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The Kennedy Assassination & the Big Lie

KennedyFasces [1]

Graphic by Harold Arthur McNeill

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You killed John F. Kennedy. I killed John F. Kennedy. Like Jesus Christ, the king of Camelot died for our sins – the sins of racism, militarism, and hysterical anti-Communism. Of course, just as you are allowed to say that everyone killed Jesus except the people who actually killed him (the Jews), you are allowed to say that everyone killed Kennedy except the person who actually killed him (a Communist).

The anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination is just another excuse to pathologize the American Right. In the popular imagination, President Kennedy was a liberal martyr in the “City of Hate,” 1960s Dallas. We have all seen the “Wanted for Treason” posters [2] of Kennedy and the heard the dark tales of the hatred lurking in the heart of the Old South. Jesse Jackson is gloating [3] that though Kennedy was struck down by “haters,” they didn’t win, and Jackson is free to cheat on his wife, visit his disgraced Congressman son in rehab, and pay for his lavish style with funds from the American taxpayer. The recent wave of news stories on the killing seem to suggest it was the Tea Party who carries the moral burden for murdering the President. The New York Times intones [4] that a “changed Dallas” is “grappling” with its “ugly past” and the assassination, with the help of its shiny new lesbian, Latina sheriff.

What is often forgotten is that this narrative was popular at the time. Contra Oliver Stone, elite opinion even in 1963 blamed the “haters” in Dallas for striking down the President. In Rick Perlstein’s Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus [5], we learn that the emerging conservative movement was seriously wounded by the assassination, as many people blamed them for what had happened. Even mainline church leaders within Dallas took their first opportunity to speak from the pulpit to blame [6] the city’s tolerance of “hate mongers and reactionaries” for the murder. The real murderer was “extremism.”

This continues today. Stephen King’s historical fiction book on the Kennedy assassination invents a group called [7] the “Tea Party Society” that is spreading propaganda. Frank Rich, a New York Times columnist most famous for kvetching about Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, solemnly warns that the rhetoric that opposed Kennedy is similar to that which is used against President Obama. He concludes [8], “The tragedy of the Kennedy cult is that even as it fades, the hothouse brand of American malice that stalked its hero stalks our country still.” Mass immigration, anti-white policies, and repression of free speech are all justified to undermine the white populism that murdered our President.

Of course, the person who actually did kill Kennedy was Lee Harvey Oswald. However, neither now nor at the time was there a call for soul-searching about Left-wing extremism. There was no pressure for young or idealistic Marxists to reexamine the logical conclusions of their ideas. Indeed, Kennedy’s murder arguably broke the technocratic, patriotic liberal consensus and paved the way for the forthrightly anti-American, Third World fetishizing New Left that would conquer American campuses (and culture) only a few years later. Being a Leftist means never having to say you are sorry.

This is just another example of the way contemporary America handles political violence. Widespread black violence against whites is either excused, ignored, or dismissed as being entirely without a racial dimension. Indeed, even as the headlines are dominated by stories about the “knockout game [9]” of blacks attacking whites on the streets, newspapers are taking care to censor [10] any mention of race, and even scolding readers for pointing it out. However, every white on black crime, even those completely invented such as in the infamous Duke Lacrosse Case [11], becomes a matter of Social Importance, with many learnéd pronouncements and furrowed brows among the Great and the Good.

A crime by a privileged white male is a hate crime, with its roots in a social system that institutionalizes racism and a culture steeped in hundreds of years of oppression that demands restitution against the entire privileged class. A crime against a white male is, well, “random.”

Similarly, political assassinations, attempted political assassinations, or large-scale terrorist killings are judged on their political usefulness. The obviously insane Jared Loughner [12] was reinvented by the media into a Tea Party libertarian when he shot Gabrielle Giffords. They even tried to link [13] him to American Renaissance. James Holmes of the “Batman” shootings was initially reported [14] as a member of a Tea Party group. The problem was, it was a different James Holmes. When a census taker was found murdered, the media rejoiced that Right-wingers straight out of Deliverance were murdering “feds” in the woods. It turns out it was suicide [15]. In contrast, when Left-winger Christopher Dorner [16] went on a killing spree, his political views were either concealed [17] or forthrightly celebrated.

Conspiracy theories are also handled differently. Questioning the holocaust, or even the numbers behind the holocaust, is a serious crime in many Western democracies. Questioning 9/11 is allowed – unless one brings in Israel, in which case it becomes a serious faux pas. Questioning the Oklahoma City bombing also makes you a nut. Whatever one thinks of the evidence supporting these theories, the hysterical reaction is worthy of attention in and of itself.

However, blaming right wingers for the murder of President Kennedy is not only allowed, but celebrated. You get to make a widely promoted movie with a top rate cast. You can even blame the assassination on people like General Edwin Walker, who Oswald also tried to kill [18]. Even those who consider themselves outsiders need to believe someone other than a Leftist killed Kennedy – to the point of saying the Federal Reserve was behind it [19].

Ultimately, we create meaning in our society through Narrative and Myth. Violence is meaningless unless it can be understood in some greater context. As Good and Evil are no longer permissible explanations, and God is dead, we are left with politics. In the political sphere, it is always and forever The Man – the evil Right-wing white man, the cancer of human history, the eternal Nazi – who is responsible for all that has gone wrong in the world.

And so it doesn’t matter who killed Kennedy in the real world. In the mythic context, you – you who read this website – killed him, and unless you atone, you will be judged. The Secular Theocracy of Multiculturalism in the post-Christian West offers redemption – but only if you repent and renounce that white privilege of yours.

In the Oliver Stone movie JFK, Kevin Costner’s Jim Garrison recites the old line that Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people would believe it. Well, JFK himself admired Hitler [20], so in his memory let’s clear that up. Hitler was not referring to himself when he said that line – he was referring [21] to what he referred to as the Jewish sabotage of the German war effort during World War I. The other source was Goebbels – who was referring to the English. The way liberals use the story of the “Big Lie” is itself a “Big Lie.”

So is the Kennedy assassination. The accepted story is that Oswald, a Communist, killed JFK, and the more evidence we find out, the more likely that’s actually what happened [22]. Yet the same people who tells us this continue to tell us Dallas – and white America – bear responsibility for the murder of the American President. Well, they can’t have it both ways.

The Left killed Kennedy. They continue to enable violence against whites every day. They are the ones who are creating a culture of hate against our people with their never-ending propaganda in magazines, movies, and media.

And they are, after all, the undisputed Old Masters of the Big Lie.