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Our 3,000th Post! 
We’ve Created a Monster!

neill [1]216 words

James J. O’Meara
A Review of James Neill’s “The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies” [2]
Amazon.com Kindle Single, 2013

I want to recommend the latest publication by our own James O’Meara: a Kindle “Single.” Kindle Singles are basically long essays or short books. In this case, it is a review essay of more than 16,000 words (“a monster!”) on James Neill’s The Origins and Role of Same-Sex Relations in Human Societies

O’Meara places Neill’s comprehensive book, which deals with both biological and historical accounts of the origins and nature of homosexuality, under the lens of his own masculinist and “gonzo Traditionalist” perspective. His overall conclusion is encapsulated in the original title: “The Real Low Down; or, How the Hebrews Ruined Sex for Everyone.” This witty, erudite, and insightful essay is classic James O’Meara: references to Evola and other high-brow thinkers rubbing up against pop culture references until sparks fly, igniting a fire in the mind.

Since James is the author and Amazon.com is the publisher, you might be wondering in what sense can Counter-Currents claim to have “created” this monster? Well, the original idea was sparked by running Chip Smith’s interview with HBD Chick [3]. Beyond that, I hope that this notice will lead to “monster” sales. Don’t make me a liar. Click here [2].