here

The white advocacy movement is slowly grasping towards an ideological consensus. Most factions are united around the idea of a white ethnostate on the North American continent as the end game of our efforts.

There is an increasing impatience with the reactionary baggage of American conservatism and the “American Dream” itself, including the mindless rhetoric of “Constitutionalism,” capitalism, and deracinated individualism. Intellectually, Traditionalism, Identitarianism, and the European New Right are, perhaps for the first time, establishing a real presence within the “Lockean shopping mall” (to use Richard Spencer’s phrase) that is the United States. It is a time for optimism – we are at the end of something, and the beginning of something better.

At the same time, the System’s mechanism of repression is increasing in severity. The velvet glove is openly being replaced with the iron fist. The most obvious examples are in Europe, where political parties are banned, political dissidents are arrested, and Left-wing violence is not just tolerated, but encouraged. Soft totalitarianism is failing; the regime is solidifying. The machinery of formal repression will be in the United States soon enough. Our enemies are already constructing workarounds for the First Amendment in the name of banning hate speech.

Of course, they might not need such tactics. This System functions with full awareness of how most people interpret knowledge and truth. People in this society respect authority and credentials. This System drives those with our views to the fringes – academically, professionally, and even economically. Jared Taylor’s translation business, which has nothing to do with anything racial or even political, was attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center purely to hurt his family.

They’re not wrong in doing this. The point of “antifa,” or “watchdogs,” or all the rest of them is to not to make hardcore activists quit. It is to isolate them and sever as many of their personal connections as possible. The target is the casual supporter, the potential donor, the mainstream sympathizer, or even the personal friend. Even in nominally apolitical settings, anyone “linked” to certain views, or “linked” to those “linked” with certain views, must be purged. Qui tacet consentire videtur – and the System will make no distinction between the racists and those who harbor them.

Hence, we have case after case of the hapless hotel or restaurant owner who hosts a conference and finds himself besieged by protesters screaming for his blood. We’ve even gotten to the point where this trickles down to auto repair stations, bars, or blue collar enterprises where people have never been forced to go to sensitivity training, but who understand economic or physical threats easily enough.

The result is that our movement is systematically denied financial, personal, and social support. People will not support positions if they think they are alone in doing so, and right now, people are afraid to openly advocate certain positions. Our articles tend not to go “viral” because if a person shares them, they could be fired. This leads to a credibility trap. When marginalized people are the only ones taking certain positions, it is easy to dismiss them. To win, we need the mainstream reporters, the academics, and the politicians to say what we are saying. We need support from unexpected sources. As has been said, “If the Pope gets up in the morning and says God exists, you say, well, he’s doing his job. If he says, ‘You know, I don’t think there is a God,’ you tend to take it a bit more seriously.”

For that reason, we need to change how we look at our movement. It’s not really a “movement” – at least not yet. It should be thought of as a support system, a network, a base to harbor those whites who have a future for the dark times that are coming.

In political terms, this also means ensuring a place for the inevitable casualties that result from the “purges.” Obviously, this includes reporters, scholars, and activists who are purged from the conservative movement or an environmental group or whatever else. However, it also includes artists, musicians, and even ordinary workers who will need a place to go. The state and its minions will increasingly move against us, and the Right never picks up its wounded. The so-called anti-fascists are the militant wing of the regime. In response, we must build support networks outside the state.

There are precedents for this. In revolutionary terms, one can look at the parallel state structure of the early Irish Republican Army and support apparatus for lessons about how you build a state within the heart of another state. We can also look to the workers’ movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When the state and police were openly mobilized against the labor movement, workers were able to build their own social clubs, mutual aid, educational, and fraternal organizations. Churches, heathen tribes, and national anarchist groupings are contemporary models to look to. We can also take lessons from the failures of past and present efforts to jump the gun and build a standalone separate society from scratch.

These are three strategic objectives on which white advocates must focus.

The first is the creation of subcultures and safe spaces. Our enemies clearly know the importance of a place to organize. Go to any college and the first thing you’ll see are the “safe space” stickers for the minority mascots and pet homosexual activists that the college administrations patronize. This isn’t just feel-good propaganda – it represents a resource base for Left-wing political constituencies on campus. This is something we lack – after all, just look at how difficult it is for white advocates to host a conference, and how grateful we are when we find a location.

Our enemies also know how important it is to deny us any base within the culture. There are entire groups who do nothing but go to concerts and jump people who are wearing shirts with unapproved symbols, from political slogans to something more subtle, like runes or a patch with a certain band’s name. However, we should take heart in knowing that their effectiveness on this front is somewhat limited. Look at the current controversy over “Death in June,” which despite Left-wing protests, was still able to host a very successful North American tour. I spoke to the owner of one of the venues, a Leftist who simply didn’t care about the band’s alleged politics, who told me that the Death in June concert was the most successful in his venue’s history.

Politics is the tip of the spear – when you go to a demonstration (well, an organized one anyway), you walk away knowing an explicit message and proposed course of action. Culture is more subtle, but more important. Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, after all, and painting, sculpture, literature, spirituality, music, and film allow us to communicate ideas in more effective and lasting ways than even the most expertly crafted essay. More importantly, we can create “safe spaces” in which to organize.

This is not a call for more implicit activism – Tea Party groups, gun clubs, etc. We need to create safe spaces for “apolitical” things that have political consequences – even if the artists or participants don’t fully realize it. Examples are the rise of an apolitical but “folkish” heathenism, certain elements of the black metal subgenre, “kinist” Christianity, or even elements of the prepper or survivalist subcultures. Stella Natura is the kind of thing we need to pursue. 

The second strategic objective is the creation of an economic support network. As they say in the second Godfather, This is the business we have chosen,” and we can’t be too surprised or shocked when our enemies come after our businesses, friends, and personal lives. We always say we live under one of the most evil tyrannies that has ever existed – why are we shocked when they act like it?

That said, we can prepare for it. At least some of us should try to ensconce themselves within the existing system as deeply as possible, to function as the secret agents Greg Johnson spoke of who can hollow out the empire. However, we should recognize the inevitability of the coming purge. The institutions that we are building can serve as a home for those who are eventually “outed” and forced against their will into overt activism. For this reason, every covert activist has the moral obligation to fund these institutions.

We must operate as a “tribe,” as Jack Donovan and others have said. To a certain extent, we even have to operate as The Tribe, consciously trying to promote and push our own into positions of affluence and influence. “Is it good for our people?” must be the question we always ask ourselves. However, unlike our Semitic rivals, we should be using our involvement as a way to transform ourselves and our peers. We need to be better people, examples of higher character. Part of the reason for participating in this movement is to distinguish ourselves from both the masses of man and mass society, and to overcome ourselves.

Obviously, this means building institutions, supporting explicit activists, and getting each other jobs. We should never be in a position where we have a job opening and we don’t have a young person ready to take that position. But you all know this. This also means everyone needs to buck up and stop screwing around. But you know that, too.

What we really need to do is operate like a real tribe – coalitions of bourgeois, writers, activists, construction workers, cubicle drones, and technical people all working together to accomplish tasks at the least possible cost while taking in as much money as possible from the larger society. We should always have website hosting and graphic design on hand. We should always be able to count on people to arrange conference hosting or holding a fundraiser at a restaurant.

But more than that, we should use the, shall we say, diversity of people in our movement to create new sources of revenue for all of us. We have working-class guys who need money who know construction, roofing, and home repair; we have wealthier people who live in suburban neighborhoods. We can have wealthier people buy property in depressed, even predominantly minority neighborhoods and have our people live in property while fixing it up and then selling it as a profit. We can gentrify entire neighborhoods, building our forces on the ground while making money for our own investors.

The examples are literally limitless. Instead of arguing about theology, ideology, or politics, we should be talking about how we can practically help each other and create a sustainable network of activists. After all, our people retreat not because our ideas are wrong or even because people disagree with them. They retreat because our enemies hold the economic weapon. We have to take it away from them and arm ourselves with it.

This can also lead to organizational advantages. To use the construction example, cheap housing in certain cities could host “activist colonies” of four to five people who could do work on behalf of the tribe. This doesn’t mean just protests – it means essential back-end work, including fundraising, record keeping, social networking, putting together direct mail efforts, managing online efforts, recruiting at concerts and social events, etc. These are all things that can give us a huge return for a small investment – and even make us a profit.

The original fraternal organizations, like the Knights of Columbus or the International Order of Odd Fellows, were for people to take care of each other. That’s what we need to be. We are a tribe. We owe loyalty, compassion, and aid to our own. As far as the rest of the world is concerned – to borrow from House Greyjoy in Game of Thrones,“We do not sow.”

The last strategic objective for white advocates is to grow up about politics.

Imagine the amount of complicated planning, scheming, and relationship building it takes to survive in mainstream politics. Imagine just how hard it is to do something even fairly low on the totem pole, like becoming the head of a state Republican Party organization. Imagine the degree of political skill this demands.

Why do we think revolution will somehow be easier? How will three guys holding signs suddenly translate into a mass movement?

Any white advocate who wants to do anything in politics needs to spend at least a little time in the mainstream. We can no longer afford the costs of naiveté. We can no longer afford blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on candidates who despise us but want our money. We can’t think that somehow the entire country is going to vote for us because we put up a website, or started a third party, or got in a picture or shook the hand of somebody important.

Politics is subtle, careful, complicated, and slow moving. Politicians obsessively craft and test messages. It is as much science as art. White advocates blundering in talking about what the white population will or what not do are of no importance unless they actually have some real political experience.

Look at the National Front in France. It is now the leading political party in the Republic, at least according to some polls. At the same time, it is under heavy criticism from our quarters for compromising its message. The problem here is that it is a political party – it is not a debating society or an organization dedicated to searching for truth. Its purpose is to win elections and do what is necessary to protect its image.

I have a rule about how white advocates analyze politics. The farther away popular figures are from our position, the more we read things into them. Meanwhile, the closer someone is to our position, the more we criticize them. Therefore, we go after our own for not being hard enough on the Jews, but we somehow think that Rand Paul is secretly on our side, all evidence to the contrary.

Let’s be quite blunt. Electoral politics is about the details. Creating a new political party, writing the Republican National Committee, or issuing some new manifesto isn’t going to do anything. If you want to have real political change in the existing system, you have to engage the process, and that means doing a lot of knocking on doors, addressing envelopes, and jockeying for position in boring meetings. It means abandoning your beliefs, image, and identity to do what is necessary to win. To be a politician qua politician means to subordinate your humanity to your ambition. If you are not willing to do that, then don’t get involved in politics. You are wasting your time and money – and everyone else’s.

Politics isn’t necessarily the answer anyway. If you were maneuvering for position in the Roman Empire, you would be kissing up to this aristocrat or the other, this faction or this army grouping. Yet within a few decades, this radical new religion of Christianity is going to transform the entire environment that you operate in. Politics isn’t irrelevant, but it is downstream of cultural and economic change, and here we actually have more opportunity. We need to grow up about politics – but until we can do that as a movement, we should think more about building our cultural and economic influence.

What does all this mean?

Live the cause. This shouldn’t be a hobby. This shouldn’t be something you hide from your friends and family. This shouldn’t be something you steal moments to engage in, like an affair or some kind of dark obsession. Your circumstances may force you to approach it this way, but the eventual goal is for your beliefs to sustain or even enable the kind of lifestyle we want. Until victory, or until the moment when the struggle enters a new phase, white nationalism should be an economic asset, a social asset, a spiritual asset. There are things every one of us can do from where we are right now to build our own power and the power and resources of everyone around us.

We are a tribe – a folk living under occupation in the American Empire of New York/Washington/Los Angeles. We have to build the networks that will sustain the whites who have a future. And we can do that from where we are right now.



  1. David
    Posted December 5, 2013 at 8:51 am | Permalink

    I agree with most everything in this and have taken these ideas for granted for a year or more, now.

    The idea of intra-racial commerce – as much as reasonably possible – is especially critical. If one needs Christmas lights strung up or is holding a fundraiser for some chic cause, encourage them to hire yourself or another white person who needs the aid.

    One action that can build bonds between men, be great exercise, and have great utility is training martial arts together. Specifically, GRAPPLING – either Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, Greco Roman wrestling….or just generic “submission fighting” (MMA has blended all of these fighting systems together). These can be useful for immediate self-defense (for instance, when Matt Parrott was being blocked by that reggie outside the NPI conference, a simple Judo hip throw – non violent, but immediately effective – would have literally tossed him aside) and in greater altercations with antifa or whatever. God knows that defending oneself with a gun is now forbidden in America (and, anyway, isn’t necessarily always the right thing to do).

    So, the Gracie family has a great system called “Gracie Combatives”, which is a formal process for self defense. It can be purchased from the Gracie website, it can be downloaded via the Torrent network, or it can be picked up piecemeal around the internet.

    For anybody with any inclination, I highly recommend doing this with your white buddies. Who knows, maybe one day the UFC heavyweight champion will have a “white pride” tattoo instead of the “brown pride” tattoo the current champ has.

    • phil white
      Posted December 7, 2013 at 11:54 am | Permalink

      As to giving each other jobs, that comes from co-locating.
      Jarrod Taylor has a good speech on youtube from Sept of 2011. The theme was a “white society”.
      Taylor proposed co-location of pro-white dissidents, probably in small white towns.
      Taylor said the state white population had to have some level of support or acceptance of us. For this reason he suggest the South is much better than the Northwest.
      However it’s going to take a grain of dust for each white snowflake to build around. I suggest that those of us at or near retirement get together in one rural market town in every white majority state. The retirees, hopefully with social security checks and pensions still being mailed to them, could provide jobs to recent pro-white dissident high shcool grads.
      Recent grads and retirees are the two groups who can afford to relocate almost at will.
      I plan to migrate to where my cousins still live in rural Missouri.
      Oh, and one hopefull note, I recently persuaded a nephew to relocate to a Southern state.
      He is not overtly anything, let alone WN, but I’m sure his mind is implicitly white as his father, an SCV member, flew the Confederate battle flag from their front porch.
      Beyond preparing for WN communities, we should not discount the possibility of civil war.
      As Crane Brinton pointed out, our English speaking people have a consistent pattern of holding civil wars on average every 165 years. This pattern has persisted for the last thousand years.
      But more importantly we need to build our communities. Just saying we need to keep our powder dry too.

  2. JuleighHowardHobson
    Posted December 5, 2013 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    What a wonderful essay, Mr. Hood. It’s hard to pick out the best part to praise as every word of your piece is brilliant… furthermore, every part is imperative, which is more important than brilliant right now. We need these lucid clear living-as-we-are thinking examples as well as (if not more than) written fuel for the intellectual, spiritual and potential realms. Onwards!

  3. Ted
    Posted December 6, 2013 at 5:07 am | Permalink

    This is an incredibly important essay, and I endorse its conclusions, particularly strategic objective two. How else to break the straightjacket of social pricing? These are the sorts of things – practical things – we should be concerned about, not the usual “movement” esoterica. Indeed, one reason I wrote the essay on “genetic purity” is to get people to stop nitpicking over such nonsense and get more focused on practical realities.

    The lesson of the Nation of Islam (NOI) is instructive with respect to the overall theme of Gregory Hood’s essay. The NOI generally came to the attention of White America ~1960, but had been in existence for 30 years prior to that. Those intervening decades were used to build a self-reliant support infrastructure, to become integrated into local Black communities, to build fraternal bonds of mutual support, and to construct a power base resistant to the System. Granted, they had the advantage that the basic attitude of the Establishment towards them for most of that 30 years was indifference, rather than the hostility that pro-White groups face. Nevertheless, the basic premise stands – we can learn a lot from them.

    The “movement” – particularly the HBD faction – likes to talk about the low intelligence, lack of discipline, and present-time-orientation of the Negro. However, with respect to radical nationalist American “politics,” the Black man has clearly out-performed the White. It are the Whites who are impatient, lack discipline and maturity, who refuse to seriously engage in long-term strategic planning, because “the collapse is imminent.” Yes, indeed, “the collapse” has been “imminent” for decades now, always with a sliding time-scale of “5-10 years from now.” What does it say about White nationalism that this “movement” cannot achieve the same long-term objectives as Black nationalism? And while White racialists come up with all sorts of hand-waving explanations for this, the real reason is simple: plain old incompetence, freakishness, and juvenile stupidity. “Acting out” and “playing Nazi” and fantasizing about “Der Tag” replaced the serious and “boring” work required for a long-term patient commitment. That’s the reason, and no other.

    Needless to say as well, any serious effort to actually implement Hood’s suggestions needs to be done in private, not on public discussion boards, and even at that, at first, only among the most trusted colleagues. The lesson of what’s happening to Cobb is instructive here. But I tend to doubt any implementation will take place. Folks will say, “he’s right” and then go back to debating about IQ studies, or about 0.000001% ‘admixture,” or about whether or not Julius Evola had a (Traditionalist) pimple on his ass. That’s the WN way…

  4. Lt. Greyman, NVA
    Posted December 6, 2013 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    “However, unlike our Semitic rivals, we should be using our involvement as a way to transform ourselves and our peers. We need to be better people, examples of higher character. Part of the reason for participating in this movement is to distinguish ourselves from both the masses of man and mass society, and to overcome ourselves.”

    It has been years since you have said something I disagreed with as there are no enemies to the White of me., but I must disagree with you here. This is the direction South Africa took, “trying to be better”. If we are going to gain power, we need to be as vicious and as hard as the Left. Never in history have I seen in either War or Peace, political ground ceded before victory. To form a political State within the USA means bloodshed, not just demonstrations. For us, there will be no “slow march through the institutions”, but a crash and surprise when the FedGov is too weak to fend it off or has already ceded the land to Aztlan or some other ethnicity or in worst case, a long guerrilla struggle as Covington foresees.

    We already ARE considered the “better people”, that is why we are successfully marginalized. What other ethnicities see when we are soft is weakness. They beat our elderly to death and we excuse them and they see weakness. They rape our women or use them as ethno-dominate “Artwork” and we wince and mumble about “free speech” and they see weakness. They burn our children to death or beat them on the bus or shoot them for $10 and we don’t march or even protest and they see weakness. You want respect from the black community when they rape your little girl then show up in the hood with a tanker truck of gasoline or LNG or 1500lbs of ANFO.

    We are losing this war. Two White colonies are already dead (Rhodesia and South Africa) and the ethic homeland (Europe) is a horrid mass of mosques and Africans. Detroit and Chicago are well into the night, with Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Kansas City and many other well on their way down the tube of civilization. California isn’t even demographically a part of the USA anymore. White women are beaten or shot on the streets and their parents (let alone their political group) do nothing. In Europe, White children form gangs to protect each other but the schools take the side of the africans, admonishing them for not being “inclusive”. Whole towns in some smaller Countries like Sweden the White families flee till the town is majority “other” just to raise their kids without violence and beatings. This in their Own country!

    It is the perception of softness by our enemies that eventually requires violence to correct, because the others don’t take us seriously and they require a sharp crack upside the head with a club to get their attention. Negros don’t even have to riot anymore to get their goodies, they just have to talk about it and fear and block voting loosens the White purse strings or stops laws like “Stop and Frisk”. They have developed a reputation of hardness, of violence. It is the soft voice and gentle persuading of the White man that forces us later to let loose our true inner selves; it is the wrongly perceived weakness that that we attempt that eventually leads to the necessity of the BattleAxe .

    • Gregory Hood
      Posted December 7, 2013 at 11:23 am | Permalink

      What I mean by “better” is not weaker, more respectable or more bourgeois. I mean becoming more dedicated to the struggle, more capable, and above all — harder. I contrast this to the Jewish strategy of parasitical exploitation. My model is a more dutiful people dedicated to its own upward development.

    • Posted December 7, 2013 at 11:29 am | Permalink

      I agree with your disagreement (including the part about years since disagreement – I am one of GH biggest fans)

      He speaks essentially of the Farnham O’Reilly route, and we all know how that turned out.

      If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.

      • Brent
        Posted December 9, 2013 at 3:44 am | Permalink

        “He speaks essentially of the Farnham O’Reilly route, and we all know how that turned out.”

        I don’t. What happened to Mr. O’Reilly?

        I read all his contributions in his series on community building. That’s all I know. Unfortunately there’s only so much time in the day and I don’t read around here as much as I’d like.

  5. Posted December 6, 2013 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

    It is good to see others of like mind no matter where in the world they may be.

  6. Pelican
    Posted December 7, 2013 at 2:36 am | Permalink

    Thanks again for your good efforts in offering practical advice. The sentence that jumped out at me was:

    Instead of arguing about theology, ideology, or politics, we should be talking about
    how we can practically help each other and create a sustainable network of activists.

    This needs to be said and it needs to be done.

    As an important aside, let me add that feminism has driven a wedge between our men and our women and this problem perhaps dwarfs all the rest. In anti-monarchical America, in the land where so much lip service has been given to the “everyman”, where the democratic impulses have spilled over — even into the most improbable and ridiculous venues — it is no wonder that appeals to female vanity have found a great reception. Add the pill, the continuing, 24/7, bolshevikish use of you-go-girl propaganda, and unfettered human nature itself, and we have quite a dilemma. How can we effectively march into this Identitarian fray when our own houses have been so acrimoniously divided by our enemies? Can the traditional family unit be restored? Are there alternatives to it that might serve the same purposes?

  7. Celestial Time
    Posted December 9, 2013 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    Theoretical networking is always an easy task, and anyone can do it. Everyone always believes it to be a great idea. Everyone expands on the idea and throws their two cents in. Everyone at least feigns some kind of enthusiasm for the whole concept. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm soon turns to frustration and eventually an all to familiar apathy. Not too long after the Theoretical Networking and Community Building is presented, everyone kind of stares at the walls, wondering what comes next.

    What needs to be worked on is a way to move from the theoretical ideas to some kind of practical, applied mechanism. You have to ask many questions, with just a few being:

    1) Where do you initiate the process of this networking?
    2) Do you need a dedicated website to better organize, or can you piggyback it on an existing website?
    3) What kind of people do you envision as being the ideal members of this network(at least in the initial stages)?
    4) What kind of people do you wish to avoid?
    5) What type of personalities and skills are most needed?
    6) How do you plan to mesh the various personality conflicts that you will run into?
    7) Do you have a timeframe for an initial meeting or online gathering?
    8) What kind of estimate can you give for the size of areas and regions that members will be able to network in?

    These aren’t questions for just the author here, but anyone wishing to organize and successfully network. Anyone saying that a revolutionary kind of networking and community building can be achieved by some cloak & dagger organizing is more than likely a piss poor organizer. Not that some things shouldn’t be kept private; but when you are already at a disadvantage with public perception, any secrecy will breed contempt and distrust. Not from the people who already hate you, but from the people you are trying to reach. The only real weapon you have is the truth, and if you can’t wield that, then what’s the point of trying to organize?

    Other than this minor quibble, everything was excellently written.

    • phil white
      Posted December 11, 2013 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

      First of all it’s a bad idea to organize from people you meet at a regional or national pro-white dissdent convention. As the Klan learned in the 60’s every third attendee is a poice/FBI/SPLC informant.
      Worse than that the feds like to control our groups. It’s easy when they are secretly paid full time by FBI to do voluntier work for any white organized group. Such “volunteers” naturaly are given the key positions in an WN organization.
      You need to just talk to people in your home town. And if a new comer from out of town wants to join your little group, be afraid. Be very very afraid. He is likely an FBI informant told to move to your town to join. I wouldn’st take anyone in who moved to your town after you started organizing.
      It doesn’t take many for a group of WN who have socialized with each other to have a significant impact on a small agricultural market town.

      • Celestial Time
        Posted December 11, 2013 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

        I don’t understand how you would grow a group that didn’t try and gain members and sympathizers if you excluded people based on them happening to move to your vicinity after you began organizing. Do you just assume everyone lives in a very small town and never moves? More White people live in large and medium-sized cities than small rural towns. Because of shifting demographics and the violence and decay of many urban areas, White people are probably moving and pulling up roots more now than just about any other time in history. There’s nothing shady about a single man or a man and his family moving to a new area because of a job or other circumstances. There are many other ways of vetting people that don’t simply rely on figuring out when they happened to move to your area.

  8. Brent
    Posted December 11, 2013 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    FWM said, “He speaks essentially of the Farnham O’Reilly route, and we all know how that turned out.”

    Could somebody explain and/or provide links to information on O’Reilly’s route and apparently what “we all know how that turned out.”

    I don’t and am curious. I followed his series with interest. Community building is a critically important part of this cause.

    This post in case my question is overlooked above.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 11, 2013 at 3:11 am | Permalink

      Do a search at the SPLC site about Farnham O’Reilly. The poor guy was outed by the SPLC and seems to have completely gone to pieces.

      • Brent
        Posted December 11, 2013 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

        Thanks Greg. That’s very disappointing to hear.

        But, oh well, another one down. Such is the reality of life; especially amongst those who take on the mantel of contemporary racial Nationalism with no compromise or apology. It is what it is and we’ll all just have to learn how to deal with it without letting it get us down or slow us down.

        Forever onwards many will still march…..

    • Celestial Time
      Posted December 11, 2013 at 11:04 am | Permalink

      From what I understand he was caught bragging about having his proverbial dick in his hand when it came to his pro-White views, but then said he wasn’t really bragging, and that he didn’t even have his dick in his hand. All that desire for the “truth” was supposedly only done as a “research project .” I can’t count the times I’ve seen the most boisterous people talk about everything being done in the name of “research” when finally confronted about it all. The pro-White sphere seems to be full of people who do a lot of “research,” but never truly mean anything they say, or believe in any truth they find.

      The reason why all of this implicit, hush-hush kind of networking and building never works is because it is far too easy to destroy years and years worth of time, energy and money that was spent getting you to a certain point. All they have to do is identify you—you do most of the work destroying yourself after that. The SPLC didn’t tell everyone that this guy is a liar and can’t be trusted to be what he says he is. He did that himself. All the SPLC did was say here’s John Doe, and here is what he said. John Doe says, “I don’t even like those people, and I certainly don’t believe in that crap. I was just lying. Now that my research is over, I can do whatever it takes to atone for any misunderstanding I have caused. What would you like me to do to prove it?”

      I’m certainly not saying that people shouldn’t try and hide their identities, or keep some things private, or make it extremely difficult for any opposition to easily chart their movements and tactics. All I’m saying is that once you are identified, you become your greatest enemy when you can’t even fight slander and lies with the truth.

  9. Armor
    Posted December 12, 2013 at 12:28 am | Permalink

    “We can’t think that somehow the entire country is going to vote for us because we put up a website, or started a third party, or got in a picture or shook the hand of somebody important.”

    Websites are a terrific weapon. If not for the Internet, I wouldn’t know about the Jews. I would be wondering where the disease came from, and cursing the leftists. But now, knowledge about the Jews is certainly spreading. In fact, it is much easier to do propaganda work on the Internet than in real life. WN websites are also useful to teach and radicalize the White Nationalists themselves. So far, most people who write on WN websites still refuse to believe that Western governments deliberately want to destroy us. And they still think that some Jews can be our allies.

    By the way… White Nationalists must start building social networks in real life, but it will take lots of time and effort. By comparison, I can think of something else that is much easier and could be done almost overnight, but I never see it discussed, it is the idea of improving WN networks on the Internet. I don’t know how it can be done, but I’d like to see a task force of Internet specialists who come up with ideas. Then, individual WN blog owners would be contacted and asked if they want to participate in improving our networks.

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