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The Counter-Currents 2013 Summer Fundraiser 
The Difference You Make & An Appeal from Andy Nowicki

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Mini_pumpkins [1]Since our last update [2], we have received fourteen new donations totaling $4,745. That means that our total so far is $34,069.29. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by October 31, so we are $15,930.71 away from our goal, a lot of money to raise in just a few days! Again, I want to thank all of our donors for their generous support.

Some of you may be wondering what difference an individual donation makes. For a small organization operating on the edge, it makes a big difference indeed. Last year’s Summer Fundraiser brought in $40,325. As it turned out, in 2012, Counter-Currents took in $103,021 in total revenue (from sales and donations), of which $62,749 was paid back out for business expenses (printing, royalties and honoraria for authors, office supplies, etc.), meaning that the total profit from Counter-Currents was $40,272–just under the amount raised during our Summer Fundraiser.

The profits were divided equally between Mike Polignano and me and accounted for the lion’s share of our incomes in 2012. My total income in 2012 was $22,191, which consisted of $20,136 from Counter-Currents and $2,055 from selling books from my personal library. I don’t quite know how I managed, but I am still here. I should add that I also had the considerable luxury of paying for writings by the likes of Gregory Hood, F. Roger Devlin, James O’Meara, etc. from the business coffers.

So if you were wondering where your donations go, the answer is: I live on them. Without your donations, I would have to find a different livelihood and turn Counter-Currents into just another Right-wing hobby project. Of course I could make more at Starbucks. But the work would be less meaningful.

Since I decided to freshen this appeal with the voices of some of our writers and friends, we have heard from Jef Costello, Kerry Bolton, Andrew Hamilton, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Gregory Hood, Tito Perdue, Ingrid Rimland, and John Morgan. Now Andy Nowicki has added his voice to the chorus:

There are many excellent reasons to help support Counter-Currents financially, but I would like to relate what I find to be the most salient and compelling one. Simply put, out of the vast myriad of contemporary media organs, outlets, and institutions, Counter-Currents is only one of a handful that manfully resist the oppressive, relentless homogenization of ideas, ethics, and aesthetics taking place in our sadly decaying, gangrenously blighted, cancerously degenerate culture today.

Week after week, Greg Johnson’s online journal provides thoughtful, provocative, intellectually fearless articles from writers who are engaged, informed, and unabashedly nonconformist in orientation. A reader needn’t agree with everything, and may strongly disagree with a great deal, while still at the same time appreciating the fierce counter-blast that Counter-Currents defiantly delivers to the ever-sneering and insufferably censorious face of a know-nothing contemporary Zeitgeist as arrogant as it is decadent.

Johnson’s print company, meanwhile, has published an impressive catalogue of books: both fiction and non-fiction, which, while dizzying in their diversity of topics (and I use this often irritating buzzword in its ironically best possible sense), nevertheless uphold standards of literary excellence even as they challenge contemporary norms on matters of genuine significance.

I am proud to have two books published by Counter-Currents, with a third on the way. I count myself blessed to be among such a talented stable of authors, both old and new, established and current. As adept wordsmith and Counter-Currents-published poetess Juleigh Howard-Hobson wrote recently, the works put out by this publisher aren’t likely to receive much mainstream support. Thus, it is up to us—the vanguard, if you will, those ahead of the proverbial curve, to look after one another and make sure that our own are taken care of.

I make a similar point in my piece “Alt Right Art [3]”; in order to fight the depredations of political correctness, we must insure that “our” artists have space to operate, free from pressure to conform to what our adversaries find to be palatable or “acceptable.” In short, we need the freedom to be determinedly and implacably UNacceptable wherever and whenever we deem it appropriate to do so. We need, that is a degree of clout, and clout can only be assured through our seeing to the continued financial independence of our benefactors.

Therefore a donation to Counter-Currents is a very real vote for all of our continued artistic and editorial liberty. It is an investment in our future as freethinkers. Please consider making a contribution to the cause of true intellectual liberty.

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Greg Johnson
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